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Issue 5 SEPTEMBER 2010

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Under The Big top! FRIDAY, OCT. 8, 2010 5:00-8:00 pm

St. James Carnival 2010

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Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! TO ALL OUR CIRCUS FRIENDS Rebecca and I can’t begin to thank each and every one of our St. James families and friends for ALL your generous donations and support. We have raised an amazing amount of money for our children and school. We could not have done it without each of you! It’s families and friends like you that continue to make St. James...The Greatest School on Earth! We’d also would like to give a BIG thank you to all the parents, students and staff that have donated their time and talents to making this the best carnival ever! See you “Under the Big Top!” Judi-A-Rooni & Rebarado Hugs




RAFFLE IS UNDER WAY! Last day to turn in your raffle tickets is Wednesday, October 6th. Tickets are $2/each and this year’s winner will win a $1,000 prize! The raffle winner will be announced Carnival Night.

~ Rosemary & John Campbell ~ ~ Pat & Margaret Culbertson ~ ~ Judy & Frank Foil ~ ~ Tommy & Lynette Frazer ~ ~ Hank & Betsy Harper ~ ~ Cooper & Zoe Harrell ~ ~ Father Mark & Liz Holland ~ ~ Deacon Pat & Mr. Don Lyle ~ ~ Ms. Jane Middleton ~ ~ Alice Pledge Nelson ~ ~ Buddy & Linda Ohmstede~ John & Susan Ozier ~ ~ Rawlston & Amanda Philips ~ ~ Ben & Rieta Reiser ~ ~ Parry Richardson ~ ~ Mary Keith Sentell ~ ~ Jeung Haeng Song ~ ~ Dr. & Mrs. O.M. Thompson, Jr ~ ~ David Warrington ~

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Issue 5: September 2010

Carnival CENTER RING MINI AUCTION MANIA CARNIVAL EVENT PRICING Tickets are available for purchase Carnival night at the Big Top Bank. 1 ticket=.50 cents & Fun Passes: $25.00 Bozo Burger Tickets $8.00 Amusements Monster Spider Jumper- 6 tickets Climbing Wall- 5 tickets/fun pass Giant Slide- 5 tickets/fun pass Obstacle Course- 4 tickets/fun pass Joust- 3 tickets/fun pass Happy Clown Jumper- 2 tickets/fun pass Carousel Jumper- 2 tickets/fun pass Balloon Twister- 2 tickets/fun pass Ball Toss- 1 ticket/fun pass Bulls-Eye- 1 ticket/fun pass Dart Balloon- 1 ticket/fun pass Football Throw- 1 ticket/fun pass Knock Down- 1 ticket/fun pass Ring Toss- 1 ticket/fun pass Hoops- 1 ticket/ fun pass Wheel of Luck- 1 ticket/fun pass Bean Bag Toss- 1 ticket/fun pass Clown Fish Pond- 1 ticket/fun pass Pin-the-Clown-Nose- 1 ticket/fun pass Tattoo Parlor- 1 ticket/fun pass Hair Spray- 2 tickets/fun pass Face Painting- 2 tickets/fun pass Dunking Tank- 2 tickets/fun pass Sand Art- 2 tickets/fun pass Pickens-the-Clown- 1 ticket/fun pass Cake Walk- 2 tickets Circus Family Portrait- 5 tickets Traveling Ring Master- 2-10 tickets Concessions Pizza- 5 tickets Hot Dog- 4 tickets Cotton Candy- 4 tickets Sodas- 2 tickets Water- 3 tickets Carmel Apple- 5 tickets Snowballs- 4 tickets Popcorn- 2 tickets Nachos- 5 tickets Swirly Suckers- 4 tickets Candy- small 2 tickets / large 4 tickets

On Carnival Night, be sure to stop by Bishop’s Hall and get your bid in to: Go back to PreK with Clifford ! Spend the Day as Mrs. Chauviere or

Mrs. Dauthier! Be the proud new owner of one of the

fantastic class theme buckets! Set your own lunch menu for the day! Have a 2010 campus street sign named

after you! Be the host for a day on Bayou St. James! And SOOOOOO much more!

Make your wish list now! Visit us online at for a sneak peek of our available auction items.

family foto fun! COME PLAY DRESS UP CARNIVAL NIGHT! Carnival night don’t forget to get your photos taken at our Family Foto Booth. Dress up in one of our circus act costumes and say “CHEESE” Pictures will be distributed the week after carnival in a “Under The Big Top” photo frame.

Visit us online at

St. James Carnival 2010

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Blessing of The Animals When: 8:10 am

Field Day! 2nd & 3rd Grade When: 9-11 am

Field Day! PreK & 1st Grade When: 9-10:30 am

Picnic Lunch When: Lunchtime

Field Day! Kindergarten When: 11-12:30 am

Wear your carnival t-shirts, suspenders, toesocks and shoelaces to school all week!

Stuff-The-Van When: Lunchtime


FRIDAY Clown Day! When: All Day Wear ALL your clown gear to school with uniform bottoms.

Popcorn & Popsicles When: Lunchtime

Cake Drop Off When: Morning Carpool Balloon Blower Volunteers When: 8:15 am

Field Day! 4th & 5th Grade When: 1-2:45 pm

Last Day to sell Raffle Tickets. All tickets are due Wednesday!

Ice Cream Sundae Bar When: Lunchtime

Candy Estimation! When: Lunchtime

Cake Decorating Contest When: 9:15 am Pie-In-The-Eye Assembly! When: 10:30 am

Magic Show! When: 2:00 pm

Make those cakes for Friday’s contest or pick up one from the store for the Cake Walk!

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Issue 5: September 2010

5th grade carnival spotlight BRENT



“My favorite memories of carnival were when my dad came and I also liked when Mrs. Chauviere kissed a fish. It was a joy to see my dad and it was funny to see Mrs. Chauviere dressed up as a crab and kiss a fish.”

“My favorite carnival memory was when Mrs. Chauviere had to kiss a fish because every student at the school sold at least 2 packs of raffle tickets. Some people sold more than 2 and those substituted for the other people who didn’t sell 2 packs of raffle tickets.”

“My favorite carnival memory was when I won the pie eating contest. I was against Sam R and some other people. I was chowing it down but it was not pie it was pudding. That is my favorite memory.”




“My favorite carnival was the one held in 2008. My favorite memory from the 2008 carnival is the dunking booth. It was so much fun to throw the tennis balls at the button and dunk the fifth grader that was sitting on the board.”

“My favorite carnival memory was in 3rd grade when I won the raffle for selling the most tickets and won a 50 dollar Best Buy gift card.”

“My carnival memory was in 2005 when we got to tie dye t-shirts, and play a all day field day. I loved the carnival that year! That year the carnival was the day before my birthday.”




“My favorite carnival memory is when Mrs. Chauviere kissed a FISH!”

“My favorite memory of carnival was when I was in kindergarten. I was so excited because it was my first carnival. I played lots of games. At the end of carnival I did not want to leave but went home with a big smile.”

“Favorite carnival memories- 1. You can wear costumes, 2. You can play basketball, 3. You can win prizes 4. You can get candy and 5. You can get your face painted.”

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St. James Carnival 2010

5th Grade carnival Spotlight JACK F.



“When I go to the carnival, I always enjoy rock climbing and the twisted ladder and spray painting my hair. Spray painting my hair is the best because I like how it changes my hair color.”

“My favorite carnival memory was the year carnival was the 60’s theme and we did the tie-dyed t-shirts. That was really fun”

“My favorite carnival was last year. I liked it because my mom co-chaired it with Sandy Sadler. I helped pick out the t-shirts. I also got to meet the guy that raises hermit crabs. I also liked the airbrush tattoos. I hope this years carnival is just as good.”




“My favorite carnival memory is the year that we had Jacob’s ladder. The reason why I liked Jacob’s ladder so much is because it’s fun to have someone trying to flip you off. I won it so many times that I could have emptied the bag of prizes!”

“I think the best carnival memory was the Rock Your Socks Off carnival. It was the first one I ever went to and I loved the outfit.”

“This year at carnival I am looking forward to having fun with my friends, playing all the games, and eating cotton candy. I think that this year’s carnival will be very fun!”




“My favorite carnival memory is spending time with Courtney my BFF. I can’t do that now because she moved to Florida, but I will see her sometime soon.”

“My favorite carnival memory was when I saw Mrs. Foster dressed up like that mean octopus in The Little Mermaid.”

“My favorite carnival memory is when one of the boys squirted disappearing ink on me! The boys have done that since the first grade.”

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Issue 5: September 2010

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5th Grade carnival Spotlight MASON


“Some of my favorite Carnival memories are when I won a big chocolate cake at the cake walk, when I got an airbrush tattoo of Mike the Tiger that was black and gold, and when my dad was working the golf booth and I got a hole in one. Carnival is awesome!!!”

“My best time at carnival was the year that I squirted my daddy’s shirt with invisible ink. He was mad at first, and then later laughed when he realized it turned invisible.”




“My favorite carnival memory was when we sponsored the snow cone machine. I got free snow cones during carnival. It was really awesome!”

“I remember when I was little that I would always go on the thing with the sticks with marshmallow like cushions and you had to knock the other person down three times.”



“My favorite carnival memory was the year that we had Pie-In-The-Eye. Everyone was throwing pies at each other and it was a lot of fun. I also remember the year that I won a big chocolate cake at the calk walk booth.”

“My favorite carnival moment was the first thing I did at y first carnival. The first thing I did at my first carnival was the boxing ring. It as so fun even though I lost.”

Visit us online at

If every student sells at least 2 books of tickets, RANDOM winners will get the opportunity to throw a pie at one of our new student council members. If every student sells 4 books of tickets, one student will get the chance to throw a pie at Mrs. Chauviere, “The Boss!”

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St. James Carnival 2010

5th Grade Carnival Spotlight RIAN


“My favorite carnival memory is of the cake walk. It is lots of fun. I also really like the rock climbing wall.”

“My favorite carnival memories are of the dunking booth. I really liked knocking the 5th graders down into the water.”

RING MASTER REMINDER! Popcorn Power Pool! Did you know every SJEDS family is asked to sign up to work a 1 hour booth shift the night of carnival. Please contact Joey “JoJo” Roy at to sign your family up today.



“My favorite carnival memory is when Mrs. Chauviere kissed a fish. If our school raised a lot of money our principal had to kiss a fish. Well we raised also of money so she kissed the fish. Why this is my favorite memory is because it is silly to see a principal kiss a fish.”

“I am looking forward to all kinds of things at carnival this year like the cake walk everyone says that is fun. I am also looking forward to clown day and all the booths. I can’t wait. It is going to be totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

CALLING ALL CLOWN volunteers! Big Top Balloon Blowers: What’s a circus without balloons. Please join us in the front of Bishop’s Hall Friday, Oct. 8th after morning carpool for coffee, donuts and balloon blowing. Set Up Volunteers: It takes a whole lot of clowns to help set up for carnival. If you have any time to give, please join the carnival committee troupe in helping set up for carnival on Friday, October 8th from 11:45 to 3:00 p.m. Moms and dads are both needed! The more the merrier! Clean Up Volunteers: Okay, carnival is over and now we need to clean up! Again moms and dads, we need your help in picking up after carnival from 8:00—10:00 p.m. Please considering staying for a little while after carnival is over to help clean up. The more volunteers we have helping, the quicker we can all go home!

Visit us online at

Issue 5: September 2010

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CARNIVAL WEEK CALENDAR Make sure you Save These Dates! You don’t want to miss out on a minute of the fun Carnival Week! Magnificent Monday, October 4th: ― Blessing of the Animals: Join us with your animal family

members for their own special blessing celebrating the Feast of St. Francis. When: 8:10 a.m. Where: Big Playground ― Stuff the Van: Join our ZANY clown troupe for this

lunchtime challenge! When: 11-1 during lunch recess

Where: Big Playground

Tantalizing Tuesday, October 5th: ― Field Day: Upper grade students will show off their

circus skills in the many wacky, fun events planned by the Fantasmagorical Mrs. Fostey and Razzle McInnee. When: 9-11:00 a.m. Activities for 2nd and 3rd graders 1-2:45 p.m. Activities for 4th and 5th graders Where: Big Playground & Bishops Hall. Wacky Wednesday, October 6th: ― Field Day: A special Field Day is planned for the lower

grade students to show off their Circus skills in the many thrilling events planned this year. When: 9-10:30 a.m. Activities for PreK and 1st graders 11-12:30 p.m. Activities for Kindergarteners Where: Big Playground & Bishops Hall.

RING MASTER REMINDER! HONK! HONK! CLOWN FRIDAY! Don’t forget to wear your clown gear on Friday, October 8th to school. The class with the most clowns will win a lunchtime pizza party!

― “Big Top” Ice Cream Sundae Bar: Lunchtime treat

that’s fun to eat! When: 11-1 during lunch recess Where: Big Playground ― Magic Show: Grand illusions, slights of hand, comedy and more! Winners

of Field Day and Stuff the Van will be announced. When: 2:00 p.m. Where: Bishop’s Hall Visit us online at

St. James Carnival 2010

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CARNIVAL WEEK CALENDAR Thrilling Thursday, October 7th: ― Candy Estimation Contest: Students are invited to guess the

number of candy pieces that are in the candy jar. Closest guess wins a center-ring worthy prize! When: 11-1 during lunch recess Where: Big Playground ― Popcorn and Popsicles: Get ready for a lunch time treat that’s

super sweet to eat! When: 11-1 during lunch recess Where: Big Playground ― Hey Kids….don’t to forget decorate those cakes for Friday’s cake

contest or pick up a cake at the store for our ever popular Calk Walk booth. Fantastical Friday, October 8th: ― Clown Day - All Day!: Dress up in your “circus gear”! Clown gear

can be worn above the shoulders and below the knees. Children must wear uniform bottoms with carnival t-shirt and please NO clown makeup. Class with the most clowns wins a pizza party! ― Cake Decorating Contest: off your cake decorating

skills. Best cakes win a special prize! Volunteers will be collecting the cakes during morning carpool. When: 9:15 a.m. Where: Cafeteria ― Pie-In-The-Eye!:

Whole school assembly to announce the winners of Clown Day, Cake Decorating contest, and Raffle Winner! Will the student council members get a Pie In The Eye! Will Mrs. Chauviere get a Pie in the Eye? Have you sold your raffle tickets yet? When: 10:30 a.m. Where: Bishop’s Hall

― EARLY DISMISSAL 11:40 A.M. ― CARNIVAL!!!!- Join us “Under the Big Top”

When: 5 - 8 p.m. Where: The Greatest School on Earth! Parents are welcome to joins us for all carnival events during the week.

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Issue 5: September 2010



Monster Spider

Clayton Daniel/The Belks


Capitol Buick-Pontiac-GMC


Rieta and Ben Reiser The Beaman Family


The Schuber Family Lindsey & Allie Weinstein The Friloux Family




Joust Lighting

Lily Nguyen 5th Grade Students

Obstacle Course Printing

The Veillon Family Cheryl and Alan Harrell Sally Power


The Willett Family


The Allain Family Carnival Committee Members

Ball Toss

Ryan, Gregory, Griff, George & Owen

Traveling Ring Master

Julian Wiley Carnival Committee Members Cameron Butler


Matthew and Catherine Saurage

Balloon Twister Clean Up

Brian and Shannon Carmouche

Dart Balloons

Dr. T.C. Morgan, Pediatric Dentistry

Mrs. Lutz’s 2nd Grade Class Harper and Eli

Face Painting

Kindergarten Teachers

Catherine and Chris Harrell The Curry Family

Climbing Wall Dunking Booth

Patterson Beaman

Field Day

The Sides Family

Giant Slide

Tony and Victoria Boagni

Magic Show

The McCracken Family

Walk Around Magician Stilt Walker

The Pontif Family The Delahaye Family The Litel Family

Hair Spray Knock Down


Bean Bag Toss Clown Fish Pond

Happy Clown Jumper

1st - 5th Grade Teachers



Chauvie and “The Boss” Ms. Nessie’s Kindergarten Class

Sand Art Sodas

Thomas Odom and Family


Caldwell Graham

Circus Family Portrait

“Miss Angela” AAgelloz Speech and Language

Candy Apples

Aza and Tim Bowlin

Hot Dog Stand

The Lapeyrouse Family

KK and John O. Hearin The Fair Family The Hollis Family James and Olivia Van Hook

Ring Toss

Richard Eckman, D.D.S. Shane Brien, D.D.S.

Mary Francis Sadler

The Whaley Family

Picken’s The Clown

Cotton Candy

Mini Auction

American Rigging Parker Owenby

Football Throw


Matthew Jerry Josh and Tara McCartney Bob and Linda Bowsher The Thom Family Ansley and Cole Brown

Tattoo Parlor

The Mansur Family

Wheel of Luck

The Kellam Family

Cake Walk Clown Day Contest Fun House

Jennifer, Pearson, Reece, and JP Pelloat The Pellegrin Family Chris and Kelly Williams

Postage Stuff the Van

Mimi Weinstein Fran Harbour and Alison Graves

A great big ENORMOUS thank you to our current booth sponsors!

A Big Giant THANK YOU TO OUR 2010 CORPORATE SPONSORS! RING MASTER Cracker Barrel Convenience Stores Marie and Dusty Johnson Charles Carter Construction Co., Inc. Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

LION TAMER The Beaman Family

FLYING TRAPEZE ARTIST Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co., LLC The Hebert Family George & Owen Nassif and Jonathan & Rebecca Hutchens Cole, Ethan & Jett Carmouche Dr. Brandon Romano - Professional Psychology Clinics Sealy & Falgoust Real Estate Stonehenge Capital Company Jolie and Brayden LeBlanc

STRONG MAN The Sessums Family The Benedetto Family John & Celine Miller Surgical Imaging Specialists, Inc. Dupres Printing Gary & T'Lane Field John Luke Boagni The Vidrine Family Amelia & Grace Alexander The Azmeh Family The Nguyen Family Otey White & Associates Advertising The Strain Family Starnes Parker, Inc. The Durable Slate Company Prater, Bailey & Associates, LLC. The Hixon Family Henry Insurance Service, Inc. Environmental Technical Sales, Inc. The Jackson Family Downtown Physical Rehab THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

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