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Comfort and Warm Feet on the Coldest Days with Underfloor Heating It is a cold winter morning. The sun is up. You can smell the coffee or tea brewing in the kitchen. You are ready to get up, but you dread the idea of putting your feet on the cold tile floor. By switching to underfloor heating you can forget about the slippers and staying in bed. Just throw off the blankets, step out of bed, and head to the kitchen for your fresh brew. Underfloor Heating Is Not For Comfort Alone While you may think having warm floors is only a comfort issue, it can be a real cost savings, too. Underfloor heating systems are highly efficient, long lasting, and easy to install. Instead of requiring installing new ductwork throughout your home, you simply add the heating elements right under the tile, ceramic, or wooden floor. The insulating property of your floorboards, and the fact heat rises, increases the efficiency of the system. Many owner report it is the only heating system required in their conservatory, bathrooms, and even bedrooms. Which would you prefer in your bathroom, air blowing out of a forced air system as you step out of your shower, or the ambient heat coming from under the tiles? Even warm air blowing out of a forced air furnace feels cold on a winter day when you are fresh from the shower. Underfloor Heating Is Almost a Do It Yourself Project While it is easy enough to install the underfloor heating system yourself, there is one portion of the install which must be left to a professional contractor. You can do all of the work of laying the system, putting down your own flooring, but when it comes to the final electrical wiring it is time to call in a professional electrician. Most communities in the UK, and other portions of the world, require an electrician to sign-off and approve of the electrical installation before you throw on the power. A Few Items to Watch for When Buying Your Heating System You need to use a little caution when you purchase your underfloor systems. Make sure the company you work with provides everything you need. This is not a time to buy the cheapest system on the market and then spend hours running back and forth to the hardware store to get missing

components. A complete system should have everything you need including the floor heating mats, wiring, and the thermostat to activate the system. Check into the warranty offered by the company, too. A few companies offer lifetime warranties on their products. While a long warranty may not guarantee flawless operation, it does guarantee it will be fixed. Support and Installation Assistance May be Required Yes, it is possible you are going to want a professional to install the entire system for you. It is possible you are going to run into questions during installation. Make sure the company you choose for your underfloor heating systems offers installation services and great support. Imagine that same cold winter morning. You jump out of bed walking across your warm bedroom floor. You make a stop in the bathroom to wash your face, and the tiles are warm under your feet. You stroll into the kitchen standing on the tile floor enjoying the heat from the underfloor heating on your feet as you pour your morning coffee. It is a great way to start a cool winter morning. Are you ready to experience the difference?

Providing Comfort and Warm Feet on the Coldest Days with Underfloor Heating  

All electric underfloor heating systems require adequate insulation either beneath the floor screed or directly beneath the heating cables o...