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Unheard Voices Networks Unheard Voices was created and founded by Keith Covin in 2004, because he felt he needed a voice on an issue that concerned him. After a local media outlet wouldn’t take on his story, he utilized his English degree from Rutgers University and started to put his voice to use. He realized in his community of Neptune, NJ certain groups were being overshadowed in the media. With the help of his daughter and son, Keith produced his first 10-page newspaper/newsletter entitled Unheard Voices. The paper focused on community awareness, highlighting blacks in the community making a difference, and gave local businesses the opportunity to showcase themselves through an affordable advertising program. A new issue was published each week and was available for purchase in Mom & Pop stores. Then and now, Unheard Voices covers stories that are rarely seen or heard, and stories that may be seen and heard but from a valued perspective, the community perspective! Known as the authoritative voice of the voiceless, Unheard Voices gives those a chance to be heard through our platform. We cover positive stories that affect the black and minority community. Several years later Unheard Voices Networks was conceived to help broaden the scope and initiatives we wanted to achieve. Our goal is to form strategic partnerships with community organizations and create programs to help promote the progressive movement of black Americans and other minorities. Currently initiatives started are Unheard Voices Magazine, Unheard Voices Radio Network, Unheard Voices TV, Dirty Laundry The Sitcom, Unheard Voices Media Academy, and One Mic, One Night Talent Showcase.

JerseyVoices.Com is the sister website of Unheard Voices. Jersey voices covers news, interviews, and issues affecting the black community in New Jersey with key emphasis on Asbury Park, Neptune, Long Branch, and Newark Metro area.

Unheard Voices Media Academy The Unheard Voices Internship Program/Media Academy was designed to give individuals interested in media and entertainment, the opportunity to gain experience in the respective fields. The program runs each semester giving hands on experience in graphic/web design, photography, video production, journalism & interviewing, and project management. Students work with the award-winning magazine, Unheard Voices Magazine, and various other organizations throughout the semester. This program was created because the family at Unheard Voices felt there was a need in the community of Central Jersey for programs allowing individuals to gain skills in fields they were interested in but didn’t have formal training. Students must be at least 16 years old to start in the program. It provides students another outlet to express themselves through writing, research, interviewing and meeting people. The main location of the program is in Long Branch, NJ, however online interns are accepted as well. For more information please email

One Mic, One Night Talent Showcase Unheard Voices TV presents, “One Night, One Mic” talent showcase highlighting the best performers from across the nation. Created by Chenelle Covin, the goal is give a platform for upcoming artists to be heard and connect with music professionals. For more information on the showcase, please visit

Unheard Voices Magazine “News, Music, and Issues That Matter� Unheard Voices Magazine is an award-winning & nationally syndicated online magazine that first started as the circuit for local minority news in the Asbury Park, Neptune, and Long Branch, NJ areas. Today, we have reached readers abroad with our content and growing as one of the most popular urban publications on the web covering an array of issues and stories.

Editor-in-Chief : Chenelle R. Covin

Chenelle R. Covin has served as Editor-in-Chief of Unheard Voices Magazine since its inception online in 2007. She not only manages the site and content derived on it, but oversees the design implementation as well. With Chenelle’s involvement, she has helped the magazine evolve into a popular black online news source.


Our mission is to provide growth and empowerment, by creating a network promoting the progressive movement of the minority community. Our focus is to give those a platform to be heard, through content from blogs, articles, video, and an online radio program.

Facts About Unheard Voices Magazine We derive news articles from publicists, current issues, write our own stories and draw up analysis Our key emphasis is on race relations, community awareness, and civil rights issues Half of our articles are features of movers and shakers in the music industry We are community active by attending events, sponsoring events, and participating in forums We have an education news partnership with Asbury Park Middle School Most of the articles featured on the site are from contributors from across the world Our stories/interviews are of the people for the people We have a partnership with Reverbnation to help discover deserving up & coming talent

Popular Sections We Cover We cover an array of topics but here at the most popular on the site:

Music Unheard Underground Race Relations Police Entertainment LGBTQ Justice

Statistics & Social Media Facts • • • • • • • • • • •

On average receives 50,000 – 70,000 visits per month, average unique visits of 10,000 per month, with 250,000 pages views monthly. About 60% of traffic is generated from the United States on the East Coast Region We have a high international base in Germany, France, Canada, and Kenya Top referring sites are Google, Facebook, Bing, then Twitter Our audience is diverse of influencers and trendsetters with 56% African-American and 44% other Average Time Spent on Site: 2.65 Minutes Top Cities/States: New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit We utilize our Facebook and Twitter pages to connect with our fans. Our social networking pages are also tools used for promotion. We reach thousands of viewers each week on Facebook, on average 5,000 reached On tweets are tweeted on average 50+ times per week Connectively all social media accounts reach over 12,000 people daily

Social Media

Facebook: /unheardvoicesmagazine Twitter: @unheardvoices Instagram : unheardvoicesmag Tumblr: uvmagazine Google+ : Linkedin: Youtube:

Unheard Underground Conceived by Unheard Voices' Entertainment Editor, Kristin Chunn (K.I.C.K), Unheard Underground discovers artists from all genres that may be overshadowed by mainstream music. In this section we have partnered with Reverbnation to find the hottest emerging up & coming talent that may go under shadowed in the music industry.

Events & Activism Unheard Voices prides itself on being active in the community by attending events and being involved in community activities. We do not charge to do press/event coverage. Over our 14 year span in the business we’ve covered numerous of events. Here are some events we’ve covered:

Quiana Dees March Hot 97 Summer Jam African Black Film Festival Intimate Conversation with Cissy Houston Supernatural The Event w/ Kim Coles One Nation March on Washington New Jersey Marathon New York Fashion Week New York International Car Show

Pictures from events

Events & Activism

Advertising on Unheard Voices Unheard Voices would like to introduce its advertising program available to members of the public. For an affordable monthly fee, you, your business, or a brand you represent will be able to reach readers from various demographics, regions, ethnic backgrounds, and social classes. Most programs charge you an arm and a leg. Here at Unheard Voices, we keep in mind your budget, and your goal of getting your business and brand seen. We offer a wide range of advertising options from advertising on the online magazine, blogs, online radio, and online television program.

Banner types we offer: 728 x 90 (top page) 468 X 60 (under article title) 300 X 250 (sidebar) 160 X 600 (sidebar) 125 x 125

Other Ad Opportunities Event Submission Radio Promotions Interactive Events and Promotions Social Media Promotions Brand Partnerships Video Content For advertising inquiries email : Special Online Events Contest and Giveaways Artist Promotions Kit Created By: DaRuddest Jones | | 585.204.7833 Special Events

Unheard Voices Magazine Press Kit  

Unheard Voices Magazine Press Kit

Unheard Voices Magazine Press Kit  

Unheard Voices Magazine Press Kit