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CAPTURE Tips and tricks to become a bettter photographer. Explore what Cedar Falls local famers market has to offer. OMG! Gabby tells all!

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Contents (Pages 8 - 11) Farmers Frame up (Pages 13-14) Timeline (history of the camera) (Pages 17-22) Focus on Gabby


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Colin Hughes

Hi my name is Colin! I’m from the Midwest, more precisely Iowa. I’ve moved around a lot in the state but finally landed in Cedar Rapids which is located in eastern Iowa. My passions for creativity has been important throughout my entire life. Experimenting in a lot with different art forms such as music, sculpting, painting, and finally landing in photography. This Magazine is for photographers and photography lovers alike. My personal journey with photography has been an interesting one. Starting as side hobby and turned into my passion. This art form captures a world of opportunities that only you can access with your creativity. Showcasing local photographers to learning your camera history is all available inside. What I hope you take away from this publication is to unlock your own photography potential. Learning new tips and tricks. Understanding the business side of the photography is crucial for getting your name out there and making money. There plenty for the hobbyist too, such as interesting photos from local events, stories of other photographer and showcasing their art. Take a dip in the ocean that is photography and capture something amazing.

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Frame By Colin Hughes


Local farmers sell produce to costumers at College Hill Farmers Martket. (left) Upclose on some of the produce that is sold (bellow left and right)

College Hill Farmers Market supplies local neighborhood with fresh and healthy options for loyal patrons (right)

With his award winning apples David Differding of Timeless Prairie Orchard (above) disccusess to a mother with daughter and friends (bellow) about his rise to secess at the Iowa state fair 2018 for 1st place apples. (left)

This warm september day allows locals to line up for harvest produce (above). Besides the typical veggies (right) Pumpkins and gourds are the new spread for the approching autumn season (bellow left and right)

See the world Through a

New Lens




Camera The first 35mm still camera. Later it became the standard for all film cameras. First Kodak box camera was very simple and very cheap.

First mass-marketed camera – the Brownie.

The first American amera.

1913-1914 1900

The Daguerreotype Camera was announced by the French Academy of Sciences.

1888 1840 1839

First pinhole camera


History Polaroid camera could take a picture and print it automaticly Sony Mavica – the world’s first digital electronic still camera.

First point-and-shoot, autofocus camera Konica C35 AF. Kodak released the first professional digital camera which was of a great use for photojournalists.

1948 1978

The world’s first camera phone.

1981 1991 2000 2005

The Canon EOS 5D is the first consumer-priced fullframe digital SLR

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T r i p o d Your L

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Gabby On


riginally from Dubuque Iowa, Gabby Leitner peruses her love of photography as a junior at University of Northern Iowa. Majoring in Digital Media Leadership and working as the Art Director at the Northern Iowan, the school newspaper, she shares her love story with photography. Coming from a family of artist, photography has always been something she’s been interested in throughout her life. Taking it more seriously as a junior in high school, Gabby worked at the school year book taking pictures of classes and students till she graduated. Coming to University of Northern Iowa was a transition she was nervous about. That was until she learned about the Northern Iowa during school orientation. Working at the new paper seemed like a wonderful opportunity where she could expand her photography

knowledge along with skills she acquired during high school. Starting as a photographer, picking the type of camera she wanted to work with was essential. Her weapon of choice was the Cannon T7i including various lens for different occasions. Her inspiration for her art comes from different things. Whether it be shooting landscapes for portraits, finding beauty in the world around her is what’s most important. She says the most important thing to keep in mind for starting photographers is just getting out there and practicing. The world of photography can seem overwhelming at first but knowing your interests is a great way to start exploring. Don’t compare your work to others, start your own journey. Starting out you might not have the funds for what more practiced photographers might be using.You don’t need expensive equipment to be good. Everyone can start with their phone and be able to take great pictures. Don’t drop tons of money onto something that you don’t know If you’ll end up using. Of course, if you’re ready to take the next step, explore your options. Looking online for used DSLRs is a good place to start. It just depends on what you want to shoot. Film or digital. Gabby says she learned a lot since being employed at the Northern Iowan. Like any job, she was nervous when she started. But as she became closer with her coworkers, she learned a lot. Deal-

ing with people she says is a skill that she has to acquire rather quickly. Different personalities can sometimes clash and making sure everything is running smoothly is essential. Be the team player! Sometimes you have to put your own feelings aside for the greater good when working towards a deadline. Now as the art director, Gabby stresses that photographers should know the correct shooting requirements, otherwise that makes more work in post-production for the editors.You will develop problem solving skills and must learn time management when it comes to this line of work. Her favorite story she’s covered was when a holocaust survivor came to speak at UNI. There were so many people there that there were people listening from outside the room. It was a major event and great story for the newspaper.

If you want to be better, you have to put the work in. It isn’t going to happen overnight. Do your research and educate yourself in the field. Anything photography related will make you better.”

Gabby works in the main office of the news paper. Going through the pictures her team brings in, she make the decession on what content makes it into the final publication.

Photography is truth”

Because a lot of her time is dedicated to working at the magazine, she only does her freelance job whenever people ask. She would like to do more but can’t juggle too many activities. After college she intends to become a social media manager. Because the digital media world is so large, there are endless possibilities. When asked about her dream publication, working for Entertainment weekly was at the top of the list. Her mother has always had a subscription so Gabby tries reads them whenever she can. “It is very graphically interesting with the different kind of stories and visual content they produce” she says. Starting her own magazine is her dream. The biggest fear with it is not being successful. Filling an entire magazine is

hard work and not having enough content is always a lingering anxiety. The future is filled with uncertainty but looking ahead, Gabby is certain about one thing. Traveling! In the next five years she hopes to experience life outside of Iowa. Exploring more of the united states and maybe even flying to different countries would be fun. She hopes to be able to bring what she has learned about the world, back home to Iowa. Knowledge is the most powerful thing a person can obtain in life. She wants to spread that philosophy.

Only photograph what you love.”

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