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Research & Employability Scholarship FAQs What is it? A Scholarship for students who are undertaking research or a project that would benefit from some financial support, or for those students who wish to develop their employability Who can apply? Any student who is on the final year of their Foundation Degree or HNC and studying at South Devon College can apply. Students can also apply in groups, up to the maximum allowance of the equivalent of one student. How much can I apply for? Students can apply for a scholarship of between £50 and £500. There is a maximum of one scholarship per student. What type of activities can be funded? Examples of activities might be funded are: resources required to undertake research or projects, participating in additional complementary courses, attending or running events/exhibitions, travel related to development etc. How do I apply? Complete the online application form; if you are shortlisted you will be invited to pitch your proposal to a panel When will I get the funds? One week after the pitch if you are successful, in some instances money may be paid in instalments. On completion of project/research activity an evaluation will be required to enable us to measure the impact. You must be able to evidence how the money has helped you to meet your objectives/outcomes. If I am successful will I get the full amount? The panel will decide on the value of each award and the panel’s decision is final without appeal Do I need my tutor to support my application? Yes

Research & Employability Scholarship Process

Complete and submit the online form

Application Deadline 15 November

Applications reviewed

Panel Discussions

Scholarships Allocated

2012 Scholarship projects

Amelia - Animal Science (FdSc) My project aimed to discover if humans and canines had an impact on the habitat and diversity of plat species at Dawlish Warren and if the impact is positive or negative. The research discovered that the habitat is impacted negatively and the diversity of species decreased in areas where dogs are present. The money that i received was spent on goods to help me complete my specialist research project. the money was very helpful and enabled me to complete my research easily as i was able to buy the materials that i needed such as clip boards, paper and printing ink. Its a great idea and i think it should be awarded to students again in the next year to help them with their studies.

Matthew - Tourism Management (FdSc) The research conducted was in direct regards to how the factors of theming enhance the overall 'event experience' an attendee may face. With the use of SPSS & guidence of tutors my special project concluded some very interesting aspects of both theming and events in general. Aspects which i can take forwards into either further studies or professions. Now with the gained insight into all aspects of conducting research, including costs of, future studies can even be made on the back this research study conducted. Providing real leverage for future projects both academic & professional.

2012 Scholarship projects

Luke - Construction (HNC/FdSc) The money I was awarded did not go as far as I would of liked, but that was poor planning on my part. It did however allow me to travel to the timber frame expo and to buy extra resources on the subject of timber frame building. I hope this will further me in the future as this business grows. I hope that this research will allow me to be a specialist of this technology, whether that be within my role in a housebuilding company or directly in a timber framing company.

Alice - Performance Practice & Events Managament (FdA) I attended drama improvisational sessions to help assist and enhance my studies on my Foundation Degree, along with equipping me with knowledge, experience and understanding on the various improvisation techniques for possible future drama auditions. I not only have improved my improvisational skills through this scholarship but I have shared and worked with other's in the industry, finding new inspiration to enhance any future ideas within my performance research and education. This scholarship has enhanced my foundation Degree research in that through my improvisational sessions I've learnt skills as a performer, this enabled me to create a Final Major Project at a good quality standard. This scholarship has had a huge impact on my future in that I have auditioned and gained a un-conditional offer at the London Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where my audition consisted of participation in an improvisational workshop.

2012 Scholarship projects Roxane - Biosciences (FdSc) HGM 2013 and 21st International Congress of Genetics Conference Dates: April 13th – 18th Aim of Trip: To become familiar with the latest advances in genomics and genetics, and start to think about possible areas for PhD research. To meet worldwide leading geneticists, and to network/form contacts in preparation for applying for PhDs I have learned a huge amount on the topic of genetics. I can now understand how scientists have discovered which molecules act with each other, as well as been introduced a range of modern techniques that have not been talked about in the class room. I have met several key international genetics and companies. I have collected a couple business cards, and found a fantastic PhD opportunity in Australia that I would like to pursue. I have experienced a major conference and observed professionals give presentations on their research

Tom - Performance Practice & Events Managament (FdA) With the scholarship I was able to buy a digital projector. This allowed me to continue work I was doing at the university centre in my day to day life. I have been exploring gender and sexuality through photography, film and sound. Having this projector has allowed me to be self sufficient in terms of having everything i need to create and display my arts installation. This has allowed me to show my work in various venues indoor and out. I plan to carry on using the projector for my work and to expand this by working with young people to create 'live' performances where the actors can be 'hidden' and have there performance projected 'live' to an audience.

SDC: Research & Employability Scholarship  
SDC: Research & Employability Scholarship