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Hello there! “It’s always summer somewhere” Lilly Pulitzer First off, I want to thank

Sequins + Stripes. Some of you may

everyone for their support of

know and love her, and some may be

Undeniable Magazine. When I came

unfamiliar, but either way she should

up with the idea, I thought it was

serve as an inspiration to us all.

ridiculous, and wouldn’t have even

Starting from the ground up, Liz has

gone through with the project if it

built up her personal brand like no

wasn’t for some pushing from

other, and is quite the entrepreneur. I had the pleasure of

someone very close to me.

interviewing her for this month’s

Kicking off Issue 1 with 500+ reads, I can’t wait to see what the

issue, and hope you all enjoy the

future of this magazine brings.

feature. Lastly, I think that the fact that

Starting next month, there will be something big released for

summer is practically here calls for a

Undeniable, and I hope you will all

celebration! Break out those

check it out in the July Issue. The

swimsuits, to head to the beach/

magazine will undergo a change to

pool, and get ready to get out of

something great!

school, and enjoy this beautiful time

But, until then, I present to you

of the year!

the lovely Liz Schneider from







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Summer Patterns

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Personal Style Swimsuit Styles One Dress-Two Ways

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Summer Pattern Trends By: Julia

Every season prints and patterns make their way onto the runway from four of the biggest fashion-focused cities in the world â&#x20AC;&#x201C; New York, Paris, London and Milan. Designers and brands set the bar high for the spring/summer season by showcasing what influenced them from their travels, close friends and family and art. Fashion lovers across the world are being taken on a journey with this seasonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s trends. The top five spring/summer trends for 2014 are floral, geometric, tribal, polka dots and stripes.


Floral prints are timeless, romantic and feminine. The print seems to show up season after season with a wide range of colors and sizes. These variations come in large floral collages, watercolor prints based on beautiful paintings, classic black-and-white style and abstract designs. The options are endless. The range from dainty and delicate to big and bold will easily show your personality and style no matter which print you choose. If your style is simple, look for a print that has small flowers placed all over the blouse or pant. If your style is loud and bold, look for a print that has large, vibrant flowers. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also no harm in trying to wear it on an accessory like a tote bag, summer scarf or headband. A floral print is the best way to add some color to any plain outfit.


Think back to your high school geometry class when memorizing formulas and dealing with shapes was the last thing you wanted to do, but the good news is you don’t have to ever use these formulas or know the angle degrees of triangles to wear geometric shapes – diamonds, circles, triangles, hexagons – this season. Go bold with mixed prints or balance out your outfit with a big print on the bottom and a small print on the top. If you don’t think you can pull off an entire look of cool shapes, try incorporating one piece into your outfit. For example, choose a printed top with a solid bottom or a printed bottom with a solid top. A skirt or a dress will make you stand out, but if you want to incorporate this trend for the office, a pair of playful trousers will make your look refined and poised. For those minimalists out there, incorporate accessories into your ensemble.


When the word tribal is said, some automatically think of throw pillows, comfy ponchos, sitting by the fireplace while drinking hot chocolate, but this season, the word tribal isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t about being cozy in a log cabin in the words; this season, tribal print is worn on a daily basis from colorful maxi dresses to summer scarves to statement necklaces. This fun print is one like any other that can be worn alone or with another loud printed piece. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t feel overpowered by this print; wear it with confidence by accessorizing with simple bangles and chain link necklaces when wearing tribal print shorts and a flowy tank on a hot summer day. A night out on the town calls for strappy black sandals or gladiator heels to dress up your tribal print dress. This particular trend is perfect for all of the summer music festivals that you have coming up.

Polka Dots

Whether theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re big or small, black and white or bright, polka dots are making a comeback this spring/summer season. Polka dots are no longer a print of the 1950s, this retro-inspired print is feminine and classic that can easily be taken from your corporate office job to a dinner and drinks for a night out. Mix and match your polka dot blouse with a striped or a floral skirt. Have fun with this trend and shy away from the classic black and white pieces. Arrays of bright hues are the perfect choice for phone cases, flats, blouses and trousers.


Stripes come in all shapes, sizes and colors from vertical to horizontal, thick or thin and the classic black and white to a neon stripe. With some smart styling, stripes can be really flattering so you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t look like an umpire or football referee. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t fear wearing a horizontal stripe for thinking that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll look wider, but they actually make you look thinner. Just like any other trend, stripes can be easily worn during the day for work and they can be dressed up for a night out. Wear flats with your striped tee or dress while shopping or running errands and throw on a blazer and heels with your skirt or skinny jeans for a night out. Mix bigger, horizontal stripes on top and smaller, vertical stripes on bottom with minimal and simple shoes.

Personal Style By: Sloane

When I’m asked about my personal style, I never know what to say. I think

and what inspires me from travel and other odds and ends.

about what my personal style is but the irony of it, is that it changes

The easiest way I can describe my

frequently. The bases of my style is

style is through places. As odd and

tomboy. I rarely wear much color and

random that may sound, it’s quite the

like my clothing looser than tighter. Of

truth. The underpinning of my

course, showing some skin is a favorite

wardrobe is based off from the

of mine (; But, anything remotely girly

carefree lifestyle of the 70s. Not as

is something I tend to avoid.

much boho, but the expressiveness of the undone- dare I say- prep. But, I

There are two words I hate when it

also have a heavy European influence

comes to describing personal style;

which comes from my travels. I love

classic and preppy. In this day in age of

the edgy feels from London and

“preppy bloggers”, the word preppy

Stockholm and the effortlessness of

has lost its true meaning of the New

Paris and from the other side of the

England lifestyle it was once came

world, Sydney.

from. Think 60s college life- a little scruffy and undone. That is what

In a world of copycats and

preppy comes from. Along with the

thousands of “fashun bloggers”, I

word classic. As my personal style has

prefer to take the “trendless” route.

changed I’ve moved away from the

Originality and personality is my

preppy life and into more who I am

choice when it comes to style.

Swimsuit Styles By: Nancy Looks like summer weather might be here to stay; the sun has finally come out to play! Beaches, patios, and rooftops.... What's not to love about the summer time? Time to change your wardrobe! As the summer approaches, I have noticed some of the hottest swimwear for summer 2014. Here are my top swimwear picks:

Bustier Top

Bustier and Bra Tops have been everywhere! We can finally wear a swimsuit that has some support and actually fits to our size!Â

Macrame I loveeee this swimsuit! The holes to this style adds a little bit of sexy yet fun and adventurous! I can't seem to get enough!

High-waisted bottoms I am a huge fan of high waisted anything; so I love this style! Don't be afraid to add some bold colors and patterns while rocking this style!Â

One Dress-Two Ways By: Frannie

Now that summer is here (or just around the corner!), it’s important to look as fabulous as possible when heading out. Personally, I know I have a few favorite pieces in my closet that I go to when I’m getting dressed, but I always seem to style them the same way. Today I’m putting a few fun spins on a classic dress and showing how to style it for a night out or even just for a day on the town! Chic and simple during day and flirty and eccentric at night! This simple striped dress is sure to win.

For Day // dress; bag; sandals

For Night // dress; earrings; clutch; heels

Meet Liz Schneider of Sequins & Stripes By: Anna

Liz Schneider may be one of the most fashionable gals out there in the blogging community. Her feminine and

whole career to managing Sequins & Stripes. Through the success of her blog,

classic outfits never fail to impress! So

Liz has worked and collaborated with

you could imagine how happy we all

brands like Nordstrom, Kate Spade New

were here at Undeniable when she

York, Madewell, Henri Bendel, LOFT,

agreed to be the feature story of our

Refinery 29, Bloomingdaleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Target, and

second issue.


Being all bloggers ourselves, Liz

Upon visiting her beautifully laid

has serves as a woman of inspiration for

out website, you can find her stylish

us all at one point or another. In 2011,

finds and outfits, her collaborations,

Liz started her blog Sequins & Stripes,

beauty tips, and much more. Definitely

the two basic fashion staples that Liz

check it out and subscribe for some

dons all year round. At first, her blog

awesome stories to read in your inbox!

was only a side hobby, but as her own personal styling clients starting coming in Liz took the leap and devoted her

Sequins & Stripes

DIY Face Lemon-Baking Soda What a lot of people don't know about lemons is their bleaching effect. Sometimes known as "nature's bleach", lemon juice has been know to be able to lighten skin and hair. When combined with baking soda, the two make a facial mask that is great for exfoliating.

Ingredients: • 2 tbsp of baking soda  • 1 tsp of lemon juice (preferably fresh, hand squeezed juice but bottled juice is also okay.) 

Directions: In a small bowl, combine both ingredients until a past is formed. If you prefer a creamier mask, just be sure to add a little more lemon juice. After forming the face mask, apply it to the face and gently scrub. Continue to exfoliate the skin, then leave the mask on for 5 - 30 minutes. The best thing about this mask is the fact that it targets blackheads and acne scars. After gently washing off the mask with warm water, you should notice a change in the quality of your skin.

By: Juan

Masks Banana-honey With this particular mask, you will notice your skin will look healthier and more moisturized.

Ingredients: • 1 ripe banana • 1 tbsp of honey • 10 drops of lemon juice

Directions: Using a metal spoon or fork, take your broken up banana and mash it in a bowl until a thick paste is formed. By adding honey, your skin will retain it's moisture, giving you a healthy, moisturized appearance. The lemon juice, as you've just read, is added into the mixture to brighter your skin and help reduce the size of blackheads. After you've added both the honey and the lemon juice to the mask and mixed all the ingredients in, you may apply the mask to your face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Once you're done, gently wash your face with warm water.

Essie Summer

fierce, no fear


urban jungle

2014 Colors

strut your stuďŹ&#x20AC;

haute in the heat

ruďŹ&#x201E;es & feathers

Summer Run

Adidas Energy Boost 2

Nike Free Run 5.0

ning Shoes

Asics Gel-Kayano 20 Lite-Show

Nike 4.0 Flyknit

Drink. By: Lauren

I have to confess that up until about March I was

believe it our not, the brain is 90% water. That

in a slump where I was being a horrible water

being said it only makes sense that drink plenty of

drinker – if I drank two glasses of water a day I

water would play a key role in our health. When I

thought I was doing an ok job, which I knew really

was doing my research for this article I learned that

wasn’t the case. I was in the dreadful habit of

drinking plenty of water throughout the day reduces

drinking a coke in the morning (I’m not a coffee

the appearance of lines and wrinkles because water

drinker), drinking another coke around noon after

moisturizes the skin from the inside out; after I read

hitting the proverbial wall, and of course drinking

this fact I was officially sold on drinking water –

another one in the late afternoon then one to end the

hello new best drinking friend!

day and maybe, just maybe, having two bottles of water a day. Needless to say I had successfully

Aside from reducing lines and wrinkles water

developed a very unhealthy habit of drinking too

has many other benefits as well such as increasing

much coke and was lacking in water intake.

ones energy level, promoting weight loss, boost immune system, increases cognitive function, and

At the beginning of March I gave up Coke for

reduces headaches. Water also impacts our long-

lent and started drinking water during the parts of

term internal health in a positive way as well.

the day I would have normally had a coke. Once I

Drinking the adequate amount of water each day (8

started drinking an adequate amount of water again

glasses or more) helps to build muscle, improves

on a daily basis I could tell a huge difference! I feel

liver and kidney function, and lubricates joints.

more rested, I’m more productive during the day, I even lost a little weight, I sleep better at night, and

With the summer season upon (so happy it is

my skin complexion has improved. Who knew

here after that long winter) it is even more

drinking water could make such a difference…

important to drink water in the warmer months of the year. This summer remember to stay hydrated

As most of us probably learned back in our elementary school day the body is 70% water and

on those hot days and it is always a good idea to have a water bottle with you!

One // Two // Three // Four

Interior Design By: Meredith Every since I was little, my mother has

Furniture is always an important factor.

decorated our house in a very homey and

It is said to have one piece of wood furniture

simple way. Pineapples as a welcoming sign

in each room, for it creates a homier feel.

and cinnamon candles to make it feel like

Antiques are always a cool addition to a room

home. Our rooms were always decorated

due to there out of the ordinary look. I have a

classy but sensible. My mom has HGTV on

antique ottoman in my room and it makes my

almost all the time and here and there I tend

whole room feel like a classy little cottage.

to watch a few shows and learn something

You can find antiques at any thrift store or

myself about interior design. I have always

cute little boutique. They always add a little

loved brick walls in a home; it brings so

character to your room. If your room does

much detail and uniqueness to a room.

not get a lot of light, do not bring a busy

pattern or crazy painting. It will create an

Paint color is a huge importance when

it comes to a room. When we first moved into

eclectic feel to your whole room.

our house, we painted my room about 4

times until we got it the right blue. Never

decorating your home or room,

paint your room a color you would get sick

Anthropologie is a really fun place to go and

of. Usually light tans, yellows or blues are

shop for fun little trinkets for your room.

always soothing and calm. Yellow rooms are

Their bedspreads are beautiful along with

proven to make a room feel bigger than it

cups, pillows, and plates. Design is all in you

actually is.

and what you believe looks best.

If you want to be fun and quirky at

best sites and shows for design advice





Brighten Up



Your Room!



DIY Tassel Garland By: Katelyn

I don’t know about you but I’ve been seeing tassel garland everywhere! I instantly fell in love with the look and was scouring the internet on where to buy some. Little did I know that it’s super easy and inexpensive to make yourself! Here is the DIY on how to make tassel garland!

Supplies: -tissue paper in various colors (I used mint, white and gold that I found at Target) -scissors or rotary cutter (the rotary cutter would make your life easier) -twine/string to hang

1. Take your sheet of tissue paper and lay it flat. Fold the paper both horizontally and vertically. 2. Cut along one of the folds to create 2 different sheets. This should make 2 separate sheets that are folded in half.   3. Use scissors to cut stripes (a little less than a half an inch wide) leaving about an inch of space at the top.

4. After finishing with the cutting open up the entire sheet and roll the center. Twist it together and turn into a little loop. Secure this loop with a small piece of tape. 5. Repeat this process for however many tassels you need to make. I made a total of 18 for my strand. 

Tassel Now you know how to make the tas

Bar Cart


Styling sels so hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s how you can style them!


Dinner Party

Guide to Summer Travels By: Hunter

Since we are approaching summer that means it is travel time! Traveling is so much fun, but getting there is usually the most stressful part. Planning outfits and what to bring can be so difficult, especially if you have to pack for a week or longer. This summer I am going to New York to look at some colleges and also attend the Smart Girls Summitâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;I hope to see some of you thereâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and planning everything has been a lot of work; however, now that pretty much everything is planned all that is left to do is plan outfits and cross off the to-do list. Here are some helpful vacation tips for you to follow while planning your summer getaway.

1. Plan Early: When I plan for anything, I

like to plan early. I plan birthday gifts

weather not to expectâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;how much

way ahead of time, schedule my posts the

walking you will be doing, and what is

day before, and I know my schedule

comfortable/appropriate for where you

months before I need to. Planning early

will be going. Keeping these three main

will really help you get and stay organized

things in mind, you will be prepared for

through the planning process, which

any situation!

makes everything ten times easier. Plus, it


Know what weather to expectâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and what

4. Set a Routine: For however long you are

will leave you room to do other things

staying at your destination, always set a

too, rather than planning and rushing

routine beforehand. Many times I will

things last minute.

leave and forget something I need to help

Know Your Schedule: This goes along

get me ready in the morning, like my

pretty well with planning early: always

favorite lotion or the only face wash I

make sure you know your schedule.

have that works for me. Setting a routine

There is nothing worse than planning

helps me know what I need to take and

something and realizing you have

what items are completely unnecessary

overbooked yourself. I used to do that a

for my trip! 5. Have Fun: Despite all of the planning,

lot until I got a planner I could write everything down in. Having a map of

planning, and more planning, make sure

what my life would be like for a month or

you save room for fun. Part of going on

two really helped me organize and

vacation is having adventure, getting into


something you have no clue how to prepare for. So, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t stress about

3. Be Prepared: Once you get all of the

plans worked out, then it is time to get

everything being perfect because that will

ready for the adventure; however, you can

leave you completely unhappy during

never be too prepared. I am often called

your vacation. Rather enjoy the

the mom of my friend group because I

spontaneous moments and embrace

tend to have everything anyone needs,


and that is how I like to be on vacation.

I hope you all have fun on your vacation this summer and I hope these tips help you plan your perfect trip! I also hope to see some of you at the Smart Girls Summit in NYC. Please feel free to tweet to @preponabudge if you are going :)


Travel Essentials

Studying Abroad from a first-perspective By: Eliza

Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sure we have all thought about venturing off to somewhere foreign to study. Well, Eliza did jus that. Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity and adventure that will only benefit you in the long run. Keep on reading to learn more about Elizaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s journey in Germany as a high school student. via

Hi Everyone! This is my first time writing for

represents a lot of nationalities (45 in all) and often

Undeniable so I thought I should introduce myself.

times, when you are walking through the hallways,

My name is Eliza and like all the other writers for

you’ll hear a bunch of different languages. In fact, out

Undeniable, I’m a blogger. Unlike the other writers

of all the all the kids in my grade (about 75), I am one

though, I live in Germany. Almost four years ago my

of the nine who can only speak one language. Kinda

family moved away from our lovely Southern home in

sad right?!

Lexington, Kentucky and jumped into the unknown land of Munich, Germany. It would be an

Let me take you through one of my school days.

understatement to say that Germany took a little

Unlike most American high school students, I travel

getting used to. Almost everything was different- the

to school by train and before you even ask, “NO”, it’s

language, the culture, even the grocery stores! One of

not like traveling to Hogwarts (I was very

the many new things I had to get accustomed to was

disappointed). It’s not magical in any way, shape, or

school. Today I’m going to share with you the good,

form. It’s crowded, smelly and during Oktoberfest,

the bad, and the ugly of studying abroad.

splattered with vomit. Once we get to the stop closest to our school, all of us “train kids” get off and catch a

First, I don’t go to German school; I go to a private

bus that takes us to the village where our school is

English-speaking school that is intended for families

located. After a 7-minute walk, we arrive just in time

like mine who are not native to the country. See how I

for the first bell to ring. For me, the commute takes

wrote ‘intended’ though? That’s because the largest

about 1 hour each way. I’m on the lucky end though

nationality represented at my school is German. The

since I live on the outskirts of Munich; one of my best

second nationality most represented at my school is

friends travels 3 hours round trip each day!

the British. By a wide margin, Americans follow, then you have small pockets of other nationalities (Dutch, Japanese, Italian, etc.). As you can tell, our school

Throughout the day, we have six, hour-long periods.

Day. Bavarian Day is kind of like a celebrate

In the IB (the curriculum which I do) we take six

Germany day. Everyone comes to school in their

classes so technically we could have each class

Lederhosen and Dirndls, we eat typical German

every day however, we get free periods, double

food, and there are usually some fun games like

period classes, assemblies, and, Theory of

eating a pretzel off of a rope and seeing who can

Knowledge once a week. Although my courses are

hold two beer mugs full of water out the longest. It’s

the same as American classes, what goes on in the

a really great day and its always fun to see everyone

classroom is different. My international school is

dressed up. What’s kind of crazy though is that we

super liberal so it’s totally okay for you to swear

miss out on some super typical American high

while talking to your teacher and often times the

schooler stuff. We’ve never had a prom or

teacher will swear right back. There is a very chill

homecoming at my school. We also can’t get our

relationship between the teachers and the students

driving licenses till were 18. It’s sometimes sad to

which is nice at some times but inappropriate at

think that I’m not going to experience some of the

others. Discussion in our classes is also very open.

normal growing up you guys do (don’t get me

We’ve read some pretty racy books in English and

started on the fact that I’m going to leave Germany

don’t even get me started on our sex ed classes—

with 0 dating experience), but I think that I’ve

way more liberal than anything you’ll get in the

replaced those ‘normal’ experiences with ones that

United States.

are unique and ‘once in a lifetime’. As you can tell, our school is pretty different to a

After school life is pretty different here too. Back

typical American high school. I love that I am able

home, I always remember sports being huge. The

to have friends from all over across the world,

schools in Lexington seemed to ooze with school

however there is definitely a very negative feeling

spirit and support. Whether it was a track meet, and

about the United States here. It’s really popular to

cheer event, or a football game, there would be

hate on the United States, whether you are a teacher

support from the fellow students. Here it is

or a student, a Brit or even a fellow American. I

completely opposite. No one goes to the sport

have noticed that if conversation hits a low, talking

games. There is a complete lack of school spirit

about the United States and all of our “craziness”

even when it comes to the fun spirit days! The one

can be a topic that lasts for ages.

spirit day that everyone dresses up for is Bavarian

The latest presidential elections were particularly bad

moved here- Being able to learn about Modern

especially since my family was voting Republican

European history and then being able to see where it

and that was considered signing a contract with the

all took place (Munich was the Nazi-Capital) has

devil. Honestly, I know that a lot of the things they

been a really cool experience.

are talking about are just rumors, or gross exaggerations so I try not to feel hurt however, it still

All and all, school is still school, whether you live

sucks that I’m the only person in my grade who is

in the United States or Germany. Things are different

proud to be an American.

but you still have the cliques, the annoying boys that you swear are still 12, and the big partiers (the only

Here are a few more fun facts about my experience

difference is that it’s legal here). I love the school I go

studying abroad:

to, even with all of its craziness, and I love the

• My school is made up of several buildings- one of

different experiences it gives me. Although there have

which is a country manor palace. Many of my

been times where I felt ridiculed, or where I have

classes are in this beautiful building.

been so shocked by what we’re being taught, I have

• Our school (like most international schools), is from

had awesome experiences not many people have had.

grades Pre K- Grade 12 We have only 1,000

Living internationally, I’ve grown a thicker skin and

students in total.

have become way more independent. Studying abroad

• Our IB art program is super liberal - Sketches of naked models are displayed throughout the school • Every Friday we have early release; school ends at 2:20pm rather than 4pm. • I have travelled to Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, and parts of Germany during Field Trips. On one school trip boys and girls slept in the same room together unchaperoned while the teachers sat outside drinking beer. • History has become my favorite subject since I’ve

has had its ups and downs but overall, I’ve really grown to love it here and am really sad that I’ll be leaving after I graduate.

By: Katelyn

Different Takes o

I’ve been really striving to eat healthy because with swimsuit season among us it’s crucial to have a slim(ish) beach body. That’s why I fell in love with this smoothie recipe. Smoothies are the perfect way to stay hydrated in the summer months and they are so good for you. Plus, it’s a great way to get multiple servings of fruit (and vegetables-if you wish) all wrapped up into one super easy drink. I love this recipe because it tastes light and fresh and totally hydrates you. Here are the ingredients that you’re going to need.

Ingredients: -1 whole banana -1 cup of strawberries -1/2 cup blueberries -1/2 cup blackberries -1/4 cup Greek yogurt 1/4 cup orange juice mixed with ice 1. This recipe honestly couldn’t be more simple. Add the ingredients and blend! (Makes 2 servings). **Feel free to add different berries to taste.

n the Smoothie

Spring and summer are all about smoothies. Waking up and having a smoothie to start off the day is refreshing, delicious, and can be really good for you! Whether youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re using fresh or frozen fruit, milk or yogurt, smoothies can be personalized and absolutely delicious. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s my quick and easy morning smoothie recipe, perfect for welcoming the day!

Ingredients: -A handful (or bowl-ful) of fresh or frozen fruit of your choice - A splash of milk (or yogurt) - A small teaspoon of honey Blend all the fruit, milk, and honey together in a blender. I like using frozen fruit for my smoothies because it creates a thicker, icier smoothie vs. using fresh fruit and ice! Throwing in a banana is the perfect thickener. My favorite is using frozen pineapple, strawberries, papaya, mango, and blueberries. Adding in protein powder or chia seeds is another way to cater to your own needs while still having a delicious smoothie!

By: Connie

Turkey Burger Recipe from: Rosie Eats

Summertime schedules are always full of BBQs, and that also means a schedule full of carbs. The easiest way to get rid of the majority of those carbs, and to make your meals more nutritious, is to get rid of the buns! Make your burger a lettuce wrap, and trade in the beef for a healthier, lighter turkey burger. By: Ajah

Lettuce Wrap Ingredients: ◦ 1 pound of ground turkey

◦ iceberg lettuce

◦ 2 tablespoons of seasoned breadcrumbs

◦ cucumbers, sliced

◦ 2 cloves of garlic, minced

◦ red onion, sliced

◦ 2 tablespoons of parsley, minced

◦ red bell peppers

◦ salt and pepper

◦ hummus

◦ 1 teaspoon of cayenne

◦ crumbled feta cheese

◦ 1 egg white

In a large bowl, combine all of the ingredients and mix with your hands. Form into patties. Spray cooking spray on a heated a grill, grill pan or skillet over medium heat. Lightly season patties with salt and pepper and cook them 5 minutes on each side or until thoroughly cooked. Assemble: Spread hummus on lettuce; add feta cheese, cucumbers, red onion, red bell peppers and the turkey patty. Top with another piece of lettuce and serve. * Tried and its absolutely delish! And 100% healthy great for everyone who wants to eat clean but have a “cheat” meal without the guilt.

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