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The Arrival “The universe is full of stars some brighter than others, some more massive but only one, that we know, shines on life. Before even stars there was only gas, over eons of time heat gave birth to the stars. The stars in turn gave birth, through fusion, to all the rest of the elements needed to build the universe as we now know it. Still, as far as we know, only around one star is there life able to perceive the eons of time it took to build everything. Human beings are the pinnacle of the capability for life to be able to understand life. Over time, man developed to the point where space was the only place left to explore in effort to understand life’s place in the universe. We children, are the descendants of those sent into outer space to learn as much as we possibly can in an effort to pay our respects to the river of time which has lead us here. For once, there were those people that did not concern themselves to learn. Those that would by withholding knowledge, oppress others more ignorant than they. Expending every effort, even to the lengths of killing, to maintain power and rule by fear. Each of us choose to be that which comes natural to us, for we are able to follow our educational intuition as we feel. Once, the structure of society that man lived under allowed only conformity. The educational system of such a society does not allow individual intuition to guide ones education. Rather, a structured and rigid maze with one set path is set before each individual at the cost of nothing less than the

3 U n I Vs truth. Societies all over our world took advantage of the ignorance poisoned populations, gathering opposing masses of people together for the express purpose of exterminating one another. We call this war, masses of people suffered and died for centuries fighting wars for every reason they could think of. Eventually remembering what their primitive brothers had learned long ago, we are all one. All united and after many prosperous years, they sent us into space to learn. You children are descendant from those first sent out into the universe, and now after losing contact, we have returned to the planet which we left so many years ago, after wars.”

The Warrior Poets Finding in the orbit of the earth only misshapen forms of satellites and space stations, the only course of action to make contact left is… sending someone to the surface. “Who shall be sent?” “The only choice is a warrior poet.” “No, we send scientists.”

4 U n I Vs “There can be only one, the risk of sending two is losing two. The scientist will be sent after the poet, for the warrior poets are most capable of dealing with unknown and unforeseeable events, relying on their reflexes rather than making plans. After we discover a safe place to shuttle more, we will send all those we need into a safe environment.� The decision being made, the oldest of the warrior poets, an example of the finest poets, made ready. Learning that people have inside of them the capability of both love and war, the warrior poet has been the path chosen by those that can know how to hate what they love. Those able to cast off concern for themselves for the concern of another. For in truth we have learned to use war to protect, not to destroy.

The Suits The oldest of the warrior poets had forgotten his age. With technology able to sustain biological bodies indefinitely as well as enhance them significantly, the old poet knew no pains of age. The suits are able to withstand any atmosphere, any temperature, and require only movement to maintain power. The oldest poet wore the oldest suit, specially designed and redesigned with the progress of technology. The warrior had become so much a part of his suit that all the enhancements the suit offered, like flying and breathing anywhere, had become as thoughtless as walking.

5 U n I Vs Free to fear no change in one’s atmosphere grants one all the freedoms man has ever desired. Truly any one can do anything they want to. In such a society it is pointless to try to overpower any one, and everyone is free to share to learn instead of fight to win. It was with this spirit the oldest of the warrior poets began to prepare to discover the undiscovered. The Earth Once prepared, it was only a short flight in a drop ship to get to the surface of the earth. Upon arrival the warrior poets primary task was to establish the safety of further expeditions, by assessing the climate as well the inhabitants. There was something abnormal traveling through the atmosphere. Instead of the cloud cities he was expecting, a scarred an unfamiliar land scape revealed itself to the lone pilot. To his astonishment a landscape of hellish fires and scorched earth slowly began to become visible through a haze of glowing smoke columns. There was no trace of the grand floating cities and sky ways which the people had built to give more space to population and to leave more land to the animals of the world. Staring in disbelief the pilot forgot about flying and was wrenched back into the cockpit by an alarm warning of a radar contact closing on his position. The speed at which it approached indicated it was a projectile, rather than another aircraft. Raising the shields of his vessel, the pilot became even more confused with the events he had flown into. Any projectile had little chance of damaging the dropship with its shields up, what was happening here on earth?! Feeling a need to discover the answer covertly, the pilot altered course towards the frozen southern pole. Contacting the Luna II, the pilot informed his crew that it was not yet safe to send others and that he did not know why?......Yet.

6 U n I Vs The Landing Regaining altitude, the short flight to the pole proved to be worthwhile as there seemed no signs of habitation. He set his controls to hover at one thousand feet and stepped out of the hatch. Enjoying a moment of free fall before engaging his suits’ laser thrusters, he touched down on solid ice as light as a snow flake. His organic mind was just about to move his mechanical body forward when he froze, overcome by hesitation. He did not know which direction to go. His first instinct was to track down what ever had shot at him. Now in the frozen air under a crystal blue sky dotted with cotton ball clouds, he realigned himself with the tranquil chaos of the universe and knelt down in the snow and thought.

The Poets Past He began in the moment, concentrating on his surroundings. Focusing on the crisp air, distant waves and slight breeze. Then expanding his mental picture to include first the ice shelf on which he rested, then the ocean around them, all the animals on the ice, in the sky and under the water. The other continents and their vast plains, dust blown deserts, deep forests and dark jungles along with immense ranges of mountains scraping the sky all became clear in his mind eye. He drifted to his space ship home and all of his companions onboard, then time began to slip away and all moved backwards. Seeing through his memories eyes, visions of his perception of the thread of time he had traveled along focused and faded into each other. Everything experienced in space streamed through his thoughts, a current of synapses connected the circuits of history back, past the

7 U n I Vs launch from space station EARTH II and he saw the world as it was when he left it. A view from space of the darkside of earth speckled with the light of civilization and the sun breaking the horizon with the pure blue of the oceans made him smile, with his eyes closed kneeling in the gusting arctic wind. His thoughts descended into the atmosphere and over the grand sky cities floating over the cloud banks under translucent air filled artificial clouds glowing from heaters illuminating their skin, like giant floating jelly fish with skyscrapers and superstructure suspend in tentacles. Before allowing himself to the land he was born of, floating above the earth, he allowed himself a moment to let his mind fly across the great green planet still spiked with the towers of human habitation, but it was the vast wilderness teaming with herbivores and predators backed by breathtaking scenery that made him pause in time, filled with gratitude in awareness of the chain of evolution that allowed life to see all of its history in his species. Taking a breath before drifting his thoughts into the city, a forest of the wonders of human adaptation surrounded him. Instantly he found in his mind all of his earthly friends and neighbors, reminiscing times shared and time alone, feeling happy and being sad, excitements of love and success in a time before the cities hung from jellyfish clouds. He was finally home, in a city still firmly rooted in bedrock.

This was a time before the end of war and the poets’ entire body tensed and shuddered as he remembered WAR.

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The Last War He remembered war as a child seemed as common and normal for adults as any other business. There were the soldiers, the workers and the suits, the children imitated all in their play, but mostly they pretended killing each other. The poets’ father, he was a worker, and when asked of war replied “We fight for freedom, while others fight for power. We as a people should be governed by the majority, it is called democracy. Democracy is an ancient Greek word best translated by a man called Abraham Lincoln who said “A government of the people, by the people, for the people." Sometimes we forget the way we should live and fall into minority rule. We let a small group of people, so rich they are detached from the people, govern the people’s lives. The people aspire to be like them, pretending to be rich too, and desire to detach from their neighbors by placing value on dollars instead of sense. People begin to lust for power and money so much they are willing to kill for both, not realizing there are only so many of us and a ruler sitting on a throne of blood has no subjects to rule. There are times as well! That we do remember as a people how to live as people. When leaders rule with love, people will fight to the end with a faith for a better world and in that world there is no war my son." The poet asked his father to teach him his trade. As he learned and lived he could see all around him how people misplaced successes with money and separated themselves accordingly.

9 U n I Vs Work Father and son soon began to spend most all of their time together, keeping the same schedule. They would wake together, eat together, work together, relax together and go to sleep at the same times. The father learning from the son and the son learning from the father kept them both searching for truth. Relaxing together they would talk of the ways of the world and their places in it, the things they felt could be changed and the traditions that must be maintained. The father took the time to teach the son every aspect of his career, building the future working on projects that benefit all of man and with the insights of the son, they built everything together from buildings to bridges and ships larger than any building or bridge. Then, they helped to build the first Sky Cargo Ship, the largest flying machine ever built. A flying city that would change the world. The Ship That Changed the World As the ship was completed it was named "Hermes" and took to the air as a messenger for all goods and services. Capable of transporting far more cargo and weight than any other transport service available, the world was unaware of the effect Hermes would have towards the progress of life. Hermes slowly began to transform from a flying cargo ship into a flying city. As the population began to include crew members’ families and the families were the first to begin to offer goods and services aboard ship. As their business grew, the demand for more people to crew the ship grew. Eventually, the ship became prime real estate to all the world. People from all over the world moved onto the ship and created a community in the clouds, inspiring the building of more flying city ships. Before long, more people of the planet earth lived in the sky than on

10 U n I Vs the ground. The animals and forests began to advance into land that was previously reserved for ranching and farming and more animals and farms were brought into the sky. Robots were built on Hermes to assist the crew in their work and had become a standard in health care and security on all ship cities. They were soon used to automate care for the farms and industry left on the ground, giving more people the freedom to move into the sky. The Robots The robots, remembering the world before humanity created the robots made the poet happy. Computers made life easier but most problems required the balance of mind and emotion found in a human for a solution. As computer intelligence and processing speed increased, more and more labor was given to robots to do. Robots could be programed to be the best technical surgeons, teachers and soldiers and could even build and program themselves. The human population prospered from their technical advances but some did not want to share the prosperity. They programed robot soldiers and security to conquer and oppress. Others built robot soldiers and………World War 3….the poets smile faded. The memories of the war he fought in so long ago began to rise and he opened his eyes, looked to the sky and prayed. “Please don't make me see war again.” Who Fired that Shot High on the top of a South American Mountain, in an ancient fortress which had never been conquered, another old soul was wondering what it was that he had shot at flying through the air? Had some new weapon been developed by the corporations? They had banned together,

11 U n I Vs taking sides against other corporations, in efforts to control the resources of the universe. After the robot wars, peace had unified the population but part of the population had become vengeful. Those that had previously profited from war and weapon development lusted for the power and control they once had. Corporations began to hire mercenary armies to attack other corporate facilities, like offices and factories, to justify investing in weapons. Corporations used their armies to govern territory which created a feudal system run by CEO Warlords. Part of their weapons development had created a system of anti-air defense that was impenetrable. The system relied on an array of weapons aimed with an array of sensors that detected and destroyed anything that was in the air, even birds learned to avoid certain areas. Maybe it was not functioning and the craft had been able to penetrate the system? Or, could it be the system was turned off for the craft? The anti-air system was developed by one CEO Warlord who had used the advantage as an offensive action, which took control of many territories, until spies were able to enable others to copy and replicate the system. At which point a stale mate had developed and ensued for the past decade. The soldier thought about how to discover the origins of the craft, thinking of leaving the safety of the fortress was dangerous. He decided that he would wait and see if the shot he fired through the air would be get a reaction from anyone. He prepared his defense in anticipation and thought of the coming encounter. His defense prepared, he positioned himself as sentry and waited.

12 U n I Vs

The Soldier The soldier had never wanted to be a soldier and had never joined a military, he was a soldier for truth and not for man. Unwilling to join with the corporations and too young to fight during the robot wars he worked odd jobs his entire life until, the corporate wars made it impossible. When they took control of territory with their armies, all business in the territory became part of that corporation and had to share a large percentage of their profit with the corporation in control. This is when the worker became a soldier, he had become a rebel and armed himself by taking from the corporations. He had become a type of Robin Hood who was wanted by many CEO Warlords, along with many fellow rebels. At his sentry post he could wait for days without having to move, also being equipped with a survival suit, he was adequately prepared to wait for weeks. The survival suit was a stolen standard issue exo-skeleton which most corporate soldiers were equipped with. The suits used by the earth soldiers did not incorporate features like flying because of the air defense system and while suitable for surviving earths’ climate, they were not able to survive out-side it, underwater models were specially designed and mostly only used in aquatic environments because the added weight of the life support system used to much energy on land. They did have air filtration, fluid recycling and a short supply of vitamins and water with increased strength, endurance and armor. It wasn’t long he would have to wait, thanks to the poets suits’ capability to endure almost any environment.

13 U n I Vs The Fierce People For centuries the people of Patagonia have been called “the fierce people” because of the harsh environment which they inhabit, far at the southern tip of the South American continent. Aware of the outside world, but far from it, the isolated people follow traditions from too long ago for anyone to remember. They are aware of the war which is taking place and see it as immature, feeling that eventually the wars will end and people will work together as custodians of the planet, as they did in the past. They also remembered Luna II and when a stranger stepped out of the freezing ocean, they were unafraid. The poet first met fishermen on the shore, where a delta formed from a mountain river which flowed from high in the snowcapped mountains. Amazed, but without fear they welcomed him ashore and though the poet didn’t speak, or understand, their language the suit was capable of translating both what he heard and said. He was very happy to meet such welcoming and friendly people and they all traveled to the fishermen’s village talking and laughing together, getting to know each other.

When they arrived, all of the village came out to meet the poet who enjoyed being introduced to the entire community. As the initial excitement calmed down, they all gathered together to eat and talk of more serious matters. During the meal everyone came to understand the origins of the stranger and while his arrival was unexpected, they all were aware of the spaceship and its’ mission. Though far from the civilized world, the fierce people understood their position in the world and the major news regarding human accomplishments and regressions reached

14 U n I Vs them eventually. As they finished eating, the children were taken home and he began to become aware of the current state of affairs on Earth. It seemed as though he would again, be witness to war.

Past, present, future To the fierce people, as well as many other people, the past, the future and the present all exist at once. What was done in the past creates the present, then what’s done in the present creates the future. The present, to the poet, was a mystery because he didn’t know the portion of the past which had created the present reality. This became apparent to the fierce people who wanted to ascertain his intentions and the poet realized he could ascertain the knowledge to remove the mystery of the current reality from them and they, in turn would know why he had come to their village. He asked if they knew of the floating city The Hermes, they did. Then he questioned their memory of the Robot World War and told them how he had first worked on the floating city and then fought for peace, defending his home in the Robot War. They all told him how the floating cities had become immense flying fortresses surrounded by robotic drones and fighter planes like huge bee hives shadowing over all they controlled. Bee hive to bee hive they clashed from land and air in the horrific battles of merciless forces

15 U n I Vs that killed scores of people just as quickly and indiscriminately as the machine gun of World War 1 and the cannons of navy war ships with train car sized bullets. His eyes were filled with tears as his mind was flooded with the imagery of the memories of war. He asked if they remembered the peace that came after the Robot War, when they had launched Luna II, war seemed to be finished he said. Just as at the conclusion of the first two World Wars, the populations had all proclaimed peace and formed institutions to uphold justice which didn’t last. Neither did the peace and justice of the era of the launch last. It had been years, since the launch, the Luna II had lost contact with Earth. He wondered could it really have happened so fast and then remembered the intervals between other wars and became sad. Understanding his intentions to be that of a man who seeks peace, the villagers told him of the past how they remembered it. Evolution Long ago they said, man was the same as all of the other animals, then we began to make tools from the resources available and to learn. Most of the important advances in all of human history happened in the Stone Age, before we could utilize metals. We became aware of the workings of the universe and our place in it, Stone Age people created civilization. The civilization created by Stone Age people was connected to nature but, as civilization developed it began to divide from nature. Control and power became more important than progress and war for the survival of civilization, became war for control over civilization. Ancient wars fell into a cycle of city falls to nomads, nomads become soft city people then they are conquered and fall to another nomadic

16 U n I Vs power. As the cities grew into countries and absorbed the territory of nomadic populations the industrial era wars fell into a similar cycle of central power falls to freedom fighter, freedom fighter becomes central power and falls to another freedom fighter. The way to break the cycle is through unification, just as waring city states became unified countries, so too did the waring countries eventually become unified. After the launch that you remember, the corporations of the world hijacked their respective home countries and began to enrage the population through propaganda to insight war for control over more of the world’s resources including the labor power of people. It’s masked as war against an aggressive country, when in reality it is war to gain territories of populations and to try to envelop and absorb the world, like an amoeba. If all of the population is conformed to the will of a minority of it, progress is slowed and we can even regress because it’s the differences between us which help us see and find solutions in order to progress. You must find the soldier, he can help you prevent the world conforming to the will of the minority and losing individuality. We are left alone because we live in such an inhospitable climate but there are corporate patrols that do come here often enough for you to not be safe here. Some of us are willing to fight, but we don’t have the equipment to do it. Others, they have families to raise to keep the fight going as long as it takes. Ask of us, whoever you like to guide you to the soldiers’ mountains and of anything you may need.

17 U n I Vs The Soldier meets the Poet The poet didn’t have to ask for guides, many people offered to show the way and he left in a clamoring caravan of people excited for a future. As they progressed out of the village the crowd dissipated slightly, some decided they’d rather remain at home, as they disappeared into the horizon they were still a caravan of people marching with a single goal. To put an end to the era of war so that humanity can retake its position in the universe as caretakers and innovators. Discussions of the past and the future rippled through the group, occasionally delving into the present to ascertain direction, they continued for days. Passing through other villages, people joined and left but the goal and conversation remained constant. Suddenly, silence came over them and the poet knew that they had reached their goal. He stepped out of the group and advanced alone. It was obvious where to go, the ancient unconquerable fortress of the mountains materialized in the mist calling him forward. A warning from the poets’ suit made him aware he was being targeted, a figure with a rifle also came into view and he stopped. The figure lowered the rifle slowly and began to advance towards him, the suits optics adjusted and he made out a man wearing the power suit of a soldier, like the ones they used in the robot wars. Which, he knew, basically gave a human being superhuman strength and endurance equal to most robots. The poet spoke first and in a loud voice announced. “You were waiting? It must’ve been you who shot at the drop ship.” As the soldier continued to advance towards the poet, he mocked shooting his rifle in the air in affirmation and replied. “You look like you came from outer space. I was wondering what happened to the Luna II.” Both of them smiled like they were meeting a family member who hadn’t been seen for

18 U n I Vs a long time and shook hands. The soldier looked past the poet and yelled out to the natives who arrived with him. “Thank you for showing my friend the way here, please come and eat.�

Tactics Though the soldier was able to subsist on limited food, he did have a stock pile stored away for emergencies and celebrations. The natives also had food with them and combined, there was enough for a feast. As they ate they discussed the affairs of the world and contemplated how to shift the direction of progress back towards democracy rather than capitalism. The natives agreed that all of human history has taught humanity to live as one, instead of fight each other. When the resources of the world and the labor power of humanity is spent on war, there is no winner. War only leads to war. But, when that energy is used to improve the living standards of all, everyone wins. People are able to prosper and contribute to the progress of society, instead of contributing to the oppression of the individual and the retardation of progress. But, the natives were not sure how the era of peace, in which the Luna II was launched, had crumbled. When the soldier told them all about how the warlord CEOs tricked populations by buying votes, controlling the media

19 U n I Vs and producing propaganda to take control of the world, a great sadness filled the air and many eyes became tearful. It was then the poet revealed his lost and unknown history to the group. The poet said “What happens here doesn’t matter anymore.” He told them that humanity was no longer limited to the Earth. Luna II had been able to spread the population out into outer space and humans were living both in space and on other planets. Many plants and animals that had previously inhabited only a single planet, also now have the universe to call home. A great joy enveloped each present with a soul warming happiness that dispelled all of the sadness and anger in the air, as the weight of the world disappeared. The soldier realized it first, this information will end war. The Last Fight It wasn’t necessary for them to fight any longer, they didn’t need to battle for conquest. All they had to do was let the people know. Their oppression existed with the illusion that success comes from gained favor with their CEO masters and once that illusion is dissolved, people can be free. Just as the discovery of the Americas enabled the tired, poor huddled masses to have equal chance for success, populating space has again leveled the playing field of life. As far as war was concerned, tyranny had about as much chance in space as it did in the old west. The only problem was how to let the world know that space was ready for homesteaders. Tuning back into the group, the soldier began to listen to the poet describe all of the advancements that had been made onboard Luna II and off Earth, while the planet was at war with itself. The most prominent among them being the merging of artificial and organic technology. Which, was made possible with an advanced nano technology, which bonded organic and mineral elements together.

20 U n I Vs He told them how the suits had made fighting nearly useless. Able to withstand anything from physical attacks to chemical attacks, the nano sword had become the most prominent weapon because bullets just bounce off suits and laser weapons were easy to reflect. He, and others practiced fighting in order to protect what they love from any threat. Much like other species who even when they fight, rarely kill.

The Beginning How many people are here with you onboard the Luna II, the soldier asked? Thousands, replied the poet. The ship landed in North America and the people of the planet saw how the CEOs’ weapons and power were useless in subduing the Luna II and her crew. All over the world people realized how far the people who had not been fighting with each other had advanced, while they had remained‌barbaric. So began the population of space and the guaranteed survival of life as we know it.

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