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Letter from the President The sun was shining on the sea, shining with all his might, he did his very best to make the billows smooth and bright and this was odd, because it was the middle of the night. The moon was shining sulkily, because she thought the sun had got no business to be there after the day was done "It's very rude of him," she said, "To come and spoil the fun!" The sea was wet as wet could be, the sands were dry as dry. You could not see a cloud, because no cloud was in the sky, no birds were flying overhead there were no birds to fly. the Walrus and the Carpenter were walking close at hand; they wept like anything to see such quantities of sand: "If this were only cleared away," they said, "it would be grand!" "If seven maids with seven mops swept it for half a year. Do you suppose," the Walrus said, "That they could get it clear?" "I doubt it," said the Carpenter, and shed a bitter tear. Underground Productions, Inc. is a Boston based music production company that has been operating since 1992. The company was founded by Dow Brain and Brad Young whose credits include: Writing and producing 5 Billboard certified Platinum and Gold albums and singles. Their work also includes writing and producing the number 1 selling single “Summer Girls,” recorded by LFO on Arista Records. Underground's publishing arm B.U.M.P. has had over 500 music placements in films and television shows. Selected television credits include: The Sopranos, Americaʼs Funniest Videos, Melrose Place, The District, MTVʼs Making The Band, Oprah Winfrey Show, Scrubs and Weeds. Selected film credits include: Amreeka, Funny Money , Soul Men and Marci X.

Elizabeth Tudor President and Monarch of Underground

Underground Productions presents             The

House Yes

The blackest of black comedies, The House of Yes claws away at the thin facade of normalcy that hides a tragically dysfunctional

family. The setting is Washington DC in the late 1980s, and Marty Pascal is bringing his fiancée Lesly home for Thanksgiving; but by Wendy MacLeod he has no idea that the dark underbellies of their lives are about to be laid bare. Marty's   mentally disturbed twin, known as Jackie-O because of her   infatuation with the famous Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy, is determined to sabotage her brother’s engagement - and so with a hurricane outside and Jackie-O within, chaos ensues. Filled with vintage American imagery, acerbic dialogue and allusions to bodies buried in the backyard, The House of Yes presents a glimpse inside the primitive brutality of a family system run wildly amuck. of

Please note - not suitable for people under 15 years of age. Contains adult themes, sexual references, coarse language. Writer Wendy Macleod Director Jeremy Wood

Featuring Preview 26 March Season 3 - 13 March Tickets Members - $8 Students - $10 Adults - $15 Doors open 7pm

Jena Prince, John DaConceicao, Elspeth Merriman, Toby Martin and Katrina Potter

Underground Productions presents

Hapgood by Tom Stoppard "Hapgood" tells the story of a woman balancing her personal life with her work life; her workplace being a British Intelligence agency with her as spymistress. A 'meet' has gone awry, and it is Hapgood's imperative to find the culprit who has 'misplaced' top secret research. Nothing, apparently, is as it seems when Kerner, acclaimed Russian physicist working secretly with the Brits (or is he?), attempts to explain events with quantum mechanics. Attention is on Ridley, subordinate of Hapgood, who may have indeed more than meets the eye. As everyone seemingly has something to hide, and rumours abound of double (or triple) agents, both figurative and literal, who can be trusted? "Hapgood" essentially explores the theme of the duality of nature. Light, dark; casual, professional; wave, particle. There may be two sides to everything, but which are we looking at? Which are presented to us? Is what we are looking at authentic, or is it deceptive? During the Cold War period a great paranoia was experienced by many. The fear of double agents, who could have turned out to be your neighbour, teacher, or childhood friend, was very real. Heisenberg's "Uncertainty Principle", with the theory of "The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg", is used by Stoppard to explain, and also satirise, the workings of these so-called 'double agents'. Both the play and our production are ultimately about the duality of character. Which aspect of a person is presented to others, and is it genuine? What is a person capable of in order to get results, or simply what they want? International espionage, secrets, killings, motherly love, sex, and broken hearts feature in Underground's Production's second play of 2010! Writer Tom Stoppard Directors Thomas Galloway Andrei Romaniuk

Preview 26 May Season 26 May - 5 Jun Tickets Members - $8 Students - $10 Adults - $15 Doors open 7pm

Featuring Sophie McBean, Jez Wood, Christos Mourtzakis, Caitlin Armstrong, Jamilla Hall, Chris Walker, Alex Rigney and Michael Mortimore

Underground Productions presents

Unisex the Musical

Ever had a dry spell? Not just a sadly, celibate summer. Oh no. Isaac is seriously put out by his lack of putting out. 'Unisex' is the story of man's most urgent ambition told through words, music and dance. It is a familiar, universal and puerile tale of profligates, professors and their prophylactics.

It is a fast-paced, witty and intelligent broth of action, philosophical thought and intrigue spiced with songs you will sing for weeks (but never in polite company). Written, produced and performed by the youth of Brisbane, this cutting, nay, multiple-organ-failing edge work will have you on the edge of your seat, rolling in the aisles and wondering what/who your children are doing. Unisex contains course language, sexual references, adult themes and the cbomb Writer John Da Conceicao Director Jamila Hall Assistant Director Meg McKimmie

Preview 1 Sep Season 1 - 4 & 8 - 11 Sep Tickets Members - $10 Students - $14 Adults - $18 Doors open 7pm

Music and Lyrics Josh Martin, John Da Conceicao and Keiren Alexander

Underground Productions presents

Come one, come all to Underground Productions' 10th annual Brisbane Underground Festival (BUGfest). a festival of short plays Each year BUGfest provides a chance for new and emerging writers to see their work performed and gives theatre enthusiast a glimpse of up and coming local talent.


This year's line-up includes: The Green Bag Bandits by Krystal Sweedman The Tail of the Tale by Tim Hutton Break at the Bend by Jeremy Wood Running the Circus by James Pusey Sundance V Lightwaltz by Lachlan Robertson The Luggage by Clive McAlpin Magic Inc. by Lizzy King Make sure you stay after the show for the nightly BUGevents! 21st - BUGlounge (open mic night) 22nd - CaBUGaret 28th - BUGtrivia 29th - BUGfarce (sketch comedy) 30th - BUGawards So come along and support local playwrights and enjoy a night of amazing theatre.

Preview 20 Oct Season 20 - 23 & 27 - 30 Oct Tickets Members - $5 Students - $10 Adults - $15 Doors open 7pm

The Theatre

Restaurants and Bars The RedRoom is open till 12 midnight on weekdays and Sunday. It is closed on Saturday. It offers a wide selection of food and drinks. Visit for more information. The Pizza CafĂŠ is fully licensed and is open until 9 on weekdays, 8:30 on Saturdays and 5 on Sundays. It offers homestyle, hand-made pizzas from $13.50 or $11.50 for students. It is located just outside the doors to the theatre. Call 3377 2239 to make a booking. The Schonell Theatre is also licensed with a small selection of beers and wines to choose from. Parking Paid parking is available throughout the campus. Please refer to for more information. Public Transport UQ offers two bus stops and a ferry terminal. Ferries run until 10:30PM while buses run all night. Please refer to or the Queensland Transport website for more information.

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About Underground Underground productions is a student run and operated theatre company based at the University of Queensland. All members of Underground are volunteers, and all proceeds go back into the company. Your continued support allows underground to remain active. Underground Executive Committee President Joshua Adams Production Manager Helen Davis Secretary Lauren Ware Treasurer Jonathan McCray Publicity and Marketing David Nicol & Jean Skeat

Underground Prductions 2010  

A mockup of the production booklet for 2010

Underground Prductions 2010  

A mockup of the production booklet for 2010