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Little Ida’s Flowers Spring/Summer 2013

“Why do these flowers look so faded?” asked she again, showing him a withered nosegay. “Don’t you know what ails them? answered he; “your flowers have been allnight at a ball, and that’s the reason they all hang their heads.”

The Iris one shoulder camisole (LIF1011) and high waisted panties (LIF1012) in an upsweep, color block running diagonal on the body.

“...and Ida’s flowers all thanked Sophy for the nice bed, and were kind to her, took her into the middle of the floor, where the moon shone in, and danced with her; and all the other flowers formed a circle round her.”

The Sophy romper playsuit (LIF1013) in tea dyed cotton woven with hand pressed ruffles along bloomers, two flower appliques, and center back zipper.

“One morning the Professor came into the garden and remarked that a great stinging nettle was conversing on very intimate terms with a pretty young carnation. ‘You are so beautiful,’ said the nettle to the carnation,’ and I love you so devotedly!’ ”

The Nettle camisole (LIF1014) and high waisted pantaloons (LIF1015) in pinstripe knit, encased gathers of black satin, and satin adjustable straps.

“ have only to whisper it to one flower, that there is a ball to be given at night in the Botanic Garden, and one will tell it to the other till they all know it, and then all the flowers are sure to fly there.�

The Orchid bralette (LIF1016) and ruffled derriere tap shorts (LIF1017) in a black silk rayon with gray pinstripe seersucker ruffles, satin lacing for bralette and side zipper on tap shorts.

The flowers said, ‘We thank you heartily, but we cannot live so long. Tomorrow we shall be quite dead. But tell little Ida she is to bury us out in the garden, where the canary lies; then we shall wake up again in summer, and be far more beautiful.’

The Ivy bralette (LIF1018) and high waisted pantalette (LIF1019) in charcoal gray knit, triple darts for accents, satin adjustable straps.

“Great poppies and peonies blew upon peapods till they were quite red in the face. The blue hyacinths and the little white snowdrops rang just as if they had bells on them. And all the flowers kissed one another.�

The Echinacea bustier bralette (LIF1020) and lace taplette (LIF1021) in chartreuse or jet black knits, ivory or black adjustable straps and venetian laces.

“At last the flowers wished one another good night; then little Ida, too, crept to bed, where she dreamed of all she had seen. When she rose next morning, she took a little paper box, on which were painted beautiful birds, and opened it, and laid the withered flowers in it.�

The Crystal Castle capelet (LIF1022) reversible in chartreuse or jet black knits for one side with pale pink woven on opposite side, cotton twill ties in black or ivory.

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Little Ida's Flowers  

collection ss2013 for Under The Root

Little Ida's Flowers  

collection ss2013 for Under The Root