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THE RISK TAKER The chances game: As far as the lottery business is concerned, it is not a game but most certainly gambling where the risks are high. Yet, the person buys it taking the risk in the hope of winning a tremendous sum of money. This is all about chances where all the players are given equal chances of winning. But still one gets the opportunity to take home the prize. The probability of winning depends on several factors such as the rules of the game, the method of drawing the lot, the cost of the ticket, the time lapse all which affect in deciding the sole winner. This is a pure chance game and there are no tricks to win and all of these amounts to pure gambling. The many names: Though the whole concept is called as lottery, there are many names that have emerged depending upon the current situation of the market. The organizers get the opportunity to name the game the way they want some of the retailers name it sweepstakes, contests, jackpots, game, just to count a few. They are named differently in different countries and the name is also relevant to the type or the method of how the game is organized. Pure gambling: Though it is called in very subtle terms and names, the whole idea is purely a game of chances and the core of which is pure gambling. Historically, the concept has been carried out in many countries right from the ancient ages. The recorded history of it dates to the before Christ era of ancient china. It is played differently in different countries and even with a country, the concept is played out in different methods and not to mention the prize amount. Open to all: There is no exception to who can play the game and who cannot because of the nature of the lottery system itself. It is open to all of the public who have enough amounts to purchase a ticket by which, you enter into the contest and are in the words called as a member. The scenario across the table which consists of the organizers is also interesting to note. The habit: Lottery business can be very habit forming especially for those who are adamant about winning the next draw when it gets elusive, you still chase it and yet nothing happens, and so over a few times so, it becomes a habit or rather in other words, an addiction. This has broken lotto several families across the world. There were many families which succumbed to this addiction. Whether the person has enough to eat that does not matter he has to have a lottery ticket, and that is how addicting it is! Winners and losers: Just like any lotto other game, there are winners and losers in the case of the lottery as well obviously. The point in the lottery however is that there is a single winner and the rest are whiners! But one can make it happen for more than one if they operate as a group and put in the investment in the tickets as a group and when the draw is a win, you get to share the money and instead of just

one person taking home the prize, there are a group of families who can celebrate the evening together. A fun way to partnership after all! A word of caution: The point here is that one need not be told about the risks involved in the lottery system as people lotto take it knowingly and that is a conscious decision they make, knowing fully well that you may be defeated.

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