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Annual Giving

If every UND graduate gave an annual gift of $240 (just $20/month), UND would have more than $19.2 million to support student, faculty, and program initiatives that ultimately impact the growth and vitality of North Dakota. It would take an endowment of $500 million to make that big of an annual impact.

In the early 1890s, the University of North Dakota was on the brink of closing. One man, William Budge,

stepped up with a gift and a plan to save the University. More than 400 individuals and businesses followed his example and contributed to the University Maintenance Fund and ensured UND would fulfill its destiny. More than 100 years later, you are

standing on their shoulders.

Annual gifts are increasingly important not only to maintaining our University, but moving it from great … to exceptional. When you give – and give again every year – you assure UND has the ability to respond to immediate needs and opportunities. Many generous alumni supported the foundation for the education you received. We need you to provide that same legacy for a new generation of students. It’s a legacy they, too, will pass on with future gifts. With annual gifts, UND is able to award more scholarships to students who enrich the campus with their diverse and dynamic interests; provide supplemental funds to its faculty who enliven classroom experiences; enhance academic and extracurricular programs; and make necessary campus improvements.

Students are the biggest recipients of your annual generosity. Throughout campus, annual unrestricted support is used in many ways: • funding scholarships that often provide the critical link that makes a UND education a reality when it was otherwise out of reach • supporting programs like the Thursday Night Cultural Series through the Office of International Programs, which helps enrich the campus community by promoting global cultural awareness

• purchasing educational resources like magazine subscriptions or trade publications • remodeling classrooms and residential areas and beautifying campus to ensure living and learning environments are conducive to productive study and support student growth and development

The UND Foundation provided student government with funds to help support the collegiate readership program, which makes free newspapers available to students. “Your donations have helped to make this program more accessible to all of our students. Thank you.” Tyrone Grandstand, President 2008-09 Student Government

There are many things for new faculty to learn about UND and the great state of North Dakota. Annual gifts are instrumental in many ways, including two unique programs to acquaint and orient new faculty. • The Alice Clark Mentoring Program is an orientation and support program for faculty new to UND to assist them in developing professional and personal networks; increase their awareness of campus culture and resources; and support their professional development as teachers and scholars.

• Annually, the New Faculty Bus Tour is a three-day tour—among the most extensive conducted by any campus in the country— that packs a big visual and emotional punch. The tour is a vital way in which newcomers among the faculty and administration are introduced to the culture and “life in the vast lane” on the northern Plains.

Unrestricted gifts provide the greatest flexibility for the University to meet today’s most immediate needs. Annual gifts are an embedded part of this university’s spirit, providing the resources necessary to achieve new levels of distinction.

UND’s margin of excellence is funded each year with your gifts to the UND Spirit Today Fund.

Colleges and units within the University directly benefit from your support to their annual excellence funds. With your support you are upholding the value of your degree and UND experience and instilling in today’s students the same UND spirit. Colleges and units look to these unrestricted gifts to fund their most immediate needs

and respond to new opportunities that arise during the year. When you give to college and unit annual excellence funds, you are supporting the innovative, creative and entrepreneurial spirit that abounds on campus.

Exceptional students are defined in many ways. The UND campus is enriched with a student body that is diverse and dynamic. Students spark this community with their artistic flair, academic excellence and athletic prowess. The Exceptional Scholars Fund supports UND’s exceptional students at all levels. Your gifts to the Exceptional Scholars Fund ensure UND’s campus is open to students who not only excel academically, artistically or athletically, but may support students with exceptional financial need, as well.

With an annual commitment for five years you can establish, and name, a scholarship in this fund at one of the following levels, providing a meaningful source of support to a UND student: • $25,000: $5,000/year • $12,500: $2,500/year • $ 5,000: $1,000/year Annual gifts to this fund of less than $1,000 are welcome and will be pooled with other gifts to support additional student scholarships.

“Earning a scholarship meant a lot to me. My athletic scholarship provided the financial support that allowed me to reach my potential in the classroom, as well as on the playing field.” Rory Manke, Athletic Scholarship Recipient Detroit Lakes, MN Attending Dental School

“Had it not been for the generosity of others that allowed me to get some scholarships and help toward my education I would have been paying off loans a lot longer than I was. It was that desire to give back that has motivated me to make a donation every month.” - Brent Anderson, ’84

Cash Gifts: Cash is the most common way to make an annual gift. It’s as easy as writing a check, payable to the UND Foundation, or using a credit/debit card. Online: Quickly and easily make your gift at Monthly Recurring Gifts: A nominal monthly gift can be an ideal way to make a significant annual gift. You can establish an electronic funds transfer (EFT) arrangement to have your gift deducted from a checking, savings or credit card account. A monthly recurring gift will continue indefinitely and must be cancelled in writing. Pledge: Unlike a monthly recurring gift, a pledge has a cap amount with payments made to reach the cap for up to five years. Pledge payments can be made monthly,

quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to best accommodate your financial needs. Matching Gift: Many companies have programs to match charitable donations made by employees (current and even those who are retired). Check with your employer – you may be able to double, even triple, the impact of your support to benefit UND. Securities: Appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds are a popular way to support UND. It’s simple and can offer you a greater tax benefit than a cash equivalent. • Receive a charitable deduction for the fairmarket value of the donated asset • Avoid paying capital-gain tax you would otherwise pay upon the sale of the appreciated securities

o I/we would like to help move UND from great to exceptional with a gift of: o $500 (could fund a technology upgrade) o $1,500 (might help purchase education resources) o $3,500 (would help fund student activities)

o $5,000 (could support campus improvement projects) o $15,000 (would fund the faculty bus tour next year) o Other Amount $ _____________

o Please direct my gift to the UND Spirit Today Fund. o Please direct my gift to an Annual Excellence Fund. (specify below) o John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences o College of Arts & Sciences o College of Business & Public Administration o College of Education & Human Development o School of Engineering & Mines

o School of Law o School of Medicine & Health Sciences o College of Nursing o Athletics o Other __________________________________

o I/we will support the Exceptional Scholars Fund: o with a 5-year commitment of: o $25,000: $5,000/yr

o $12,500: $2,500/yr

o $5,000: $1,000/yr

Scholarship Name: __________________________________________________________ o with a one-time of gift of $_________________.

Name: __________________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________________ Preferred Phone: _________________________________________

o home o work o cell


Preferred E-mail: ______________________________________________________ Complete payment information on reverse and return to: UND Foundation, 3100 University Avenue Stop 8157, Grand Forks, ND 58202 or put your gift to work immediately by making it online at

Payment Method (choose one): o Check (made payable to the UND Foundation) o Credit Card: o Visa o MasterCard o Discover o American Express  Card Number: _____________________________

Exp. Date: _______

 Signature: _____________________________________________ o Pledge or Monthly Recurring Gift  o I would like to make this gift: o Annually o Semi-Annually o Quarterly o Monthly, starting in ___________ (month)  o I would like to continue my donations: o Until I notify you o 1 year o Until donation of $____________ is reached.  Account Type: o Credit Card (complete above) o Checking (attach voided check) o Savings (attach voided deposit slip)  I authorize the UND Foundation and the financial institution listed on my voided check or deposit slip to transfer from my bank  account the amount of $______________ each o month o quarter o year until my pledge is fulfilled or I have cancelled it in   writing. Signature: __________________________________________  Debits made from a credit card will be processed the last business day of each month. Debits made from a bank account will be processed on or near the 6th of the month.  o I would prefer not to pay my pledge via electronic debit. Please send me pledge reminders.

You could double your gift!

Many employers will match donations made by their employees. Some also match donations made by spouses, retirees and directors. Please obtain the appropriate form from your personnel office and send it with your gift. o My employer’s matching gift form is enclosed.

Share your spirit. Tell us why supporting UND is important to you! _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

Remember UND in your estate plans.

o Please send me information on how I can include the UND Foundation in my estate plans through my o will and o life income gifts. o I/we have already included UND in my/our will or trust.

_________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

The UND Foundation, an independent non-profit organization, raises and manages funds that secure a strong future for UND and its students, faculty and alumni.

Put your gift to work immediately by making it online at

3100 University Avenue Stop 8157 Grand Forks, ND 58202 800.543.8764 |


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Annual Giving - UND Foundation  

Annual gifts are increasingly important not only to maintaining our University, but moving it from great ... to exceptional.

Annual Giving - UND Foundation  

Annual gifts are increasingly important not only to maintaining our University, but moving it from great ... to exceptional.