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Bring Law to Life LEADING THE NATION IN PRACTICE-READY EDUCATION Choosing a law school can feel like an abstract process, because in many ways it is. Law becomes real once it’s practiced, and passion becomes evident once it’s lived. That’s why you should consider UNH Law. At UNH Law, you will experience the world of law immediately. From the moment you arrive you are treated as a lawyer, immersed in the modern legal profession, and surrounded by established lawyers and world-class scholars. From within this rigorous context you’ll find the knowledge and skills you need to address some of the most fascinating, complex legal problems of our day, and to find your place within it all. This fierce commitment to practice-ready learning allows us to hold a distinguishing honor; we are first in the nation to offer an innovative alternative to the bar exam. Through the completion of a highly formative, two-year, practice-based program, you can accelerate your path to both your passion and your practice, and bypass the two-day bar exam completely. As a top-100 law school, our intimate class sizes and a nationally-recognized curriculum will also prepare you for today’s most in-demand practice areas, including Intellectual Property Law—where we have been a top ranked program for more than 20 years. Choosing UNH Law means you will discover what makes law compelling before you graduate. We invite you to start here and find out for yourself.



Graduate with Confidence Law is continually shaped by the world in which we live; there are no easy, fixed answers to complex social and legal problems. When you graduate from law school, you need to think on your feet in the courtroom, the legislative chamber, and the boardroom—and we help you do just that. At UNH Law you not only learn the law, you learn to think like a lawyer so you graduate with confidence. Our graduates outperform their peers when it comes to what matters most —landing a high-quality legal job—and are ready to practice anywhere in the world. UNH Law graduates excel internationally, and work in more than 80 countries as lawyers, professors, policy makers, and government officials.



of our graduates are employed within nine months of graduating. ABA EMPLOYMENT SURVEY 2015




of 2015 graduates have experience in a legal residency or clinic.




by U.S. News & World Report

UNH Law ranks among the


schools in New England for bar-required job placement.

Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property: A Top-10 IP law program for more than two decades.



Daniel Webster Scholar Program earned the prestigious E. Smyth Gambrell Professionalism Award from the American Bar Association in 2015.




of our graduates passed the New Hampshire bar exam in 2014. And since New Hampshire was first in the Northeast to adopt the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE), you can apply for admission to more than a dozen other UBE jurisdictions, including New York and Colorado.




Think Big DISCOVER YOUR POSSIBILITIES You have unprecedented opportunities as a law student. Globalization, technology, and market innovation continually influence our world, opening new doors for the profession and for your practice. Our job is to help you prepare for this new world. Every day, UNH Law transforms the classroom into a real-world laboratory through the integration of theory and practice. We keep our class sizes small by design because it’s in this kind of environment you’ll gain crucial firsthand experience to prepare you to practice anywhere in the world. You will work alongside faculty whose knowledge and expertise place them at the forefront of legal thought. We are here to help you move beyond what’s required, to discover what’s possible for you. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Your experience is customized to help you achieve the legal career that speaks to your interests, passions, and gifts. We’ll help you find the right curricular path, degree options, and experiential learning opportunities to help you succeed. Partnering with our Career Services Office, you’ll begin working on job placement skills during the first semester of your first year. You’ll benefit from opportunities like first impression workshops, round-robin mock interviews, and a public interest job fair specifically designed to place you in a job during the summer after your first year.

Explore Your Opportunities: Degrees • JD • JD/MBA • JD/MSW • JD/MPP • Joint JD/LLM degrees in Intellectual Property and Commerce & Technology • Joint JD/Master’s degrees in Intellectual Property and Commerce & Technology Certificates • Entertainment Law • Fiscal Responsibility & the Law • Health Law & Policy • Intellectual Property (Franklin Pierce) • Sports Law • Sports & Entertainment Law Curricular Focal Points • Business Law • Criminal Law • Intellectual Property: Patent Law • Intellectual Property: Trademarks, Copyrights • Litigation • Public Interest & Social Justice • Sports & Entertainment Law



A Global Innovator FRANKLIN PIERCE CENTER FOR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY As a top-10 IP law program in the United States for more than 20 years, UNH Law is at the forefront of intellectual property law.

IP Courses Include:

At the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property, you will engage with our world-class, widely-published faculty, who are genuine mentors. Empower yourself with one of the country’s most extensive, thoughtful, and cutting-edge selections of intellectual property courses. Join a diverse group of students and professional colleagues from around the globe. Go beyond the classroom with our extensive legal residency placements around the country, our Intellectual Property Summer Institute, and the Advanced Patent Law Institute. We offer an IP certificate, two IP-specific clinics in the International Technology Transfer Institute and Intellectual Property and Transaction Clinic, and our students have completed legal residencies in IP law at organizations including: BAE Systems, Brookstone, Calvin Klein, U.S. International Trade Commission, Timberland, Under Armour, U.S. Copyright Office, U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, World Intellectual Property Organization, DEKA Research and Development Corporation, and U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

• Advanced Patent Litigation • Copyright & Trademark Litigation Strategies • Federal Trademark & Copyright Registration Practice • Fundamentals of Intellectual Property • Intellectual Property Crimes • Inter Partes in the USPTO • IP Enforcement at the International Trade Commission • IP Issues in Sports & Entertainment Law • Law & Biotechnology • Mining Patent Information in the Digital Age • Music Law • Online Brand Management • Patent Application Preparation & Prosecution • Technology Licensing • Trademarks & Deceptive Practices • Valuation & the Law

“ To be able to have hands-on experience right now as a 2L, is amazing. [Hewlett Packard Enterprise] is hiring me based just on the knowledge of what the school provides—I don’t have experience yet. They just know UNH Law provides a great intellectual property education. I think that says a lot about the school. ”






Game Changer SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW INSTITUTE Sports and entertainment are intersecting more with the legal field than they ever have before. Our Sports & Entertainment Law Institute (SELI) will position you to enter the rapidly-growing law market with skills honed in innovative courses taught by accomplished faculty. The Institute is run by Professor Michael McCann, a prolific sports law writer for Sports Illustrated, who has gained a reputation as one of the nation’s leading experts in sports law. The SELI is guided by fulltime professors with deep contacts in the businesses of sports and entertainment who closely mentor students in the program. Courses are inventive and timely, with Videogame Law and Sports Betting and Daily Fantasy Sports Law expected to be added to the curriculum within the next year. The SELI also hosts many high-profile conferences and panels, including a town hall discussion on former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon’s historic antitrust class action lawsuit against the NCAA.



Be the Change WARREN B. RUDMAN CENTER FOR JUSTICE, LEADERSHIP AND PUBLIC SERVICE Great law schools have a special responsibility to not only produce great lawyers, but also great leaders who help serve the public interest and positively impact the world. U.S. Senator Warren B. Rudman was one such leader, and we are proud the Warren B. Rudman Center for Justice, Leadership and Public Service bears his name. We’ve embarked on a bold course to shape the next generation of leaders like you, who are determined to use their legal education for the common good. To help set you on that path and support your focus in a public service career, you will engage with some of today’s best known and well-respected leaders, as we regularly host global policy influencers on campus.

Rudman Summer Fellowships are for students working in the public sector or in organizations providing legal assistance to underserved populations. The 2015 Rudman Summer Fellows completed their public service placements in organizations such as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C., the New Hampshire Supreme Court, and the New Hampshire Civil

Our Warren B. Rudman Fellows Program is another hallmark of the center. The program offers full-tuition merit scholarships, guaranteed summer fellowships, and on- and off-campus leadership opportunities for two qualified students who demonstrate interest in public service.

Liberties Union.

Simply put, we are here to help pave the way for you to become a public interest lawyer or make pro bono work a critical piece of your legal career. Be inspired to make a real difference in your community, your state, your nation, and the world in which we live. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE | SCHOOL OF LAW 13

Ahead of the Curve HEALTH LAW & POLICY CERTIFICATE Medical care and the health care policies that govern it are among the most critical challenges facing us today. As a lawyer, you want to be poised to help craft and manage policies affecting the health care delivery system as it grows and evolves. Our Certificate in Health Law and Policy is a collaboration between UNH Law, UNH’s College of Health and Human Services, and its Institute for Health Policy and Practice. You will gain an understanding of the health care marketplace through a focused core curriculum and the opportunity to select optional course credits, legal residencies, capstones, and other independent projects that result in a complete and interdisciplinary health law experience. Join the next generation of students who will make a difference for future health care policies and research.


First in the Nation DANIEL WEBSTER SCHOLAR PROGRAM A pioneer in practice-ready legal education, UNH Law is the first in the United States to offer a groundbreaking way for top students to graduate client-ready without the need to take the two-day bar exam. Students are accepted into the Daniel Webster Scholar (DWS) Program prior to their second year of law school. If selected, you will discover first-hand what it takes to succeed in today’s legal marketplace. You will hone your skills in simulated and clinical settings, counsel clients, work with practicing lawyers, take depositions, appear before judges, negotiate, mediate, and create written work portfolios and oral performance videos for bar examiners to assess—all in real time. The DWS Program is without parallel at any other law school. Judges, lawyers, and legal education scholars around the country have praised this pioneering program. In 2015, the

American Bar Association (ABA) named it one of three recipients of the E. Smyth Gambrell professionalism award, recognizing it as “an exemplary and extraordinarily innovative approach.” As reported in The Wall Street Journal, graduates of our program outperformed lawyers admitted to practice within the past two years. Now law schools around the country emulate our challenging, practice-based curriculum that immerses you in real-world situations. We invite you to take part in the only program in the nation that allows you to bypass the two-day bar exam and go directly into practice. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE | SCHOOL OF LAW 15

Learn From the Best WORLD-CLASS FACULTY UNH Law professors are globally recognized experts in intellectual property law, sports and entertainment law, social justice law, criminal law, public interest law, and health law. Passionate about teaching, they work to develop a strong and supportive relationship from the first day you meet. With an open-door policy and an unwavering focus on practice, our faculty challenge you in ways that will help you fully experience law. They do not simply lecture—they engage you in a dialogue. They ask questions about complex legal concepts and principles, challenging you to articulate and think about the law for yourself. Every step of the way they share their knowledge, act as mentors, and prepare you to lead the next generation of lawyers and legal scholars committed to make a positive impact on the world.

“ The small classroom size, the ability to meet with your professors regularly and create really good relationships with them – that’s what drew me to UNH Law. The faculty are very willing to help – it’s not classroom-hours only and then they’re done for the day. It’s a very open environment here. ” – TY MCDONALD, JD ’17


Faculty Spotlights Ann Bartow, director of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property and professor of law, is a highly-regarded intellectual property expert and Fulbright Scholar in China. Author of numerous articles and book chapters, she is best known for analyzing the intersection of intellectual property law and public policy, privacy and technology, and feminist legal theory. She also is recognized within the legal academy for defending scholarly challenges to the Nimmer on Copyright treatise.

Michael McCann, director of the Sports & Entertainment Law Institute and professor of law, has been honored for his excellence in legal commentary. He has gained national acclaim as a thought-provoking, prolific writer, blogger, on-air commentator and tweeter for Sports Illustrated,, and numerous broadcast and cable news networks.

John Garvey, founding director of the nationally recognized Daniel Webster Scholar Program, was the 2015 recipient of the New Hampshire Bar Association’s Distinguished Service to the Legal Profession award. He is well known for leading New Hampshire to the forefront of legal education and contributing to a stronger legal community with his hard work, infectious energy, and collaborative spirit.



Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist/The New York Times/Redux

Go Your Own Way RESIDENCIES AND CLINICS UNH Law offers an exceptional legal residency program, with more than 80 percent of our students choosing to participate. Our legal residency team works closely with you to find the best placement to match your career goals. Here you will gain real world legal experience while working under the supervision of experienced lawyers and judges. In the very first year, you’ll have opportunities to receive hands-on training by volunteering at organizations, such as county attorney offices and advocacy groups. For second and third-year students, there are summer internships, as well as part-time and full-time semester externships, where students work for federal judges, government agencies, public interest law firms, and nonprofit organizations. From Sony Music Entertainment to the U.S. Department of Justice, there is an opportunity that’s right for your passion and practice. Our live-client clinics include Consumer and Commercial Law, Criminal Practice, Immigration Law, and Intellectual Property and Transaction. You won’t be focusing on deconstructing case studies here; our clinics are designed to help you fully experience law, working as an attorney with real clients.

“ Going through the experience of the clinic, of learning how to meet a client or understanding how to appear in front of an administrative body, was extremely beneficial. And the legal residency opportunity couldn’t have been a more valuable experience – I was able to work an entire case, from start to finish. I can’t say enough about how important those opportunities are. They are great tools to give you an edge in employment. ” – JULIAN B. JEFFERSON, JD ’11 Staff attorney with the New Hampshire Public Defender office and recipient of the 2014 Robert E. Kirby Award from the N.H. Bar Foundation


A Life Well Lived CAMPUS AND COMMUNITY At UNH Law, you’ll find much to love beyond the classroom. We are located in the city of Concord, New Hampshire, just steps from the State House, the state Supreme Court, federal court, and all branches of state government. The city offers a wealth of restaurants, events, performing arts venues, theaters, and more. Concord is less than an hour’s drive from New Hampshire’s lakes region and the 1,100-square miles of the celebrated White Mountain National Forest. New Hampshire is a great launching pad for your career with a thriving high-tech industry, a close-knit legal community, and easy access to recreation around the region. Planet Fitness, BAE Systems, Brookstone, DEKA Research and Development, Timberland, and many others are headquartered in the Granite State. The city of Boston is one hour south and offers additional employment opportunities, cultural experiences, and professional sporting events.

Concord has been nationally recognized for its vitality and economic strength. Forbes Magazine named it one of the top seven recession-proof cities in the country. The city is consistently ranked one of the nation’s top micropolitan (population under 50,000) communities year after year and it is recognized as having one of New Hampshire’s most attractive and pedestrianfriendly downtowns. A major public/private initiative has redeveloped an entire block on South Main Street, which was recently enhanced by the addition of a major law firm, an expanded independent bookstore, café, and more. Coffee shops, art galleries, performing arts spaces, and boutique retail make Concord a destination.




Ready to Apply YOU’VE FOUND YOUR PLACE Your application is an opportunity to provide us with clear evidence of your abilities. While LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs are important considerations for our admissions committee, they are not the only factors we consider.

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UNH Law prizes maturity, initiative, public service, and a fit with our educational philosophy and curricular strengths.

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AFFORDABILITY Our goal is to make a great legal education affordable. That’s why many of our law students will be offered some kind of scholarship or financial aid, including merit scholarships, loan repayment assistance, need-based grants, endowed scholarships for academic excellence and community service, and Yellow Ribbon funds for veterans. We know the expense of your legal education is a major factor in selecting a law school. As soon as you are offered admission, you also will receive information about scholarship eligibility.


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