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SUPPORTED BY Wonderland, platform for european architecture is supported for Underconstructions by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture (BMUKK) – Department 1: Visual arts, architecture, design, fashion.

This work programme has been funded with support from European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible of any use which may be made of the information coutained therein.

Wonderland, platform for european architecture is supported for 6th Underconstructions Workshop in Venice by the Austrian Cultural Forum Milano.


celia-hannes, daily spatial concerns www.celiahannes.net WWW.UNDERCONSTRUCTIONS.EU

How to bend the constraints of architecture and urban planning? On the 28th august 2012, in the opening week of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2012, Underconstructions organized its 6th workshop and invited architects, urban planners, urban anthropologists, to discuss which planning regulations, standards or juridical statutes, juridical frameworks have to be bend or have to applied in order to implement innovative architectural and urban planning practice. The workshop was hosted by the Spazio Punch.

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laptop, printer, spritz: ready for the workshop

is an observatory of innovative architectural practices in Europe that reflects on the changes happening in the field of architecture and urban planning by identifying new methods in regards to living and working conditions while reflecting on social engagement and civil involvement. The project was initiated by the European Forum for Architectural Policies and together with the partners CitĂŠ de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine and Wonderland, platform for european architecture. Several workshops in different European cities were conducted with the aim to highlight best-practice projects and processes. Architects, experts and initiatives help to pursue an on-going critical survey. By setting up an online data base, underconstructions disseminate information as well as experience to promote innovation within Europe.

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Chapter 1 / Purposes: § The law shall ensure that the planning unites the public interests in land use and contributes to protecting the country’s nature and environment, so that society can develop on a sustainable basis in respect for human conditions of life and the preservation of animal and plant life. Stk. 2 The law in particular shall ensure, 1) that from a planned and socio-economic overall assessment there is an appropriate development throughout the country and in the individual regions and municipalities, 2) creating and preserving valuable settlements, urban environments and landscapes, 3) that the open coasts continue to represent a substantial nature and landscape resource, 4) that the pollution of air, water and soil as well as noise nuisance, and 5)that the public to the widest possible extent is included in the work on planning. «Porous Spaces: Making the discussion about space more spatial and making space open for discussion. If the city is a collective and continuously changing oeuvre, how can we acknowledge the invisible or overseen dreams, needs and interests that flow through the city? How do we include these in the discussion and production of this oeuvre? The political discussions concerning the urban space often alienate people by being too abstract and too distant from everyday life. We see great potential in starting the discussion in the very local and physical space where people live and work to develop a language that can express the stories in and about their space. The stories can gradually become a spatial vision of the city as a collective and constantly changing oeuvre. We will argue that architecture can spatialise the dreams, needs and interests of an everyday urbanity and make it a fertile ground for the emergence of hybrids in the shape of new, original and contextualised initiatives, spaces and cultures..»

Supertanker - Denmark www.supertanker.info

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Danish Law on Planning / Denmark


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Build Mental Monuments. There’s always a need for places for people to gather. Combine the real with the virtual in pop-up buildings; like an analogue facebook or a physical webforum. Make momentary monuments: one-day events can last a lifetime in the collective memory of the visitor.

DUS architects - Netherlands www.dusarchitects.com

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mental Monument


United Kingdom Legislation Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Section 55

(2) The following operations or uses of land shall not be taken for the purposes of this Act to involve development of the land: (e) the use of any land for the purposes of agriculture or forestry (including afforestation) and the use for any of those purposes of any building occupied together with land so used. «Supporting City Farms can help to bring derelict land quickly back into use. A successful city farm ran for several years in Springfield Road, Belfast, managed by Farset, a community enterprise. It introduced farm animals into the lives of local children, as well as training young people in horticultural and animal husbandry skills. Some large empty sites (over four hectares) are currently awaiting development in Belfast. These may be considered suitable for use as City Farms to provide continuous beneficial use as facilities are developed over a ten to twenty year period. City Farms offer many advantages when compared to the alternative: derelict land. These include creation of local urban employment and the opportunity to provide food locally. No planning permission is required for agricultural use, so work can proceed immediately.»

Arthur Acheson

Architect and urban planner Chair of the Ministerial Advisory Group for Architecture and the Built Environment for Northern Ireland

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The use of land or buildings for agriculture does not require planning permission.

undercontructions .eu Daniela Patti (wonderland), Federica Gatta and Maria Anita Palumbo (Collectif Variable), Orizzontale, Hannes Schreckensberger (wonderland)

TEMPORARY / Permanent

ÂŤThe temporary functions should have a significant role in the process of improving the public space due to its direct interaction with the occupied space. The law concerning the occupation of public spaces with temporary trading stands should refer to spacial issues. Temporary licences for stands (stalls, carousels, billboards, stages) should be granted after considering the influence of the specifics of the temporary function and its location on the use of space. According to our observations and practice, each item added to a public space, even it seems to be unimportant at first glance, enters in the interactions and plays a role in the actions in the given spaces. So each new element of the public space, even it is temporary, should be taken into consideration because can have both positive and negative influence on the situation. The temporary functions should be treated as a tool of improving the public space in order to avoid the absurd situation that items which could improve the public space, unfortunately often lead to opposite result. This rule helps to improve the public space without building new things but proposes to consider and re-think the existing one.Âť

GRUBY PUNKT - Spain Agata Ruchlewicz-Dzianach, researcher Lukasz Dzianach, researcher http://grubypunkt.tumblr.com

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Linking temporary function to permanent situation.

undercontructions .eu CĂŠlia Picard (wonderland)

FOR public interest

ÂŤPublic Interest Design is an emerging and spontaneous movement of architects, designers, product developers, artists and organizations using their skills to serve communities that historically have been marginalized from the practice of design an architecture. This movement is encouraging a next generation of designers to engage and create projects pertinent to the need of these communities, whereas democratize the access to good design. Many of Public Interest Projects lack initial economic support to test their designs within the communities they are aiming for. Receiving feedback from communities is important to evaluate the social impact as well as the feasibility of their proposals. Testing design within the community is of paramount importance to soundly create business models and reach investors to put venture capital in the creation of social enterprices driving positive change. Acces to a public fund that allows designers to pursue the impact design will foster the emergence of the Public Interest Design Movement.Âť

Alexander NiĂąo Ruiz - Slovenia

www.2600aut.com www.wastepickerproject.com

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Create an European fund providing seed capital for the development of public interest design projects.

undercontructions .eu Hannes Schreckensberger (wonderland)


Republic of Rwanda, Ministry of Infrastructure, Rwanda Building Control Regulations, Edition 1 Revised, Kigali, December 2010

«In two separate occasions, for the construction of a Gallery space for the School of Architecture at the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology, and for its own office, asa has decided to recycle 20’ shipping containers. Although clearly second-hand structures, it has pushed for their renovation, inserting electric fittings, shelvings, furniture, painting and communication messages. In our views the landlocked condition of Rwanda, which creates a huge problem in terms of sourcing construction materials calls for more strategic and innovative approaches to building «modern» spaces. Both the arcbox and the asalab have become tangible examples of alternative reuse of this structures and might provide a solution for the high demand of low cost housing which the region is faced with in the next 30 years.»

asa, active social architecture - Rwanda asalab.tumblr.com

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Section 4.3 Building element and materials 4.3.1 Building Materials Second-hand structural or load-bearing materials shall not be used in any building operations.

undercontructions .eu Patrizia Di Monte (Grรกvalos & Di Monte arquitectos)

3 days

«Strategies and plans for public spaces focus mainly on bigger cities, while less attention is being paid to smaller communities. This is exactly what we focus on: The progress and growth of small communities. The key point of our method is our work on site, with active interaction by the local stakeholders. For this interaction process we have developed a unique method called conception workshop nonconform on site. The main advantages opposed to conventional planning methods are transparency for all persons concerned; time/cost efficiency in the process and high acceptance of the project by the participants. How it works: Having installed a temporary office on site, which is open to the public all the time, we explore the town and gather inputs from the inhabitants. We work with the open space method, arrange round tables with local VIPs, collect ideas by “idea jars” resp. an adjoining web-platform etc. The themes always come from the inhabitants. Our task is to first off only collect, then to filter and order all emerging ideas and concepts and to elaborate up to three scenarios based on them. Finally, these are presented to all people concerned who then vote for a winning scenario.»

nonconform on site - Austria


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Everything is different after 3 days.


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«Street sellers and markets are strictly prohibited in the public space of La Défense, even though there is an expectation from the users, and a large area of vegetable fields four kilometers away from there. Taking advantage of a biennale, the project imagine a membership system with a pre-paid account, and individual or shared lockers in the public space. Once a week a local producer displays his vegetables in the public space on the lockers. People can’t «buy» them but if they are members (or if they become members) they can have their chosen vegetables delivered in their locker. No money to buy the vegetables, but money put on an account then withdrawned from the account. No «market» but the delivery of the vegetables in a «street furniture» in the public space.»

Thierry Payet - France www.thierrypayet.com

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street Business

undercontructions .eu Jens Brandt (Supertanker) and Alexander Ni単o Ruiz

Public Gathering

Article 431-3 Codified by the Law 92-686 1992-07-22 A crowd is constituted by any people gathering in the public road or space likely to trouble the public order. A crowd can be distracted by the public force after two dissipation warnings without effect, addressed by the prefect, the vice-prefect, the mayor or one of his deputies, any judiciary police officer responsible of public security, or any other judiciary police officer showing sign of his function. The distraction is proceeded through the proper terms by informing the participants of the rout of the obligation of dispersion without delay; the terms are specified by a State Council edict which determines also the signs that have to be shown by the persons mentioned in the previous paragraph. Nevertheless, the representatives of the public force called to disperse the rout can directly use the force if any violence is used against them or if they cannot defend in any other way the field that they are occupying. «This law and article are linked to any other local disposition or sentence punishing public gatherings and individual loitering. An example of the increasing rigidity of the recent French governments (specially after the 2005 riots) is the change in the State responsibility for damages produced during public gatherings which has been, for example, modified with the ruling of the State Council No 331665 in 2011 concerning a 2005 violence event in the Parisian periphery of Montfermeil. This ruling is limiting the State responsibility for only to spontaneous gatherings, a really rare event... This can be seen as a symptom of the increasing distance which is being put between the public forces and the civil manifestations in the public space.»

Collectif Variable - France www.laa.archi.fr

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Penal Code – France

Collectif Variable

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Master Plan

Master plan, noun In land-use planning, a government entity’s plan for the overall utilization of a particular area, including its allocation for residential or manufacturing uses and the corresponding environmental impacts. «Before now, big changes in cities where created from transportation and construction. This is clearly visible in the new patterns that evolved in the wake of the industrial revolution. Today’s different rhythms, movement and information pathways are responsible for the stream of life and the urban identity. Since mobile phones have become social locale devices with location based data, Cities have become more complex, but the virtual world is still neglected in the planning process. It is very important for a sustainable master plan to create a connection between real and virtual realities, and to bridge the two worlds. We focus on the newest trends in social media. We are experts in the fields of urban development, social networking and usability engineering. The UrbanChatRoom is an interdisciplinary team consisting of: Pascale Rasinger; Wolfgang Wallinger; Clemens Buchegger; What we stand for: Our cities deserve involvement and focus from their residents and visitors. It’s crucial that a city command the attention of its visitors. Yet, with the new mobile media any visitor could find herself preoccupied with people and places far removed from her current location. We bridge the gap between the on-line and off-line worlds. We enable all users to exploit the resources of actual places and their existing infrastructure to get better acquainted with their surroundings. It creates a new perception of the “feel” of a given place, and of the people to be found there.»

UrbanChatRoom - Austria www.urbanchatroom.net

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legal definition, USA Webster’s New World Law Dictionary Copyright 2010 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey. Used by arrangement with John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Arthur Acheson asa, active social architecture - asalab.tumblr.com Collectif Variable - www.laa.archi.fr DUS architects - www.dusarchitects.com Gruby Punkt - grubypunkt.tumblr.com Patrizia Di Monte (Grávalos & Di Monte arquitectos) - gravalosdimonte.com Alexander Niño Ruiz - www.2600aut.com Nonconform on site - www.nonconform.at Orizzontale - www.orizzontale.org Thierry Payet - www.thierrypayet.com Spazio Punch - www.spaziopunch.com Supertanker - www.supertanker.info Urbanchat room - www.urbanchatroom.net

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