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A helping hand


his year more than 200 scholarships, worth a total of $6.4 million, were presented during an annual ceremony at the University of New England that celebrates both the aspirations of outstanding students and the generosity of donors. Addressing the donors, Professor Barber said: “Thank you for your faith in us – and thank you for your faith in our students. We know they’ll do you proud.” The presentation is followed by a celebratory dinner at historic Booloominbah. The dinner is a wonderful opportunity for donors to meet, and form relationships with, the successful scholarship recipients.

L-R: Sue Grace, Tyler Martin (recipient of the Mary Spence Memorial/UNE Country Scholarship), and Cec Spence.

L-R: Joseph Melino (recipient of the Robb College Foundation Darren Ellis Fund Scholarship), Dr Wal Whalley (chair of the Robb College Foundation), Christopher Parker (recipient of the Robb College Foundation Darren Ellis Fund Scholarship)

L-R: Greg Maschio (Joblink Plus), Alexandra Hall (recipient of the Joblink Plus Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship), Rob Hall.


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Newsletter from the Office of Advancement for Alumni and Supporters of UNE