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2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide

UNH Gymnastics Name

Jen Aucoin* Kelsey Aucoin Hannah Barile Catarina Broccoli Lauren Brodie Rebekah Bubnar Courtney Connors* Alie Davis Austyn Fobes Kayla Gray Adrienne Hill Jillian Hudson Cassy Izzo Erin Machado Becca Marrama Jannelle Minichiello Brittany Prestia Alexa Profit Erika Rudiger Elissa Solomon Courtney Thompson


Sr. Fr. Jr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Sr. So. Sr. So. So. Jr. Fr. Jr. Sr. Jr. Fr. Fr. So. Fr. Fr.

Ht. Event

5-0 AA 5-4 AA 5-1 AA 5-2 AA 5-3 AA 5-4 AA 5-3 AA 5-4 UB, BB, FX 5-1 AA 5-1 AA 5-4 AA 5-3 AA 5-4 AA 5-1 AA 5-1 V, FX 5-0 AA 5-3 V, BB, FX 5-4 AA 5-1 AA 5-1 AA 5-5 AA


Mullica Hill, N.J./Cherry Hill Gymnastics Double Oak, Texas/Metroplex Gymnastics Sinking Spring, Pa./Berks Gymnastics Academy Mystic, Conn./Deary’s Gymnastics Mogadore, Ohio/Gymnastics World Granville, Ohio/Buckeye Gymnastics Buffalo, N.Y./Stumpf’s Gymnastics Houston, Texas/Champion Gymnastics Howell, N.J./Galaxy Gymnastics (N.J.) Buffalo, N.Y./Gleason’s Gymnastics Midlothian, Va./Richmond Olympiad Sparkill, N.Y./Galaxy Gymnastics (N.Y.) Cranston, R.I./RISE Gymnastics Swansea, Mass./O’Leary’s Gymnastics Lynnfield, Mass./Brestyan’s Gymnastics Orlando, Fla./Brestyan’s Gymnastics Harleysville, Pa./Silvia’s Gymnastics Smithtown, N.Y./GMGC Rocky Point Slidell, La./Brook-Lin Center Ridgefield, Conn./Arena Gymnastics Chester, N.H./Atlantic Gymnastics

* denotes Co-Captains


Area Code (603) Marty Scarano Steve Metcalf Dot Sheehan

862-2013 862-2596 862-4677

Michelle Bronner


Carrie Kimball Joanne Maldari Amber Lilyestrom

862-2774 862-0283 862-0837

Cathy Leach


Cathy Coakley Nicole Ayer Jean Mitchell

862-4051 862-4000 862-4746

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Wildcat Staff

Head Coach Gail Goodspeed. . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Associate Head Coach Ed Datti . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Assistant Coach Jess Kelley. . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Athletic Trainer Dan Sedory . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Strength & Conditioning Coach John Ciani. . . . . 7 Student Manager Dianna Kurowyckyj. . . . . . . . 7 Administration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Support Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Academic Support. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37

Wildcat Profiles

UNH Quick Facts Director of Athletics Deputy Athletic Director Senior Associate Athletic Director/ External Relations Senior Associate Athletic Director/ Compliance/SWA Associate Athletic Director/Operations Assistant Athletic Director/Academic Support Associate Athletic Director/ Marketing and Strategic Initiatives Assistant Athletic Director/ Academic Support/Compliance Coordinator of Student-Athlete Development Assistant Athletic Director/Ticketing Athletic Facilities/Housekeeping Manager

Table of Contents

Tom Wilkins


Mike Murphy Doug Poole Eric Peterson Alex Comeau Jared Fieldsend

862-3906 862-2585 812-6877 862-3835 781-8584

Publication Credits: The 2013 UNH Women’s Gymnastics guide was written and edited by Ed Datti, Gail Goodspeed, Jess Kelley and Mike Murphy; designed by Julie Pardus-Oakes; photography by Lisa Nugent of UNH Photo Services, Brian Brawn Photography, Gil Talbot, Diane and Janet Grey, Gregory Greene, Ron Kearn, Robert Harley, M.J. Lawler, Ryan Szepan, Michelle Bronner, Candace Pratt Photography, Herff Jones Photography; Printed by UNH Printing Services. Cover Photo: Austyn Fobes (by Lisa Nugent)

Seniors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-13 Juniors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-15 Sophomores. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-17 Freshmen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-19 Team Photo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

Wildcat History

Record Book / Honors & Awards . . . . . . . . . 28-31 Where Are They Now?. . . . . . . . . . . . . 32-33

UNH Gymnastics at a Glance Location Durham, N.H. 03824 Founded 1866 Enrollment 14,596 President Mark Huddleston Director of Athletics Marty Scarano Nickname Wildcats Colors Blue & White Head Coach Gail Goodspeed /34th year (Springfield ‘74-BS, ‘75-MS,

Boston University ‘84-Ed. D) 862-3834 (

Year at UNH/Record 34th/515-276-2 Associate Head Coach Ed Datti /30th year ( Assistant Coach Jess Kelley /2nd year ( Conference East Atlantic Gymnastics League Affiliation NCAA Division I Home Arena Lundholm Gymnasium 2012 Record 14-10 Season High Score 195.800 EAGL Championship Finish 6th – 195.225 Letterwinners Returning/Lost 10/4 2013 Co-Captains Jen Aucoin Courtney Connors 2012 NCAA Final Ranking 31st

Wildcat Gymnastics




Wildcats by Class Seniors (4) Jen Aucoin, Courtney Connors, Austyn Fobes, Becca Marrama Juniors (4) Hannah Barile, Jillian Hudson, Erin Machado, Jannelle Minichiello Sophomores (4) Alie Davis, Kayla Gray, Adrienne Hill, Erika Rudiger Freshmen (9) Kelsey Aucoin, Catarina Broccoli, Lauren Brodie,Rebekah Bubnar, Cassy Izzo, Brittany Prestia, Alexa Profit, Elissa Solomon, Courtney Thompson Wildcats by State Connecticut (2) Catarina Broccoli, Elissa Solomon Florida (1) Jannelle Minichiello Louisiana (1) Erika Rudiger Massachusetts (2) Erin Machado, Becca Marrama New Jersey (2) Jen Aucoin, Austyn Fobes New York (4) Courtney Connors, Kayla Gray, Jillian Hudson, Alexa Profit Ohio (2) Lauren Brodie, Rebekah Bubnar New Hampshire (1) Courtney Thompson Pennsylvania (2) Hannah Barile , Brittany Prestia Rhode Island (1) Cassy Izzo Texas (2) Kelsey Aucoin, Alie Davis Virginia (1) Adrienne Hill

Jen Aucoin (C) Senior - 5’0” Mullica Hill, N.J. Cherry Hill Gymnastics

Kelsey Aucoin Freshman - 5’4” Double Oak, Texas Metroplex Gymnastics

Hannah Barile Junior- 5’1” Sinking Spring, Pa. Berks Gymnastics

Catarina Broccoli Freshman - 5’2” Mystic, Conn. Deary’s Gymnastics

Lauren Brodie Freshman - 5’3” Mogadore, Ohio Gymnastics World

Rebekah Bubnar Freshman - 5’4” Granville, Ohio Buckeye Gymnastics

Courtney Connors (C) Senior - 5’3” Buffalo, N.Y. Stumpf’s Gymnastics

Alie Davis Sophomore - 5’4” Houston, Texas Champion Gymnastics

Austyn Fobes Senior - 5’1” Howell, N.J. Galaxy Gymnastics (N.J.)

Kayla Gray Sophomore - 5’ 1” Buffalo, N.Y. Gleason’s Gymnastics

Adrienne Hill Sophomore - 5’4” Midlothian, Va. Richmond Olympiad

Jillian Hudson Junior - 5’3” Sparkill, N.Y. Galaxy Gymnastics (N.Y.)

Becca Marrama Senior - 5’1” Lynnfield, Mass. Brestyan’s Gymnastics

Jannelle Minichiello Junior - 5’0” Orlando, Fla. Brestyan’s Gymnastics

Pronunciation Guide Adrienne Ay-dree-in Aucoin Oh-COIN Barile Buh-RILL Bubnar BUB-nar Machado Muh-SHAH-doe Marrama Muh-RAHM-uh Minichiello Min-ih-CHELLO Prestia Press-TEE-uh Rudiger ROO-dih-Grr STAFF Datti DAT-eye Sedory Sih-DOOR-ee

Brittany Prestia Freshman - 5’3” Harleysville, Pa. Silvia’s Gymnastics


Wildcat Gymnastics

Cassy Izzo Freshman - 5’4” Cranston, R.I. RISE Gymnastics

Erin Machado Junior - 5’1” Swansea, Mass. O’Leary’s Gymnastics

Alexa Profit Freshman - 5’4” Smithtown, N.Y. GMGC Rocky Point

Erika Rudiger Sophomore - 5’1” Slidell, La. Brook-Lin Center

Elissa Solomon Freshman - 5’1” Ridgefield, Conn. Arena Gymnastics

Courtney Thompson Freshman - 5’5” Chester, N.H. Gymnastics Village

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide

Coaching Staff

2013 Wildcat Gymnastics



Head Coach

Gail Goodspeed COACHING HISTORY Year at UNH: 34th Record: 515-276-2 EDUCATION Springfield College ‘74 BS Springfield College ‘75 MS Boston University ‘84 Ed D COACHING ACHIEVEMENTS 500th career victory | March 19, 2011 2011 EAGL 2nd Place Finish 2008 EAGL 3rd Place Finish 2003 EAGL Champions 1999 EAGL 3rd Place Finish 1998 EAGL 2nd Place Finish 1997 EAGL 3rd Place Finish 1994 12th NCAA Nationals 1994 NCAA Regional Champions 1984, 85, 86, 94 ECAC Champions 2008 - NCAA Northeast Region Coach of the Year 2003 - EAGL Coach of the Year 2003 - NCAA Northeast Region Coach of the Year 2001 - NCAA Northeast Region Coach of the Year 1994 - NCAA Northeast Region Coach of the Year 1991 - NCAA Northeast Region Coach of the Year NCAA ALL-AMERICAN 1992 Lori Brady - Vault NCAA INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS

2006 Amanda Hall - AA 2005 Vanessa Berrios - Beam 2001 Suzanne Poretz - AA 1997 Cara Lepper - Beam 1992 Lori Brady - Vault, Nicole Mullins - Bars 1991 Karen Olsson - AA, Lori Brady - Vault 1989 Lori Brady - Vault AIAW NATIONAL COMPETITORS

1981 Lucia Cancelmo and Edie Sutton - AA NCAA REGIONAL CHAMPIONS

2006 Amanda Hall - Floor 2005 Vanessa Berrios - Beam 1997 Cara Lepper - Beam 1995 Meghan Ochs - Vault and Floor 1994 Kim Smith - Floor 1994 Jana Reardon - AA 1994 Karen Olsson - AA 1992 Nicole Mullins - Bars 1989,1991,1992 Lori Brady - Vault 2002 Springfield College Hall of Fame Inductee


Wildcat Gymnastics

Gail Goodspeed, now in her 34th season as the UNH head coach, has helped create one of the strongest programs in New England. The Wildcats have a tradition of sustained success as a top-tier team in the East Atlantic Gymnastics League (EAGL) and a perennial competitor in the NCAA Regional Championship while maintaining rigorous academic standards among the highest in the nation. In 2012, the Wildcats advanced to the AIAW/NCAA postseason for the 32nd time in Goodspeed’s 33 years at the helm when they competed at the Fayetteville Regional at the University of Arkansas. UNH completed the season ranked 31st in the nation. Austyn Fobes (bars), Kayla Gray (beam) and Danielle Reibold (bars) were each named to the 2012 All-EAGL First Team. Co-captain Ali Carr (vault, beam) and Jillian Hudson (vault) were both selected to the All-EAGL Second Team. Academically, the Wildcats garnered an Academic Progress Rate Public Recognition Award for the fourth consecutive year as one of only 16 Division I programs in the nation, one of only three New England schools (Brown, Yale) and one of only two EAGL programs (Rutgers) to be feted. The Wildcats ranked third among all New England programs with a cumulative 3.2232 GPA, which trailed only Ivy League schools Brown and Yale. Reibold, a biomedical science major, became the first Wildcat to ever be named the EAGL Scholar-Athlete of the Year. The four-time EAGL All-Academic Team member and four-time NACGC/W Scholastic All-American was the first ‘Cat gymnast to be commended as a league’s top scholar-athlete since Nicole Mullins won the ECAC Academic Gymnast of the Year award in 1993. Goodspeed’s successful track record includes five NCAA Northeast Region Head Coach of the Year awards, most recently in 2008. Previous honors were bestowed in 1991, 1994, 2001 and 2003, when she was also named the EAGL Coach of the Year. Several of Goodspeed’s athletes and teams have been part of UNH history-making performances. In 2006, senior captain Amanda Hall was the Northeast Regional Floor Champion and took third in the all-around. This qualified her for the NCAA National Championship, making her the seventh individual from UNH to earn such high honors. At the Championship, her score of 9.8 on vault narrowly missed qualifying her as an All-American. During the 2005 campaign, Amanda Hall and Mariana Peña Trestini scored a 9.975 on the floor exercise in the regular season, setting the new UNH record. In 2005 postseason action, Vanessa Berrios shared the Northeast Regional Balance Beam title with a score of 9.85, earning her a spot at the NCAA National Championship as the sixth individual to represent UNH. The 2003 Wildcats captured their first-ever EAGL Championship with a UNH school-record team total of 196.75. At the same competition, Tara Phillips vaulted perfectly, scoring her first ever 10.0, permanently etching her name among the University’s alltime greats. Goodspeed has guided the Wildcats to four ECAC Championships, appearances in 30 NCAA Regional Championships and two AIAW Regional Championships (prior to NCAA sponsorship) while building a 515-276-2 record. The ‘Cats won the 1994 NCAA Northeast Regional Championship and competed at the NCAA Championship in Salt Lake City, Utah. UNH finished that season as the 12th-ranked team in the country. In addition to the team qualification to the national championship, individuals have represented UNH at the national

championship 11 different times during Goodspeed’s tenure. “It has always been our goal to help each studentathlete strive to reach her full potential and accomplish this in a positive atmosphere. When this occurs, the team is successful and it’s fun for everyone,” Goodspeed states. Goodspeed earned a doctorate from the School of Education at Boston University in 1984. She has used this education to enhance the quality of the experience of practicing and competing. Her dissertation involved development and implementation of a comprehensive sport psychology program for female gymnasts. Aspects of the program are incorporated into the training plan at UNH. “We try to focus on those things over which we have control, including our own response to and perception of stressful situations. Training is intense and our team members are dedicated to each other and to the goal of achieving excellence,” Goodspeed says. Much of the strength and success of the UNH gymnastics program lies with the stability and dedication of the coaching staff. Goodspeed is married to associate head coach Ed Datti (32nd year/30th full time), and together, with additional assistants and support staff, they have developed one of the most respected programs in the Northeast. The staff added former Cal gymnast Jess Kelley as an assistant coach last season; Datti and Kelley combined to win the EAGL Assistant Coach of the Year and NCAA Northeast Regional Assistant Coach of the Year in 2012. A collegiate competitor from 1970-74 at Springfield College, Goodspeed captained the team her senior year and was a member of two AIAW National Championship teams. She was assistant coach for her alma mater in 1974-75 when the team placed 4th at the National Championship. Goodspeed was inducted into the Springfield College Hall of Fame in October 2002. She has served as treasurer of the National Coaches Association and served on the NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Committee. She was head coach of California State-Northridge for two years and was also a business manager and coach at the Montvale Gymnastics Club. Goodspeed holds a master’s degree from Springfield and earned a doctorate in Sports Psychology from Boston University. She and Ed have two daughters, 23-year-old Samantha and 19-year-old Brianna. Samantha graduated summa cum laude from Keene State College with a degree in Environmental Studies in May 2011. She was a four-year member of the Keene State volleyball team and captain for the last two seasons. Her Owls won the 2010 ECAC Tournament for the first time in school history. Brianna is a sophomore at the University of Connecticut, where she is enrolled in the environmental honors program and is a defensive specialist for the Huskies volleyball team. As a senior at Oyster River High School, she was the class valedictorian and was named the 2010 Division II Player of the Year for the second straight season after serving as the star libero and helping the Bobcats claim their first state championship since 1996. Goodspeed is a native of Kohler, Wis.

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide Ed Datti is in his 32nd year with the program, 30th as a full-time coach, in 2012-13. The associate head coach is known as one of the top assistants nationally. In 2012, he was named the EAGL Assistant Coach of the Year (with assistant coach Jess Kelley) for the second time in his career and the NCAA Northeast Regional Assistant Coach of the Year (with Kelley) for the ninth time in his career. He previously garnered the NCAA Regional Assistant Coach of the Year in 1991, ‘94, ‘97, 2001, ‘03, ‘06, ‘08 and ‘10; his previous EAGL Assistant Coach of the Year merit came in 2010. Datti is highly respected by his colleagues for his skills as a strong technical coach and outstanding spotter. UNH head coach Gail Goodspeed states: “Obviously, I am a little biased, but Ed is one of the best spotters in the nation. He can anticipate when a gymnast is in need of assistance and can react faster than seems possible. He also has the unique ability of knowing exactly how much assistance is needed. A great balance is created with his technical expertise and spotting ability to help all of our team members continue to improve and upgrade their skills.” At UNH, Datti is responsible for the majority of the recruiting and continues to bring top gymnasts to the UNH campus. He is the director of a highly successful summer camp and initiated a community class program. Datti also co-teaches a movement and gymnastics exploration class for the kinesiology department with Kelley. Datti is the former owner and head coach of the Montvale School of Gymnastics in Woburn, Mass. This was one of the first private gymnastics schools in Massachusetts and he coached several top USGF gymnasts during the 10 years of operating the club. Before his Montvale affiliation, Datti taught at Saxonville Elementary School in Framingham (Mass.) and coached the Framingham South High School girls gymnastics team. A 1971 graduate of Springfield (Mass.) College, Datti was a four-year competitor on the gymnastics squad. In his senior year, he was team captain and earned All-America honors in floor exercise. He is originally from Framingham, Mass.

Associate Head Coach

Ed Datti COACHING HISTORY Year at UNH: 32nd, 30th full time EDUCATION Springfield College ‘71 BS COACHING ACHIEVEMENTS 2011 EAGL 2nd Place Finish 2008 EAGL 3rd Place Finish 2003 EAGL Champions 1999 EAGL 3rd Place Finish 1998 EAGL 2nd Place Finish 1997 EAGL 3rd Place Finish 1994 12th NCAA Nationals 1994 NCAA Regional Champions 1984, 85, 86, 94 ECAC Champions 2012 - EAGL Assistant Coach of Year 2010 - EAGL Assistant Coach of Year 2012, 2010, 2008, 2006, 2003, 2001, 1997, 1994, 1991 - NCAA Northeast Region Assistant Coach of the Year

Brianna Datti

Sammy Datti

Wildcat Gymnastics



Assistant Coach

Jess Kelley, a former gymnast at the University of California, Berkeley, is in her second season on the coaching staff as an assistant coach in 2012-13 after serving two seasons as an assistant at her alma mater. Kelley was named the 2012 EAGL Assistant Coach of the Year (with Ed Datti) and the 2012 NCAA Northeast Regional Assistant Coach of the Year (with Datti) in her first season. During her two seasons coaching at Cal, Kelley had experience coaching all four events. In 2010-11, her primary responsibilities were on vault and uneven bars, while she focused on beam and floor during the ‘09-10 campaign, including assignments and lineups. She coached choreography for two seasons, and other duties included recruiting, fundraising, video and music editing and meet preparation. The 2006 Rookie of the Year and 2007 Team MVP transitioned into a coaching role during the 2009 campaign after sustaining a season-ending injury following the first meet of the year. She chose to stay with the team and help out as a student assistant for the remainder of what should have been her senior season of competition. After graduating in December 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies, Kelley officially became an assistant coach. Kelley was a two-time West Regional participant during her Cal career, competing in the All-Around at Regionals in both 2007 and 2008. She just missed qualifying for the NCAA National Championships her junior year by .05. She is in the Cal record books for earning a 9.9 on beam in 2007 and a 9.875 on her floor routine during the 2008 season. Previously, Kelley competed with Airborne Gymnastics (1996-2005) in Santa Clara, Calif. Kelley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cal. She majored in American Studies with an emphasis in organizations in the American Workplace.

Jess Kelley

COACHING HISTORY 2nd season at UNH California, 2 seasons, 2009-11 EDUCATION Cal ’09 BA COACHING ACHIEVEMENTS 2012 - NCAA Northeast Region Assistant Coach of the Year 2012 - EAGL Assistant Coach of Year

Athletic Trainer

Dan Sedory 25th season at UNH

2006 NH Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award 2006 NATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award Program Director for the CAATE Accredited Athletic Training Program 2001 NATA Athletic Trainer Service Award EDUCATION University of Pittsburgh ‘82 BS University of Arizona ‘84 MS


Wildcat Gymnastics

Dan Sedory serves as the athletic trainer for the UNH gymnastics team. He is in his 25th season with the gymnastics squad and is an integral member of the coaching staff. Sedory, a Pittsburgh native, graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Physical Education (1982) and received his Masters in Athletic Training from the University of Arizona (1984). Sedory is currently a clinical associate professor of athletic training at UNH. Since 1988 he has also served as the curriculum director for athletic training within the University’s department of kinesiology. With Sedory’s extensive work and commitment to enrichment, it has earned the distinction of being a CAATE Accredited Athletic Training Program. In 2006, he was honored for his contributions by receiving the “Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award” from NATA, awarded to role models for future leaders in the athletic training profession. This award came shortly after Sedory was named New Hampshire’s Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer of the Year for 2006. Also on his list of accolades is the NATA Athletic Trainer Service Award, which he received in 2001. Sedory served as an athletic trainer for the United States Olympic Committee Medical Staff at the U.S. Olympic Festival in Los Angeles in 1991 and with the Summer World University Games in 1993. He also served as the host athletic trainer for the World Gold Gymnastics tour appearance in Durham in 1996. The Wildcats are fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and well-respected athletic trainer on their coaching staff. “Dan has more experience as an athletic trainer for women’s gymnastics than anyone,” UNH head coach Gail Goodspeed states. “He knows the sport and the athletes. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to truly listen to our gymnasts and care about them as individuals.”

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide

student manager

Associate Director of Strength & Conditioning EXPERIENCE Year at UNH: 11th Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning University of North Dakota 2001-2002 EDUCATION Long Beach State University ‘96 BA Grad. Assist. at Long Beach State ‘00 Post Graduate Student at UND MEMBERSHIPS & CERTIFICATIONS National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) USA-Weightlifting-Certified Level 1 Coach

Dianna Kurowyckyj

John Ciani

Dianna Kurowyckyj is serving as a student manager during her senior year after three years as an active member of the team. She assists head coach Gail Goodspeed in day-to-day operations of the program. Dianna, an economics major, set a personal best of 9.750 on balance beam in a home meet against Pittsburgh in 2010. In 2011, she competed on beam for the Wildcats in the NCAA Norman Regional at the University of Oklahoma. Dianna is a two-time member of the EAGL AllAcademic Team (2011, ‘12) and was tabbed to the ‘11 NACGC/W Scholastic All-American team. Prior to coming to UNH, Dianna competed for coaches Chris McClain, Elena Oleinik and Glen Aser at Chelsea Piers in New York City. She was a Level 10 National Championship competitor in 2008 and ‘09. She placed first in beam at the ‘09 Level 10 Regional Championship and took first place in beam and third in all-around at that season’s state championship.

John Ciani is in his 11th season working with the UNH gymnastics program. The two basic goals of the strength and conditioning department are injury prevention and performance enhancement. The first goal, injury prevention, revolves around reducing the likelihood of the athlete getting injured during meets or practice by training the athlete as a unit and pinpointing weaknesses in the gymnast that need to be strengthened. The second goal, performance enhancement, centers on making the athlete a better athlete. This is done by educating the athlete on a wide range of training from Olympic-style weight lifting to teaching the athlete how to move more efficiently while running or during an agility drill. The strength and conditioning program plays a vital role in the success of UNH gymnastics. The athletes train virtually year-round in order to perform at their highest level throughout the regular season. The UNH gymnastics strength and conditioning program is a comprehensive training program that involves Olympic-style weightlifting, traditional strength training, plyometrics, agility/quickness training and sport-specific conditioning. Ciani, a native of the San Diego, Calif., area, came to UNH after a stint as assistant strength coach at the University of North Dakota. Ciani received his B.A. degree in Psychology from Long Beach State and attended graduate school at both Long Beach State and North Dakota. John lives in Berwick, Maine, with his wife, Angela, and son, Brennan.

Wildcats in the Weight Room

The Jerry Azumah Performance Center

opened its doors the summer of 2003 to UNH student-athletes. The monetary donation by Azumah, a former Pro Bowler with the Chicago Bears of the NFL, allowed the UNH athletic department to overhaul its existing strength and conditioning center. The massive workout facility, which was originally 4,000 square feet, grew to over 6,000 square feet in size during a summer renovation in 2009. The renovated center features 5,000 pounds of Olympic weights, 7,000 pounds of dumbbells, 18 Powerlift platform stations, 12 Hammer strength machines, an additional 15,000 pounds of weights and 1,500 square feet of warmup area. Other renovations included new offices for the Director and Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning.

Wildcat Gymnastics




The practice facility, which allows the UNH gymnasts to train and perform at the highest level, is heralded as one of the safest and most efficient training spots in New England.The UNH coaching staff has worked hard to ensure that the 8,500 square foot gymnasium has been well maintained and updated to meet the highest standards. The loose foam and solid foam pits, the two tumble tracks, the overhead spotting rigs, a rod tumbling strip, and all of the most updated gymnastics apparatus and matting make this a facility that continues to attract top-notch athletes. Recently, the coaching staff added an instant view playback system for all four events. This allows immediate feedback and enhances the training for the visual learner. During the Holiday break in December 2010, facility lighting was upgraded to further enhance safety while providing a more energy-efficient system. All the necessary tools are in place for the best collegiate gymnasts in the country to train and continue to learn new skills.

Lundholm Gymnasium

Two sites play host for the home gymnastics competitions, Lundholm Gymnasium and the Whittemore Center Arena. The Whittemore Center seats over 6,000 fans for gymnastics, while Lundholm Gymnasium seats approximately 2,500 fans for gymnastics. In 2010, Lundholm Gym was the host site for the EAGL Championship Meet. Previously, the Whittemore Center has been the host site of the NCAA Northeast Regional Championship and the EAGL Championship Meet, as well as the Fox Run Invitational. In 2003, the Whittemore Center entertained an EAGL record-breaking crowd to witness some of the highest-caliber gymnastics action ever seen on the Seacoast.

Lundholm Gymnasium

Practice Facility

The UNH gymnastics program continues to expand and improve its training and competitive facility with its commitment to excellence. In 1994, one of the first groups to work all four years in the training facility won the ECAC conference championship, placed first in the NCAA Regional Championship and went on to qualify for the NCAA National Championship, ranking 12th in the country. The team has continued its strong tradition of excellence and set a team and conference scoring record in 2003 with a total team score of 196.750 while winning the EAGL Championship.

Practice Facility

Interior of Whittemore Center


Wildcat Gymnastics

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide

Gymnasts Bios 2013 Wildcat Gymnastics



Jen Aucoin Senior co-captain

Hometown: Mullica Hill, N.J. High School: Bishop Eustace Prep Club: Cherry Hill Gymnastics Birthday: December 4, 1990 Major: Nutrition Favorite Event: Bars Family: Michael Aucoin and Beth Gardner, brothers Ben and Dan

UNH Career Highs Uneven Bars - 9.850 Balance Beam - 9.775

UNH Highlights 2012 NACGC/W Scholastic All-American @ NCAA Regionals -T-17th Bars EAGL All-Tournament Second Team -Bars @ EAGL Championship -T-10th Bars EAGL All-Academic Team Arizona -T-2nd Bars UNH Invitational -T-6th Bars West Virginia -T-5th Bars @ North Carolina State -T-6th Bars @ Penn, w/Brockport, Wilson -6th Bars Brown, Yale -4th Bars, 5th Beam @ Northern Illinois -T-6th Beam Pittsburgh -T-5th Bars @ Rutgers -6th Beam 2011 EAGL All-Tournament First Team -Bars EAGL Championship -T-2nd Bars EAGL All-Academic Team @ Arizona, w/BYU, Texas Woman’s, T-1st bars -PB 9.850 @ LSU -T-5th Bars vs Bridgeport- 4th beam -PB 9.775 @ Pittsburgh - 6th bars, 4th beam vs Rutgers -T-3rd bars, T-4th beam Before UNH: Coached by Christine Golderer at Cherry Hill Gymnastics Academy 2008 Level 10 State Championship – 1st Bars, 2nd Beam, 2nd AA 2007 Level 10 Regional Championship – 4th Bars Level 10 State Championship – 2nd Bars 2006 Level 10 Regional Championship – 10th AA Level 10 State Championship – 1st Bars, 2nd Beam Earlier accomplishments: Level 9 State Championship- 1st Beam & Bars Level 9 Regional Championship- 1st Bars Eastern National Championship Competitor

Aucoin Wildcat Facts

Favorite Skill: Hindorff on bars Personal Motto: Positive thoughts attract positive things. Favorite Books/Movies: Harry Potter series Favorite Pro Teams: Phillies, Eagles, Flyers Favorite Food: S’mores Advice to Future Gymnasts: Always have fun.


Wildcat Gymnastics

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide

courtney Connors Senior co-captain

Hometown: Buffalo, N.Y. High School: Sacred Heart Academy Club: Stumpf’s Gymnastics Center Birthday: September 24, 1991 Major: Business Administration Favorite Event: Floor Family: Kevin and Kim Connors, sister Emily

UNH Career Highs Vault - 9.825 Floor Exercise -9.800 UNH Highlights 2012 NACGC/W Scholastic All-American Most Inspirational Award @ NCAA Regionals - T-17th Vault EAGL All-Academic Team @ Oregon State -6th Vault @ North Carolina State -T-6th Vault @ Penn, w/Brockport, Wilson -6th Vault Penn State -T-3rd Vault @ Rutgers -T-4th Vault 2011 NACGC/W Scholastic All-American NCAA Regional Championship Competitor on Vault, Floor EAGL All-Academic Team @ Bridgeport -6th Vault Katie Baldwin Expression Award-@ UNH Invitational UNH Invitational -T-5th Vault, T-2nd Floor -PB-9.800 vs Bridgeport -T-4th Floor @ Pittsburgh -1st Vault -T-PB 9.825, T-5th Floor @ Penn State -T-6th Vault 2010 vs Rutgers -T-2nd Floor NACGC/W Scholastic All-American EAGL All-Tournament First Team -Vault, Second Team -Floor NCAA Regionals -T-24th Floor EAGL Championship -T-8th Vault -PB 9.825 George Washington -T-6th Vault Maryland -6th Vault Michigan State -T-5th Vault Pittsburgh -6th Vault, T-4th Floor @Brown -4th Vault, 6th Floor Before UNH:

Coached by Kurt and Lisa Stumpf at Stumpf’s Gymnastics Center 2009 Level 10 National Championship Competitor Level 10 Regional Championship – 4th Vault & Bars, 2nd Floor, 6th AA Level 10 State Championship – 2nd Vault, 3rd Floor 2008 Level 10 National Championship Competitor Level 10 Regional Championship – 3rd Vault, 5th floor, 6th AA Level 10 State Championship – 4th Vault, Bars & Floor, 5th AA 2007 Level 10 National Championship Competitor Level 10 Regional Championship – 2nd Vault, 1st Floor, 6th AA Level 10 State Championship – 4th Vault, 5th Floor, 6th AA

Connors Wildcat Facts

Favorite Movies: Big Daddy, Dodgeball Favorite Food: Pancakes Interests/Hobbies: Golf, Skiing, Listening to music Personal Motto: Don’t bunt; aim out of the ballpark. Favorite Quote: If you dream big and work hard, the possibilities are endless.

Wildcat Gymnastics



austyn fobes Senior

Hometown: Howell, N.J. High School: Howell Club: Galaxy Gymnastics (N.J.) Birthday: April 21, 1991 Major: Sociology Favorite Event: Bars Family: Tom and Jennifer Fobes, brothers Cody and Payton, sister Bayleigh

UNH Career Highs Vault - 9.850 Uneven Bars - 9.950 Balance Beam - 9.850 Floor Exercise - 9.900 All-Around - 39.100

UNH Highlights 2012 @ NCAA Regionals -T-21st Floor, 14th AA EAGL All-Tournament First Team -Floor, Second Team -AA @ EAGL Championship -T-2nd Floor All-EAGL First Team -Bars @ Oregon State -6th Bars Arizona -T-2nd Bars, T-6th Beam UNH Invitational -1st Bars West Virginia -1st Bars @ North Carolina State -2nd Bars, 3rd Beam @ Penn -T-4th Bars, 2nd Beam -PB 9.850, T-1st Floor Katie Baldwin Expression Award -Feb. 4 Brown, Yale -T-1st Bars, T-1st Beam, T-1st Floor @ Northern Illinois -T-1st Bars, T-2nd Floor Pittsburgh -T-5th Bars 2011 EAGL All-Tournament First Team -Bars & AA EAGL Championship -T-2nd Bars, T-5th Floor, T-5th AA All-EAGL First Team -Floor & AA, Second Team -Bars @ Arizona, w/ BYU, Texas Woman’s, -T-1st Bars, 3rd AA vs CMU, Brown -1st Bars -PB 9.950, T-1st Floor, 5th AA @ LSU -T-3rd Bars, T-6th Beam, T-4th Floor, 1st-AA -PB 39.100 @ Bridgeport -T-4th Vault @ West Virginia w/ Florida, GW -T-5th Floor, 5th AA UNH Invitational w/ Michigan State, Brown, Alaska -1st Bars vs Michigan -T-3rd Vault, 3rd Bars, T-5th Floor, 4th AA vs Bridgeport -T-1st Vault -PB 9.850, T-2nd Floor, 2nd AA @ Pittsburgh -T-2nd Vault, 2nd-Bars, 1st-Floor, 2nd-AA @ Penn State -T-3rd Vault, 6th Beam, T-4th Floor, 2nd-AA @ Maryland, w/Air Force -T-3rd Vault, 6th Bars, T-2nd Beam, T-2nd Floor, 2nd AA vs Rutgers -T-3rd Vault, T-1st Bars, 1st Floor, 4th AA 2010 NCAA Regionals -T-19th Vault, T-14th Floor EAGL All-Tournament First Team -Vault, Second Team -Floor Texas Woman’s -4th Vault, T-3rd Floor George Washington -T-6th Floor Before UNH: Coached by Jennifer Fobes and Krystin Sheridan at Galaxy Gymnastics Maryland -T-5th Floor Coached by Jennifer Hier at Howell High School 2009 Brown -4th Floor


Fobes Wildcat Facts

Favorite Movie/TV Show: The Blind Side, Jersey Shore Personal Motto: Believe in yourself and never give up. Favorite Book: The Five People You Meet in Heaven Favorite Food: Mint chocolate chip ice cream Favorite Pro Team: New York Giants Advice to Future Gymnasts: Always believe in yourself.

Wildcat Gymnastics

High School State Championship – 1st Bars, Beam & AA High School Sectional Championship – 1st Bars, Beam & AA High School Shore Conference – 1st Bars, Beam & AA 2008 Level 10 National Championship Alternate Level 10 Regional Championship Competitor Level 10 State Championship – 5th AA High School Championship – 5th AA (2007) High School Sectional Championship – 1st AA (2007) High School Shore Conference – 1st AA (2007) 2006 U.S. Classic Competitor 2004 National Team Member

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide

Becca Marrama Senior

Hometown: Lynnfield, Mass. High School: Lynnfield Club: Brestyan’s Gymnastics Birthday: April 10, 1991 Major: Nutrition Favorite Event: Floor Family: Mark and Kim Marrama, brother Daniel

Before UNH:

Coached by Mihai and Silvie Brestyan and Jourdan Marino at Brestyan’s Gymnastics 2009 Level 10 State Championship Competitor 2008 Level 10 Regional Championship Competitor Level 10 State Championship – 5th Floor 2006 Level 10 Regional Championship Competitor Level 10 – 1st AA Brestyan’s Invitational 2005 Level 9 Regional Championship – 1st Vault Earlier Accomplishments 3x Level 9 Regional Championship Competitor

marrama wildcat facts

Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans Personal Motto: If you think you can or can’t, you’re right. Favorite Book: Dear John Favorite Food: Chicken Parmesan Favorite Pro Team: Boston Celtics Interests/Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, watching movies, shopping Advice to Future Gymnasts: Always have fun, try your hardest and make the ride worthwhile.

Wildcat Gymnastics

13 13


hannah barile Junior

UNH Career Highs

Hometown: Sinking Spring, Pa. High School: Wilson Club: Berks Gymnastics Academy Birthday: August 14, 1992 Major: Kinesiology Favorite Events: Vault, Floor Family: Kitty and Lindy Barile, brother Tyler

2012 2011

UNH Highlights Most Improved Award EAGL All-Academic Team UNH Invitational -T-5th Floor -T-PB-9.850 West Virginia -1st Floor -T-PB 9.850 @ North Carolina State -T-6th Vault @ Penn, w/Brockport, Wilson -T-3rd Vault, T-1st Floor Brown, Yale -T-4th Vault, T-1st Floor -PB 9.850 @ Northern Illinois -5th Floor @ Rutgers -T-5th Floor EAGL All-Academic Team UNH Invitational w/Mich. State, Brown, Alaska -T-5th Vault vs Michigan Vault -T-PB 9.775 @ Maryland w/Air Force -T-1st Vault -PB 9.775

Vault - 9.775 Floor Exercise - 9.850

Before UNH: Coached by Rich Fiorentino at Berks Gymnastics Academy 2010 Level 10 National Championship -2nd Vault Level 10 Regional Championship -2nd Vault,4th Beam & AA Level 10 State Championship -2nd Vault, 4th Bars,1st Beam, 3rd AA 2009 Level 10 National Championship Competitor Level 10 Regional Championship -2nd Vault, 7th Beam, 3rd Floor 2008 Level 10 Regional Championship Competitor Level 10 State Championship Competitor 2007 Level 9 Regional Championship -1st Vault Level 9 State Championship -1st Vault, 5th Bars, 1st Floor, 2nd AA

Barile Wildcat Facts:

Favorite Movie: The Proposal Personal Motto: Never allow yourself to be the reason you don’t succeed. Favorite Skill: Pike Quervo Favorite Food: Italian Interests/Hobbies: Going to the beach and boating. Advice to Future Gymnasts: Believe in yourself and your abilities. Always push through the rough times; never give up.

jillian hudson 2012


UNH Highlights NACGC/W Scholastic All-American @ NCAA Regionals - T-25th Vault, Bars -PB 9.575 All-EAGL Second Team -Vault EAGL All-Academic Team Arizona -T-2nd Vault -PB 9.850 UNH Invitational -6th Vault West Virginia -T-6th Vault @ North Carolina State -T-2nd Vault @ Penn, w/Brockport, Wilson -2nd Vault Brown, Yale -2nd Vault @ Northern Illinois -T-2nd Vault Pittsburgh -2nd Vault, Floor -PB 9.625 Penn State -T-3rd Vault NACGC/W Scholastic All-American EAGL All-Academic Team @ Bridgeport -6th Bars vs Bridgeport -5th Vault @ Maryland w/Air Force -T-6th Vault vs Rutgers -T-3rd Vault

Hudson Wildcat Facts:

Favorite Actor: Adam Sandler Favorite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother Favorite Quote: Stay far from timid. Only make moves when your heart’s in it, and live the phrase ‘Sky’s the limit’. Hobbies: Photography, listening to music Favorite Food: Peanut butter


Wildcat Gymnastics


Hometown: Sparkill, N.Y. High School: Tappan Zee Club: Galaxy Gymnastics (N.Y.) Birthday: June 18, 1992 Major: Nutrition Favorite Event: Floor Family: Robert and Laura Hudson, brother Matt

UNH Career Highs Vault - 9.850 Uneven Bars - 9.575 Floor Exercise - 9.625

Before UNH: Coached by Jamie Winkler, Sergei and Galina Petrouniak at Galaxy Gymnastics 2010 Level 10 National Championship Competitor Level 10 Regional Championship -2nd Vault, 4th Bars, 2nd FX, 3rd AA High School National Championship -1st Vault, 2nd AA High School State Championship -1st Vault, Beam, FX & AA 2009 Level 10 National Championship -7th FX, 4th AA Level 10 Regional Championship -1st Vault, 3rd FX, 4th AA High School State Championship -1st Vault & AA 2008 Level 10 National Championship Competitor Level 10 Regional Championship -1st Vault, Beam, FX & AA Level 10 State Championship -1st Vault 2007 Level 10 National Championship -8th Vault Level 10 Regional Championship -1st Vault, 3rd Floor, 4th AA Level 10 State Championship -2nd Vault, 4th Beam, 4th FX, 2nd AA

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide

erin machado JUNIOR UNH Career Highs Floor Exercise - 9.850

2012 2011

UNH Highlights

@ NCAA Regionals -T-21st Floor EAGL All-Academic Team @ Oregon State -T-6th Floor Arizona -6th Floor West Virginia -3rd Floor @ North Carolina State -6th Floor @ Penn, w/Brockport, Wilson -T-6th Floor Brown, Yale -T-5th Floor @ Northern Illinois -T-2nd Floor Pittsburgh -T-2nd Floor -PB-tying 9.850 Katie Baldwin Expression Award -Jan. 15 Penn State -2nd Floor -T-PB 9.850 EAGL All-Academic Team Suffered season-ending injury vs. Michigan vs Bridgeport -1st Floor -PB 9.850 @ Pittsburgh -2nd Floor @ Penn State -9th Floor vs Rutgers -T-2nd Floor

Machado Wildcat Facts:

Favorite Skill: Double back Favorite Movies: The Little Rascals, Toy Story, The Last Song Favorite TV Shows: CSI, Law and Order Personal Motto: Live life to the fullest Favorite Book: The Grapes of Wrath Advice to Future Gymnasts: Never ever give up.

Hometown: Swansea, Mass. High School: Joseph Case Club: O’Leary’s Gymnastics Birthday: December 6, 1991 Major: Biomedical Science Favorite Event: Beam Family: Ellen and Ronald Machado, sister Kara, brother Paul Before UNH:

Coached by Tim O’Leary, Caren Normandin and Richie Butler at O’Leary’s Gymnastics; coached by Laura Murphy at Joseph Case High School 2010 High School National Championship -2nd Floor, 10th AA High School State Individual Championship -1st AA AAU National Championship -1st AA Level 10 NIT -4th Floor Boston Globe Gymnast of the Year 2009 AAU National Championship -1st AA Level 10 Regional Championship -1st Beam Level 10 State Championship -7th AA Boston Globe Gymnast of the Year 2008 AAU National Championship -1st AA Level 10 Regional Championship -6th AA Level 10 State Championship -7th AA 2007 Level 10 Regional and State Championship Competitor

jannelle minichiello Junior

Hometown: Orlando, Fla. High School: Tewksbury Club: Brestyan’s Gymnastics Birthday: November 19, 1991 Major: Psychology Favorite Events: Beam, Floor Family: Eva and Robert Minichiello, sisters Brittany and Hollie

2012 2011

UNH Highlights EAGL All-Academic Team Arizona -T-6th Beam West Virginia -6th Beam @ North Carolina State -4th Beam -PB 9.775 @ Rutgers -T-1st Beam EAGL All-Academic Team vs Central Michigan, Brown -Bars -PB 9.725 @ Bridgeport -T-5th Beam vs Rutgers -3rd Beam

minichiello wildcat facts:

Personal Motto: A positive attitude gets you everywhere. Favorite Book: The Secret Favorite Food: Double Stuff Oreos Favorite Pro Teams: Boston Bruins, New England Patriots Advice to Future Gymnasts: Follow your dreams and never give up because they can take you far.

UNH Career Highs Uneven Bars - 9.725 Balance Beam - 9.775

Before UNH: Coached by Mihai and Silvia Brestyan at Brestyan’s Gymnastics 2010 Level 10 National Championship Competitor Level 10 Regional Championship -3rd Vault & Bars, 2nd Beam & Floor, 1st AA Level 10 State Championship -1st Vault & AA, 2nd Bars, Beam & Floor 2009 Level 10 National Championship Competitor Level 10 Regional Championship -5th Vault, Floor & AA Level 10 State Championship -2nd Bars & Floor, 6th Beam, 3rd AA 2008 Level 10 National Championship Competitor Level 10 Regional Championship -4th Bars & Beam, 5th AA Level 10 State Championship -2nd Vault & Bars, 1st Floor, 2nd AA 2007 Level 10 Regional Championship -3rd Bars, 4th Beam, 2nd AA Level 10 State Championship -1st Vault, 2nd Bars, 4th Floor, 6th AA 2006 Level 10 National Championship Competitor 2005 Level 9 Eastern Championship -1st Vault, 10th AA

Wildcat Gymnastics

15 15


alie davis sophomore

Hometown: Houston, Texas High School: Seven Lakes Club: Champion Gymnastics Birthday: November 4, 1993 Major: Tourism Planning and Development Favorite Event: Beam Family: Courtney and Patrica Davis

Before UNH: Coached by Kellie Mizoguchi and Rob Barke at Champion Gymnastics 2011 NIT - 6th Bars, 6th Beam Level 10 States - 4th Beam 2010 Level 9 Regionals - 4th Vault, 5th Beam, 3rd Floor

Davis Wildcat Facts:

Favorite Movies: Transformers, Up, Avengers, Thor Personal Motto: Trust yourself. Never doubt your skills or abilities, and you will excel. Favorite Foods: Mexican

kayla gray Sophomore


Hometown: Buffalo, N.Y. UNH Highlights Club: Gleason’s Gymnastics NACGC/W Scholastic All-American Birthday: November 5, 1993 @ NCAA Regionals- T-15th Beam EAGL All-Tournament First Team -Beam, Second Team-Floor Major: Kinesiology: Exercise Science Favorite Event: Beam @ EAGL Championship -2nd Beam, T-16th Floor Family: Kevin and Karen Gray, brother Kyle All-EAGL First Team -Beam EAGL All-Academic Team Arizona -T-3rd Floor Katie Baldwin Expression Award Winner - March 3 UNH Invitational -T-1st Beam -T-PB 9.900, T-5th Floor -PB 9.850 West Virginia - T-5th Floor @ North Carolina State -3rd Floor EAGL Rookie of the Week -Feb. 14 @ Penn, w/ Brockport, Wilson -1st Beam -PB 9.900, T-1st Floor Brown, Yale -T-1st Beam @ Northern Illinois -1st Beam Penn State -5th Beam

UNH Career Highs Balance Beam - 9.900 Floor Exercise - 9.850

Gray Wildcat Facts:

Favorite Movie: 21 Jump Street Favorite TV Shows: Friends, SpongeBob SquarePants Personal Motto: Do what you love; love what you do. Favorite Food: Pineapples Interests/Hobbies: Reading, shopping, painting nails Favorite Quote: There is no way to happiness -happiness is the way.


Wildcat Gymnastics

Before UNH: Coached by Larry and Carol Goldsmith, Brian Daly and Anita Williams at Gleason's Gymnastics 2011 Level 10 Nationals - 2nd Beam Level 10 Regionals - 3rd Vault, 4th Bars, 2nd Beam, 2nd Floor, 2nd AA Level 10 States - 1st Floor 2010 Level 10 Nationals - 2nd Beam Level 10 Regionals - 5th Vault, 1st Beam, 1st Floor, 2nd AA Level 10 States - 1st Beam, 2nd Floor 2009 Injured 2008 Level 10 Nationals - 1st Beam Level 10 Regionals - 2nd Vault, 4th Beam, 3rd Floor, 6th AA Level 10 States - 2nd Beam, 3rd Floor

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide

adrienne hill

UNH Highlights: 2012 EAGL All-Academic Team UNH Invitational -Bars -PB 9.775 West Virginia -3rd Beam -PB 9.825 @ North Carolina State - T-5th Beam Brown, Yale -3rd Vault, 4th Beam @ Northern Illinois -T-2nd Vault Pittsburgh -T-3rd Vault -PB 9.800 @ Rutgers -5th Beam Before UNH: Coached by Boris and Larissa Choutkin at Richmond Olympiad 2010 Level 10 National Competitor Level 10 Regionals: 5th Vault, 6th Bars, 7th Beam, 6th Floor, 6th AA Level 10 States: 1st Vault, 2nd Bars, 3rd Beam, 1st Floor, 2nd AA 2009 Level 10 National Competitor Level 10 Regionals - 6th Vault, 5th Beam, 6th AA Level 10 States - 1st Vault, 1st Bars, 3rd Beam, 2nd Floor, 1st AA 2008 Level 10 Regional Competitor 2007 Level 10 National Competitor Level 10 Regionals - 5th Vault, 6th Bars, 5th Floor, 4th AA Level 10 States - 2nd Vault, 1st Bars, 1st Beam, 1st Floor, 1st AA


Hometown: Midlothian, Va. High School: Midlothian Club: Richmond Olympiad Birthday: March 2, 1993 Major: Civil Engineering Favorite Event: Vault Family: Mark and Francine Hill, brother Michael

UNH Career Highs Vault - 9.800 Uneven Bars - 9.775 Balance Beam - 9.825

hill wildcat facts:

Favorite TV Shows: Burn Notice, Whose Line is it Anyway Favorite Movies: Knight and Day, Princess Bride Personal Motto: Either you run the day, or the day runs you. Advice to Future Gymnasts: The rough patches are only temporary. It never lasts forever.

erika rudiger


UNH Highlights: EAGL All-Academic Team UNH Invitational -T-4th Bars -PB 9.850 Brown, Yale -T-4th Vault Pittsburgh -T-5th Vault -PB 9.750 Penn State -Floor -PB 9.750 @ Rutgers -T-4th Vault, 6th Bars

Before UNH: Coached by Terry Musial and Cynthia Dedeaux at the Brook-Lin Center in Pass Christian, Miss. 2011 Level 10 National Competitor Level 10 Regionals - 6th Beam, 6th Floor, 6th AA Level 10 States - 1st Vault, 1st Bars, 1st Beam, 1st Floor, 1st AA 2010 Level 10 Regionals - 4th Floor Level 10 States - 1st Vault, 2nd Bars, 2nd Floor, 2nd AA 2009 Level 9 Regionals - 5th Bars, 6th AA Level 9 States - 2nd Beam


Hometown: Slidell, La. High School: Northshore Club: Brook-Lin Center Birthday: September 7, 1993 Major: Kinesiology: Sport Studies Favorite Event: Vault Family: Ron and Dawn Rudiger, sisters Angelica, Elena and Ella, brother Ethan

UNH Career Highs Vault - 9.750 Uneven Bars - 9.850 Floor Exercise - 9.750

rudiger wildcat facts:

Interests/Hobbies: Reading, shopping, photography Personal Motto: It’s not how much time you put in; it’s what you put in the time. Favorite Food: Southern Advice to Future Gymnasts: Believe in Faith. Favorite Sports Team/Athlete: New Orleans Saints/ Drew Brees

Wildcat Gymnastics



kelsey aucoin

catarina broccoli lauren brodie Freshman


Hometown: Double Oak, Texas High School: Edward S. Marcus Club: Metroplex Gymnastics Birthday: October 12, 1993 Major: Business Favorite Event: Floor Family: Donna and Jeff Aucoin

Before UNH: Coached by Marnie Futch and Gina Quinlin at Metroplex Gymnastics 2011 Level 10 Regionals - 1st Vault & Floor Level 10 States - 4th Vault 2010 Level 10 Regionals - 5th Floor

Before UNH:

Hometown: Mystic, Conn. High School: Fitch Club: Deary’s Gymnastics Birthday: April 14, 1994 Major: Undeclared Favorite Events: Beam, Floor Family: Carrie and Dino Broccoli, sister Christina, brother Dino

Coached by Tara Pasiakos, Kim Howard and Gene Michael Deary at Deary’s Gymnastics

2012 Level 10 National Competitor Level 10 Regionals - 2nd Beam, 7th AA Level 10 States - 5th Vault, 3rd Beam 2011 Level 10 National Competitor Level 10 Regionals - 2nd Beam, 7th AA Level 10 States - 2nd Vault, 1st Bars, 4th Beam, 2nd Floor, 1st AA 2010

Level 9 Eastern Championship- 5th Beam, 6th Floor Level 9 Regionals - 5th Vault, 3rd Bars, 3rd Beam, 1st Floor, 2nd AA Level 9 States - 2nd Vault, 5th Bars, 2nd Beam, 5th AA

Aucoin Wildcat Facts:

Favorite Movies: Burlesque, The Step Up trilogy Favorite TV Shows: So You Think You Can Dance, Criminal Minds Favorite Food: Italian Interests/Hobbies: Sparkles, dancing, sun bathing watching ice hockey

Rebekah Bubnar Freshman

Hometown: Granville, Ohio High School: Granville Club: Buckeye Gymnastics Birthday: December 13, 1993 Major: Sustainability Favorite Event: Beam Family: P.J. Bubnar and Connie Brown, brothers Jake and Andrew, sister Hannah

Before UNH: Coached by Kittia Carpenter, Christian Gallardo and Li Li at Buckeye Gymnastics 2012 Level 10 Regional Competitor 2011 Level 10 Regional Competitor Level 10 Circle of Stars - 3rd Vault, 3rd Bars, 2nd Beam, 3rd AA 2010 Level 10 Regional Competitor 2009 Level 10 NIT Competitor Level 10 States- 5th Beam

Bubnar Wildcat Facts:

Favorite Movies: When Harry Met Sally, Almost Famous Favorite Book: The Hobbit Favorite Food: Strawberries Personal Motto: All good things are wild and free. Interests/Hobbies: Photography, arts and crafts


Wildcat Gymnastics

Broccoli Wildcat Facts:

Favorite Movies: Step Up, The Lying Game Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy Favorite Foods: Avocados, dark chocolate Personal Motto: Work hard, play hard!

cassy izzo Freshman

Hometown: Cranston, R.I. High School: Wheeler Club: RISE Gymnastics Birthday: October 18, 1993 Major: Biology Family: Rocco and Susan Izzo, sister Erica, brothers Ryan, Michael

Before UNH: Coached by Hana Ricna-Jessen, Vladimir Mureso and Vasili Vinogradov at RISE Gymnastics in Coventry, R.I. 2012 Level 10 Regionals – 5th beam 2011 Missed season due to injury 2009 Level 9 States- 1st Beam

Izzo Wildcat Facts:

Favorite Book: The Sound and the Fury Favorite TV Show: Dance Moms Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids Interests/Hobbies: Dancing Favorite Food: Watermelon


Hometown: Mogadore, Ohio High School: Mogadore Club: Gymnastics World Birthday: March 2, 1994 Major: Undeclared Family: Brian and Angela Brodie, brother Ryan

Before UNH: Coached by Ron Ganim at Gymnastics World 2012 Level 10 National Competitor Level 10 Regionals - 2nd Floor Level 10 States - 3rd Vault, 1st Bars, 1st Floor, 2nd AA 2011 Level 10 Regionals - 2nd Floor Level 10 States - 3rd Beam, 4th AA 2010 Level 10 NIT - 5th Beam, 2nd Floor, 5th AA Level 10 Regionals - 5th Beam Level 10 States - 1st Bars, 4th Beam, 2nd Floor, 1st AA

Brodie Wildcat Facts:

Favorite Movie: Fame Favorite Book: The Last Lecture Favorite Food: Italian Favorite Quote: With God, all things are possible. Interests/Hobbies: Shopping, going to the beach

brittany prestia Freshman

Hometown: Harleysville, Pa. High School: North Penn Club: Silvia’s Gymnastics Birthday: May 9, 1994 Major: Undeclared HHS Favorite Event: Beam Family: Gary and Laurie Prestia, twin sister Brooke, brother Brett Before UNH: Coached by Maia and Zarko Mitova at Silvia’s Gymnastics 2012 Level 10 National Qualifier: Alternate Beam Level 10 Regionals - 2nd Beam, 4th Floor Level 10 States - 3rd Beam 2011 Level 10 Regionals - 4th Beam 2010 Level 10 Regionals - 5th Beam Level 10 States - 1st Beam 2009 Level 9 Nationals - 7th Floor Level 9 Regionals - 2nd Vault, 5th Bars, 1st Beam, 2nd Floor, 1st AA Level 9 States - 3rd Vault, 6th Bars, 5th Beam, 3rd Floor, 1st AA

Prestia Wildcat Facts:

Favorite Movie/TV Shows: Billy Madison/Gossip Girl Desperate Housewives Favorite Foods: Pizza, chocolate chip cookies, Hershey kisses Interests/Hobbies: Traveling, drawing, photography

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide

alexa profit

elissa solomon Freshman


Profit Wildcat Facts:

Favorite Movie: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Favorite TV Show: Big Brother Favorite Foods: Steak and mashed potatoes Favorite Book: The Last Song Interests/Hobbies: Shopping, spending time with family

Elissa Solomon

Catarina Broccoli


Hometown: Ridgefield, Conn. High School: Ridgefield Club: Arena Gymnastics Birthday: November 15, 1993 Major: Kinesiology: Exercise Science Family: Richard and Mindy Solomon, sister Jenn

Hometown: St. James, N.Y. High School: Smithtown East Club: GMGC Rocky Point Birthday: October 28, 1993 Major: Recreation Management Favorite Event: Vault Family: Ricky and Barbara Profit, sister Victoria, brother Conrad

Before UNH: Coached by Matt Towers and Kristen Rubino at GMGC Rocky Point 2012 Level 10 Regional Competitor 2011 Level 10 Regionals - 4th Vault, 6th Beam 2010 Level 10 Regional Competitor 2009 Level 9 Eastern National Competitor Level 9 Regionals - 2nd Vault, 3rd Beam, 1st Floor, 3rd AA Level 9 States - 2nd Vault, 2nd Floor, 6th AA 2007 Level 9 Eastern National Competitor

courtney thompson Hometown: Chester, N.H. High School: Pinkerton Acad. Club: Gymnastics Village Birthday: July 21, 1994 Major: Undeclared HHS Favorite Events: Vault, Beam Family: Douglas and Nora Thompson,brother Nathan

Before UNH: Coached by Laurie and Frank DeFrancesco at Arena Gymnastics 2010 Level 10 Regional Competitor Level 10 State Beam Champion 2009 Level 10 Regional Competitor Level 10 State Beam & Floor Champion Level 10 States - 2nd AA 2008 Level 10 Regional Competitor 2007 Level 9 Eastern Nationals - 3rd Beam Level 9 State Beam, Floor, AA Champion

Thompson Wildcat Facts:

Solomon Wildcat Facts:

Favorite Movie: Toy Story Favorite TV Show: Vampire Diaries Favorite Food: Yogurt Interest/Hobbies: Riding my horses, running, anything outside!

Favorite Movie: Love and Other Drugs Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy Favorite Food: Kiwi Personal Motto: Don’t always let your dreams be your dreams.

Cassy Izzo

Lauren Brodie

Kelsey Aucoin

Before UNH: Coached by Juston Ziegler and Lisa Lazarou at Gymnastics Village 2012 Level 10 Regional Competitor Level 10 States - 1st Beam H.S. Nationals - 5th Beam, 4th AA H.S. Regionals - 3rd Bars, 5th Beam, 4th AA H.S. States - 1st Vault, 3rd Bars, 2nd Beam, 3rd Floor, 3rd AA 2011 Level 10 National Competitor Level 10 Regionals - 4th Beam, 6th Bars, 6th AA Level 10 States - 3rd Bars, 2nd Beam, 4th Floor H.S. Regionals - 4th Beam H.S. States - 1st Beam, 2nd Bars, 3rd AA

Alexa Profit

Rebekah Bubnar

Courtney Thompson

Brittany Prestia

Wildcat Gymnastics



Opponents & NCAA Qualifications 2013 UNH GYMNASTICS OPPONENTS

UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Head Coach: Doug Day Conference: MPSF SID: Valerie Perkin (719) 333-8286/

NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY Head Coach: Mark Stevenson Conference: EAGL SID: Justin Wilson (919) 515-2102/

BROWN UNIVERSITY Head Coach: Sara Carver-Milne Conference: ECAC D-I, Ivy League SID: Lyndsey Maurer (401) 863-7014/

KENT STATE UNIVERSITY Head Coach: Brice Biggin Conference: MAC SID: Sheila Blackman (330) 672-8420/ LINDENWOOD UNIVERSITY Head Coach: Gretchen Goerlitz Conference: MIC SID: Daniel Newton (636) 949-4368/

CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Head Coach: Jerry Reighard Conference: MAC SID: John Regenfuss (989) 774-3277/

UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND Head Coach: Brett Nelligan Conference: EAGL SID: Matt Bertram (301) 314-8093/

PENN STATE UNIVERSITY Head Coach: Jeff Thompson Conference: Big Ten SID: Greg Kincaid (814) 865-1757/

CORNELL UNIVERSITY Head Coach: Paul Beckwith Conference: ECAC D1, Ivy League SID: Jeremy Hartigan (607) 255-9788/

UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Head Coach: Bev Plocki Conference: Big 10 SID: Brad Rudner (734) 647-4237/

UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH Head Coach: Debbie Yohman Conference: EAGL SID: Mendy Nestor (412) 648-8240/

GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY Head Coach: Margie Foster-Cunningham Conference: EAGL SID: Dan DiVeglio (202) 994-0339/

UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Head Coach: Derek Galvin Conference: EAGL SID: Kevin Best (919) 962-8916/

RUTGERS UNIVERSITY Head Coach: Louis Levine Conference: EAGL SID: Trey Miller (732) 445-4200/

The NCAA Regional Map

April 6, 2013

UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Head Coach: John Ceralde Conference: ECAC D-1 SID: Alex Falk (215) 898-6128/

NCAA REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Tuscaloosa Regional - U. of Alabama Norman Regional - U. of Olahoma Corvallis Regional - Oregon State U. Columbus Regional - Ohio State U. Gainesville Regional - U. of Florida Morgantown Regional - West Virginia U.

April 19-21, 2013 NCAA CHAMPIONSHIPS

Pauley Pavilion Los Angeles, Calif. Host: UCLA

Regionals: The top 36 teams based on the Regional Qualifying Score (RQS) will be selected for the regional championships. A regional meet - consisting of six teams and five all-around competitors (who are not already on one of the six qualifying teams) and one individual specialist per event (who has a minimum RQS of 9.4) - is conducted in each of the six regions to determine the national championship participants. To obtain the RQS, each team selects its top six team scores with at least three of those scores from away meets, tossing out the highest score and averaging the remaining five. The top-18 teams are seeded on a national basis, based on their respective RQS. Teams seeded 19-36 are organized into three pods (19-24, 25-30 and 31-36) and placed geographically at one of the six regional sites, beginning with teams 19-24 followed by teams 25-30 and then finally teams 31-36. All-around competitors and event specialists are assigned to their respective geographic region or the designated site for their region. Attention also will be given to conference rematches and/or rankings. Nationals: The national championship consists of 12 teams and 12 all-around competitors. The top two teams and the top two all-around winners from each regional meet will receive an automatic berth to the national championships. In addition, each event winner may advance to the national championship (in that event only) if she is not already part of an advancing team or an all-around qualifier. Division I Northeast Region: Brown, Cornell, Michigan, UNH, Pennsylvania, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Temple, Yale

SOUTHEAST MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY Head Coach: Kristi Ewasko Conference: MIC SID: Patrick Clark (573) 651-2937/ TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Head Coach: Aaron Murphy Conference: Atlantic 10 SID: Steve Helm (215) 204-7446/ TOWSON UNIVERSITY Head Coach: Vicki Chliszczyk Conference: EAGL SID: Dan O’Connell (410) 704-3102/ WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY Head Coach: Jason Butts Conference: Big 12 SID: Shannon McNamara (304) 293-2821/ YALE UNIVERSITY Head Coach: Barbara Tonry Conference: ECAC D-I, Ivy League SID: Lyon Van Voorhis (203) 432-1456/

UNH marches into ‘12 NCAA Regionls at Arkansas


Wildcat Gymnastics

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide

Outlook 2013

Front row (L to R): Kayla Gray, Erika Rudiger, Jannelle Minichiello, Hannah Barile, Becca Marrama, Austyn Fobes, Jen Aucoin (co-captain), Courtney Connors (co-captain), Erin Machado, Jillian Hudson, Adrienne Hill, Alie Davis Second row (L to R): Lauren Brodie, Catarina Broccoli, Elissa Solomon, Brittany Prestia, Rebekah Bubnar, Alexa Profit, Courtney Thompson, Cassy Izzo, Kelsey Aucoin Head Coach: Gail Goodspeed (Springfield ‘74 - B.S., ‘75 - M.S., Boston University ‘84 - Ed.D.) Associate Head Coach: Ed Datti (Springfield ‘71 - B.S.) Assistant Coach: Jess Kelley (California, Berkeley ‘09 -B.A.) Athletic Trainer: Dan Sedory (Pittsburgh ‘82 - B.S., Arizona ‘84 - M.S.)

Wildcat Gymnastics



2012 Review/2013 Preview

The 2012 UNH gymnastics team earned the 30th NCAA Regional appearance in the last 31 years and the 32nd overall postseason berth in head coach Gail Goodspeed’s 33 years at the University. The Wildcats, who finished the year ranked 31st nationally, scored a 195.225 at the EAGL Championship, eclipsing their team score from the ’11 EAGLs (when UNH finished second). UNH registered a 14-10 record, highlighted by an upset victory over No. 23 West Virginia and a season-high 195.800 at the UNH Invitational, which equaled the ninth-highest team score ever recorded by the ‘Cats. The squad capped the season by competing at the Fayetteville Regional, hosted by the University of Arkansas. Senior Ali Carr was feted as the team MVP following a season in which she earned a place on the All-EAGL Second Team on vault and balance beam and garnered EAGL All-Tournament Second-Team honors on vault and uneven bars. The Chelmsford, Mass., native sported the Wildcats’ top vault mark in 11 of 13 meets, highlighted by first-place scores in four straight meets from Jan. 1-Feb. 10. Her season-high vault tally was a 9.875 against Pittsburgh on Jan. 21. Carr’s top bar mark of the season was a 9.900 against West Virginia on Feb. 25, and she tied for first place in bars against Pitt. The senior’s beam accolades included a pair of first-place finishes, the squad’s high mark in four meets and a personal-best 9.900 against WVU that resulted in her being named the EAGL Gymnast of the Week on Feb. 28. Senior Danielle Reibold, a biomedical science major, garnered recognition for her superb classroom merit by becoming the first Wildcat to ever be named the EAGL Scholar-Athlete of the Year. The four-time EAGL All-Academic Team member and four-time NACGC/W Scholastic All-American was the first ‘Cat gymnast to be commended as a league’s top scholar-athlete since Nicole Mullins won the ECAC Academic Gymnast of the Year award in 1993. The Horsham, Pa., native boasted a team-leading 3.82 cumulative grade point average, including a perfect 4.0 GPA during the fall semester, and she was on the Dean’s List each of her semesters as a UNH student-athlete. Reibold was feted as an All-EAGL First Team gymnast on bars for the third consecutive year, and she tallied All-Tournament


Wildcat Gymnastics

First Team on bars and Second Team on beam. The senior recorded a season-high 9.875 on bars in a first-place effort in the Penn quad-meet Feb. 10. She tacked on first-place bar scores in three additional meets. Junior Austyn Fobes was tabbed to the All-EAGL First Team on bars one year after earning Second Team honors in that event. The junior was EAGL’s fourth-ranked bar performer with a seasonhigh 9.925, which she scored in the upset win over the Mountaineers. After missing the first two meets of the season with a wrist injury, Fobes rebounded to gain at least a share of UNH’s top bar score in seven of the last 10 meets, including four first-place performances. The Howell, N.J., native registered a personal-best 9.900 on floor exercise at the EAGLs to lead the team to a season-high 49.175 floor score and a berth on the All-Tournament First Team. Fobes also tallied a place on the All-Tournament Second Team in all-around in her first AA performance of the season. Freshman Kayla Gray burst upon the scene by claiming a spot on the All-EAGL First Team on beam followed by a second-place finish in that event at EAGLs to land a spot on the All-Tournament First Team. Gray also notched All-Tournament Second Team on floor. The freshman posted EAGL’s No. 6 beam ranking during her rookie campaign with a career-high 9.900 during a quad-meet at Pennsylvania (Feb. 10) to win the EAGL Rookie of the Week award before equaling the mark at the UNH Invitational tri-meet (March 3). Gray was the Wildcats’ top scorer on beam six times and registered at least a share of first place in four meets. Sophomore Jillian Hudson, an All-EAGL Second Team vault competitor, collected the first all-league award of her career after notching the team’s top vault score in three meets, highlighted by a personal-best 9.850 against No. 17 Arizona (March 11) in which she tied Carr for second place. Hannah Barile received the team’s Most Improved Award on the heels of a consistent sophomore season, in particular on floor exercise, where she thrice hit for a career-high 9.850 and established the team-high floor score four times, including two first-place results. Co-captain Courtney Connors was honored with the Most Inspirational Award. The junior rallied back from a mid-season injury that sidelined her for three meets to serve as an integral vault competitor over the final eight competitions and 10 of

13 overall. She closed out her season in fine form by sticking her landing for a season-high-matching 9.800 at the NCAA Fayetteville Regional on April 7. The Gatos Award was presented to senior Tasia Percevecz for her commitment to the University’s strength and conditioning program. Percevecz was part of the floor lineup for all 13 meets, scoring a personal-best 9.800 to go along with a season-high 9.700 mark on vault in a tri-meet victory against Yale and Brown on Feb. 4. Associate head coach Ed Datti and assistant coach Jess Kelley were recognized as the 2012 EAGL Assistant Coaches of the Year and the NCAA Northeast Regional Assistant Coaches of the Year. Senior associate athletic director for compliance/ senior woman administrator Michelle Bronner was the recipient of the Northeast Regional Administrator of the Year award. The Wildcat gymnasts were honored with a Public Recognition Award for demonstrating commitment to academic progress and retention of student-athletes by achieving a top NCAA Division I Academic Progress Rate (APR). The team recorded a perfect APR of 1,000. The score measures eligibility and retention each semester and provides a clear picture of the program’s academic culture. The Wildcats garnered the honor for the fourth consecutive year as one of only 16 D- I programs in the nation, one of only three New England schools (Brown, Yale) and one of only two EAGL programs (Rutgers) to be feted. Reibold headlined a list of seven Wildcats to earn NACGC/W Scholastic All-America accolades, as UNH ranked third among N.E. schools (Brown, Yale) with a cumulative team GPA of 3.2232. She was joined by Carr, Connors, Jen Aucoin, Hudson, Carly Stote and Gray. UNH placed an EAGL-leading 15 members and 79% of its roster on the EAGL All-Academic

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide Team. Four-time honoree Reibold was joined by threetime winners Carr, senior Kate McGeever and Connors. Aucoin, Jannelle Minichiello, Barile, Hudson, Dianna Kurowyckyj, Erin Machado and Stote each were named to the team for the second time in their careers. Percevecz joined freshmen Gray, Adrienne Hill and Erika Rudiger as first-time representatives. The 2013 team is ready to continue the proud tradition of UNH gymnastics and is on track to once again perform as one of the top teams in the Northeast. The top six gymnasts are strong on vault and bars; however more depth is needed on these two events. Expect beam and floor to be the strongest events with more options for possible competitors. Twelve gymnasts return from last year’s squad and nine freshmen joined them in late August. Seniors Aucoin and Connors will lead the team as co-captains. The beginning of the competitive season has four of the first five meets in the comfort of home in Lundholm Gym. The first two home meets feature EAGL rivals Rutgers and North Carolina State. Sunday, Jan. 6, is the opener with Rutgers at 1 p.m. and the Wildcats take on N.C. State on Friday, Jan. 18, at 7 p.m. A trip to Central Michigan is the only away meet of the first five and will be held in Mount Pleasant, Mich. on Friday, January 11, at 7 p.m. All three of these first meets will be highly competitive. The last weekend in January finds Temple and Brown in town on the 26th for a 4 p.m. meet. EAGL opponent George Washington and Ivy League foe Yale will conclude this run of home meets on Sunday, Feb. 3, at 1 p.m. The next three weekends find the ‘Cats on the road with EAGL opponents Maryland, Towson and a second meeting with N.C. State at Maryland on Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. This is followed by a long trip to Air Force Academy for a tri-meet that includes Lindenwood, a newly-added D-I program at 6 p.m. on Feb. 16. The three weekends of road trips conclude with a tough competition at West Virginia on Sunday, February 24, where Michigan and Towson will round out a quad-meet scheduled for 2 p.m. The squad will welcome a return to campus with the UNH Invitational where Towson, Yale and Brown will compete on Saturday, March 2, at 4 p.m. This will be Senior Day where the careers of Aucoin, Connors, Fobes and Becca Marrama as well as senior student manager Kurowyckyj will be celebrated. The rest of the season is on the road with Penn State on March 9 at 4 p.m. featuring the Nittany Lions, Temple and Pennsylvania. UNH will compete at Kent State on March 15 at 7 p.m. to end the regular season. The last time UNH traveled to Kent State was for an NCAA Regional Meet in 1995 when the Flashes were part of the Northeast Region. The Wildcats placed third in that Regional, just .025 points behind the hosts, who placed second. The EAGL Championship will be held at the University of North Carolina on March 23 at 2 p.m. West Virginia has moved on to the Big 12 Conference and Towson, an EAGL charter member, has accepted an invitation to return to the league for the first time since departing after the 2004 season. The NCAA Regional meets will be held on April 6 at Oklahoma, Oregon State, Florida, Ohio State, West Virginia and Alabama with the National Championship at UCLA from April 19-21.

2012 Season Highs & Results UNH Gymnastics 2012 Season-Highs Name

Vault Bars Beam Floor All-Around

JEN AUCOIN 9.825 9.700 HANNAH BARILE 9.750 ALI CARR 9.875 9.900 9.900 COURTNEY CONNORS 9.800 AUSTYN FOBES 9.750 9.925 9.850 KAYLA GRAY 9.900 ADRIENNE HILL 9.800 9.775 9.825 JILLIAN HUDSON 9.850 9.575 ERIN MACHADO KATE MCGEEVER JANNELLE MINICHIELLO 9.775 TASIA PERCEVECZ 9.700 DANIELLE REIBOLD 9.875 9.800 ERIKA RUDIGER 9.750 9.850 Team Totals 49.000 49.200 48.925

9.850 9.575 9.900 9.850


9.625 9.850 9.900 9.800 9.725 9.750 49.175 195.800

2012 UNH Gymnastics Results Date


UNH Score

Opponent Score

Jan. 7, 2012 Jan. 15, 2012 Jan. 21, 2012 Jan. 28, 2012

at Rutgers vs #13 Penn State vs Pittsburgh at Northern Illinois

191.050 194.250 194.150 193.200

189.575 196.125 193.725 191.875


Feb. 4, 2012 Feb. 10, 2012 Feb. 17, 2012 Feb. 25, 2012

vs Yale 195.475 vs Brown at Pennsylvania 195.250 w/Brockport w/Wilson at North Carolina State 193.900 #23 West Virginia 195.750

190.275 189.675 192.975 186.425 148.125 195.700 194.225


March 3, 2012 vs Maryland 195.800 194.875 vs Bridgeport 196.350 vs Brown 191.575 March 11, 2012 vs #17 Arizona 195.200 196.150 March 16, 2012 at #8 Oregon State 193.050 196.725 w/Seattle Pacific 191.000 March 24, 2012 EAGL Championship (at Pitt) 195.225 -6th place West Virginia 196.475 North Carolina State 196.000 Maryland 195.950 North Carolina 195.550 Pittsburgh 195.375 George Washington 194.050 Rutgers 193.850


Apr 7, 2012 NCAA Regionals (@ Arkansas) 193.900 6th Place UCLA 197.225 Arkansas 196.825 Boise State 196.050 Missouri 195.450 Maryland 194.400 2012 Record Final National Ranking



14-10 31st

Wildcat Gymnastics



Wildcats To Watch Vault

Uneven Bars

The 2013 vault squad will look very familiar with five of the top seven back in action. These five returning athletes all scored 9.75 or better last season. The squad is searching for depth from the other returning gymnasts and the newcomers.

The 2013 bar squad will have to make up for two top bar routines from last year, Ali Carr and Danielle Reibold. A combination of experienced athletes and some newcomers will have to step up to meet the challenge. Depth will be an issue, but there is great potential for an outstanding bar lineup again this year.

Austyn Fobes (pictured) has a dynamic and consistent Yurchenko full (round off onto the board, back handspring, back layout full). Once again she will be an anchor for vaulting. SV=10.0

Fobes has proven to be one of the top competitors in the nation on this event (PB of 9.95) and will once again be a dynamic force. She competes a high-flying Tkachev, Pak salto and competed a double layout dismount last season. She is working on adding a full twist to the dismount. Austyn has shown she can do this routine with perfect execution.

Jillian Hudson stepped up in 2012 to compete as one of the top UNH vaulters. She should once again be a solid contributor and is working to stick her Yurchenko full. SV=10.0 Hannah Barile competes a piked Quervo (front handspring, half twist back pike salto off ). This unique vault is more difficult than it is given credit for in the judging system. Hannah is working to perfect this vault and fall training has her as one of the most consistent vaulters this season. SV=10.0 Cour tney Connors showed great consistency last year and will once again be counted on for her Yurchenko full. She needs to stick her vault to contribute all she can on this event. SV=10.0 Erika Rudiger competed a Yurchenko half and a Yurchenko full last season. She focused on the full this summer and fall with great success. Erika should step in as a key vaulter for the 2013 season. SV=10.0 The sixth spot in the lineup is up for grabs! Lauren Brodie is a newcomer who competed a Yurchenko full in the Junior Olympic program and is just returning from a sprained ankle. She should see action as the season progresses. Elissa Solomon is also a freshman who should contribute on the event as she is capable of performing a Yurchenko half. Alexa Profit competed a Yurchenko half and is working to solidify this vault as the collegiate program is only given one opportunity to hit a vault. Catarina Broccoli, Jannelle Minichiello and Rebekah Bubnar are all training 10.0 vaults. Any one of them could be ready as the season progresses.


Returnees: Jen Aucoin, Hannah Barile, Courtney Connors, Alie Davis, Austyn Fobes, Kayla Gray, Adrienne Hill, Jillian Hudson, Erin Machado, Becca Marrama, Jannelle Minichiello, Erika Rudiger Newcomers: Kelsey Aucoin, Lauren Brodie, Rebekah Bubnar, Catarina Broccoli, Cassy Izzo, Brittany Prestia, Alexa Profit, Elissa Solomon, Courtney Thompson

Wildcat Gymnastics

Jen Aucoin (pictured) returns to this event having scored extremely well for the Wildcats all last year. She swings a dynamic, clean routine that the judges love, and she should be a solid competitor again this year. She does a unique free hip circle hop hand change to an immediate straddle back handstand which is loaded with judging bonus points. Rudiger has speed, power and a tenacity to be solid this year. She can be an outstanding uneven bar competitor and should compete a dynamic routine including a Jaeger and an upgraded dismount series which includes a full twisting giant and a solid full twisting double back. Kayla Gray has the potential to be great on this event. She has beautiful lines and swings skills that are flawless. She has missed some training time this fall, but should be ready to go. Some of her highlights include a toe shoot half immediate Jaeger and a beautiful stalder immediate toe front half dismount. Barile is very close to adding a high flying Geinger to her already solid bar routine. Like Aucoin she does a unique combination with a hop change to straddle back handstand and a great double lay out dismount. If she can combine that with the Geinger she will excel on bars and be a welcome addition to the lineup. Brodie has experience on this event and can perform a solid routine with a Jaeger, blind change to pike back handstand and a double lay out dismount. She has the ability to step into the lineup and make a big contribution on bars. Broccoli has the routine that can score extremely well for the‘Cats. She has excellent form and execution on her blind half to Jaeger and is upgrading her dismount to a double layout. If she can become consistent in the gym she will add to the team’s depth. Hudson, Minichiello and Alie Davis have made major improvements on this event and all have routines to watch. Jillian can put together a series of skills that receive the bonus needed to compete on this event. Jannelle has upgraded her dismount series to a giant full to blind change to double front dismount. Alie and Jannelle perform nice Pak saltos that give them the high level release required. Bubnar, Cassy Izzo, Cour tney Thompson and Solomon all have the ability to work their way into the lineup. Each of these athletes needs to make steps towards improving a skill or cleaning up execution to contend for a spot. All of them have the dedication and drive to make that happen.

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide

Wildcats To Watch Balance Beam

Floor Exercise

Danielle Reibold and Ali Carr were also the anchors in the 2012 beam lineup and will be missed, but beam continues to be a strength for UNH with more depth than the other events; deciding who competes will be a nice problem to have. Kayla Gray performs one of the most impressive beam routines in the country and is joined by Elissa Solomon to anchor the team with two underclassmen.

New choreography and solid tumbling should make floor exercise one of the best events. Assistant coach Jess Kelley has done much of the choreography and the routines fit the style and abilities of each gymnast. Four of the top returnees have scored 9.85 and 9.9 to make this a stellar event.

beam routine with a great switch leap to gainer layout combination and solid tumbling and dance. She has lost some training time this fall but should be back into action quickly. Elissa performs with great rhythm and confidence and the ‘Cats will be counting on her to be consistent on her best event.

Rudiger also trained hard in the off-season to accomplish her goals. Her new music and choreography fit her perfectly and show off her power. She will open the season with a double pike, front layout-front full and a double tuck. Her double layout should be ready this year if she can harness her power and land with precision.

Fobes has tumbling and dance to entertain any audience. Her most likely tumbling passes will include a front 2/1 full-punch front, Rudi Gray met and exceeded expectations as a freshman and scored a personal best and double pike. She also trains a full-in and a front layout-front full. of 9.9 both home and away. She has a unique routine and has an artistry and style Austyn’s dance is clean and her performance style is strong. that will catch everyone’s eye. Barile is coming into her own this year with strong off-season training. Judges never have to deterShe will start the year opening with a great double pike and should mine if a skill or combination be able to compete a full in for a first pass as the season progresses. is performed well enough Hannah is solid with a front full-front layout in the middle and a double to receive credit as Kayla back to finish. She is in great shape and has an upbeat routine that performs every skill to peris fun to watch. fection. Her “Popa” (straddle jump with a full turn) is textGray has a new routine that emphasizes her beautiful dance and book as are all of her other exquisite style as she begins the set with a perfect Popa to tuck jump dance combinations. 1 ½ . She has had limited training time this fall due to minor injuries but will be ready to impress this season. Solomon adds another solid

Machado (pictured) has shown that she can contribute the big numbers on floor. She has worked hard to perfect all of her skills and can consistently land her tumbling passes without deduction. Erin competes a double pike, a front full-front layout and finishes Minichiello (pictured) has been first up on beam the past two years and with a Rudi. proved she can handle the pressure and bring a solid performance. She has Minichiello has not a personal best of 9.775 and can improve upon this if she can add her triple yet shown the UNH flight of back handspring-layout-layout. This must be solid in practice to take fans all she is capable the risk in competition. of on floor. Jannelle has the ability to do Broccoli is one of the newcomers who shows signs of being one of the best for a double Arabian for the ‘Cats on beam. She is extremely clean and has a nice routine with unique a first pass, whip ½ combinations of dance and tumbling. These include a front aerial to straddle - front layout in the jump and a split jump back pike. middle and finish her routine with a strong Jen Aucoin is very consistent on beam with a nice gainer layout and a solid double back . She back handspring-layout. She performs with a quick rhythm and finishes solid maintains a natural with a gainer full. smile throughout her routine that makes Fobes is solidifying a nice beam routine. Her flight has changed to a back her a joy to watch. handspring-back tuck and her side somi is impressive. She incorporates a nice split jump full and a wolf jump to tuck full to take this routine to a 10.0 start value. Brodie is great on floor and was second in a strong Junior Olympic Region V Level 10 meet in both 2011 and 2012. As Lauren gets back Brittany Prestia is another newcomer who could crack the beam lineup. She to full training following an early season ankle sprain, she will comcompetes a front-aerial to immediate back handspring-layout that is impressive. pete a double pike, whip ½ - front full and finish with a double tuck. She also has a nice side aerial and finishes with a round off back layout 1 ½ twist. Connors also entertains with a great smile and has a new routine Izzo has great potential on all four events with beam as her best. If she can be- that will open with a Rudi-layout, return with a double back and finish come more consistent she has the ability to compete a round off layout mount, with a Rudi. Her choreography fits every part of her music and could be a “fan favorite” this season. perform a solid back handspring-layout and perform with great execution. Barile, Rudiger, Davis and Erin Machado can all make an impact to make this Hudson and Becca Marrama can be solid on floor. Davis could be outstanding if she can solidify her tumbling and newcomers Broccoli, one of the most highly contested events. Solomon, Prestia, Bubnar and Izzo all have the ability to challenge for a spot in the lineup to add great depth.

Wildcat Gymnastics



EAGL 2013 EAGL Championship Saturday, March 23, 2 p.m.

At North Carolina’s Carmichael Arena (Chapel Hill, N.C.) What does “EAGL” stand for? Coaches from four different conferences joined together 17 years ago to form the “East Atlantic Gymnastics League” to provide top caliber competition for some strong women’s gymnastics teams. Teams from the America East (UNH), Big East (Pittsburgh, Rutgers and West Virginia), Atlantic Coast Conference (North Carolina, North Carolina State and Maryland) and Colonial Athletic Association (Towson) initiated one of the strongest postseason meets in the country. George Washington University, an Atlantic 10 team, replaced Towson in 2005, but the Tigers return in 2013 to replace Big 12-bound West Virginia . Every team in the league has improved and added top recruits so the ‘13 championship should be extremely competitive and exciting.


2012 EAGL Championship 1. West Virginia 196.475 2. North Carolina State 196.000 3. Maryland 195.950 4. North Carolina 195.550 5. Pittsburgh 195.375 6. New Hampshire 195.225 7. George Washington 194.050 8. Rutgers 193.850

2006 EAGL Championship 1. North Carolina 2. North Carolina State 3. West Virginia 4. New Hampshire 5. Maryland 6. George Washington 7. Rutgers 8. Pittsburgh

195.325 195.075 194.900 194.450 194.175 193.775 191.425 190.225

2011 EAGL Championship 1. North Carolina 195.300 2. New Hampshire 195.175 3. Maryland 195.025 4. West Virginia 193.725 5. Rutgers 193.625 6. North Carolina State 193.450 7. Pittsburgh 192.875 8. George Washington 192.575

2005 EAGL Championship 1. North Carolina 2T. Maryland 2T. West Virginia 4. North Carolina State 5. George Washington 6. New Hampshire 7. Rutgers 8. Pittsburgh

195.975 195.200 195.200 194.975 194.200 193.250 192.625 191.100

2010 EAGL Championship 1. North Carolina 196.025 2. North Carolina State 195.700 3. West Virginia 195.075 4. New Hampshire 194.700 5. Pittsburgh 194.400 6. Maryland 194.200 7. George Washington 193.575 8. Rutgers 187.650

2004 EAGL Championship 1. West Virginia 2. North Carolina 3. North Carolina State 4. Pittsburgh 5. Maryland 6. New Hampshire 7. Towson 8. Rutgers

197.050 196.725 196.600 196.050 196.025 195.950 194.650 192.475

2009 EAGL Championship 1. North Carolina State 195.700 2. West Virginia 195.500 3. North Carolina 194.825 4. Pittsburgh 194.675 5. New Hampshire 194.650 6. Maryland 194.525 7. George Washington 193.050 8. Rutgers 189.125

2003 EAGL Championship 1. New Hampshire 2. North Carolina State 3. North Carolina T-4. Towson T-4. Maryland 6. West Virginia 7. Pittsburgh 8. Rutgers

196.750 196.675 196.025 195.775 195.775 195.650 193.975 193.025

2008 EAGL Championship 1. West Virginia 196.050 2. North Carolina State 195.475 3. New Hampshire 194.550 4. North Carolina 193.950 5. Maryland 193.375 6. Pittsburgh 193.175 7. George Washington 192.975 8. Rutgers 189.025

2002 EAGL Championship 1. North Carolina 2. West Virginia 3. Maryland 4. North Carolina State 5. New Hampshire 6. Pittsburgh 7. Rutgers 8. Towson

196.425 196.025 194.825 194.725 194.375 194.275 192.700 192.350

2007 EAGL Championship 1. North Carolina State 195.475 2. West Virginia 195.300 3. North Carolina 194.925 4. Pittsburgh 194.150 5. George Washington 192.775 6. Rutgers 192.600 7. New Hampshire 191.525 8. Maryland 191.175

2001 EAGL Championship 1. West Virginia 2. Maryland 3. Towson 4. New Hampshire 5. North Carolina 6. North Carolina State 7. Rutgers 8. Pittsburgh

196.375 195.875 194.600 194.375 193.325 193.275 191.825 191.025

Wildcat Gymnastics

2000 EAGL Championship 1. North Carolina State 196.000 2. Pittsburgh 195.275 3. Maryland 195.050 4. Towson 195.025 5. West Virginia 194.700 6. New Hampshire 194.550 7. North Carolina 194.475 8. Rutgers 191.625 1999 EAGL Championship 1. North Carolina State 196.050 2. Maryland 195.475 3. New Hampshire 194.800 4. North Carolina 194.675 5. Towson 194.325 6. West Virginia 194.100 7. Pittsburgh 192.850 8. Rutgers 192.375 1998 EAGL Championship 1. West Virginia 195.500 2. New Hampshire 193.850 3. North Carolina State 193.825 4. Maryland 192.675 5. Towson 192.450 6. Pittsburgh 192.225 7. North Carolina 190.975 8. Rutgers 190.875 1997 EAGL Championship 1. West Virginia 196.000 2. North Carolina State 195.100 3. New Hampshire 193.100 4. Pittsburgh 192.850 5. North Carolina 192.325 6. Towson 192.100 7. Maryland 191.775 8. Rutgers 190.050 1996 EAGL Championship 1. West Virginia 194.600 2. Towson 193.725 3. North Carolina State 192.300 4. Maryland 192.250 5. New Hampshire 191.700 6. North Carolina 189.300 7. Pittsburgh 189.150 8. Rutgers 188.000

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide TRADITION ~ PRIDE ~ EXCELENCE

History & Records 2013

Wildcat Gymnastics

Wildcat Gymnastics



UNH Record Book

Top Wildcat Team Scores

Rank Score 1. 196.750 2. 196.675 3. 196.450 4. 196.375 5. 196.225 6. 195.950 7. 195.900 8. 195.825 T-9. 195.800 T-9. 195.800 10. 195.750

Year Opponent 2003 EAGL Championship 2003 Towson 2004 NC State, Yale 2004 Penn State 2009 North Carolina 2004 EAGL Championship 2003 NC State 1997 Central Michigan Amanda Hall ‘06 - Top AA, Floor 2003 Bridgeport 2012 Md., Bridgeport, Brown 2012 West Virginia

Wildcat Top Individual Scorers

All Time Top Event Scores Event

Score Year


49.475 2003

Uneven Bars



Balance Beam



Floor Exercise


2001, 2004

Lori Brady ’92 - Top Vault

Tara Phillips ’05 - Top Vault

Amanda Hall ‘06

1,000 Career Point Club*

Amanda Hall - ’06 Jennifer Dickson -’04 Michelle Harley -’03 Nicole Mullins -’94 Vanessa James -’05 Karen Olsson -’94 Chelsea Steinberg -’11 Denise Gregorio -’99 Cara Lepper -’00 Justine Turner - ‘09 Suzanne Poretz -’01 Helena Diodati -’10 Amy Ehle -’95 Mariana Peña Trestini- ‘06 Rose Kosowski -’01 Jana Reardon -’97 Jill Cavalieri -’99 Wendy Wheaton -’01 Amy Roberts -’98 Meghan Ochs -’97 Rebekah Porter - ‘08 Taryn LaFountain -’10 Jen Symecko -’98 Bethany Wagner -’02

2066.600 1812.975 1731.175 Mariana Peña Trestini ’06 1701.450 Top Bars, Floor 1605.750 1575.500 1531.200 1497.525 1354.550 1248.450 1234.525 1222.375 1213.800 1212.700 Cara Lepper ‘00 - Top Beam Karen Olsson ‘94 - Top Bars 1207.050 1184.825 1167.100 1127.525 1090.575 1088.975 1040.850 1015.500 1011.150 1009.700

* records since 1991 - special thanks to Larry Amelkovich for all his work on records & statistics.

28 28

Wildcat Gymnastics

Ali Carr ‘12 - Top Bars

Rk. All-Around 1. Amanda Hall 2. Amanda Hall Amanda Hall 4. Jen Dickson Amanda Hall Jen Dickson Amanda Hall Amanda Hall 9. Cara Lepper Jen Dickson Amanda Hall

Score 39.475 39.450 39.450 39.425 39.425 39.425 39.425 39.425 39.400 39.400 39.400

Date 3/06/04 3/08/03 1/31/04 2/22/03 3/01/03 3/08/03 2/21/03 1/22/05 3/20/99 3/01/03 3/20/04

Rk. Vault 1. Lori Brady Tara Phillips 3. Lori Brady Lori Brady Meghan Ochs Amanda Hall Tara Phillips 8. Amanda Hall Amanda Hall Amanda Hall Amanda Hall Helena Diodati

Score 10.000 10.000 9.950 9.950 9.950 9.950 9.950 9.925 9.925 9.925 9.925 9.925

Date 1/18/92 3/29/03 2/22/91 3/28/92 3/24/95 3/14/03 3/14/03 3/22/03 3/29/03 3/08/06 3/17/06 1/3/09

Rk. Bars 1. Karen Olsson Mariana Peña Trestini Ali Carr Austyn Fobes 5. Cara Lepper Rose Kosowski Helena Diodati Austyn Fobes 8. Cara Lepper (six) Crystal Beak (twice) Jen Dickson (twice) Nicole Mullins Anne Woynerowski Wendy Wheaton Mariana Peña Trestini Helena Diodati Rebekah Porter Diane Grey Ali Carr Austyn Fobes

Score Date 9.950 3/15/93 9.950 2/27/04 9.950 2/12/10 9.950 3/7/11 9.925 2/12/99 9.925 2/04/01 9.925 2/12/10 9.925 2/25/12 9.900 9.900 9.900 9.900 3/15/93 9.900 3/12/98 9.900 3/23/01 9.900 3/4/06 9.900 2/17/07 9.900 3/22/08 9.900 2/14/09 9.900 2/28/09 9.900 3/3/12

Rk. Beam Score 1. Cara Lepper 10.000 2. Cara Lepper 9.975 3. Cara Lepper 9.950 Cara Leppper 9.950 5. Cara Lepper 9.925 Michelle Harley 9.925 Jayne Propert 9.925 Mariana Peña Trestini 9.925 Keeley Smith 9.925 10. Crystal Beak 9.900 Vanessa Berrios 9.900 Beth Bronson 9.900 Jen Dickson 9.900 Michelle Harley (three) 9.900 Taryn LaFountain (three) 9.900 Cara Lepper (eight) 9.900 Mariana Peña Trestini (four) 9.900 Jayne Propert (two) 9.900 Kayla Gray 9.900

Rk. Floor Score 1. Amanda Hall 9.975 Amanda Hall 9.975 Mariana Peña Trestini 9.975 4. Amanda Hall 9.950 Amanda Hall 9.950 6. Jen Dickson 9.925 Amanda Hall (twice) 9.925 Vanessa James 9.925 Rose Kosowski (twice) 9.925 Taryn LaFountain 9.925 Cara Lepper 9.925 Heaher Moore 9.925 Austyn Fobes ‘13 - Top Bars Mariana Peña Trestini (three) 9.925 Katie Revis 9.925 Amy Roberts 9.925 Julie Sauchuk 9.925 Wendy Wheaton 9.925

Date 3/23/96 3/20/99 2/12/00 2/26/00 1/12/97 3/8/03 3/14/04 3/26/06 2/10/07 3/3/01 3/29/03 1/12/07 3/6/04

3/3/12 Date 1/22/05 2/19/05 2/19/05 3/14/04 3/20/04 3/1/03 2/27/04 1/17/10 3/17/97 3/20/04 2/16/02 3/17/97 2/12/10 2/23/01

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide

9.5 club

In memory of Mr. Robert Houston, Sr., the Wildcats #1 fan

Kelsey Alwin Taryn Archambault Betsy Anderson Jen Aucoin Lori Brady Katie Baldwin Hannah Barile Crystal Beak Lindsay Berrios Vanessa Berrios Beth Bronson Katie Caliendo Diane Carlin Ali Carr Jill Cavalieri Melissa César Courtney Connors Patty Converse Jan Dalziel Jaime deMello Jen Dickson Helena Diodati Amy Dowd Amy Ehle Stacey Evans Katy Fader Austyn Fobes Kayla Gray Mellory Giberson Alicia Gomes Kim Goulding Denise Gregorio Diane Grey Amanda Hall Michelle Harley Adrienne Hill Jillian Hudson Vanessa James Jennifer Jones Lisa Koning Rose Kosowski Lindsay Kovary Dianna Kurowyckyj Taryn LaFountain Katie Lawrence Cara Lepper Jen Liston Erin Machado Zoë Magiros Erin Malinak Kelly Marks Kate McGeever Brie McNamara Jannelle Minichiello Heather Moore Nicole Mullins Meghan Ochs Karen Olsson Laura Paredes Kendra Paquin Laurie Parlin Mariana Peña Trestini Tasia Percevecz Dina Peterson Tara Phillips Fairen Plummer Suzanne Poretz Jayne Propert Kim Purcaro Susie Quinlan Jana Reardon Danielle Reibold Katie Revis Amy Roberts Erika Rudiger Andie Sablosky Julie Sauchuk Katelyn Schenkel Keeley Smith Kim Smith Chelsea Steinberg Bethany Storck Jen Symecko Christa Tafaro Kathy Thickman Michelle Totz Justine Turner Kerry Ulrich Nikki Villella Bethany Wagner Wendy Wheaton Karen Wisell Anne Woynerowski

’10 ’11 ‘90 ‘13 ‘92 ‘00 ‘14 ‘04 ‘06 ‘05 ‘08 ’11 ‘85 ‘12 ‘99 ’09 ‘13 ‘89 ‘93 ‘07 ‘04 ’10 ‘92 ‘95 ‘96 ‘00 ‘13 ‘15 ‘04 ‘01 ‘93 ‘99 ’10 ‘06 ‘03 ‘15 ‘14 ‘05 ‘07 ‘00 ‘01 ’09 ‘13 ’10 ‘11 ‘99 ’10 ‘14 ’08 ‘03 ‘92 ‘12 ‘04 ‘14 ‘07 ‘94 ‘97 ‘94 ‘91 ’08 ‘99 ‘06 ‘12 ‘90 ‘05 ’08 ‘01 ‘05 ‘96 ‘91 ‘97 ‘12 ‘02 ‘98 ‘15 ’11 ‘10 ‘08 ’10 ‘94 ’11 ‘06 ‘98 ’08 ‘00 ‘05 ’09 ‘95 ‘97 ‘02 ‘01 ‘99 ‘99

wildcat honor roll NACGC/W SCHOLASTIC ALL-AMERICANS 1990 Diane Aubut, Susie Quinlan, Dina Peterson 1991 Dana Brodin, Nicole Mullins, Laura Paredes 1992 Nicole Mullins 1993 Nicole Mullins, Kim Goulding 1994 Nicole Mullins 1995 Kim Purcaro 1996 Kim Purcaro 1997 Katy Fader 1998 Jill Cavalieri, Katy Fader, Alicia Gomes, Laurie Parlin, Jen Symecko, Kathy Thickman 1999 Katie Baldwin, Jill Cavalieri, Katy Fader, Alicia Gomes, Lisa Koning, Cara Lepper, Laurie Parlin, Kathy Thickman, Karen Wisell 2000 Katie Baldwin, Katy Fader, Alicia Gomes, Michelle Harley, Kathy Thickman 2001 Alicia Gomes, Michelle Harley, Wendy Wheaton 2002 Michelle Harley 2003 Candice Carbone, Mellory Giberson, Michelle Harley, Bethany Storck 2004 Crystal Beak, Jen Dickson, Mellory Giberson, Amanda Hall, Heather Moore 2005 Vanessa Berrios, Amanda Hall, Rebekah Porter 2006 Amanda Hall, Lindsay Kovary, Rebekah Porter 2007 Kelsey Alwin, Beth Bronson, Helena Diodati, Lindsay Kovary, Rebekah Porter, Keeley Smith 2008 Kelsey Alwin, Beth Bronson, Katie Caliendo, Diane Grey, Lindsay Kovary, Fairen Plummer, Rebekah Porter, Keeley Smith, Chelsea Steinberg 2009 Kelsey Alwin, Katie Caliendo, Helena Diodati, Diane Grey, Lindsay Kovary, Taryn LaFountain, Katie Lawrence, Danielle Reibold, Janae Sernoffsky, Keeley Smith, Chelsea Steinberg 2010 Kelsey Alwin, Ali Carr, Katie Caliendo, Courtney Connors, Diane Grey, Taryn LaFountain, Katie Lawrence, Danielle Reibold, Andie Sablosky, Janae Sernoffsky, Keeley Smith, Chelsea Steinberg 2011 Katie Caliendo, Ali Carr, Courtney Connors, Dianna Kurowyckyj, Katie Lawrence, Kate McGeever, Danielle Reibold, Chelsea Steinberg, Carly Stote 2012 Jen Aucoin, Ali Carr, Courtney Connors, Kayla Gray, Jillian Hudson, Danielle Reibold, Carly Stote EAGL ALL-ACADEMIC TEAM 1996 Jill Cavalieri, Stacey Evans, Denise Gregorio, Laurie Parlin, Kim Purcaro, Amy Roberts, Jen Symecko, Alana Webb 1997 Jana Reardon, Amy Roberts, Jen Symecko, Jill Cavalieri, Denise Gregorio, Laurie Parlin, Alana Webb, Katy Fader, Kathy Thickman 1998 Jill Cavalieri, Katy Fader, Alicia Gomes, Denise Gregorio, Laurie Parlin, Suzanne Poretz, Amy Roberts, Jen Symecko, Kathy Thickman, Wendy Wheaton, Karen Wisell 1999 Katie Baldwin, Katy Fader, Alicia Gomes, Bethany Haynes, Lisa Koning, Cara Lepper, Katie Revis, Kathy Thickman, Wendy Wheaton 2000 Katie Baldwin, Katy Fader, Alicia Gomes, Kathy Thickman, Wendy Wheaton 2001 Crystal Beak, Jennifer Dickson, Sara Gurka, Michelle Harley, Erin Malinak, Suzanne Poretz 2002 Crystal Beak, Lindsay Berrios, Michelle Harley, Vanessa James, Jayne Propert, Bethany Wagner 2003 Crystal Beak, Candice Carbone, Jen Dickson, Mellory Giberson, Amanda Hall, Michelle Harley, Mariana Peña Trestini, Bethany Storck 2004 Crystal Beak, Lindsay Berrios, Jen Dickson, Mellory Giberson, Amanda Hall, Vanessa James, Brieyn McNamara, Heather Moore 2005 Vanessa Berrios, Jaime deMello, Amanda Hall, Vanessa James, Zoë Magiros, Heather Moore, Mariana Peña Trestini, Rebekah Porter 2006 Amanda Hall, Lindsay Kovary, Zoë Magiros, Heather Moore, Rebekah Porter 2007 Kelsey Alwin, Beth Bronson, Helena Diodati, Diane Grey, Jennifer Jones, Lindsay Kovary, Heather Moore, Rebekah Porter, Keeley Smith 2008 Kelsey Alwin, Beth Bronson, Katie Caliendo, Helena Diodati, Annalea Fink, Diane Grey,Lindsay Kovary, Fairen Plummer, Rebekah Porter, Katelyn Schenkel, Janae Sernoffsky, Keeley Smith, Chelsea Steinberg 2009 Kelsey Alwin, Taryn Archambault, Katie Caliendo, Helena Diodati, Diane Grey, Lindsay Kovary, Taryn LaFountain, Katie Lawrence, Danielle Reibold, Andie Sablosky, Janae Sernoffsky, Keeley Smith,Chelsea Steinberg, Justine Turner 2010 Kelsey Alwin, Taryn Archambault, Katie Caliendo, Ali Carr, Courtney Connors, Helena Diodati, Diane Grey, Taryn LaFountain, Katie Lawrence, Kate McGeever, Danielle Reibold, Andie Sablosky, Janae Sernoffsky, Keeley Smith, Chelsea Steinberg 2011 Jen Aucoin, Hannah Barile, Danielle Bonner, Katie Caliendo, Ali Carr, Courtney Connors, Jillian Hudson, Dianna Kurowyckyj, Katie Lawrence, Erin Machado, Kate McGeever, Jannelle Minichiello, Danielle Reibold, Chelsea Steinberg, Carly Stote 2012 Jen Aucon, Hannah Barile, Ali Carr, Courtney Connors, Kayla Gray, Adrienne Hill, Jillian Hudson, Dianna Kurowyckyj, Erin Machado, Kate McGeever, Jannelle Minichiello, Tasia Percevecz, Danielle Reibold, Erika Rudiger,Carly Stote


WINTHROP C. AND CLARA DEAN SKOGLUND AWARD 1984 Toby Kapp 1989 Susie Quinlan 2000 Cara Lepper ALUMNI ASSOCIATION AWARD 1985 Laura Cavanaugh 1991 Susie Quinlan 1994 Nicole Mullins 2008 Rebekah Porter - Dean Williamson JANE BLALOCK ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AWARD 1988 Laura Paredes 1989 Lori Brady 1992 Kim Smith 1994 Jana Reardon 1996 Cara Lepper WILDCAT WINNERS CIRCLE SCHOLAR-ATHLETE AWARD 1986 Peggy Donovan 1987 Linda Glatte 1990 Susie Quinlan 1993 Nicole Mullins UNH WOMAN ATHLETE OF THE YEAR 1983 Laura Cavanaugh 1984 Diane Carlin 1985 Diane Carlin 1991 Lori Brady 1992 Lori Brady 1994 Karen Olsson JIM URQUHART STUDENT ATHLETE OF THE YEAR AWARD 2006 Amanda Hall UNH ACADEMIC ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENT RECIPIENTS 1993 Stacey Evans, Jane LaBombard, Nicole Mullins, Kim Purcaro 1994 Stacey Evans, Nicole Mullins, Kim Purcaro 1995 Stacey Evans, Cori McMenamin, Kim Purcaro 1996 Stacey Evans, Denise Gregorio, Laurie Parlin, Kim Purcaro, Amy Roberts 1997 Jill Cavalieri, Katy Fader, Kathy Thickman, Laurie Parlin, Amy Roberts 1998 Jill Cavalieri, Alicia Gomes, Katy Fader, Laurie Parlin, Amy Roberts, Jen Symecko, Kathy Thickman 1999 Katie Baldwin, Jill Cavalieri, Katy Fader, Alicia Gomes, Bethany Haynes, Laurie Parlin, Katie Revis, Kathy Thickman 2000 Katie Baldwin, Beth Carpenter, Katy Fader, Alicia Gomes, Michelle Harley, Kate Krawiec, Kathy Thickman 2001 Crystal Beak, Sara Gurka, Michelle Harley, Wendy Wheaton 2002 Michelle Harley, Lindsay Berrios 2003 Michelle Harley, Candice Carbone, Mellory Giberson, Amanda Hall, Bethany Storck, Mariana Peña Trestini 2004 Crystal Beak, Jen Dickson, Mellory Giberson, Amanda Hall, Heather Moore UNH/NCAA HANES WOMAN OF THE YEAR 1992 Lori Brady UNH WILDCAT WINNERS CIRCLE HALL OF HONOR 1995 Diane (Carlin) Nardi 1998 Lori (Brady) Johnson 2000 Edie (Sutton) Hagendoorn UNH WILDCAT ATHLETIC COUNCIL HALL OF FAME 2001 Karen (Olsson) Broderick 2003 Laura (Cavanaugh) Hsiung 2012 Nicole Mullins

‘12 Hall of Fame Inductee Nicole Mullins with Gail Goodspeed and Athletic Director Marty Scarano

Wildcat Gymnastics



Champions & Awards

ECAC Rookie of the Year

NCAA All-American Lori Brady ‘92 (left)

1996 1997 1998 2002 2003 2005 2006 2009

Northeast Regional Champions

NCAA All American - Vault ‘92 NCAA Championship Individual Competitor - Vault ‘89, ‘91 & ‘92 Regional Champion - Vault ‘89, ‘91 & ‘92 All Northeast - ’89, ‘91 & ‘92 ECAC Gymnast of the Year - ‘90 & ‘91 ECAC Champion - Vault ‘90, ‘91 & ‘92 ECAC Champion - All-Around ‘90 & ‘92 ECAC Champion - Bars and Floor ‘92

1989 1991 1992 1994 1995 1997 2005 2006

Lori Brady - Vault Lori Brady - Vault Lori Brady - Vault, Nicole Mullins - Bars Karen Olsson - AA, Jana Reardon - AA, Kim Smith - Floor Meghan Ochs - Vault, Floor Cara Lepper - Beam Vanessa Berrios - Beam Amanda Hall - Floor

1993 - Karen Olsson - AA; Nicole Mullins - Floor, Bars

NIT All-American Second Team

Led team to ‘94 NCAA Championship NCAA Championship Competitor ‘91-All-Around Regional All-Around Co-Champion ‘94 All Northeast - ‘91,93 & ‘94 ECAC Gymnast of the Year ‘94 ECAC Vault Champion ‘93

AIAW National Qualifiers 1981 1978

Lucia Cancelmo and Edie Sutton - AA UNH Team - 15th place

1978 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997

Denise Walker, Edie Sutton Edie Sutton Edie Sutton, Lucia Cancelmo Lucia Cancelmo, Diane Carlin Laura Cavanaugh, Jayne Dean Lucia Cancelmo, Diane Carlin, Laura Cavanaugh, Jayne Dean, Nancy McCarrick Diane Carlin Laura Cavanaugh Lori Brady, Susie Quinlan, Kelly Marks Dina Peterson Lori Brady, Karen Olsson Lori Brady, Amy Dowd, Nicole Mullins Nicole Mullins, Karen Olsson, Kim Purcaro, Kerry Ulrich Karen Olsson, Jana Reardon, Nicole Mullins, Kim Smith Stacey Evans, Meghan Ochs, Jana Reardon Cara Lepper Cara Lepper (Awards ended in 1998)



Wildcat Gymnastics

Suzanne Poretz Amanda Hall

EAGL Rookie of the Year 1996 2000 2001

Cara Lepper Michelle Harley Jen Dickson

EAGL All-League Selections

1996 Jana Reardon, Amy Roberts, Cara Lepper 1997 Denise Gregorio, Cara Lepper, Jill Cavalieri, Katy Fader, Amy Roberts, Jana Led team to ‘94 NCAA Championship Reardon, Anne Woynerowski NCAA Championship Competitor ‘92 - Bars 1998 Jill Cavalieri, Denise Gregorio, Suzanne Regional Bars Champion ‘92 Poretz, Amy Roberts, Kathy Thickman, All Northeast - ‘92, ‘93 & ‘94 Wendy Wheaton ECAC Academic Gymnast of the Year ‘93 1999 Cara Lepper, Suzanne Poretz, Wendy ECAC All-Around and Bars Champion ‘93 Wheaton ECAC All-Around, Bars, Beam Champion ‘94 2000 Michelle Harley, Rose Kosowski, Cara Lepper, Bethany Wagner, Wendy Wheaton Cara Lepper ‘99 (above) 2001 Michelle Harley, Rose Kosowski, Suzanne NCAA Championship Competitor ‘97 Poretz, Wendy Wheaton Regional Beam Champion ‘97 2002 Jen Dickson, Michelle Harley, All Northeast - ’96 & ‘97 Katie Revis, Bethany Wagner EAGL Beam Champion ‘97 2003 Jen Dickson, Amanda Hall, Michelle EAGL Bars Champion ‘96 Harley, Tara Phillips, Jayne Propert EAGL Rookie of the Year ‘96 2004 Jen Dickson, Amanda Hall, Vanessa James, Mariana Peña Trestini 2005 Amanda Hall, Vanessa James, Jen Jones, Mariana Peña Trestini 2006 Amanda Hall, Jen Jones, Mariana Peña Trestini, Justine Turner 2007 Helena Diodati, Diane Grey, Taryn LaFountain, Fairen Plummer, Keeley Smith, Justine Turner 2008 Kelsey Alwin, Helena Diodati, Taryn Vanessa Berrios ‘05 (above) LaFountain, Rebekah Porter, Chelsea Northeast Regional Beam Champion Steinberg, Justine Turner NCAA Championship Competitor 2009 Katie Caliendo, Ali Carr, Helena Diodati, ‘05 Beam Diane Grey, Taryn LaFountain, Danielle Reibold, Keeley Smith, Chelsea Steinberg, Suzanne Poretz ‘01 (right) Justine Turner EAGL Gymnast of the Year 2010 Helena Diodati, Taryn LaFountain, NCAA Championship Competitor Danielle Reibold, Julie Sauchuk, ’01 - All-Around Chelsea Steinberg 2011 Ali Carr, Austyn Fobes, Katie Lawrence ECAC Champions Danielle Reibold, Chelsea Steinberg 2012 Ali Carr, Austyn Fobes, Kayla Gray, 1984 Diane Carlin - AA, Jayne Dean - Bars, Jillian Hudson, Danielle Reibold Kim Sonier - Floor EAGL All-Tournament Team 1985 Diane Carlin - AA, Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor 2008 Kelsey Alwin, Katie Caliendo, Laura Cavanaugh - Vault Helena Diodati, Taryn LaFountain, 1986 Patty Converse - AA, Bars, Beam, Floor Rebekah Porter, Keeley Smith, 1990 Lori Brady - AA, Vault Justine Turner 1991 Lori Brady - Vault 2009 Ali Carr, Diane Grey, Danielle Reibold, 1992 Lori Brady - AA, Vault, Bars, Floor Julie Sauchuk, Keeley Smith, 1993 Nicole Mullins - AA, Bars, Karen Olsson - Vault Chelsea Steinberg 1994 Nicole Mullins - AA, Bars, Beam 2010 Kelsey Alwin, Katie Caliendo, Courtney Jana Reardon - Vault, Floor Connors, Helena Diodati, Austyn Fobes, Diane Grey, Katie Lawrence, Danielle 1995 Meghan Ochs - Vault, Jana Reardon - AA, Floor Reibold, Chelsea Steinberg ECAC Gymnast of the Year 2011 Jen Aucoin, Ali Carr, Katie Caliendo, 1990 Lori Brady Austyn Fobes, Katie Lawrence, Danielle 1991 Lori Brady Reibold, Chelsea Steinberg 1994 Karen Olsson 2012 Jen Aucoin, Ali Carr, Austyn Fobes, 1995 Jana Reardon Kayla Gray, Danielle Reibold Nicole Mullins ‘94 (left)

Lori Brady - Vault Lori Brady - Vault, Karen Olsson - AA Lori Brady - Vault, Nicole Mullins - Bars Team - 12th place Cara Lepper - Beam Suzanne Poretz - AA Vanessa Berrios - Beam Amanda Hall - AA

Amanda Hall ’06 (left)

2001 2005

Karen Olsson ‘94 (left)

1989 1991 1992 1994 1997 2001 2005 2006

Cara Lepper - Bars Cara Lepper - Beam Amy Roberts - Floor Michelle Harley - Beam Tara Phillips - Vault Amanda Hall - Vault Mariana Peña Trestini - Beam Chelsea Steinberg - Beam (below)

EAGL Gymnast of the Year

Nicole Mullins - AA; Jan Dalziel - AA; Karen Olsson - Vault, Floor

NCAA Championship National Competitors

Jana Reardon

EAGL Champions

NCAA Championship Competitor ’06 All-Around Regional Floor Champion ’06 EAGL Gymnast of the Year ’05 EAGL Vault Champion ’05

NIT All-American First Team 1993


2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide HIGHLIGHTS OF RECENT YEARS 2012


• 14-10 record – Season-high score of 195.800 • 16-6 record -Season-high score of 195.2 • Danielle Reibold became first Wildcat to ever win the EAGL Scholar-Athlete • 4th at the Northeast NCAA Regional Championship of the Year • 4th at the EAGL Championship • Earned berth in NCAA Fayetteville Regional at University of Arkansas • 9.9 scores or above reached 6 times: Bars- Ali Carr 9.95, Helena (finished sixth) Diodati 9.925; Floor - Taryn Lafountain -9.925, Julie Sauchuk • Associate head coach Ed Datti and assistant coach Jess Kelley named EAGL Assistant Coaches of Year and Northeast Regional Assistant Coaches of -9.925, 9.9; Chelsea Steinberg -9.9 Year • 12 gymnasts named NACGC/W Scholastic All-Americans: Kelsey • Ali Carr feted as team MVP after earning place on All-EAGL Second Team Alwin, Katie Caliendo, Ali Carr, Courtney Connors, Diane Grey, on vault and beam; All-Tournament Second Team (vault, bars) Taryn LaFountain, Katie Lawrence, Danielle Reibold, Andie • 9.9 scores attained by Ali Carr (9.900, bars, beam), Austyn Fobes (9.925, Sablosky, Janae Sernoffsky, Keeley Smith, Chelsea Steinberg bars; 9.900, floor); Kayla Gray (9.900, beam (twice)), Kate McGeever (9.900, • 5 gymnasts named to All-EAGL Team: (First) Taryn LaFountain floor) Beam, Danielle Reibold-Bars, Julie Sauchuk-Floor, Chelsea • Fobes’ 9.925 on bars vs West Virginia ties No.5 score in school history and Steinberg-Beam (Second) Helena Diodati-Vault, Bars; Reibold 9.900 at UNH Invitational ties for No. 8 all-time • All-time top-10 team scores achieved twice: (195.800, T-9th, vs Maryland, Beam; Steinberg-Vault, Floor Bridgeport, Brown) and (195.750, 10th, vs West Virginia) • One EAGL Gymnast of Week (Chelsea Steinberg); Three EAGL • Kayla Gray’s season-high 9.900 on beam ties for No. 10 score in UNH Specialits of Week (Helena Diodati, Taryn LaFountain, Julie history Sauchuk) • Earned APR Public Recognition Award for fourth straight year; one of only • Ed Datti named co-EAGL Assistant Coach of Year 16 D-I programs and one of only three in N.E. feted • Danielle Reibold (bars), Austyn Fobes (bars), Kayla Gray (beam) named to All-EAGL First Team; Ali Carr (vaut, beam), Jillian Hudson (vault) named 2009 to Second Team • Seven gymnasts named to NACGC/W Scholastic All-America Team: Jen • 18-12 record - Season-high score 196.225 -5th highest in UNH Aucoin, Ali Carr, Courtney Connors, Kayla Gray, Jillian Hudson, Danielle record books Reibold, Carly Stote • 5th at the Northeast NCAA Regional Championship

2011 • • • • • • • • • •

1 7-10 record - Season-high score of 195.375 Head coach Gail Goodspeed’s 500th career victory at UNH 5th place finish at NCAA Norman Regional at University of Oklahoma EAGL runner-up finish; best result since 2003 championship Chelsea Steinberg earns Team MVP for 2nd straight season, finishes 7th all-time at UNH with 1,531.2 points 9.9 scores reached by Steinberg (9.9, vault) and Fobes (9.95, bars) Fobes ties school record with 9.95 on bars March 7 Team earns NCAA APR Award, one of only two D-I N.E. gymnastics programs (Yale) feted for demonstrating commitment to academic progress Carr (Vault), Fobes (Floor, AA), Reibold (Bars) named to All-EAGL First Team; Katie Lawrence (Beam) and Chelsea Steinberg (Vault, Beam, Floor, AA) tally Second Team honors. Nine gymnasts named NACGC/W Scholastic All-Americans: Katie Caliendo, Ali Carr, Courtney Connors, Dianna Kurowyckyj, Katie Lawrence, Kate McGeever, Danielle Reibold, Chelsea Steinberg, Carly Stote

• 5 th at EAGL Championship • 9.9 scores or above reached 8 times; Vault- Helena Diodati 9.925, Justine Turner 9.9; Bars ­Ali Carr and Diane Grey-9.9; Beam- Taryn LaFountain-9.9; Floor- Taryn LaFountain, Julie Sauchuk and Keeley Smith- 9.9 • 11 gymnasts named NACGC/W Scholastic All-Americans: Kelsey Alwin, Katie Caliendo, Helena Diodati, Diane Grey, Lindsay Kovary, Taryn LaFountain, Katie Lawrence, Danielle Reibold, Janae Sernoffsky, Keeley Smith, Chelsea Steinberg • Nine UNH Gymnasts named to All-EAGL team: Helena Diodati, Justine Turner, Ali Carr, Taryn LaFountain, Chelsea Steinberg, Katie Caliendo, Danielle Riebold, Diane Grey, Keeley Smith. • One EAGL Gymnast of the Week (Helena Diodati); 4 EAGL Specialists of the Week (Taryn LaFountain (3), Helena Diodati (1).

Highlights Pur-r-r-fect 10s Lori Brady 10.0 Vault On January 18, 1992, in a victory over the University of Vermont, UNH senior co-captain Lori Brady (Pocasset, Mass.) achieved a longtime goal as she performed a flawless handspring-front piked salto and became the first collegiate gymnast to ever score a perfect “10” on vault. Brady went on to qualify for her third NCAA Championship where she became the first UNH gymnast to be named an All-American.

Year-by-Year Prior to Gail Goodspeed:

Year 1976 1977 1978 1979

Coach Lou Datilio Lou Datilio Lou Datilio


4th EAIAW 15th AIAW Nationals, Edie Sutton & Denise Walker All-East Leslie Henry 5th EAIAW

Year-by-Year with Gail Goodspeed: (515-276-2 Record)

Year Record Postseason 1980 14-3 5th EAIAW 1981 12-1 3rd EAIAW Gail Goodspeed named 2003 EAGL Coach 1982 11-1 2nd NCAA Regional Championship of the Year and Northeast Regional Coach 1983 12-0 2nd NCAA Regional Championship of the Year; Ed Datti and Beth Aparo also 1984 24-2 ECAC Champions/4th NCAA Regional Championship 1985 16-9 ECAC Champions/5th NCAA Regional Championship honored with Northeast Regional Assistant 1986 12-8 ECAC Champions/5th NCAA Regional Championship Coach of the Year titles 1987 15-7 3rd ECAC Championship/6th NCAA Regional Championship 1988 14-10 4th ECAC Championship/7th NCAA Regional Championship 1989 14-10 2nd ECAC Championship/3rd NCAA Regional Championship 1990 12-9 3rd ECAC Championship/5th NCAA Regional Championship 1991 17-7 2nd ECAC Championship/2nd NCAA Regional Championship 1992 19-8 2nd ECAC Championship/5th NCAA Regional Championship 1993 13-12 2nd ECAC Championship/3rd NCAA Regional Championship 1994 22-8 ECAC Champions/NCAA Regional Champions/ 12th NCAA National Championship 1995 15-8 2nd ECAC Championship/3rd NCAA Regional Championship 1996 16-11 5th EAGL Championship/5th NCAA Regional Championship 1997 16-9 3rd EAGL Championship/5th NCAA Regional Championship 1998 17-8 2nd EAGL Championship/5th NCAA Regional Championship 1999 15-10 3rd EAGL Championship/3rd NCAA Regional Championship 2000 14-10 6th EAGL Championship/6th NCAA Regional Championship 2001 20-6-1 4th EAGL Championship/4th NCAA Regional Championship 2002 11-11 5th EAGL Championship/5th NCAA Regional Championship 2003 23-7 EAGL Champions/5th NCAA Regional Championship 2004 12-10-1 6th EAGL Championship/6th NCAA Regional Championship 2005 18-13 6th EAGL Championship/3rd NCAA Regional Championship 2006 16-11 4th EAGL Championship/4th NCAA Regional Championship UNH Athletic Director Marty Scarano 2007 12-17 7th EAGL Championship/4th NCAA Regional Championship 2008 18-12 3rd EAGL Championship congratulates Gail Goodspeed on her 2009 18-12 5th EAGL Championship/5th NCAA Regional Championship 25th year of coaching 2010 16-6 4th EAGL Championship/4th NCAA Regional Championship Women’s Gymnastics at UNH. 2011 17-10 2nd EAGL Championship/5th NCAA Regional Championship 2012 14-10 6th EAGL Championship/6th NCAA Regional Championship *Records include conference championship in win/loss column.

On March 23, 1996, freshman Cara Lepper (Southington, Conn.) highlighted the final home meet of the season as she broke her own school record and became only the second Wildcat gymnast ever to score a perfect 10.0 as she posted a perfect score on the balance beam. Lepper’s previous school record was a 9.875.

Tara Phillips 10.0 Vault

On March 20, 2003, in a record-breaking team performance, junior Tara Phillips (Spring, Texas) set a record of her own. As only the third gymnast to score a 10.0, Phillips posted a perfect score on the vault in front of her home crowd while hosting the 2003 EAGL Championship. Phillips’ performance beat out her previous 9.950 career high.

Wildcat Gymnastics



Where Are


Key: Name-occupation-employer-place of residence Class of 2012 Alison Carr • Gymnastics Coach - Broderick’s Gymnastics • Chelmsford, Mass. Kate McGeever • Research Technician - Boston University • Boston, Mass. Tasia Percevecz • Student – UNH • Durham, N.H. Danielle Reibold • Laboratory Assistant – HealthTronics Laboratory Solutions • Phoenixville, Pa.

Taryn Archambault (‘11) with Brad Turner

2012 UNH Invitational -Alum Photo

Class of 2011 Taryn Archambault • Certified Elementary School Teacher • Methuen, Mass. Katie Caliendo • Sports Marketing and Promotions GA – Duquesne University • Pittsburgh, Pa. Katie Lawrence • Research Associate – Novozymes • Raleigh, N.C. Janae Sernoffsky • Graduate Assistant- Sport Behavior & Performance - Miami University • Oxford, Ohio Chelsea Steinberg • Dec. 2012 Occupational Therapy Graduate - UNH • Portsmouth, N.H. Class of 2010 Kelsey Alwin • Critical Care Nurse – U of Minnesota Medical Center • St. Michael, Minn. Taryn LaFountain • Nursing School –Utica College/Gymnastics Coach – Valley Gymnastics • Whitesboro, N.Y. Julie Sauchuk • Peabody, Mass. Keeley Smith • Graduate Student - Public Policy – Brown University • Providence, R.I. Helena Diodati • Occupational Therapist - Braintree Rehab Hospital • Boston, Mass. Diane Grey • Regulatory Affairs, U.S. Oncology Research - McKesson Specialty Health • The Woodlands, Texas

Tom Bishop and Kelsey Alwin (‘10)

Class of 2011

Class of 2009 Melissa César • Youth Athletics Counselor/Gymnastics Coach – On Your Toes Gymnastics • Miami Lakes, Fla. Lindsay Kovary • Graduate Student - Tufts Dental School • Boston, Mass. Justine Turner • Gymnastics Coach - NEGTC/Graduate Student - SNHU • Salem, N.H.

Class of 2008 Beth Bronson • Leasing Consultant – Highlands at Dearborn • Peabody, Mass. Rebekah (Porter) Peterson • Clinical Education Coordinator/Adjunct Faculty for Athletic Training - Castleton State College • Rutland Town, Vt. Katelyn Schenkel • Elementary Education Teacher • Dover, N.H. Class of 2007 Jaime deMello • Graduate Student - Masters Psychology - Mass. School of Professional Psychology • Milton, Mass. Jen Jones • Gymnastics Coach - All-Star Gymnastics • Billerica, Mass. Heather Moore • Substitute Teacher • Cortlandt Manor, N.Y. Class of 2006 Lindsay Berrios • Clinical Perfusionist – Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital • Memphis, Tenn. Amanda Hall • Orthopedic Physician Assistant - Dr. Lonnie Paulos • Park City, Utah Mariana (Peña Trestini) Torres • Project Analyst II - Burns Engineering, Inc. • Ardmore, Pa.

Rebekah (Porter ‘08) and Tucker Peterson with son Isaac

Keeley Smith (‘10) sailing in Gloucester Harbor

Class of 2005 Vanessa Berrios • Speech/Language Pathologist - Alhambra Elementary S.D • Litchfield Park, Ariz. Candice Carbone • Teacher • Woburn, Mass. Vanessa James • 2nd Grade ESL Teacher - Malden Public Schools • Malden, Mass. Tara (Phillips) Stark • Sr. Unified Communications Training Consultant - Maestri Consultants • Nashua, N.H. Class of 2004 Crystal (Beak) Pratt • Exercise Physiologist - UMass Memorial Medical Center/Graduate Student Healthcare Administration • Shrewsbury, Mass. Jennifer (Dickson) Ganly • Registered Dietician - Goodwin Comm. Health Center • Newmarket, N.H. Mellory (Giberson) Kaserman • Pediatric Resident Physician - Hasbro Children’s Hospital • Providence, R.I. Brieyn (McNamara) Fontaine • Rodan & Fields Consultant and Association Manager - Duval/CAMS Management • Charlotte, N.C. Class of 2003 Michelle (Harley) Meagher • Math Adjunct & Tutor - Gulf Coast State College • Panama City Beach, Fla. Erin Malinak • Medical Sales Rep - Smith and Nephew • Miami, Fla.

Jen (Dickson ‘04) and Austin Ganly with new daughter Caroline

Class of 2002 Katie (Revis) Carney • Civil Engineer - Parsons Brinckerhoff • Somersworth, N.H. Bethany (Wagner) Cisternino • High School Biology & Anatomy Teacher – Bound Brook High School/ IFBB Professional Fitness Competitor • Bridgewater, N.J. Class of 2001 Alicia Gomes • Health and Physical Education Teacher - Masconomet Regional HS • Beverly, Mass. Suzanne (Poretz) Rose • Breast Cancer 3-Day,Nat’l Sales & Service Coordinator - Event-360 • Milton, Del. Wendy (Wheaton) Pierce • Account Executive - Oakwood Temporary Housing • Hermosa Beach, Calif. Rose (Kosowski) Walsh • Childcare Provider • Barrington, N.H.

Bri (McNamara ‘04) Fontaine and daughter Carleigh Ian and Laurie (Parlin ‘99) Smith with new son Lincoln

Class of 2000 Lisa (Koning) Scharf • Real Estate Agent - Watson Realty / Personal Fitness Trainer • Sanford, Fla. Cara Lepper • Diabetic Educator - Nutur • Cheshire, Conn. Katy (Fader) Lilly • Family Physician - Woodbury Family Practice • Durham, N.H. Kathryn Thickman • Orthopaedic Physician’s Assistant – Muir Orthopaedics • Walnut Creek, Calif. Class of 1999 Jill (Cavalieri) Haskell • Athletic Trainer – Maine General Medical Center • Gardiner, Maine Denise (Gregorio) Jenkins • Corporate Recruiter - Health Net, Inc. • Stratford, Conn. Alana (Webb) Lepine • Full-Time Mom/Part-Time Gymnastics Coach - Atlantic Gymnastics • Rochester, N.H. Laurie (Parlin) Smith • Health & Sport Sciences Faculty - Capital University • Exeter, NH. Karen (Wisell) Bertin • Stay at Home Mom • Ojai, Calif. Anne Woynerowski • Gymnastics Coach - North Stars • Boonton, N.J.

Dennis and Amy (Roberts ‘98) Rhodes with twin sons Aaron and Hobson

Class of 1998 Amy (Roberts) Rhodes • Graduate Student - Speech Language Pathology - East Carolina U • Mint Hill, N.C. Eli and Ethan - children of Jennifer (Symecko) Horne • Senior Territory Manager Pharmaceutical Sales - Allergan • Orlando, Fla. Jen (Symecko ‘98) and Justin Horne Class of 1997 Michelle Boisvert • Speech Language Pathologist/Ph.D Candidate - UMass • Amherst, Mass. Meghan (Ochs) Nickulas • Stay at Home Mom • Centerville, Mass. Jana (Reardon) Mowers • Gymnastics Coach - Yellow Jackets • Middleton, Mass. Nikki (Villella) Shawley • Third Grade Teacher – Atkinson Academy • Sandown, N.H. Class of 1996 Stacey (Evans) Moreno • Team Gymnastics Coach & Director of Development – Sonshine Gymnastics • Cary, N.C. Kimberly (Purcaro) Mendoza • Physician’s Assistant Orthopaedic Surgery - Countryside Orthopaedics/ Crossfit Trainer • Ashburn, Va. Jaime (Smith) DiZio • Registered Nurse/Charge Nurse - St.Christopher’s Hospital for Children • Havertown, Pa.

Carson, Landon and Rileigh children of Meghan (Ochs ‘97) and Eric Nickulas


Wildcat Gymnastics

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide

They Now?


Class of 1995 Erika (Maugham) Barninger • Clinical Trial Manager - Pfizer Pharmaceuticals • Randolph, N.J. Amy (Ehle) Pruim • Senior Sales Consultant - Novaratis Pharmaceuticals • Columbia, Md. Jane LaBombard • Project Engineer – Jacobs Engineering • Cincinnati, Ohio Kerry (Ulrich) Rivera • Stay at home Mom and Gymnastics Coach - New Image Gymnastics • West Islip, N.Y. Kelley Shaw • Aerialist/Stunt Double • New York, N.Y. Class of 1994 Nicole Mullins • Associate Professor, Exercise Science - Youngstown State University • Lake Milton, Ohio Karen (Olsson) Broderick • Mother / Owner and Gymnastics Coach - Broderick Gymnastics Academy • Norwood, Mass. Class of 1993 Jan (Dalziel) Smith • Owner and Gymnastics Coach & Judge - All-American Gymnastics • Ocean, N.J. Kim (Goulding) O’Leary • Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant/Personal Trainer • Easthampton, Mass. Cori (Hart) Cunningham • Head Coach and Choreographer - Atlantic Gymnastics Training Center • Raymond, N.H. Class of 1992 Beth (“Boomer” Butcher) Kramer • Registered Nurse - Care Group Home Care • Millis, Mass. Lori (Brady) Johnson • Third Grade Teacher • Somerville, Mass. Amy (Dowd) Murphy • Gymnastics Coach - South Shore Gymnastics • Scituate, Mass. Tracy (Manforte) Sweet • Director of Communications - Phillips Academy, Andover • Kensington, N.H. Kelly (Marks) Unruh • Owner/Athletic Trainer - Comprehensive Injury Prevention Solutions, Inc. • Stroudsburg, Pa.

Don and Kerry (Ulrich ‘95) Rivera with Derek, Darian and Delaney

Class of 1991 Pam (Giroux) Mattson • Pediatric Physician - Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children-Denver • Boulder, CO. Susie (Quinlan) Hill • Horticulture Consultant - U. of Maryland • Frederick, Md. Laura (Paredes) Kablik • Merchandise Planner - Staples • Mansfield, Mass. Dana Brodin • East Providence Schools/Autism Spectrum Program • Jamestown, R.I. Class of 1990 Betsy (Anderson) Baird • Mom and Math Tutor • S. Hamilton, Mass. Nicole Mullins ‘94 Denise Brackesy • Dietician - Children’s Hospital • Boston, Mass. 2012 Tough Mountain Challenge Diane (Aubut) Duncan • Stay at Home Mom and Photographer • Mendon, Mass. Kim (Fuller) Blow • H.S. Guidance Counselor - North Broward Preparatory School • Boca Raton, Fla. Dina (Peterson) Qualter • Owner/Physical Therapist - Orthopedic and Sports PT of Cape Cod • Plymouth, Mass. Michelle Shanley Sico • Head of Americas Investment Consultant Client Coverage - MSCI Inc. Boston, Mass • Cape Neddick, Maine Class of 1989 Nancy Andrews • Regional Sales Manager - General Wire Products, Inc./Promotes Pro-World Body Building-4x WNBF Pro Natural World Champion and Ms. Universe • Shrewsbury, Mass. Tammy (Hager) Fascetta • Stay at Home Mom/Office Manager – Temple Israel of Dover • Dover, N.H. Patty (Converse) Hunt • Homemaker • Dover, N.H. Nancy (Doherty) Seeley • Registered Nurse – Children’s Hospital Boston • Sandwich, Mass.

Jaime (Smith – ’96) Dizio & Erika (Maugham – ’95) Barninger

Class of 1988 Jessica Downey • deceased Michelle (Sawyer) Evangelista • Stay at Home Mom • Zebulon, N.C. Linda Glatte • Exercise Physiology Professor - San Diego State University • San Diego, Calif. Class of 1987 Peggy (Donovan) Crosby • Stay at Home Mom • Mt. Prospect, Ill. Beth (Raynor) Jimenez • Patent Attorney - Cantor Colburn LLP • West Simsbury, Conn. Jill (Miller) Lashua • Self Employed-Pet Care • Still River, Mass.

Kim (Goulding ‘93) and Sean O’Leary with twin sons Sean and Ryan

Class of 1986 Toby (Kapp) Bass • Nutritionist - Self Employed • Davie, Fla. Class of 1985 Tracy (Parks) Barrett • Industrial Sales/Marketing- TAP Pharmaceuticals / Mom • Loudon, N.H. Laura (Cavanaugh) Hsiung • Litigation Sales Consultant – Integreon • N. Potomac, Md. Diane (Carlin) Nardi • Freelance Producer - Nardi Creative Inc. • Needham, Mass. Kim Sonier • Instructor - Northern Arizona University • Flagstaff, Ariz. Class of 1984 Jayne (Dean) Albani • Psychotherapist - Self Employed • Bloomfield, Conn. Lucia (Cancelmo) Izzo • Registered Nurse - Hackensack University Medical Center • North Haledon, N.J. Patti (Shea) Piotrowski • Mom • Carrollton, Texas Class of 1983 Lynn Mazzaferro • HIV Therapeutic Specialist – Gilead Science Inc. • Littleton, Mass. Lynda (Drewry) Townes • Video Store Owner - Weare Center Video • Weare, N.H.

Amy (Dowd ‘92) and David Murphy with children Tessie, Luke, Allie and Charlie

John and Cori (Hart ‘93) Cunningham with children Anya and Spencer

Class of 1982 Karen (Hungerford) Bemis • Office Manager - Bemis Associates Consulting Engineers • W. Hartford, Conn. Josie (Lemmi) Penza • Physical Education Teacher - Brooks Elementary /Flips & Giggles Gym Owner • Saugus, Mass. Lisa (Harris) Peterson • Registered Nurse - RVNA and Hospice • Newton, N.H. Jaqueline Watskin, MD • Physician/Photographer/Equestrian • Medford, N.J. Ellen (Fahey) Ciabattoni • Homemaker • Prior Lake, Minn. Class of 1981 Edie Sutton • Art Production Coordinator & Designer – ProMedia Group • Stamford, Conn. Karen (Arneberg) Hathaway • Norwich, Vt. Susan (Galipault) Mattei • Higher Education Professional - Bay Path College • Shelburne, Mass. Michelle Baker McMath • Owner and Gymnastics Coach - Bakers Gymnastics • Peabody, Mass. Lynn Wiatrowski • Bank Executive – Bank of America Merrill Lynch • Boston, Mass.

Dan and Tracy (Manforte ‘92) and daughter Paige with the Stanley Cup

Class of 1980 Linda (Schneider) DeRoo • Homemaker • Elizabethtown, Pa. Class of 1976 Janet (Poole) Peirce • Elementary School Teacher - Claremont Christian Academy • Claremont, N.H. Sue (Gould) Beal • Sherrill, N.Y. Class of 1975 Leigh Hansen • Senior Director, Market Planning & Strategy - Truven Health Analytics • Northwood, N.H. Victoria (Nilson) Wilcox • Bloomsburg, Pa. Class of 1972 Janet (Newton) Nelson • Unit Secretary - Rehabilitation Good Samaritan Hospital • Tacoma, Wash.

Jack, Colby, Cameron and Chase sons of Diane (Aubut ‘90) and Mark Duncan

Wildcat Gymnastics

33 33


University of New Hampshire UNH Athletic Department Mission Statement The mission of the intercollegiate athletics program at UNH is to provide student-athletes a collegiate experience that is enriched by their participation in programs which are competitive at the NCAA Division I level both regionally and nationally. The intercollegiate athletics program also plays an important role by enhancing the quality of life for the University and statewide community by being a source of pride and identification with the University while always maintaining high standards of academic scholarship and integrity. To fulfill its mission, the intercollegiate program must: (1) Provide student-athletes every opportunity to meet academic and athletic demands with the goal of graduating every student-athlete; (2) Provide resources necessary to field competitive teams with league affiliations, and to gain regional and national recognition; (3) Provide equitable opportunities for all intercollegiate athletics by the active recruitment of minority athletes, and provide equitable opportunities for all women student-athletes commensurate with that of their male counterparts; (4) Provide excellent facilities for all student-athletes to train, practice and play; (5) Conduct all operations within state and federal law, University policies, rules of the NCAA, and athletics conferences in which the University competes.

UNH Diversity Statement

The University seeks excellence through diversity among its administrators, faculty, staff, and students. The University prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, veteran status, or marital status. The University of New Hampshire is committed to creating a more diverse community, knowing that “inclusion, diversity and equity are values inextricably linked to our mission of educational excellence.” This diversity strengthens our ability to reach our individual and collective potential and to provide better services and care for all faculty, staff and students. The University of New Hampshire was originally founded as a land-grant college whose mission was to shape and educate citizenry among the state’s farmers, business people and engineers. Today, the University is a land-, sea-, and space-grant university serving a growing undergraduate student body of about 12,000 and a graduate population of 2,300 in addition to 600 full-time faculty members, 92% of which have earned their doctorate degree. The University has grown into a top public research university occupying 2,600 acres of classic living and learning space, while still maintaining the look and feel of a New England liberal arts college with a faculty dedicated to teaching. UNH’s student to faculty ratio registers at 18:1. As one of the most prestigious institutions in the Northeast, the University of New Hampshire has always been recognized as a leader in education and research, spanning all fields of study and uniting them through interdisciplinary programs, labs, farms, theatres, research centers and libraries. Founded in 1866 as the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts, UNH was among the early state institutions of higher education whose formation was made possible by federal government land grants. The purpose for the grants was to establish colleges that would serve the sons and daughters of farming and laboring families. New Hampshire College was originally situated in Hanover, N.H. Here it was in connection with Dartmouth College before moving to Durham in 1893 after Benjamin Thompson bequeathed land and money to further the development of the college. The state legislature then granted its new charter as the University of New Hampshire in 1923. The University hosts nearly 550 international students from more than 40 countries and boasts a population of students from 49 states. Along with over 100 majors offered, UNH encompasses seven schools and colleges that undergraduates can choose from: the College of Liberal Arts, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, School of Health and Human Services, College of Life Sciences and Agricultures, Whittemore School of Business and Economics and the Thompson School of Applied Science. And at the very heart of the University’s undergraduate studies is the General Education Program. The GEP is a core program with a breadth of academic subjects that aims to acquaint the student with some of the major modes of thought necessary to understand oneself, others, society and the world. The University prides itself as being a top 10 entrepreneurial campus ( and The Princeton Review) and is among the top 30 universities nationally in science research funding from NASA. UNH is home to the NASA-recognized Space Science Center; the Institute for Study for Earth, Oceans and Space; and the Institute of Marine Science and Engineering. The English program is staffed by an inspiring faculty of winners of the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, the MacArthur Fellowship, the Edgar Allen Poe Award and the Young Poets Award. In addition, the Whittemore School of Business and Economics, established in 1962, was recently selected second among all business schools in a nationwide pool of business school deans.


Wildcat Gymnastics

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide

University of New Hampshire New Hampshire also graduates students who attend top-notch graduate schools, including Law School at Harvard and Cornell, Engineering at Stanford, and Medical School at Dartmouth, John Hopkins and Harvard. There have been over $9 million in capitol improvements to the Athletic Department since the summer of 2000. Most recently, as part of a $650,000 renovation project in the summer of 2011, the field turf at Bremner Field was replaced with a new state-of-the-art surface used by many varsity teams and for student recreational activities. In the fall of 2008, the Paul Sweet Oval renovation was completed to include new surfaces, lighting, painting, infrastructure upgrades and the replacement of windows that existed in the original architecture. The total cost of the project exceeded $500,000. In the summer of 2007, the Cowell Stadium grass field was replaced with a $1 million Field Turf synthetic surface. Additionally in 2007, a complete renovation of Lundholm Gymnasium was undertaken. The $600,000 renovation included a new state-of-the-art bleacher system, new scoreboards, competition baskets and other aesthetic enhancements. In addition to the incredible improvements of its athletic facilities, the University has upgraded and renovated a large part of its academic campus as well. Thompson Hall, one of the standing historical landmarks of the University, has been beautifully refurbished and restored. The University also completed a $52 million renovation of Kingsbury Hall, adding 6,000 square feet of student project space for students in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, as well as a $4.5 revamp of Hewitt Hall to expand the School of Health and Human Services. In addition, the new 120,000 square foot Biological Sciences Building, Rudman Hall and the Spaulding Life Sciences Renovation project now provide state-of-the-art teaching and researching laboratories. The University also spent $15 million to complete Morse Hall, a science and engineering building as well as $8.2 million to modernize the Memorial Union Building. This revision to the existing student union building consisted of several upgrades including top kitchen and dining facilities, two theaters, student mailboxes, lounges and meeting rooms, as well as additional retail spaces such as the University Bookstore. The University has also completed construction of the new dining facility on Main Street, Holloway Commons, as well as the renovation of the Dimond Library. In November 1995, construction of the $27 million Recreation and Sport Complex reached completion. The Whittemore Center includes a state-of-the-art 6,500 to 7,500 seat arena for hockey, concerts and convocations, as well as a three-level recreational sports facility within the structure which had housed the old Snively Arena. Combining the atmosphere of a small New England liberal arts college with the resources and opportunities of a major research university, the University of New Hampshire is a place where all students can find or create their own niche and succeed. While the University offers an extremely broad academic base with an inspiring faculty, it also provides students with thousands of opportunities to get involved, either through athletics, campus recreation, student life or research. The University is a dynamic community that not only challenges its members academically but also expands their understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity and leads to incredible growth as students, faculty, staff and as a community.

Distinguished Alumni Jerry Azumah ‘99 Former NFL Pro Bowler, Chicago Bears

Susan Blanchard Ryan ‘89 Star of Movie “Open Water” Andy Brickley ‘82 Former NHL Player Current NESN Analyst (Bruins) Karyn Bye ’94 1998 Olympic Gold, Ice Hockey Marcy Carsey ’66 Producer Cosby Show/That 70’s Show Ty Conklin ’01 NHL Player, Detroit Red Wings

Gary DeStefano ’78 President, Nike Global Operations

Chip Kelly ‘90 Head Football Coach University of Oregon

Jack Edwards ‘79 NESN Announcer (Bruins)

Kathryn Kross ’82 Executive Producer, “Bloomberg News”

Carlton Fisk ’69 Hall of Fame Baseball Player

Richard Linnehan ’80 NASA Astronaut

Corey Graham ‘07 NFL Player, Baltimore Ravens

John Lynch ’74 Governor, New Hampshire

John Irving ’65 Author, “Cider House Rules” Natalie Jacobson ’65 Former News Anchor, Boston TV

Jackie MacMullan ’82 Journalist, ESPN & Ron Noble ’79 Secretary General, Interpol

Mike O’Malley ’92 Actor, “Glee”, “My Name is Earl”, “Yes, Dear” Peter Paul ‘67 Owner of Paul Financial & Peter Paul Wines Robert Towse ’63 Senior Partner, Morgan Stanley Barbara Walsh ’81 Pulitzer-prize winner, Portland Press Herald Chris Wragge ‘92 WCBS-TV News Anchor

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The Administration dr. Mark W. Huddleston - President

Mark W. Huddleston became the 19th president of the University of New Hampshire in July 2007, bringing three decades of experience in public and private education as a faculty member, dean, and senior administrator. Huddleston has been a strong advocate for increasing affordability and accessibility in higher education, and has argued that we need to rethink much of what we do to protect our core missions, and to ensure that higher education remains vital and financially sustainable in the 21st century. In February 2010, he presented a 10-year strategic plan for UNH, the result of an intensive collaboration between faculty, students, staff, alumni, and the University’s wider communities. Emphasizing innovation and entrepreneurship, the plan is helping to guide the University’s response to a historic state budget cut passed by the 2011 New Hampshire Legislature. “The strategic plan commits us to finding new ways to teach, learn, discover, create, and engage in the 21st century—and positions UNH to become a national leader in the redefinition of American higher education,” Huddleston says. Huddleston was raised in Syracuse, N.Y., and was the first member of his family ever to attend college. He earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from the State University of New York-Buffalo, and both a master’s degree and Ph.D. in political science from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He began his academic career at SUNY-Buffalo in 1977 as an assistant professor of political science. In 1980, he joined the faculty of the University of Delaware, where he served for the next 24 years. There, he chaired the Department of Political Science and International Relations and served as associate provost for international programs. In 2001, he was named dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, overseeing 45 academic departments and centers with nearly 900 full-time faculty and staff, and serving in that capacity until he was named president of Ohio Wesleyan University in 2004. An author of numerous books and articles, he has been a consultant for both the U.S. government and international organizations. He also served as an adviser in Bosnia on rebuilding financial and administrative infrastructures after the Dayton accords. Huddleston is chair of the Presidents Council of the America East Conference, an incorporator of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Speedway Children’s Charities. Huddleston and his wife, Emma Bricker, have three children, Andy, Kate, and Giles.

Marty Scarano - Director of Athletics

The 2012-13 academic year marks the 13th season Marty Scarano has served as the Director of Athletics at UNH. During his tenure, Scarano has heightened national exposure for UNH athletics with academics, facility renovations and programmatic advancement being top priorities. His many accomplishments played a key role in UNH being named one of the Top 20 Athletic Departments in the Country in U.S. News and World Report college athletics rankings. With a Graduation Success Rate (GSR) of 89 percent among its student-athletes in 2011-12, UNH ranked third in the America East Conference and fourth in the Colonial Athletic Association. The men’s soccer, women’s cross country/track, gymnastics, women’s ski, and volleyball teams all posted perfect 100 percent GSRs while five additional programs tallied scores of 90 or above. The NCAA honored four Wildcat teams for multi-year Academic Progress Rates (APRs) in the top 10 percent of all teams in its respective sports. The Wildcat men’s ice hockey team and gymnastics both recorded perfect APRs of 1,000, while the men’s outdoor track & field team tallied 997 points and women’s indoor track & field notched 995. In 2007, Scarano was named the All-American Football Foundation Athletic Director of the Year for FCS football in the Northeast region. Scarano was also awarded the National Association of College Directors of Athletics (NACDA) AD of the Year for the FCS. Scarano has also been an active member in the leadership of UNH’s three major conferences and was the chair of the executive committees for Atlantic 10 football, Hockey East and America East from 2003 to 2007. He also served as chair of the NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Committee in 2005-06 and 2006-07 and is currently on the America East Executive Council. Most recently, Scarano was a member of the Hockey East Restructuring team that successfully recruited Notre Dame and the University of Connecticut to the conference. Outside of athletics, Scarano is in his 10th year on the Board of Corporators at Canterbury Shaker Village, a non-profit museum located in Canterbury, N.H. Scarano has focused on moving UNH athletics into the collegiate national arena. To accomplish that goal, the University has taken on the task of hosting major NCAA championships. The Wildcat athletic department has played host to highly successful NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey Northeast Regionals at the Verizon Wireless Arena (Manchester, N.H.) in 2004, 2007, 2009 and 2011 and will host again in 2013. UNH has also had the opportunity to host two NCAA Women’s Ice Hockey Frozen Fours at the Whittemore Center in 2002 and 2005. In addition, UNH successfully hosted the 2007 NCAA Skiing Championships in Washington Valley as well as the 2005 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Northeast Regional at the Whittemore Center Arena. Before arriving at UNH, Scarano held the position of Athletics Director at Colorado College from July 1996 through June 2000. During his tenure, Colorado College was ranked among the top 20 Division III programs in the Sears Cup national standings and produced several All-Americans, all-academic award winners and NCAA post-graduate scholarship recipients. Prior to his stay in Colorado Springs, Scarano worked for 13 years at Colgate University, where he served as assistant director of athletics, director of physical education, associate director, and senior associate director. Scarano, a native of Pittsburgh, Pa., is a 1978 graduate of Penn State University, where he started his athletic career as assistant ticket manager and the athletics events manager from 1980-83. Scarano holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental History from Colgate. He and his wife, Cydney, have three children, Lyndon, Kyle, a sophomore at UNH, and Corey.


Wildcat Gymnastics

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide

Wildcat Support Staff

Nicole Ayer

Assistant Athletic Director


Shawn Green

Academic Support/ Compliance Assistant

Steve Metcalf

Deputy Athletic Director

Sue Beaulieu

Senior Business Services Assistant

Carrie Kimball

Associate Athletic Director


Jean Mitchell

Athletic Facilities/ Housekeeping Manager

Michelle Bronner

Sr. Associate Athletic Director


Neal Lavoie

Equipment Room Manager

Brenda Mullaney Associate Director Athletics Major Gifts

Melanie Brown

Administrative Assistant

Amber Lilyestrom

Associate Athletic Director Marketing & Strategic Initiatives

Mike Murphy

Associate Director

Media & Public Relations

Cathy Coakley

Jon Dana

Coordinator of Student-Athlete Development

Director of Sports Medicine

Kate McAfee

Diane Metcalf

Assistant Athletic Director Event Management

Dot Sheehan

Sr. Associate Athletic Director External Relations

Director of Athletics Development

Tom Wilkins

Associate Athletic Director Media & Public Relations

Academic Excellence

Joanne Maldari

Assistant Athletic Director/ Academic Support

Cathy Leach

Assistant Athletic Director Academic Support/

Athletic excellence is part of the formula for success in the collegiate experience for University of New Hampshire gymnasts. The primary measure of achievement is the student-athlete’s success in the classroom. UNH is dedicated to enhancing the student-athlete’s ability to achieve academic excellence and has one of the top graduation rates in the country. Realizing the time commitment the gymnasts give to the school, the University administers a comprehensive program of academic support services that is available to Wildcat gymnasts and all other student-athletes. This program includes the monitoring of academic progress, providing tutorial services, access to a well-equipped studentathlete academic center, as well as interacting with the academic advisors within the various colleges. Serving as Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Services since 1994 is Joanne Maldari, a 1990 graduate of Holy Cross who went on to earn her master’s degree in Athletic Counseling at Springfield College. She was recognized for her outstanding efforts at UNH by receiving the University’s 2001 Academic Advising Award. Before coming to Durham, Maldari served athletic counseling internships at Springfield and Central Connecticut State University. Cathy Leach assists Maldari and enters her 10th year of working directly with women’s gymnastics student-athletes. Leach was the Women’s Sports Information Director from 1985-88 and served as interim Women’s Athletic Director in the 1989-90 season before working in admissions from 1990-2001. Since 1990, the National Association of College Gymnastics Coaches/Women (NACGC/W) has recognized gymnasts who have excelled both in competition and the classroom. In 2012, senior Danielle Reibold boasted a perfect 4.0 GPA to headline seven UNH gymnasts that received Scholastic All-America awards. UNH, which recorded a cumulative 3.2232 GPA, ranked 47th nationally and third among New England schools, trailing only Brown (sixth, 3.6414 GPA) and Yale (14th, 3.4571).

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Alumni Achievement - Dr. Katy Lilly Katarina “Katy” Fader Lilly, M.D, was honored Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012, during the University of New Hampshire Alumni Association’s annual Alumni Achievement Awards Ceremony recognizing eight outstanding alumni who have made notable contributions to the UNH community, the state or the nation. A member of the class of 2000, Dr. Lilly was the recipient of the Young Alumna Achievement Award. The former UNH gymnast, who returned to New Hampshire in 2007, has been an active participant in the University community. As the volunteer physician for the women’s gymnastics team, Dr. Lilly attends nearly every home meet. A regular panelist for the UNH Health Professions Seminar, she also invites students interested in practicing medicine to observe at her medical practice. Her professional accomplishments include an excellence in pediatrics award, medical volunteer work in Kenya, and the establishment of healthGIVES, a “giving circle” of medical providers that supports local nonprofits; the group raised more than $40,000 its first year. It seems fitting that Dr. Lilly and her family once dressed for a fundraising event as The Incredibles, the Disney family whose mission is to do good. Already this young alum can say, mission accomplished.

athletic hall of fame - nicole mullins Nicole Mullins worked her way from walk-on status as a freshman to becoming one of the most decorated gymnasts in UNH history by the conclusion of her senior year in 1994. The Dixfield, Maine, native led the gymnastics team to the ‘94 ECAC Championship, the University’s one and only NCAA Regional Championship and a school-record No. 12 national ranking. On June 23, 2012, she was inducted into the UNH Athletics Hall of Fame. During that memorable senior season, Mullins was named the ECAC Gymnast of the Year and took home the ECAC individual championships in all-around, uneven bars and balance beam. She was named ECAC AllConference in all three of those events and was tabbed to the NCAA AllNortheast Team after winning the AA Regional Title. As a junior in ’93, Nicole was the ECAC champion in all-around and uneven bars, was an NIT All-America First Team member on bars and floor and a Second Team honoree in AA. She was additionally honored as the ECAC Academic Gymnast of the Year, the Wildcats’ team MVP and went on to earn All-Northeast recognition in all-around and on beam. During her sophomore season in ’92, Mullins became just the third student-athlete in UNH history to qualify for the NCAA Championship after capturing the bars crown at the Northeast Regional. She collected UNH’s Most Improved and Most Inspirational awards. Nicole walked on to the UNH gymnastics program as a freshman and earned a full scholarship after a stellar rookie season. She was the gymnastics team’s first-ever, four-time NACGC/W Scholastic All-American, was a two-time UNH Academic Athletic Achievement recipient (1993, ‘94) and was feted as a Wildcat Winner’s Circle Scholar-Athlete in ’93. 38

Wildcat Gymnastics

2013 UNH Gymnastics team guide SPECIAL THANKS TO UNH ALUMNI WHO DONATE THEIR TIME AND EXPERTISE TO THE WILDCATS GYMNASTICS TEAM Dr. Katy Lilly, MD Woodbury Family Practice Newington, N.H. UNH Class of 2000

Jennifer Ganly Dover Dietician/Nutritionist Dover, N.H. UNH Class of 2004

In Memory In November 2000, Katie Baldwin, a 20-year-old University of New Hampshire junior gymnast from Dover, Pa., passed away from a pulmonary embolism. Katie was an exceptional person who touched many lives. She was an outstanding athlete, scholar and friend. When everyone thinks of Katie, they always see her smile. It seems to be a smile that no one can, or will, ever forget. Katie was an NACGC/W Scholastic All-American both of her years and part of the EAGL All-Academic Team in both seasons. She made Dean’s List all four semesters and earned a grade point average of 3.81. She was a Dean’s Scholarship Award recipient and also a UNH academic athletic achievement award recipient in both 1999 and 2000. She was a three-event gymnast for UNH with career highs of 9.75 on bars, 9.575 on beam and 9.6 on the floor. She was named the team’s Most Improved Gymnast in 1999. Following each home meet, the UNH gymnastics staff will select a gymnast to receive the Katie Baldwin Expression Award. This award will be presented to the gymnast who best exemplifies the team spirit, performance artistry and personality of Katie Baldwin. Here is a list of the 2012 recipients: January 15 -Erin Machado vs Penn State January 21- Kate McGeever and Ali Carr vs Pittsburgh February 4- Austyn Fobes vs Yale, Brown February 25- Adrienne Hill vs West Virginia March 3- Kayla Gray vs. Maryland, Bridgeport, Brown March 11 - Danielle Reibold vs Arizona

KATIE BALDWIN Academic Excellence Award The Academic Excellence Award was established in 2002 and is awarded in memory of Katie Baldwin to the gymnast with the highest grade point average. In 2012, Danielle Reibold, a biomedical science major, became the first UNH studentathlete to win the award three times. Reibold garnered recognition for her superb classroom merit one month after becoming the first Wildcat to ever be named the EAGL Scholar-Athlete of the Year. The four-time EAGL All-Academic Team member and four-time NACGC/W Scholastic All-American was the first ‘Cat gymnast to be commended as a league’s top scholar-athlete since Nicole Mullins won the ECAC Academic Gymnast of the Year award in 1993. The Horsham, Pa., native boasted a team-leading 3.82 cumulative grade point average, including a perfect 4.0 GPA during the fall semester, and she made the Dean’s List each of her first semesters as a UNH student-athlete. Past recipients include Michelle Harley (2002), Mellory Giberson (2003), Heather Moore (2004), Lindsay Kovary (2006), two-time honoree Rebekah Porter (2005, 2007), Katie Caliendo (2008) and Courtney Connors (2010).

Danielle Reibold

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Spectators Guide

Vault Vaulting requires speed, quickness and explosive power.

Vaults are divided into three categories; handsprings, Tsukaharas 1/4 & 1/2 turn entry, and round-off entry. The collegiate program has its own table for the starting value of all vaults with a maximum value of 10.0. Deductions may be taken in three phases of the vault — preflight (board to the table), support (when touching table), and after-flight (distance and height) from the table to point of landing. Only one vault will be performed per competitor.

Uneven Bars A bar routine should be composed of elements

In collegiate team competition, six gymnasts perform on each of the four apparatus. The five best scores per event are added together to form the cumulative team total. At least two judges are required to evaluate an athlete’s performance. The scores are averaged to arrive at a final mark. Collegiate programs follow the rules developed for the Level 10 Junior Olympic program with some modifications. Optional routines, put together by the gymnast to express herself through the skills she may perform best, are based from a starting score of 9.5, with a possibility of an additional .5 bonus for performing greater difficulty and special connections of skills. Skills are divided into different categories (A,B,C,D,E), with E containing the highest level of difficulty. Each event has special requirements that must be met. Judges use the following categories to evaluate optional routines: • Value Parts (difficulty) 2.2 • Special Requirements 2.0 • Additive Value 0.5 • Execution, Combination & Artistry 5.3 • Total 10.0 General: Each event has defined basic requirements for choice of elements “up to the competition level.” If not met, the deduction is .10. Other deductions are taken for such things as bent arms and legs, separation of legs, incomplete turns or lack of full stretch and insufficient artistry of presentation.

Common vaults and start values:


Group 1 Handspring 1 1/2 1/1 on-1/1 off Handspring 2/1 Handspring Front Tuck Handspring Front Tuck 1/2 Handspring Front Pike Handspring Front Pike 1/2

9.5 9.8 10.0 9.8 9.9 9.9 10.0

Group 2 Tsukahara Tuck Tsukahara Layout Tsukahara Tuck 1/1 Tsukahara Layout 1/1

9.5 9.8 9.9 10.0

Group 3 (Round-off Entry) - Yurchenko RO,FF-Back Tuck RO,FF-Back Layout RO,FF-Back Layout 1/1 RO,FF-1/2 off Front Layout RO,FF-Back Layout 1 1/2 RO,FF-1/1 on-back pike off

9.5 9.8 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0

Wildcat Gymnastics

from different groups: kips, cast and counter swings, underswing and clear hip circles, giant swings backward and forward, stalder circles and circle swings and hechts. Special requirements include a minimum of two bar changes, two different flight elements, minimum 2 different “C‘s” or a “B” and a “D”, one element with longitudinal axis turn of “C” value or greater and a dismount of at least “C” value. A strong routine shows elements with great amplitude, release moves, grip changes and direction changes and difficulty well-balanced throughout the routine. Pauses for concentration, intermediate swings and uncharacteristic elements are to be avoided. If a fall occurs, the gymnast must resume the exercise within 45 seconds.

Balance Beam

The beam routine should be composed of elements from the following groups: acrobatic elements with and without flight; dance elements such as turns, leaps or jumps and hops; running combinations; balance elements in a stand, sit and lying positions; and body waves. Special requirements of this event are an acrobatic series of a minimum of two flight elements - one which must be at least a C with or without hand support (both elements must start and finish on the beam), dance series of two or more elements one which must be “C’’ value or greater, a minimum of 360 degree turn, a leap or jump requiring 180 degree split (front or side) and at least a “C” dismount or a “B” preceded by and directly connected to any “C” or greater element. Performing on the four-inch beam requires precise movement and intense concentration; each wobble results in a deduction. The routine must finish under 90 seconds. If a fall occurs, a gymnast must resume the exercise within 30 seconds.

Floor Exercise

Floor exercise is a combination of dance, tumbling and acrobatics performed to music. The composition of the exercise must show harmony between gymnastics and acrobatic elements, create dynamic changes in rhythm and levels, and show versatile use of the entire floor. The routine must contain one acrobatic series with two (2) saltos (same or different), OR two (2) directly connected saltos. (If the two (2) saltos are not directly connected, they must be included in an acrobatic series, which is defined as a minimum of three acrobatic flight elements, with or without hand support) Three (3) different saltos are also required throughout the routine. A dance pass with a minimum of two (2), directly or indirectly connected leaps or jumps; one of which is a leap (one foot take-off) requiring a minimum of 180°split fulfills the dance expectations. A minimum of “C” salto as the last isolated salto or within the last salto connection completes the special requirements.


2012-13 UNH Gymnastics Media Guide  
2012-13 UNH Gymnastics Media Guide  

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