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Peter Humphreys

Our advanced multi-user imaging facility provides SCI members with resources including confocal microscopy, live cell imaging, high content screening and colony analysis, image analysis and reconstruction. Equipment Leica SP5 Confocal Microscopes  Andor Revolution XD Spinning Disk Confocal microscope  Leica Matrix High Content screening/live cell imaging microscope  Nikon Biostation IM  Essen Incucyte HD  Zeiss Imager structured illumination & transmitted light (H&E)  Tissue Culture Microscopes & research grade fluorescence microscopes.  Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy/ lifetime imaging Training Expert advice, assistance and training are able for the following:  All aspects of imaging for researchers  Image analysis and custom analysis tools  Processing of image volumes (deconvolution, 3D reconstruction)  Creation of figures for publication

Cell Tracking

Live cell timelapse

Data Analysis  Workstations for 3d Reconstruction, volumetric measurement and analysis.  High content analysis and cell tracking. Image analysis

Colony analysis Staff Peter Humphreys 3D reconstruction 36

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Cambridge Stem Cell Institute Brochure 2012