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[Bill Dambrova cont’d] What is it about pressure that makes new work mo’ better? When I’m at my deadline and the piece looks like shit, I start improvising w/ whatever I have around me to try and breathe life back into it. Experimenting this way leads to those aha moments that are exhilarating and lend to new ways of seeing/ bodies of work. How is your connection w/ nature expressed in your work? Nature is infinitely big and small. On the beach I’ll pick up a shell and see the fractal patterns go on forever; I’ll pick up a piece of plastic and see it stops at the first layer. I don’t want my paintings to feel like they’re made of plastic. I want them to feel alive. When, where, how and why does subconscious shine thru new work?

Making art can be like a filter. I’m straining my life experiences subconsciously through the imagery I create. How have you witnessed children interacting w/ your work? During my gallery shows there are tons of kids that don’t realize I’m the artist standing next to them eavesdropping. I’d like to think that I don’t make the concepts in my paintings that easy to get. I layer them w/ imagery and try my best to make sure they don’t get too literal so people can see new things in them that maybe I hadn’t even thought of. These kids are sharp. After looking at one of my paintings a teenage girl said, “Maybe if we visualize healing in our own bodies when we meditate we can help ourselves heal faster from things like disease.”

There may be hope for our future yet... The words “serial chiller” come to mind when looking thru your pics... How’s this make you feel? I try to make paintings that you can stare at for longer than the average 3 seconds people spend looking at art. Some of the best compliments are from people that have taken the time to sit and relax w/ them for longer periods of time and allowed some of the deeper meanings to appear. The image I get from your comment is a room full of my paintings w/ couches, pillows, furry carpet and folks all snuggled-up looking at my paintings w/ some ambient electronic music playing in the background. What’s next? Anything goes right now. Artwise, once I get back from my trip,

Probably, I mean, I foresee a major shift we’re definitely tryin my imagery. I want to push the expresing to put something sive mark making and together, but it takes abstract side more— time. We’ll see what that’s all I know. comes up. Any shout-outs? Has your working Yeah, thanks to the Artogether enabled izona and New Mexico progression? art communities for alAbsolutely. Exercises like these are key to lowing me to plug right reflecting on one’s own in and feel good about work, and they always what I’m doing here. turn out to be rewarding. [Diego Berjon cont’d] I’m actually in touch We bumped into each other one day and “got w/ two people abroad, Kate and another arton as a house on fire,” as she says. There was ist Gian Garofalo, w/ whom I talk, discuss, a mutual appreciation for each others’ work reflect and exchange and, at some point, we opinions on a regular decided to start collabbasis. orating. Our styles are What happens when absolutely different: you die? from aesthetics to tech- Nothing happens... Not nique, to everything. even black. So we thought it would How important is it to be at least interesting try new things? to see how our work Very important. But would clash...and so we only as long as you try did. your own new things; And you two crushed not somebody else’s. it—any further plans? That’s the difference

between creating and consuming. Why’d you agree to this feature? Why not? What’s next? Well, I don’t know... But that’s the fun part. Any shout-outs? Kate and Gian. [Amadeus The Stampede cont’d] How much pressure can you handle? How much what? How much pressure. Can I handle? Yeah... Um, well... I think I can handle a lot, because I live w/ schizophrenia, which is like the worst mental illness known to mankind. And I believe I’m doing a good job in handling it. You know, in just meeting me for the first time you couldn’t tell anything was wrong w/ me. And...I think I’m kicking schizophrenia’s ass. My moms is

close to retiring, I have level. that we all... I mean, as a son, I have my girl, What’s built like a card human beings, right— I have my family and, house? it’s hard to just be. And and the dudes I grew You know what can I think what I’ve been up w/ that rely on me fall apart real easy through, as far as situfor a lot. And I’m there. is the human mind. ations in life: I’ve seen I’m a reliable person. everything. But it’s It’s all relative, like I got the world on my somebody who’s dog not the things that I’ve shoulders and you died when they were been through that have know what—it feels made me what I am, 9 years old probably like dandruff. Know felt just as bad as I did it’s how I’ve dealt with what I mean? those situations that when my brother got What makes you murdered, or when made me the man I am unique? my other brother died today. My mind: The way I’m Have you found relief from AIDS. You see wired. I can handle a thru music? what I’m saying? And goon from the hood. I this is where people Hold on, there was car can handle a professor don’t connect because bumping some music... from Harvard. I can a lot of people will say, What was that? handle the president Have you found relief “Well, he ain’t been of the United States. through shit.” Nah, you thru music? Like if I can handle anybody you’re having probdon’t know how trauand deal w/ them on ma effected that per- lems/facing difficulties, an intelligent, respect- son. It’s all relative; it’s do you find relief in where you’re from. making new music? ful level as equals and Does violence solve My music is very canot have to be worried thartic for me. problems? about being drownedout by something else Violence solves violent Oh, shit! There’s a racproblems. coon! Damn, that’s big that’s going on at the What have you gone as shit! time. I can keep peoUm, my music is caple’s attention, and thru to make you who you are today? thartic because, like, I can express myself I’ll have an idea about well enough to where Breathing. Waking up we can connect on any in the morning. I think something and...I write

it, I record it, and I listen to it. Then I’m over it. Onto the next. I evolve through music. What crews you repping? Greater Good, Tasmanian Cannibals, Born Losers, Pain Killer Crew, Zombie Death Squad and Yard Boy Goons (which is my personal thing). What’s next? I got Yard Boy Goons Goonism 101 coming out soon on Stampede Media. I have Tasmanian Cannibals that I’m putting together soon. And Spilling Blood on the Dance Floor is definitely out there—it’s eclectic, wide-ranged and diverse—please cop it. If you’re a music connoisseur that should be in...all my albums should be in your collection, whether digitally or physically. Cop Amadeus The Stampede’s music. It’s top of the line.

Any shout-outs? Shout-out everybody who’s involved w/ music; not hip-hop, not rock, just music in general. Every person on the face of the Earth that can hear, loves music. So I’m shouting-out all my music lovers. [StoneXSober cont’d] How’s the I.E. contributed to your style? The I.E. is full of spitters... The lyricism is strong here: from Sly Boogy to Dirty Birdy, to Dr. Stank, to Noa James and Triune. But we’ve also become a melting pot for the styles that people automatically assume come from L.A. but, really, come from a place an hour east of the Hollywood sign. I think we’re the music industries best kept secret. What’s it all for? For love and freedom. The freedom to do

what we love. The freedom to be whoever the hell we want to be and be happy doing it. What if this all a big simulation, like in The Matriceses? Then I’m happy whoever is running it made us entertaining as hell. What’s next? More shows, new music and blessings. There are great things presenting themselves...we just have to be prepared to accept them the right way. Any shout-outs? Shout-out to everyone that supports us. We love the hell out of all of you. Of course shout-out to the entire O.E. team: GQ, Jay Kasai, CJ Westley, Tru Speech, KIT, Nabeyin, Oh Gosh Leotus and King THC. And, lastly, RIP to Byrd: You touched the lives of many in the scene and beyond. You’ll never be forgotten.


Establishing a network of Artists, Musicians, and Iconoclasts.


Establishing a network of Artists, Musicians, and Iconoclasts.