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2 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018

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ELCOME to the first issue of Under Canvas magazine, our field guide designed to inform and enhance your adventure at our luxury camps. If you’re reading this magazine, you’re likely staying at one of our camps in North America. Thank you for being our guest, and I sincerely hope you’ll join us again soon to explore a new destination. It has been our dream since the inception of Under Canvas and with this publication that you experience more of your life in the great outdoors. We created our camps to serve as a bridge for you to get out and be immersed in the natural beauty of the earth, and to reconnect you with nature in a way that is comfortable and seamless. You’ll notice a few intentional inconveniences at our camps; they are designed to make your experience with us more ecologically friendly. We hope to foster a greater sense of environmental consciousness with each of our guests and to allow you to disconnect from the hustle of life and reconnect with the people you love. That’s what Under Canvas is all about. Every camp offers an experience unique to its location, and on page 26 you can get a taste of those differences, including all the services and activities you can enjoy as our guest at each destination. If you don’t find what you are looking for at one of our camps, our team is always ready to take on mission impossible and bring a pop-up camp experience to you. Every year we host weddings, corporate events and retreats, parties, and brand experiences all over North America. If you can dream it, we will help you make it a reality. From all of us at Under Canvas, may you experience the wonders of the incredible outdoors all around you and the joy of being with the people you love, outside together.

The Beauty of Our Intentional Inconveniences By staying at Under Canvas, you are part of our efforts to preserve our incredible planet for your enjoyment.

At Under Canvas, we care deeply about our precious natural resources, namely the landscape surrounding our camps and the life that it supports. Our guests contribute to this goal, first, by choosing to stay with us, and second, through what we call “intentional inconveniences,” the small features and choices that go a long way toward preserving the environment. Here are some of the ways we work to reduce our impact on nature and still deliver a luxurious experience.

WATER - Our camps use 87 percent less

ELECTRICITY - The limited amount of energy used at our camps is generated by alternative means wherever possible. Our Moab and Zion camps can run 100 percent on solar power, and our Yellowstone and Glacier camps use solar to mitigate our electricity needs. WASTE - By 2020, we want to be a company that produces zero waste. This means eliminating plastics from our camps (hence our partnership with Boxed Water), converting plates and flatware to compostable options, and recycling everything else. We’re well on our way. With all our guests’ help, we can achieve it.


water than a similar-sized hotel thanks to low-flow toilets, faucets that automatically shut off, and showers that activate only when guests pull a chain. Guests also help

by hanging up towels to use again instead of having them replaced daily.

2018/2019 2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 3


4 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018

lugged When you’re unplugged from modern life, you’re plugged into yourself, your significant other, your family, and the natural splendor around you.

a.m. Take advantage of the cool morning air with a hike above camp for an awe-inspiring view of the surroundings. Don’t miss the grazing deer on the way down.

2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 5


a.m. Move your yoga practice outside and give new meaning to your sun salutations.

At Under Canvas Zion, Guest Experience & Activities Coordinator Brigitte LaVea has one job: to make everyone’s stay better than they ever expected. Ever tried canyoneering in Utah’s famed slot canyons? Or how about a sunset horseback ride with a backcountry dinner? LaVea will make it happen. Sometimes, she even knows what you want when you don’t. “Earlier this spring, a guest contacted me up ahead of his stay with his girlfriend. He wanted to propose, but had no idea how

6 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018

to make it special,” LaVea says. “I suggested a private helicopter tour with an exclusive landing on top of a nearby butte where he could pop the question. He went for it, and while the couple was airborne, I went to his Instagram account, found and printed out a handful of cute snapshots of the couple, and then decorated their tent with them and fresh flowers. I also put a bottle of champagne on ice for them. He had no idea we’d set up their tent like that. He looked like a hero! The girlfriend, by the way, said, yes.”


Bespoke Vacations by Under Canvas

a.m. Return from a stunning aerial tour of the region before lunch.

2018/2019 | UNDER CANVAS | 7


a.m. Hit the road for adventure.

p.m. Celebrate America the beautiful.

p.m. Saddle up for a sunset ride into the backcountry.

8 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018

p.m. Gather round the fire pit in the evening to roast s’mores and play one of our many outdoor games.

2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 9


Look Closely 

Each national park and the areas surrounding it are known for an iconic animal. If you spot one, congrats! You’ve achieved a gold standard of wildlife spotting. By Dana Sullivan  YELLOWSTONE 

 MOUNT RUSHMORE  Yellow-Bellied Marmot These rotund rodents have a yellow belly and chest, and a white patch that covers their nose and creates an “eyebrow.” SPOT ’EM: Along the Presidential Trail, where they munch on grasses, broadleaved plants, and seeds.

 MOAB  Desert Bighorn Sheep The regal bighorns wear dramatic, thick, and curled horns (both males and females have them), eat cactus and grasses, and, like camels, can go three days without water. SPOT ’EM: Look carefully for nimble bighorns moving along rocky cliffs, feeding where the terrain looks impassable.

10 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018


Bison Thanks to conservation efforts, these giant mammals number some 3,500 in Yellowstone National Park, enough to make them easy to find as you travel through the area. SPOT ’EM: Foraging in the Lamar Valley in Northern Yellowstone or the Hayden Valley in Central Yellowstone.

 ZION 

 GLACIER  Bald Eagle Majestic bald eagles are unmistakable thanks to their white head and massive wingspan (up to 8 feet). SPOT ’EM: In trees near wetlands, lakes, and spawning springs (in springtime).

Mule Deer Male mule deer have elegant antlers. By fall, when breeding season begins, the antlers serve as a weapon used to fight for mating rights. SPOT ’EM: At dawn or dusk, when the deer usually graze along the rivers, such as the Virgin River at the bottom of Zion Canyon.

2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 11


Just beyond our camps, you’ll find a natural world begging to be explored. Pick an adventure and get started.

2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 13

TA K E I T O U T S I D E !

Moab: Colorado River Rafting Moab is best known for its stunning red rock scenery, stone arches, and vast deserts. But there’s another side to the area: stunning canyons and rapids created by the Colorado River. A full-day rafting trip with the Moab Adventure Center from Hittle Bottom to Salt Wash Rapids is a perfect family float, taking in 14 miles of otherwise inaccessible river canyon. Rafters face Class I and II rapids including Onion Creek, Cloudburst, and Rocky Rapid, which can roar into Class III cataracts during higher water. Between whitewater sections, you’ll float past rock towers, red canyon walls, and white sand beaches.

Adventure Option: Bike the Whole Enchilada This 32-mile half-day downhill mountain bike ride descends 8,000 feet from Burro Pass in the La Sal Mountains to the Colorado River. Along the way, you’ll rip through alpine forests, stream crossings, aspen glades, red rock dirt, classic slickrock, and ledge rides on the Porcupine Rim

Trail. The trail’s length and varied terrain make it a bucket-list item for bikers from around the world.

Yellowstone: Helicopter Tour of the Park Board a copter and fly into the park. From 2,000 feet above, you’ll see entire buffalo herds, some numbering in the thousands. Bubbling hot springs show their true rainbow colors from the air. The same goes for the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, where the 1,000-foot-deep valley only reveals its true scale and layers of geologic history from above. Flights travel over petrified forests, thermal features, and lakes that are unreachable on foot. From the sky, you have a better chance of sighting grizzly bears and, if you’re lucky, wolves. Adventure Option: Sea Kayak Yellowstone Lake Not all geysers in Yellowstone are accessed on foot. Along the shores of the West Thumb Geyser Basin in Yellowstone Lake, the water-filled caldera left behind after a massive eruption 600,000 years ago, you’ll find boiling mud, hot springs, and fumaroles as impressive as anywhere in the park. A sea kayak tour puts you right into this surreal—and relatively crowd-free— geothermal land- and waterscape.

Mount Rushmore: Horseback Ride in Custer State Park Several outfitters lead half-day or full-day rides through the 71,000-acre Custer State Park, a short drive south of Mount Rushmore. Most rides start at the French Creek Horse Camp along one of several trails, including French Creek Gorge, Robber’s Roost, Parker Canyon, and Racetrack 14 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018




Onion Creek Rapid Hittle Bottom Professor Creek Rapid (start) Rocky Rapid Cloudburst Rapid Salt Wash Rapids Take Out Beach (end)

White’s Rapid

Moab, Utah

2018/2019 | UNDER CANVAS | 15

TA K E I T O U T S I D E !

Hiking the dunes at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.


Butte. Meandering through pine forests and rocky glades, across countless streams, and through grasslands, there’s always a chance of running into wildlife, including the area’s 1,300-strong buffalo herd, as well as the opportunity to see pronghorn antelope, mountain lion, deer, and birds. Blue Bell Stables offers rides and a chuckwagon dinner of steak or hamburgers with all the backcountry fixins. Adventure Option: Wild Cave Tour of Jewel Cave National Monument Go underground! Spelunkers on the twothirds mile, three- to four- hour trip navigate the cave using headlamps, squeezing through tiny slots like Hurricane Corner, and crawling through tight and confined stretches such as the Roller Coaster. Glacier: Boating Alpine Lakes The Glacier Park Boat Company offers several tours, including daily rides on St. Mary Lake, which will get you close to Wild Goose Island, the tiny speck of land surrounded by towering peaks that is one of the most photographed spots in any national park. It offers a stop for a quick hike to Baring Falls as well. There are also cruises on Two Medicine Lake, into the park’s “hidden” valley, which includes a naturalist-led hike to Twin Falls, and trips on Many Glacier Lake, which, as the name implies, is surrounded by peaks dotted with small glaciers.

Adventure Option: Bike Going-tothe-Sun Road Glacier’s main thoroughfare is a doozy; the Going-to-the-Sun road offers some of the most gorgeous vistas in the Rockies, with glacier-studded peaks, waterfalls, and overlooks of lush stream valleys. Before the road fully opens in late June or early July, Glacier Guides offers guided interpretive bike tours on the closed road. Without traffic, the road becomes a relaxed, safe experience, albeit one with a thigh-busting climb up part of Logan Pass. Zion: Hit the Beach at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, a few miles south of Zion, is home to 1,200 acres of soft, orange-pink sand dunes. Visitors can hike up and roll (or sled) down any dunes they choose. Want an adrenaline kick? Join an ATV tour of the dunes— including a stop at the park’s petrified dinosaur tracks—and plenty of time to rip across the sand as you wish. On-site showers will help you clean off the grit after. Adventure Option: Navigate the Red Hollow Slot Canyon Outside Orderville, the crimson-andwhite–striped Elkheart Cliffs start to come together to create a slot canyon called Red Hollow. The tight crimson walls meander for more than 300 feet, giving families a chance to explore a landscape that isn’t often accessible to smaller children. And don’t worry about getting lost—the canyon dead-ends at a 10-foot dry waterfall. 2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 17


Roadside Attractions


Explore Montana’s Rocky Mountain majesty on a road trip connecting Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. By Grant Davis

BIG SKY Take a detour to the ski resort at Big Sky on the way to Yellowstone. Ride the tram to the top of 11,166-foot Lone Peak and take in the 100-plus-mile view of three states.

From Yellowstone’s Old Faithful to the dramatic glacier valleys of Glacier National Park, the northern Rocky Mountains of the United States are a world apart in grandeur, remoteness, geography, and wildlife. Our 450-mile trip between Under Canvas’s camps near Yellowstone and Glacier takes you through the heart of this landscape, with stops in the region’s most charming and historic towns and cities. Take as many or few days as you like. The tour starts after you fly into Bozeman, Montana, pick up a rental car, and head south toward Under Canvas Yellowstone for the night. END 6.  UNDER CANVAS GLACIER

5.  Flathead Lake


4. Missoula


 3. Butte  START

1. Bozeman, Big Sky


18 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018

Stop in the old mining town of Butte. On the east side of town is the Berkeley Pit, a now-closed open-pit copper mine 1,780 feet deep that reveals the vast scale and sobering problems (the water in the mine is toxic) with this type of mining.


MISSOULA Heading north, the Clark Fork River canyon suddenly opens up to Missoula, the vibrant college and lumber town. Pick up an ice cream at Big Dipper, then walk north, where you may catch the locals surfing the river’s standing wave.







After waking up in your tent, head into Yellowstone National Park to wonder at Old Faithful, the psychedelic colors of the thermal springs, and the abundance of wildlife. Return to Under Canvas for s’mores by the fire and a night sky like you’ve never seen it before.


The town of Bigfork on Flathead Lake’s northeast shoreline is home to art galleries, adventure outfitters, and an award-winning brewery, Flathead Lake Brewing Co. Board a boat to Wild Horse Island State Park, home to a handful of wild mustangs, descendants of horses brought there more than a century ago.

GLACIER Settle into a cozy bed at Under Canvas outside the west entrance to Glacier National Park. After breakfast the next morning, drive Going-to-the-Sun road over Logan Pass to the St. Mary visitor center and back. Along the way you’ll pass dramatic vistas, waterfalls, and, yes, glaciers. You can spot one from the Jackson Glacier Overlook on the east side of Logan Pass.

A Walk in the Park Our curated list of easy day hikes in adjacent national parks promises spectacular views and geographic splendor. By Dana Sullivan MOAB Delicate Arch 3 mi. round-trip Delicate Arch is a bucketlist sight. There are three ways to view it, but how close you get will depend

20 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018

on your family’s hiking chops. Walking the entire length of the Delicate Arch Trail (mostly uphill on the way to the arch) is worth the effort: You’ll get a close-up view of

the arch and pass a wall of ancient Ute Indian petroglyphs.

ZION The Narrows 3-4+ mi. round-trip


Grinnell Lake, Glacier National Park

GLACIER YELLOWSTONE Grinnell Lake Upper Geyser Basin Trail   ZION Delicate Arch

 


MOAB The Narrows


YELLOWSTONE Upper Geyser Basin Trail

Zion is known for its magnificent slot canyons, and on The Narrows Trail, you’ll walk through one in the ankle- or kneedeep water of the gently flowing Virgin River. That’s right: The trail is a river. You can hike as far in as you have the stamina for—most people cover three or four miles of the trail. Just heed the warnings when high water closes the trail.

5 mi. round-trip Start at the Old Faithful Inn, home to the Old Faithful Geyser and situated within two square miles of a quarter of all the geysers in the world. From Old Faithful, take the paved path toward Castle Geyser (0.2 miles). From there, take the boardwalk across Firehole River to the Sawmill Geyser. To complete the hike, follow the north trail to Grand Geyser, Beauty Pool, Oblong, and Giant Geysers before the trail junctions again with the Upper Geyser trail.

MOUNT RUSHMORE Presidential Trail 0.6 mi. round-trip The paved trail is hilly (you’ll have to climb some stairs), but it’s short


enough that even the youngest hikers should have no trouble traversing the 0.6-mile loop. The reward? A clear view of the sculpted faces of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt carved into Mount Rushmore.

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK Grinnell Lake 3 mi. round-trip Catch the ferries across Swiftcurrent and Josephine Lakes with Glacier Park Boat Company. Once you hop off, you’ll hike around 1.3 miles up to the turquoise waters of Lower Grinnell Lake and a view of the meltwater from the Grinnell Glacier above, cascading hundreds of feet into the lake (see photo). Boat reservations recommended. 2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 21



Nighttime at Under Canvas brings out a sight few of us see anymore: the night sky bursting with billions and billions of stars. The view from our tents is the perfect spot to learn the art of stargazing.

22 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018


W P R O E 2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 23


TRUST US, you don’t need a fancy telescope to practice astronomy. Beginners can start with the naked eye: ID-ing the constellations and brightest stars in the sky. An easy way to find them is via the Star Walk 2 smartphone app. Hold your phone up to the sky and it will point out 200,000 stars, asteroids, galaxies, and even satellites. Begin with the Milky Way, then move to locate a couple of familiar constellations— Ursa Major, which contains the Big Dipper, is a good start—then try and locate them in real life. Working your way around the dome of the sky a quarter section at a time, aim to spot a new constellation or handful of stars each night. Once you know where the big stars and galaxies are, you’ll be able to follow more complex star charts to find the really interesting stuff. As you pick up the lay of the sky, it’s time to step up to some magnification with a pair of binoculars (see below). Armed with these optics, you should be able to tap your star chart to help you zero in on the Andromeda Galaxy, Jupiter’s moons, the Pleiades, or the M13 star cluster. Also, you’ll learn a little astrophysics as you notice differences in brightness and color among stars. Red stars, such as Rigel in the constellation Orion, are the coolest stars, with yellow stars getting hotter, and blazing blue stars the largest and hottest of all.


Binoculars are rated first by magnification and then by the size of their objective lens, the big one at the end. The bigger the lens, the brighter and crisper the view of the stars. A pair of relatively light 7x50 binoculars, like Nikon’s Action Extreme 7x50 ATBs, will work well for most star-spotting. Skygazers with steadier hands or a tripod can get away with 10x or 12x binoculars.

24 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018



Meteor Showers When the Earth passes through debris left behind by a comet, it produces meteor showers in the night sky. About a dozen major showers occur each year, and Under Canvas is among the best places to see one this summer.

 MAY 5 Eta Aquariids. 10-20 shooting stars/hr.  LAST WEEK IN JULY Delta Aquariids.15-20 meteors/hr.  AUG. 11-13 Perseids. 60-70 meteors/hr. (up to 200/hr. some years)

2018/2019 | UNDER CANVAS | 25

26 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018




Pick from seven camps situated in a stunning variety of settings. From red-rock deserts to forested mountains, Under Canvas has destinations to suit your idea of getting back to nature.

Coram, Montana Open June 14 – September 24, 2018

Known as the “Crown of the Continent,” Glacier National Park in Montana sits at the top of the world, generating headwaters that flow to the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and Hudson’s

28 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018

Bay. It is a vast wilderness, covering more than 1,500 square miles and offering a grab bag of outdoor activities, including cycling, fly-fishing, and hiking along 700 miles of trails. Under Canvas’s Glacier

camp, located just seven miles from the park, puts you on the doorstep of your Rocky Mountain adventure. And when the day is through, you can return to a warm fire and cozy lodging under the stars.


Under Canvas Glacier


WHAT WE ♥ ABOUT GLACIER Our favorite local tours and go-to activities.     

Kayaking & Canoeing Whitewater Rafting Horseback Riding Cowboy Cookout Llama Trekking

 Fly-Fishing  Stand-Up Paddleboarding  Guided Tours  Going-to-the-Sun Road

Call the activities department at 888-496-1148 to ask about our three- or four-day Glacier Adventure and Glacier Expedition packaged itineraries.


One night we stayed at Under Canvas Glacier. We had a tent with a king-size bed and plenty of room to spare. Overall a great way to get a night out under the stars without having to bring your own gear or worry about setup. — A N DY B . 2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 29


Perfection. Great amenities, beautiful surroundings, and loved our lodging. Just two girls, our canvas tent, and this breathtaking location. —J O WA N D A C .

Under Canvas Yellowstone 

Established in 1872, Yellowstone is the world’s first national park. Known for its geothermal features including hot springs,

30 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018

mudpots, and geysers, plus an abundance of beautiful mountain lakes, waterfalls, and grassy plains, Yellowstone National Park is a bucket-list item for outdoor

enthusiasts worldwide. The community of West Yellowstone is home to the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center. Open 365 days a year, this is a can’t-miss


West Yellowstone, Montana Open May 24 – September 3, 2018


educational opportunity to see live grizzly bears, wolves, and birds of prey in a not-forprofit wildlife park setting. Ten minutes from Yellowstone’s west entrance, our camp boasts incredible views, a quiet, secluded location, an on-site restaurant, and a host of activities. Adventure starts right outside your tent.

WHAT WE ♥ ABOUT YELLOWSTONE Our favorite local tours and go-to activities.    

Kayaking Whitewater Rafting Horseback Riding Mountain Biking

   

Zip Lining Guided Tours Old Faithful Geyser Fly-Fishing

Call the Under Canvas activities department at 888-496-1148 to ask about our three- or fourday Yellowstone Adventure and Yellowstone Expedition packaged itineraries.

2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 31

Under Canvas Zion 

Situated in southern Utah, Zion National Park offers 229 square miles of vibrant color, unbeatable adventure, and pure escape. Zion is located right in the middle of a geographical region called the grand staircase, that descends from Bryce Canyon to the Grand Canyon. You won’t want to miss these spectcular points of interest: The Narrows, Angels Landing,

32 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018

The Great White Throne, Emerald Pools Trail, and Kolob Canyons. Under Canvas Zion offers an extraordinary lodging experience as breathtaking as the park itself. The camp is located on 196 acres, just minutes away from incredible trails, off-thebeaten-path adventures, and spectacular views of the majestic red and white rocks that make Zion so famous around the world.


Virgin, Utah Open March 1 – November 12, 2018


WHAT WE ♥ ABOUT ZION Our favorite local tours and go-to activities.            

Canyoneering Rock Climbing Biking Hiking Safari Tours Horseback Riding Helicopter Tours Hot Air Ballooning Yoga Kayaking On-site Massages UTV/ATV Guided Trips and Rentals

Call the Under Canvas activities department at 888-496-1148 to ask about our three- or four-day Zion Adventure and Zion Expedition packaged itineraries.


Under Canvas Moab Moab, Utah Open March 8 – October 30, 2018

Moab is the gateway to both Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, two of the most appealing recreation destinations in the American Southwest. With year-round access to amazing red rock formations and long

34 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018

stretches of the Colorado River, this area hosts annual pilgrimages by mountain bikers, hikers, campers, and river-runners from around the globe. Under Canvas Moab is located on 40 acres, seven miles north of Moab with easy access to the

entrances of both parks. The camp blends into its dramatic surroundings, offering views across the desert toward Arches National Park, where deep canyons and towering plateaus beckon visitors.



Wow! It was such a treat to wake up to the beautiful surrounding mountains. The sunset was stunning and the staff even made a fun bonfire with s’mores at the end of the night. — S A R A L .

WHAT WE ♥ ABOUT MOAB Our favorite local tours and go-to outdoor activities.       

Hot Air Ballooning Whitewater Rafting Hummer Tours Rock Climbing Mountain Biking Scenic Flights Horseback Riding

   

Jet Boat Sunset Tour Jet Boat Dinner & Night Show Jeep Tours Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Call the Under Canvas activities department at 888-496-1148 to ask about our three- or four-day Moab Adventure and Moab Expedition packaged itineraries.

2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 35

Keystone, South Dakota Open May 24 – October 1, 2018

The Black Hills of South Dakota are a world unto themselves, harkening back to the days when settlers flocked to the area, seeking their fortune mining for gold. They are also home to the famous Mount Rushmore

36 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018

National Memorial, the immense granite carving depicting the faces of four great American presidents; symbolizing the ideals of freedom and democracy. New to the portfolio, Under Canvas Mount Rushmore offers a dramatic

landscape with direct views of the iconic monument. Our safari-inspired canvas tents and on-site restaurant provide you with all the comforts of a luxury resort, but under the stars. You’ll remember this trip for a lifetime.


Under Canvas Mount Rushmore



WHAT WE ♥ ABOUT MOUNT RUSHMORE Our favorite local tours and go-to activities.  Mount Rushmore National Memorial  Crazy Horse Memorial  Horseback Riding  Cave Tours  Boating/Paddling  Chuck Wagon Cookout  Gold Panning & Gold Mine Tours  Bison Safari Jeep Tour Call the Under Canvas activities department at 888-496-1148 to ask about our three- or fourday Rushmore Adventure and Rushmore Expedition packaged itineraries.

2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 37



Under Canvas continues to open new camps among America’s most breathtaking landscapes.

Great Smoky Mountains Gatlinburg, Tennessee Opening August 2018

There’s a good reason that Great Smoky Mountains National Park is America’s most visited park. It covers more than 500,000 acres and offers stunning waterfalls, wooded trails, and a rich bounty of wildflowers and

38 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018

wildlife. Fall might just be the best time to visit. Enjoy warm days and cool nights along with the spectacular display of autumn colors as the foliage begins to turn. Under Canvas Great Smoky Mountains is a 200-acre camp with access

to the national park. Plus, it’s right on the outskirts of nearby Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge and their assortment of theme parks, museums, and other attractions.


Grand Canyon Valle, Arizona Opening September 2018

Where will we pitch our tents next?


The Grand Canyon, one of the natural wonders of the world, is famous for its scenic views and vistas that reveal millions of years of geological history. This is your opportunity to discover the diversity of life and the extraordinary grandeur of Grand Canyon National Park. Located on 160 acres of piñon and juniper forest outside Valle, Arizona, Under Canvas Grand Canyon sits just 20 minutes away from the south entrance to the national park. Spend a few days exploring the park or enjoy a variety of activities a short distance away from our luxury camp.

WE’RE ALWAYS looking for new locations. When scouting our next destinations, we recall what matters to our guests: an unforgettable vacation destination, where memories will be made for decades. We have desert and mountain camps, and soon we hope to open camps near beaches, waterfalls, and lakes. In each setting, we seek out the intangibles: a perfect sunset, the sound of a stream, a natural gathering area for guests to relax by a fire. If you own a property, or want to suggest a new destination, please email info@ or call 888-496-1148.

2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 39



EXTRAORDINARY Turn your gathering into an experience your guests will never forget.

2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 41

Under Canvas Events can turn an afternoon brunch or a multiday gathering into a luxurious and comfortable experience for all.


Events take on new meaning when you build them from the ground up, literally. When you have a say in every detail, from the exact location, to the size of the accommodations, to the decorations, there’s a sense of achievement that reflects the character of the creator ... you. Under Canvas Events provides forhire accommodations and event tents for weddings, parties, festivals, corporate events, film shoots, conferences, temporary housing, trade shows, and more. In addition, we have properties in Montana, Utah, Tennessee, South Dakota, and Arizona, plus partner properties in California, Georgia, Texas, New York, and Colorado. With our Events staff and your imagination, we can meld your personal style with our custom-crafted, safari-inspired luxury tents and tipis to create glamorous outdoor accommodations and magnificent event spaces anywhere across North America.


Weddings We love weddings! In fact, we’ll build the entire wedding weekend complex from scratch. Need a spacious tent or two for the bride and her entourage to get ready? Or how about a handful of indoor/ outdoor lounges for cocktail hour, with multiple tents conjoined to accommodate the full reception dinner and dancing? We have it covered. Let our events team bring your wedding to life with a host of themed activities,

customized lighting and décor, and a full complement of gourmet catering from start to finish. Your wedding day will be the envy of all who attend.

Corporate Events At a corporate event hosted by Under Canvas, you can expect the immediate camaraderie among fellow glampers to translate into more productive discussions and collaborations over the course of a mulitday retreat. Or add a sense of wonder to an existing event with a dinner, presentation, or lounge held in an Under Canvas tent. Choose from our existing camps in Montana, Utah, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Arizona. Under Canvas also has access to gorgeous properties in Maine, New York, Georgia, California, and Washington. Of course, we can build a pop-up camp for glamping just about any place you choose with private, comfortable accommodations for everyone.

Group Retreats Looking to create a once-in-a-lifetime yoga retreat, family reunion, or club gathering? Take up residence in one of our established base camps, or customize your accommodations to fit one of our partner venues. We can even set up a glamping camp on your own property. Once the location is set, we can work with you to create a memorable itinerary for large or small groups. 2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 43


Event Venues Here’s the beauty of the Under Canvas experience: We can create it almost anywhere and make it almost any size. Then, when the day is done, we fold up our tents and return the land to its natural state. For outdoor weddings, corporate events, group retreats, and more, we have a collection of established venues in some of the most

beautiful settings on the planet. Under Canvas is always looking for spectacular new venues and camp locations to add to our collection. If you’re a landowner or venue owner and want to partner with Under Canvas, please contact us at 888496-1148. Or, if you have your heart set on a location, but don’t see it offered, please ask us if we can accommodate it.

Partner Properties

Oakhurst, California With open meadows, aspen trees, and streams, this space is perfect for your trip to Yosemite National Park, or your next special event. Miller’s Lodge, Carmel Valley, California The Arroyo Seco River splits this property in two. Both sides are ideal for sundrenched company retreats, workshops, and weddings. Santa Margarita Ranch, California The historic Santa Margarita Ranch encompasses nearly 15,000 acres of majestic rolling hills covered in oaks, gardens, cattle ranching, and renowned vineyards.

44 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018

Cascades, Washington Explore the lakes, rivers, and trails of Washington’s Cascade Mountains. The setting combines rugged outdoors with a private luxury camp that includes exquisite meals, kayaking, biking, fly-fishing, and hiking. Sage Safaris, Montana Peace and privacy abound at this location in northern Montana. Sage Safaris pairs luxury camping with the amenities of fine dining and the Sage Safaris Lodge. Red Barn 20, New York This venue’s 80 picturesque acres in Upstate New York offer miles of hiking and biking trails, and meticulously restored event barns.

Ellijay, Georgia Set in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in northern Georgia, this hidden gem is a paradise of forests, streams, ponds, historic ambience, and Southern charm. Sheephead Island, Deer Isle, Maine Sheephead Island provides unforgettable views and privacy along with plenty of things to do every day, from clam bakes, kayaking, and sailing, to biking around Acadia National Park.


Our partner properties in locations across the United States are places where we can set up the custom camp of your dreams.

(top left) Available activities and dining options. (this page) A corporate event in Sonoma, California.



Under Canvas has partnered with experts, gurus, and adventurers from around the country to put together curated adventure and retreat packages designed to stimulate, inspire, and inform. Join us in 2018 for a yoga retreat in the Smoky Mountains, a health and wellness weekend in Zion, a fly-fishing expedition in Yellowstone, or a fireside chat with adventurer and filmmaker Stacy Bare. Your glamping getaway awaits.


Fly-Fishing with Tom Morgan Rodsmiths Under Canvas Yellowstone


August 23-26, 2018

Join us at our premier Yellowstone location to cast away with help from the fly-fishing professionals at Tom Morgan Rodsmiths, who are committed to handcrafting the perfect fly rod. You’ll fish the legendary waters of Southwest Montana on this private, guided adventure. Includes three nights of accommodations, all meals, casting clinic, and a fly rod designed for just you.

Yoga Retreat with Angela Botta Under Canvas Great Smoky Mountains September 28-30, 2018

Under Canvas is excited to bring you an opportunity to explore the Great Smoky Mountains, coupled with a fun and relaxing yoga retreat. Angela Botta, a New York native, has been hosting international yoga retreats throughout Central America and the United States for years. She’s

excited to combine her love of yoga with our love for nature. The package includes two nights of accommodations, all meals, yoga, hikes, and a fireside chat with Angela.

Health and Wellness with Alkalign Studios Under Canvas Zion October 12-14, 2018

Join Erin Paruszewski for a wellness weekend. Erin is the founder of Alkalign, a set of courses that provide safe and effective workouts in a supportive community. These sessions focus on individuals’ needs and help people find a dynamic relationship between strengthening the mind, aligning the body, and nourishing the soul. The package includes two nights of accommodations, all meals, a canyoneering experience, massage, and a fireside chat with Erin.

Adventure and Health with Stacy Bare Under Canvas Zion November 2-4, 2018

Adventure and health

go hand in hand with the Under Canvas vision. Join us at our Zion location with special guest and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2014, Stacy Bare. The package includes two nights of accommodations, all meals, canyoneering, and yoga. You’ll also enjoy a fireside chat and private screening of Stacy’s movie, Adventure not War.

7 Parks in 7 Days Dates available upon request

Leveraging the power and convenience of private aviation, guests will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience seven spectacular national parks in just seven days. Don’t miss this expedition to Arches, Canyonlands, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Glacier, Zion, and Bryce Canyon. The package includes seven nights in deluxe accommodations, air travel, transfers, and all meals and activities. For details, or to book any adventure or retreat, please email info@undercanvas .com or call 888-496-1148.

2018 | UNDER CANVAS | 47


Trip Pics A selection of our favorite posts shared by Under Canvas guests. Share yours on Instagram (@undercanvasofficial) or Facebook (UnderCanvas).

@stephaniecrusso, Under Canvas Zion - Missing stepping just outside of our Stargazer tent at @undercanvasofficial to witness the miracle of sunset on these red rocks // sunrise over this valley

@tylersharpphoto, Under Canvas Yellowstone - Sunset at @undercanvas official, reflected on the Madison River.

@stephjianni, Under Canvas Moab - Find someone who can still make you laugh after 6 weeks on the road together and who glamps with you @undercanvasofficial

@jonathanzoetman, Under Canvas Glacier - Had an amazing couple days in @winterthesiberian, Under Canvas Moab - Our favorite way to adventure is together. I loved getting to stay at @undercanvas official with Winter and exploring the beautiful desert together.

48 | UNDER CANVAS | 2018

Montana with some of my favorite people. Lots more photos and stories to come over the next few days. When it comes to places to stay near Glacier National Park, @under canvasofficial can’t be beat.


Madeline Lu @lumadeline

Madeline Lu, world-traveling photographer and avid Instagrammer, has almost seen it all. The mom turned lifestyle blogger takes her family (and her nearly 400,000 Instagram followers) along for the ride as she explores some of the most beautiful destinations on earth. Last summer, that included a visit to our Yellowstone camp and an official introduction to glamping.

so my husband kept the fire going all night to keep us warm—a small thing that added to our deeper connection with the environment. We stayed in a Stargazer tent where the bed sits under a skylight, so we made a point to wake up in the middle of the night to look at the stars. We even woke up the kids so they could see them. I also found that there

was an instant connection between us and our fellow guests thanks to the shared experience of glamping. You don’t always find this in hotels where everyone can disappear into their rooms.

What’s Next? Lu: I’ve got Under Canvas’s Zion and Mount Rushmore camps on my wish list!

Why glamping? Lu: I’d never tried it! We wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park, so I googled “glamping Yellowstone” and up came Under Canvas. My kids love camping, but I like a real bed and a private bathroom. Each of us got what we wanted. My husband got to do his “man-and-fire” thing, lighting and tending the wood-burning stove that heated up the tent.


What was special about your stay? Lu: From the deck in front of the tent we had an uninterrupted view of the mountains, and we could feel the crisp, clean air both inside and out. We were always aware of being outside—in a tent. It was cold that evening, 2018/2019 | UNDER CANVAS | 1

Under Canvas Magazine  

A descriptive piece outlining all Under Canvas has to offer. From existing properties, to upcoming properties, to special events, to things...

Under Canvas Magazine  

A descriptive piece outlining all Under Canvas has to offer. From existing properties, to upcoming properties, to special events, to things...