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/ THE NEW FLEXIBLE FRIEND Unette understand the value and importance of eye-catching design and endless innovation. They’ve been developing unique packaging solutions for over 50 years and offer an exclusive range of high quality formats for containing and dispensing liquids, creams and gels. More recently, the importance of developing solutions for online retail has soared. The swing to online retailing is making brand holders completely re-think how they package their products. Package weight, cost of delivery and convenience are of increasing importance in driving competative advantage in online retailing. David Rimmer, MD of Unette commented,

“ Our tubes are the brand holder’s and the consumer’s new flexible friend. No-one wants to come home and find the dreaded red card. Our attractive, lightweight, robust tubes coupled with our range of postal cartons are really driving on-line sales for our customers.” A brand that is enjoying extensive recognition together with countless awards and accolades is Absolute Collagen. The Unette sachet provides a daily dose of beauty from the premium collagen drink. Consumers can choose from either a 14 or 28 sachet supply, all wrapped up in a convenient slimline box which can simply be posted through your letterbox.

/ AWARD WINNING SOLUTIONS, FOR AWARD WINNING BRANDS Last year Unette provided the perfect tube packaging for award winning Curapella, in particular, their new ground-breaking product Pellamex. Pellamex, a unique daily food supplement for sensitive skincare, is purchased as one month supply with each box containing 30 sachets. The carton was designed to fit through a standard letterbox, providing the perfect solution for online retail - lightweight, cost effective and easy.

/ HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS DEMAND HIGH QUALITY SERVICE LEVELS Whether you are a car manufacturer or a coffee syrup company, Unette work with you to develop the exciting packaging your product requires to include large volume sampling. The company’s service extends to sourcing product and other packaging, and even to distribution. They can also organise point-of-sale and other merchandising required for retail. So if you’re looking for a bespoke packaging format that’s only available from Unette, in sizes and shapes that will reflect your brand identity talk to the leaders of the pack. You’ll benefit from full customisation that is not available anywhere else.

Pellamex monthly supply - perfect for online retail to fit through a letterbox and single serve tubes to ensure dosage compliance.

If you want to know more about Unette’s range of innovative premium sachet solutions, please get in touch +44(0)1270 668886 - we would love to hear from you

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