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Heathrow: Terminal 3 International Connecting to Terminal 5 International

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Heathrow Airport guide

Flight Connections

Terminal 3 International Connecting to Terminal 5 International Connection time: 90 minutes* Your step-by-step connection plan is as follows.

Welcome to Heathrow! On leaving the aircraft, please follow the purple signs for Flight Connections.

Connections bus A dedicated bus will transfer you between terminals. Buses are free and depart every six to ten minutes.

Airline desks Need to visit your airline's ticket desk? You'll find it here.

Ready to fly Staff will check your ticket to ensure you're in the right place, that your hand baggage meets airline regulations, and that you have enough time to catch your onward flight.

Hand baggage check At this point your hand baggage will be checked to ensure it conforms to UK and EU regulations. Please be aware that liquids in containers over 100ml are not allowed through security. More information about security

Security screening You will pass through security screening at this point. If you are a non-UK resident and have goods to declare to HM Customs, please use the Customs telephone before security control.

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Heathrow: Terminal 3 International Connecting to Terminal 5 International

2014/2/4 上午2:42

Departure lounge Check the screens in the departure lounge, which will be updated when your gate opens and again when your flight is ready for boarding. If you've time to spare, the departure lounge has plenty of facilities to help you relax, including restaurants, shops and seating areas. Please note there are limited facilities at the departure gates.

* Minimum connection times The connection time shown is the standard minimum connection time between terminals published by IATA (the International Air Transport Association). Heathrow Airport Limited is not responsible for the accuracy of this information, nor for any disruption to your journey which this information may cause.

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Heathrow: terminal 3 international connecting to terminal 5 international  
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