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How To Get Stickers For FREE!!! So you want some free stickers, huh? I feel that. First you gotta go to and set up an account. I know, I know, it’s a pain in the ass, but once it’s done, free stickers forever! So head over to the computer and get to and click on the Sign In link on the top right corner. Then click on the Sign Up link to the right of the Sign In link on that page. Now here’s the fun part, picking out your screen name and password information, oh boy! Make sure you choose something you won’t forget 5 minutes from now. After filling out the plethora of information they require, you’re in. A page of links should pop-up after accepting the USPS Terms of Service or whatevs. Click on the Postal Store link. Once you’re there, locate the For Mailing/Shipping button and scroll down to the Priority Mail tab. Boom—you’re almost there. At the bottom of the page click the View All button. Ahh yeah! Scroll down to sticker town. There they are slap-dab in the middle, all the Priority Mail stickers you can handle. Now you can order ‘em up, 500 at a time, straight to the crib. Player! Just more pocketing all the labels at the Post Office. You’ve got the juice now, brosef. So do it—get you some stickers, slap ‘em up and get that hood fame you oh so crave!

How To Make Wheat PASTE!!! Go buy some flour, unless you have some at the crib. I’d recommend some cheap $1 flour for this. As for the rest of the ingredients, they’re pretty much regular household materials... So make it happen, captain! Ingredients: flour, water, pot, stove, stirring utensil, container for the paste and sugar (optional). First figure out how much paste you want to make. Then bust out a cup of flour for every four cups of water (1:4 ratio) in a pot. I trust you can do the math. Make sure you mix that shit until it’s smoove, player. We don’t want any clumping up in this beeyatch, now do we? After mixing that shit down, place the pot on the stove at medium heat. Make sure you stir regularly, doods and doodettes. When it comes to boil, you might find that it starts to get chunky at the bottom of the mixture, break this crap up by stirring like crazy. As the mixture boils, it’ll begin to get thicker & thicker and start to turn into a glue-like goo. When you get to this point that means you did it, big gal and/or guy! If you want toss a little sugar in that joint for that extra stickiness, I wouldn’t be against it. But be sure to pull it off the stove so we don’t burn the sugar in the process. Now you’re a champ! Pour the mixture into whatever container you found around the house and get to action! I’d have to recommend some serious flyering. So get out there and have some fun...

Who are you? Joseph Campbell. Where do you live? Kingsburg, California. What do you do? Unicycle trials, which means going over insane obstacles on a unicycle: jumping off roofs, stairs, ledges, etc. Watch my video and you’ll see—no games, just trials moves that I do on my uni to make it over an obstacle. When did you start? I started busting in July 2007. When was your first competition? October 2007—just a few months after I started—and I got last place... What would you like to

gain from your riding? Fun and a sense of accomplishment. What would you like your audience to gain from your riding? It would be nice if they instantly went out and picked up a uni or bike and started riding some trials, too. Who or what are your biggest influences? Mountain bike trials. What keeps you up at night? Thinking of how I can bring my life from an 8 out of 10, to a 10 out of 10. What’s next? Tons of trials competitions, and the incorporation of unicycle trials into the mountain bike trials world.

What up! How have you been? Cool, man. I’m in the studio right now with the homie/ audio engineer Mark Stone. We’re mixing one of my tracks for this compilation I was asked to be a part of called Beat LA. It’s a benefit for children with AIDS. The label is called Great Minds, and their idea is taking current Los Angeles, California, artists and having them cover old LA bands, especially punk bands. Seeing that I now live in LA and have for past three years, I guess I can pass that prerequisite. The song I’m doing is called “Gidget Goes To Hell” by Suburban Lawns. How did you get involved with this benefit? I was asked to contribute, I liked the idea, and I was down for the cause. Word. How exactly does

this benefit children with AIDS? I won’t know the details until next week. It’s gonna be a proceeds deal, I think... What are your ties to Fresno, California, GAS Crew and Freeksho? Fresno is where I was born and raised. I have a lot of friends and support there. Freeksho; we should start off by letting your readers know who or what Freeksho is... Freeksho’s an underground, abstract hiphop crew, whose most active period was from 1994-2004, out of Fresno. There were members before and after that period, but I feel that block of time was its most prolific era. What are my ties? None, except that most of the kids from that crew are still my good friends, and I drop beats for them to rap to from time

to time. It was an incubation tank—a place where we freely worked and grew together. I developed into a beatmaker while in Fresno and was active in the crew at that time. Flued and Obsidian are original members who continue to rep and perform locally more often. DJ Ebb (aka Hypnosis) also spins often in the area. To be continued... As far as the GAS Crew goes, I was introduced to the techniques and etiquette of graffiti by Flued, who was going to Fresno High School at the time. I came up with “Gas” as my name to write and did so for a little while, but Flued had bigger aspirations and thought we should incorporate the name Gas into a crew. I signed on for that, and we recruited Oskoe: who basically wrote on anything and everything with a

certain grace and fearlessness. That was the beginning for me, and as time went on the crew grew and became what it became. I liked doing stencil art and stickers, but was only active with that for about a year. For me graffiti was rad, but had its limitations, and I didn’t care for the hood politics. So many amazing people have written for/with GAS Crew. I won’t go into a roll call, but I’ll say that I was there in the beginning, and that it was an exciting time. What can we expect to see from you in the future? In the future...I’m not sure yet. From this point things should get interesting. I feel like everythings only going to get better from here on in sound-wise. Unearthed is my current release, but much of it was created years ago. I listen to

it with pride, because even though it’s been with me for so long, it stands the test of time and tells a story. Really that, along with my production on Octavius’ Audio Noir, have gotten me to the point where I have a high standard to uphold. I don’t worry about the music and what I’m gonna do, as much as where and when I’m gonna do it. Time is a bitch, and I still have a day job and a relationship to keep up. New stuff is being produced with new gear in a new place at a new era. I’m trying out new methods in the creative process as well. I’m constantly working on shit, but not releasing anything just yet. Since we last interviewed, I’ve done some shows, and they all have been pretty great. I’m doing my first experimental/ ambient set on September 23,

2010, at Jimmy’s Lounge for a John Coltrane tribute show. It’ll be recorded and podcasted by Radio Automata—peep out Radio Automata! How has your creative process evolved over time? It’s become a little more thought out in terms of themes and intention. Lately I’ve been focusing on the essence of the track. My exploration of sounds and melody are generally the same—the overall quality of the production has improved, but the weight and rich textures are still there. I continue to toggle between dark and beautiful sounds. It’s more focused. You’ve demonstrated tremendous range with your works over time, what direction can we expect to see from you with upcoming material?

Thanks. Probably some beatbased stuff, I don’t know—it just depends on what sticks to the wall. I’m basically creating unique sets for shows... I think that the best of those tracks might turn into records. I may do some futuristic hip-hop, noise beats, or some crazy, random sound-montage type shit... I don’t really know. Any shout-outs? Big ups to UNDR RPBLC, Lurk Hard, BriEfcAse Rockers, Track Number Records, 4AM, GAS Crew, M Audio, vAGUE narcissist and Josh Wigger.




Deep Silver

The Blueprint 3

Iced Coffee

The Antidote

Cursed Mountain

On his eleventh studio album, Jay-Z is right on time with The Blueprint 3. At a time when pop hip-hop has gone auto-tune wild, Jay-Z addresses this exact topic on “D.O.A.” proclaiming, “This is anti auto-tune.” On the brash “Thank You,” Jay spits: “I was gonna kill a couple rappers, but they did it to themselves. I was gonna do it with the flow, but they did it to themselves.” Well, the flow is that go. Jay-Z covers ground quickly, making for a well-rounded, store ready album. “On to the Next One” makes light of Jay’s need for progression over a Swiss Beats banger. Together with the previous ten albums, Jay-Z hits the nail on the head by dropping a solid album and continues to uphold his (debatable) title as greatest emcee ever.

This one’s for all you coffee lovers out there, myself included. We all enjoy a nice cup of joe, but why not ice that shit? This way you can gurp that shit down like no other... It’s great for that go, or the guy or gal on the go. How do you make iced coffee, you ask… Well, it’s simple. Brew up some coffee, pour it over ice—and booyakasha—iced motherfuckin’ coffee. I like mines with a grip of sugar and milk just to make it sure it goes down real smoove-like. In fact, I just gurped a glass right before I wrote this here review, but you already probably knew that from the smart-alec-y demeanor in which it’s written.

Fashawn’s new mixtape, The Antidote, comes clean as the prequel to his upcoming album, Boy Meets World. Boasting beats from The Alchemist, you can trust for soulful production to lend to Fashawn’s flow. “Wonder how many syllables I can cram in a sentence? Like a general I command your attention.” By releasing The Antidote as a free mixtape, Fashawn is doing just that. “When I rock I’m just ruffling ni**as feathers. I’m hot, sit and watch as what I say manifests. Take caution before you say I’m the best.” Considering the quality displayed here as a free giveaway, hopes are set high for the upcoming Boy Meets World album release. So take the time and download this free mixtape.

Have you seen that Gamefly commercial where the people are breaking shit because the video game that they just bought sucks? Well, this game isn’t that bad, but you get the picture. Cursed Mountain’s game play is pretty freakin’ slow and the controls suck. I mean c’mon now, this is the fuckin’ Wii, and I’m pressing up to climb? Let’s get some climbing-action cracking up in this piece. Other than that, the game’s graphics are pretty dope. I got a real eerie-ish feeling playing this game, and the game’s slow speed plays into that aesthetic. The storyline’s good, and it’s also pretty short; like ten hours or so. So it’s not a huge commitment. All in all, I’d rather be blastin’ some fools or knocking some mofos out...



EA Games


The Holy Mountain

Only Built For Cuban Links... Pt. II

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition

Toro Habinero

Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II is finally here, and it was well worth the wait. Rae comes through with a solid twenty-two tracks of that pure gritty rap style that he’s championed. With top-notch production all around from the Rza to J-Dilla, to Pete Rock, you can’t miss. Not to mention all the features from the Wu Family, together with Slick Rick, Beanie Segal, Jadakiss, Styles P, Busta Rhymes and Lyfe Jennings. On the Alchemist produced “Surgical Gloves,” Rae displays his thoughts with: “X6s red, up in Albany with the dreads. Bags of black, fuck the feds.” On “That Lifestyle,” Rae spits: “Fishscalers, I live in elevators and gross all this paper. Profit maker, lay there and post.” Do yourself a favor and go cop this one.

I know, I know, this game is a little old now, but The Godfather: Blackhand Edition is my shit! First off, you can design your character to look exactly like you, which is awesome. Then you can roll around doing all the missions, or just blurping anything and everything that moves, like in Grand Theft Auto. The game’s storyline follows the movie extremely well, but makes room for plenty of side action. The controls are off the hook, too—imagine GTA with a little Punch Out action thrown in... And on top of all that pure awesomeness, the graphics are fresh ta boot. So the next time you wanna kill a bunch motherfuckas, pretend you’re a gangster or release some pent-up stress: Play this game! Capice?

If you’re in the mood for some far-out shit, then watch this motherfuckin’ movie! Jodorowsky is a madman for this one. It even starts out on some whole-other type shit. Oh and ladies, this one might not be for you. At least all the women I’ve played it for were pretty disturbed by its contents. But doods, this is some classic, cult shit for that ass. The flick focuses on a Christ-like main character in his search for enlightenment. Step by step his evolution is depicted through metaphor and action. As he reaches the highest heights, The Alchemist (Jodorowsky) schools him on how the game goes. On top of writing, directing, producing, creating all the set designs and costumes, and starring in the movie, Jodorowsky also penned the score. Absolutely amazing!

These fiery little fuckers got flava—like a karate kick straight to your muthafuckin’ tastebuds!!! Doritos does it with these bad boys! But really, this is one of them new joints from the fine folks at Doritos, and they’ve outdone themselves once again. Pure habanero heaven in a 2 and one-eighth ounce bag for 99 cents, available at all corner stores, bodegas and taco trucks right around the corner from wherever the hell you’re at. So if your girl just dumped your ass, you just broke your skateboard deck, your parents are getting a divorce, you’re getting a divorce, your hamster just died, whatevs...go grab yourself a bag, have a snack attack and shit some FIRE!!!


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