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UNHRD Network

UNHRD is a preparedness tool that supports the strategic stockpiling efforts of United Nations, International, Governmental and Non-Governmental organisations. The Network holds strategic stocks of emergency relief goods such as medical kits, shelter items, ready-to-use foods, IT equipment and operational support assets, all designed to support relief organisations respond to emergencies.

The network consists of six hubs in strategic locations around the world: • Europe (Brindisi / Italy), • Europe (Las Palmas / Spain), • Africa (Accra / Ghana), • Middle East (Dubai / UAE), • South East Asia (Subang / Malaysia), • Latin America (Panama City / Panama).

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UNHRD Network Benefits

Immediate Mobilization Every second can mean life or death in the face of disaster. UNHRD’s strategic locations ensure that relief items can be deployed into any disaster-affected zone within 24 to 48 hours from a request.

Cost Efficient Interventions While today’s economy has changed, the world’s needs have not. By maximizing costs through the use of a single premise to host and deploy the relief items of multiple Users, UNHRD can procure and provide services at unparalleled rates, enabling a wide range of humanitarian actors to aid in relief efforts.

Comprehensive Solutions Managing the multiple parts of disaster relief is complex. UNHRD provides users turnkey solutions to relief intervention. Apart from standard storage, the Network offers its 58 Users support throughout the humanitarian supply chain—from procurement to delivery—through a centralized support office and via an integrated platform.

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UNHRD Network Benefits Relief Harmonization While each disaster intervention is unique, relief efforts must be coordinated to successfully intervene. UNHRD encourages Users to harmonize relief items to ensure quality standards are maintained and to propose an open marketplace for relief actors to lend and borrow items among themselves.

One-stop-shop UNHRD Users can call forward stocks from anywhere in the world through under a unified approach and one single entry point for the five hubs. The UNHRD Customer Service facilitates the provision of services in line with Standard Operating Procedures agreed by all its Users and automatically directs request to the appropriate depot for a fast and efficient response.

Staging areas At the onset of an emergency, the congestion of main entry points to the crisis-affected area can delay relief items in reaching their final destination. The strategic position of UNHRD’s global hubs allows aid to flow easier and quicker into the hands of those in need. This decongests ports and fosters a “pull” in the needs of the supply chain—an important element to ensure the right aid arrives at the right time.

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UNHRD Services Standard Services at no cost UNHRD provides certain services at no cost to its Users. These are warehousing, storage, inspection and handling of the relief items prepositioned in any of the Network hubs.

Customized Services UNHRD also offers a wide range of additional services such as procurement, transport, technical assistance, repackaging and kitting. These Specific Services are made available to all Users at actual cost plus a management recovery fee. UNHRD also offers state-of-the art training facilities to all its Users in each of the hubs around the world. For further details, please contact:

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Immediately Available Stocks

At the onset of an emergency, relief organizations need to immediately deploy aid. UNHRD makes available and users warehouse a myriad of relief stocks and support equipment including:

• Medicines and medical supplies • High protein and fortified foods • Water and sanitation equipment and kits • Shelter and housing items • Storage tents • Prefabricated office and living accommodations • Generators and lighting sets • Trucks, light and armoured vehicles • Individualized assessment, first aid and emergency response kits • Pallets, storage tarpaulins, stitching/taping machines and scales • Safety and security equipment

Stocks pre-positioned within our premises around the world include physical stocks selected and procured by each user, as well as stocks purchased by UNHRD upon request. Users can also benefit from virtual stocks and white stocks strategically positioned within the hubs which can be made available at any given time, at preferential rates already negotiated through long term agreements.

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Accessing the Network

Delivering to UNHRD It is easy for a user to send cargo to a UNHRD hub. The user simply notifies the hub of the type of cargo, shipment terms and size/volume prior to the departure of the goods. The documents required include: • a copy of the Purchase Order(s); • technical specifications of the items/equipment to be delivered; and • a copy of the shipping documents and cargo packing details.

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Accessing the Network Customs UNHRD will process the documentation necessary for inbound and outbound customs procedures. Costs related to customs clearance are borne by the user as a specific service.

Reception and inspection All incoming cargo will be inspected upon arrival in each of the hubs. A detailed report will be sent sent to the stock owner with information on the delivery. In the event the delivered items do not comply with the Purchase Order (POs) and/or the technical specifications provided by the User,the issue will be documented and solutions proposed to the User for resolution.

Standard Operating Procedures are available at:

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Accessing the Network Requesting a Service: Any service, standard or tailored, regardless of the location, can be requested 24/7 via UNHRD’s centralized customer service at: Any request for the provision by UNHRD of a specific service will be formalized through a Proforma Invoice which will be addressed to the User and detail the type of service and the estimated cost. Once a service is completed, the User will receive a final invoice, describing all actual costs.

UNHRD tailors support to each user’s needs and strives to provide a clear and accurate understanding of each stage and process within the relief stock supply chain in order ensure user needs are met and the rights stocks are readily made available to those in need.

Stock Ownership and Releasing Authority All stocks stored and managed by UNHRD are and remain the sole property of the user. An authorization to release a defined stock is necessary prior to performing any outbound operation. In case of loan among two users, the borrowing organization must request the stock owner’s releasing authority for its approval and agree on the terms of the repayment, either directly or through UNHRD.

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UNHRD Donors The financial framework and sustainability of the UNHRD Network rests on a combination of resourcing schemes including: • • •

multi-year commitments from host governments and donors to sponsor the running costs of the Network; contributions to specific projects and initiatives, and revenue generated from the provision of services to users.

Australia Canada European France Ghana Commission

Greece Ireland Italy Malaysia Netherlands

Norway Panama Spain Sweden Switzerland


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UNHRD contacts: Please visit us at: to find out about the latest news on the Network and check out the stocks available in each hub at any given time. All users can access additional information by logging in to the restricted area with the credentials provided by the UNHRD Administrator.

UNHRD Support Office UNHRD c/o Aeroporto Militare “O. Pierozzi” Via U. Maddalena 54 72100 Casale Brindisi – Italy Tel: +39 0831.506650 – Fax: +39 0831.506649

UNHRD Coordination Cell UNHRD c/o World Food Programme Via C. G. Viola 68-70, Parco dei Medici 00148 Roma – Italy Tel: +39066513 2441/2808 Fax: +390665132845

UNHRD Support Office: UNHRD Coordination Cell: UNHRD Accra: UNHRD Brindisi: UNHRD Dubai: UNHRD Las Palmas: UNHRD Panama: UNHRD Subang:

+39.0831.506650 +39.066513 2441/2808 +233.302.770051 +39.0831.506650 +971.4.3682302 +34.928.275402 +507.317.6319/32 +603.7846.0918

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UNHRD c/o the United Nations World Food Programme Via Cesare Giulio Viola, 68/70 Parco de Medici 00148 Rome, Italy Tel. +39 066513 - 2441/2302 Fax. +39 0665132845

UNHRD Brochure 2013  

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UNHRD Brochure 2013  

United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot brochure -