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Vivi's ACWW newletter by Vivi weekof 9-28

Ala Contents 1. Halloween Party – RSVP! 2. Town pics 3. this weeks Story Halloween Party ! Vivi is getting supplies for a Halloween Party! It will be on Sat , the day after Halloween. RSVP by calling her. Gifts will be given. Vivi's Friends will be there.

Some pics to help you make your town..

Where else would you find a mime running a cotton candy stand

The Whirlwind. Feel that whiplash

You must be this tall to ride the *Y'oster Coaster

Town Gate Pond

Heading to the beach

Hope these pics help! This week story. Cont As you remember The flowers were missing,We got a interview with each friend. The Thief Was no other than Kyle. He opened a Big garden so it had to be him, Thats it for this weeks Story Sorry this week Isuse Was short!

Sophia letter 2  
Sophia letter 2  

Hey! dont read