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2008-2009 University of North Dakota Foundation Report

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Our Mission The UND Foundation fosters a tradition of philanthropic support, leading efforts to raise and manage funds that secure a strong future for the University of  North Dakota and its students, faculty and alumni.

Our Vision The UND Foundation will provide the centralized infrastructure and services to support all private fundraising efforts on behalf of the University of  North Dakota. We will act as the University’s designated fundraising organization, partnering with all colleges and units. In the spirit of stewardship and fiduciary responsibility, we will successfully lead the University through campaigns to grow its endowment and secure a solid financial future that benefits the continued educational and economic development of the state of  North Dakota.

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2009 Financials

Highlights from our best fundraising year in history

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34 endowments were established growing the total number to 962

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Record Scholarship Support

Dear Friends, Over the past year we all became used to dismal economic news, no matter where we turned our attention. We are delighted to report the UND Foundation is not participating in the trend of “bad news!” It’s true the UND Alumni Association and UND Foundation had a bumpy financial year, probably not unlike many of you. But, despite the rocky road, we ended our fiscal year strong on June 30, and you are the reason why.

our losses were significantly less than those realized by many of our peer universities and we outperformed the S&P as well. Dr. John Fischer, ’65, who funded an endowed professorship in the School of  Medicine & Health Sciences, said he chose UND for his gift, in part, because, “In North Dakota, funds are limited but used wisely.” We’re proud to tell you the UND Foundation is using its resources wisely, keeping our cost of raising a dollar to seven cents, compared to an industry average that creeps into the 20 cent range.

You showed your UND spirit again this year. For the fifth consecutive year, the UND Foundation had a record-breaking number of donors. And, even more impressive, you gave or pledged a total of  $47 million to benefit UND making fiscal year 2009 our best fundraising year in history. It’s a reality that due to market conditions our investments saw a decrease in value. We ended the year down 22 percent. The good news is that thanks to the diligence of our Board of Directors Investment Committee and our fund manager, Commonfund,

2 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report

Early in the year, the UND Foundation, along with foundations throughout North Dakota, successfully lobbied the state legislature to pass the Uniform Prudent Management Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA). Without this legislation, the UND Foundation would have legally been unable to pay out funds from endowments that were underwater. This would have had a significantly negative impact on the University. Instead, UND received $11.5 million from gifts you gave through the Foundation. Included was record student

Record Funds Raised

Record number of donors

scholarship support of more than $4 million, more than a $1 million increase over what we were able to do last year. You will read about the impact scholarship support has on the pages that follow. The 10 students you’ll meet are among those who received one of more than 1,800 scholarships awarded last year thanks to donors like you. Whether you support student scholarships, faculty, programs or building initiatives, you are having a direct impact every day on each and every student. Because of you and the commitment you show to UND, you are helping this University move from great to exceptional.

Thank you!

Tim O’Keefe, ’71 | UND Foundation CEO Linda Pancratz, ’76 | UND Foundation President

Robert O. Kelley | UND President | 3

Nursing is in my blood.

| Anna Langemo As a nursing student on the brink of  becoming a nurse, I am someone who really cares about other people. It’s the reason I chose this field when I came to UND four years ago. When I think about UND alumna Jane Nelson (class of 1974), who donated her own money to the UND Foundation so I could receive a scholarship, I think of someone else who really cares about other people. Philanthropists like Jane truly make a difference in the lives of students. Without support like this, I would have financial stress on top of the current everyday stress I have that comes with being a nursing student. Though the major is challenging, I know my hard work will pay off when I graduate next spring. You see, nursing is in my blood. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. My mom is a nurse at MeritCare in Fargo, and another relative, Diane Langemo, was a nursing professor here at UND. This summer I had the opportunity to intern on MeritCare’s psychiatric floor. The experience solidified my desire to become a nurse. The satisfaction I felt from helping others was so fulfilling — something I look forward to experiencing every day.

4 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report

In all of my endeavors at UND I’ve been impressed. I’ve been impressed with the College of  Nursing, the Greek system, for which I am the currently recruitment chair, and the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership where I work. Above all, I’ve been impressed with the availability of scholarships and the generosity of  UND alumni and friends. I have received a scholarship every year since I’ve been here. The generosity displayed by UND graduates shows me the University of North Dakota left a positive imprint on their lives. I hope one day I can give back and positively impact the lives of students the way I have been impacted.

College of Nursing FY09 Gifts (in millions) Students








Total Gifts


| Marcus Tibesar

Coming to UND was an easy decision for me. My love for this school began when I was just a kid and my big brother, Tim, was playing football here. My family regularly attended Tim’s games, cheering on the Fighting Sioux. I vividly remember one game, in 1993, when the Sioux stole the Nickel trophy away from the Bison at Memorial Stadium. I was only seven-years-old at the time, but it seems like yesterday! When I was given the opportunity to attend and play football at UND, it seemed too good to be true. This was a tradition I was familiar with and had grown to love. I’d been watching from the sidelines for so long. I couldn’t wait to be a part of the action.

It was an easy decision.

I’m kind of sad this is my last season with the Fighting Sioux. I graduated in December 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in business management and I’m now in the process of earning my MBA. I’m also in my last year of eligibility with the football program. I can’t imagine how fast this season is going to fly by considering how quickly the first four years passed. I have so many great memories on the field. One of my favorites is of our final game of the season last year when we played South Dakota. The game went into overtime and we really wanted to win this one. After all, South Dakota has kind of become our new rivalry. We ended up winning and there was a big hog pile in the middle of the field. I’ll never forget the emotions I felt after that win! If it wasn’t for donors like you, I may not have any of these great memories. For the last two years I’ve received the Marcus J. Bryant Memorial Scholarship, which is funded in memory of a dedicated football fan who died of cancer at just 13-yearsold. Thanks to all of you for your donations to this endowment. Receiving this scholarship has allowed me to do the things I love. Let’s face it, school is expensive and every dollar makes a difference. Without your support I may not have met some of my best friends and mentors or experienced the thrill of running onto the field in a Fighting Sioux jersey. When I finish my MBA, I hope to attend law school. Whether I end up going here or someplace else, UND will always be a place I consider home. Thanks for making my dreams happen!

Athletics FY09 Gifts (in millions) Students








Total Gifts

$4.14 | 5

UND was drawing me in.

| Taylor Butterfield Initially, when searching for a college, North Dakota was the last place I wanted to go. I’d been told how extremely cold it was and even though I am from Iowa, which isn’t a tropical area by any means, I wasn’t ready for 40-below temperatures. That aside, UND’s John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences was drawing me in. I kept comparing it with other flight schools and they kept losing. So I decided I better come and take a tour. In an attempt to keep me at a college closer to home, my mom insisted we visit UND in February. As it turned out, that particular day was about 40 degrees and sunny. Her plan didn’t work, and to UND I came. Along with a state-of-the-art flight school, I liked the fact that UND would provide me a well-rounded education and I would also be able to obtain a business degree along with an aviation degree. I graduated last May with a Bachelor of Science in business and I’ll earn my aviation degree this December. I figure the way the airline industry is these days it’s good to have a backup if flying doesn’t work out. I sure hope it does though, because I’ve wanted to become a pilot since before I can remember. My mom has photos of me cutting out pictures of airplanes when I was a kid! And, making paper airplanes was one of my favorite hobbies. By the time I got to high school, I began taking flying lessons to obtain my private pilot’s license, which I earned when I was 16-years-old.

6 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report

After graduation I am hoping to be a corporate pilot or fly unmanned aircraft systems, or UAVs. Either way, I’m relieved I won’t enter the real world with a big debt load. Last year I received the John D. Odegard Aerospace Sciences Scholarship, funded by James Ray, through the UND Foundation. This scholarship meant I didn’t have to work an extra job or worry about student loans. I had the opportunity to meet James Ray and thank him personally for the impact of  his gift. It’s people like him and all of you who make UND a better place.

John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences FY09 Gifts (in millions) Students








Total Gifts


| Danielle Refsland As a small-town girl from Perham, Minn., I wanted to experience city life after high school. I was set on the Twin Cities, where I attended the University of Minnesota to seek a career as a retail merchandiser. After a lecture on the ethics of  buying a knock-off handbag, I decided I was at the wrong school with the wrong major. In addition, classes held more than 100 students and the campus size was overwhelming. After one long semester, I packed up and moved to Grand Forks, where I instantly felt a sense of peace that I had finally found my home. I was relieved and excited to begin this chapter of my life.

I plan to start my own business.

Here at UND, I enrolled in the College of  Business and Public Administration, where I am currently in my junior year pursuing entrepreneurship with minors in economics and psychology. My dream is to one day start my own business. As to what that business will be, I am keeping my options open at this point. But, I can tell you that thanks to donors like you, I won’t have the burden of significant debt when I graduate and get ready to start that business. When I was in high school I didn’t realize so many scholarships were available to college students. I figured the scholarships I received in high school would carry me through my freshman year and that would be the end of  “free money,” as I say. I was fortunately mistaken. UND has had great scholarship opportunities and I have received one every semester since I came here. Last year I received the Lanterman Foundation Scholarship. Since I receive this free money, I must admit I work even harder. It means someone who doesn’t even know me is investing in my future. I definitely don’t want to disappoint the entrusting individual.

College of Business & Public Administration FY09 Gifts (in millions) Students








Total Gifts

Each year at winter commencement, the keynote speaker is often an alum who has given back in support of   UND. I have already considered how I will eventually give back, and hopefully I will be asked to give the commencement address someday. To all of the donors: thank you for your generosity and inspiration. I, too, hope to impact the lives of  UND students just as you have so kindly done for me.

$19.24 | 7

| Nate Murray After receiving my undergraduate degree in education from UND, I came back to work on a master’s in American history. I just have to say I love UND! Coming here was a no-brainer. I may have grown up in Minnesota, but this college and town are in my blood. My dad, Jerry, is originally from Grand Forks and both he, my brother and my grandfather attended UND. I am proud I can follow in their footsteps. To me, Grand Forks is like a second home. During my senior year as an undergrad, I received the Matilda Nelson Erickson Memorial Scholarship. This means a great deal to me. When I found out I was the only one in the College of Education & Human Development to get this scholarship I was shocked. Of all the wonderful people I see in the halls every day, someone thought enough of me to give me this scholarship. That is such a great feeling! Not only do I attend UND, but my dream is to one day get my Ph.D. and become a college professor here. I think my passion for teaching can be traced to my mother, who is a middle school teacher in Minnesota. Being in the College of Education & Human Development is amazing because you know everyone enrolled is here because they want to help others. When we graduate, we know the pay isn’t going to be great, but I am surrounded by people with big hearts. The biggest reward is knowing you are molding young people who are the future leaders of this country. To Naomi Schindele, Matilda’s daughter who set up this scholarship, and to all the people who donated to it, I say thank you. Thank you for taking an interest in the lives of students. Thank you for believing we can make a difference.

College of Education & Human Development FY09 Gifts (in millions)

8 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report









Total Gifts


My passion is teaching.

I hope to design rockets.

| Crystal Kelly

on obtaining my private pilot’s license. Today, I have about 250 hours logged in the air.

I like to think of applying for scholarships as a part-time job. Each week, I carve out about two hours of my time to work on applications. The payback is good, usually anywhere from $500 to $2,000. One of the scholarships I received last year was the Dr. Donald P. Naismith UND Society of  Women Engineers Scholarship. I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Naismith (classes of 1953 & 1959) at the Society of  Women Engineers (SWE) banquet and thank him personally for his generosity. It’s such a meaningful experience to meet a donor first-hand. I hope someday I’m able to give back in such a positive way!

A native of  Florida, my experience in North Dakota has been wonderful. I enjoy the engineering program, flying and I’m also involved with the Dakota Venture Group, a student-run venture capital investment fund.

I realized engineering was the career for me during my senior prom at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. I remember sitting outside looking at a beautiful fountain and in my mind all I could do was calculate the arc of the flow and how fast the water was moving. Fluid flow has always fascinated me and that’s why I decided to obtain a mechanical engineering degree. Someday I hope to design rockets or any aircraft that flies above the troposphere, so I’ve decided to add a concentration in aerospace. While this may sound like a lofty goal, I’m pretty good at making my dreams come true.

I am not sure where the future will take me, but I do know the sky is the limit. I believe my education and experiences at UND put me ahead of the competition, and I’m thankful for alums like Donald Naismith who continue to support college students just trying to pursue their dreams.

As an older-than-average student, I admit it took me awhile to get to UND. From 2001-05, I took some time off from school and bought, ran and sold a comic book store. The store was a success and I was able to make enough money through that business venture to help pay for college. Another dream of mine was to fly. So, when I got to UND I began working

I will graduate next year and must add that my involvement with SWE has been one of the highlights of my college career. It is a wonderful organization that encourages women to pursue engineering and mathrelated degrees. Without SWE I would not have received the Naismith scholarship.

School of Engineering & Mines FY09 Gifts (in millions) Students








Total Gifts

$0.67 | 9

I’m not about to let anyone down.

| Beth Beecroft When I walked into my first biology class at UND, I was stunned. I think there were more students in that class than in my entire hometown of Minnewaukan, N.D.! As a freshman, adjusting to life in the big city of Grand Forks is definitely a challenge, but it is one I am up for. I am already feeling comfortable here, and have found that UND is a perfect fit for me. It is close enough to my family to still have a lot of contact, but far enough away that I can still branch out and try new things. Right now, my main goal is to make it onto the Dean’s list. This, I have heard, is a really hard thing to do. But, I have the support of the whole community of  Minnewaukan behind me and I have a lot of selfdetermination. I know making the grades to get on the Dean’s list is something I can do and I am not about to let anyone down. Although I am heading toward medical school, music is a passion of mine and I strongly believe everyone should have some piece of music in their lives. I am a second soprano with the UND Concert Choir and am proud to say I've never had professional voice lessons. We have quite a few concerts coming up and I am definitely looking forward to those performances.

10 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report

Being the recipient of  The Jeannette and Herbert Kroll Scholarship means a lot to me. When I got a letter in the mail stating I had received this scholarship, I was so excited I jumped up and down. Not only is it a great honor to be picked, but it allows me to have some down-time, which is really important. Part of this time will be spent giving back to the community. Volunteering is very important and Grand Forks is full of different opportunities. This scholarship also means I will be able to focus more on my studies, rather than finding a weekend job or having to pay back loans after I graduate. Thank you so much for donating and believing small-town students like me can make a difference.

College of Arts & Sciences FY09 Gifts (in millions) Students








Total Gifts


| Mei-Lan Lo My passion is teaching. Even when I was as young as sixyears-old, whenever anyone asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I always said, "be a teacher." Now, as a faculty member at the National Taiwan Normal University, pursuing my Ph.D. is essential. I cherish the opportunity to be enrolled in The Graduate School through the Amy Hui-Mei Chen Hung Memorial Scholarship. I have so many friends around me who worry about tuition and stipends. I am thankful I can concentrate on my studies. I spent nine years as a teaching assistant in the department of English at National Taiwan Normal University and then I was promoted to lecturer. I was really a junior teacher within the department when I was awarded the scholarship to study at UND, so it has been great to be able to do this and eventually continue my career in Taiwan. The timing was perfect. In addition to earning my Ph.D., my family has been reunited here. While I was teaching in Taipei, my husband was studying at the University of California, Irvine, and our daughter was living with my parents in Taichung. We are now all together in Grand Forks.

Love all, serve all.

Before I came to North Dakota, Dr. Akey Hung (the scholarship’s donor and UND class of 1973 alumnus) came to Taiwan to tell me what to expect at UND. He lives a frugal life and I was so touched to see he still donates to support others. I hope I can carry on this love to people I know and to those I don’t know. As my spiritual mentor, Sathya Sai Baba, said, “Love all, serve all.”

Other UND Units, Centers & Institutes FY09 Gifts (in millions) Students








Total Gifts

$14.28 | 11

Pillars of their communities I’ve always liked working with people.

| Andy Gasparini The first time I took a block exam for medical school, my wife told me she was pregnant. Months later, test time again, she went into labor. As you can imagine, an already stressful situation became even more so. My road to medical school has had many curves. I always knew I would reach my professional goals, but I didn’t realize what, specifically, the destination would be. My journey started at Northland College in East Grand Forks, Minn. where I became a registered paramedic. I worked at Altru Hospital for six years, while continuing to get a bachelor’s degree. It was my experiences with Altru Ambulance and MeritCare LifeFlight that steered me in the direction of the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences. I have always liked working with people and I have always held physicians in such high esteem, one day I started thinking, "I can do that!" Married to my supportive wife, Kim, with a young son, Nicolas, I took the MCAT and began the rough road. On May 9, 2009, I graduated and am now in my residency at Grand Forks Family Medicine Residency. Last year I received the Florette and William L. Schwartz, M.D., Scholarship through the UND Foundation. The scholarship is

12 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report

intended for someone interested in pursuing a career in rural medicine. I am so appreciative to the Schwartzes for recognizing a huge need for physicians in rural, underserved areas. I plan to do a fellowship in surgical obstetrics at UND before going to Roseau, Minn., where I've been offered a job. I hope the skills I learn through this experience will help me be a valuable resource in rural Northwest Minnesota. Kim and I, with our children, Nicolas, 7, and Megan, 3, are looking forward to our next journey.

School of Medicine & Health Sciences FY09 Gifts (in millions) Students








Total Gifts



| Lori Conroy I remember the night when I made the decision to apply to the University of  North Dakota School of  Law. At the time, I was working as a news co-anchor at WDAZ-TV in Grand Forks. I felt as if I had hit a ceiling in my television news career. Although I loved the process of investigating and gathering news and reporting it live, I felt I was ready for a new challenge. I had initially planned to attend law school after finishing my undergraduate degree, then decided instead to begin my career in television. But, my interest in the law never diminished. In fact, it was the news that put me in the courtroom that interested me most. Those stories included covering the arrest and prosecution of Alfonso Rodriguez Jr., the man now convicted and sentenced to death for the kidnapping and murder of  UND student Dru Sjodin.

than just a career change.

The decision to apply to and attend the UND School of Law turned out to be more than just a career change. It turned out to be the most challenging, exciting and rewarding experience of my life. In law school I had the opportunity to excel both academically and in co-curricular activities. My favorite memories of law school will include the hours of practice time spent with my Trial Team coaches and teammates. Those long days and hard work led us to win our regional trial competition and earned us a trip to the national

competition where our team competed against three of the top trial teams in the country and won two of our three trials. Trial Team is just one of the many wonderful trial advocacy experiences I had the opportunity to participate in during law school. I also competed in the Carrigan Cup, an intramural moot court competition named after noted UND law alum Jim Carrigan (class of 1953, HON 1997). In addition, I competed in Moot Court, took classes in criminal and trial advocacy, and worked as a student attorney in the clinical education program. My trial advocacy experiences were enriched by the generous support of donors such as Mr. Jack Marcil (classes of 1963 & 1968). I was truly honored to receive the scholarship in Mr. Marcil’s name, and it meant so much to meet him and discuss my future career plans. Although the scholarship money is much appreciated, it is the meaning behind the financial support that I find most beneficial. It is a wonderful feeling to know someone recognizes and appreciates your hard work. As much as I enjoyed my legal education, I am truly excited to have my legal career. Since graduating in 2009, I joined the Vogel Law Firm in Fargo as an associate working in the area of litigation. I plan to return to the law school as often as I can to visit, to help with co-curricular activities and to lend my support. Donors like Mr. Marcil have taught me that the time to give back is now. Mr. Marcil has set a wonderful example for both current and future graduates of  UND law. I hope to set that same example for my son, Luke, who was born this past May.

School of Law FY09 Gifts (in millions) Students








Total Gifts

$0.20 | 13

Support to UND in FY09 G

ifts given through the UND Foundation annually provide direct financial support for campus priorities. The support comes primarily from endowed funds invested with the UND Foundation as well as annual cash gifts.

Total Support to UND (in millions)

Despite the downturn in the economic climate during the fiscal year, the UND Foundation was able to provide $11.5 million, in line with the $12.8 million provided in 2008.

Support Provided: 4 Year Comparison (in millions) FY06 FY07 FY08

Support for programs, University and college/unit priorities, Alumni Association activities:


FY09 0










$1 million

More than increase in scholarship dollars awarded to students and student-athletes (Compared to FY08)

14 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report


Scholarship awards disbursed to more than 1,800 students and student-athletes: (an increase of more than $1 million over FY08)


Faculty and staff support and awards:

$ 0.43

Construction and building renovations, and technology enhancements across campus:



FY09 Giving Highlights N

ot only did UND alumni and friends set a new record for the amount given to benefit UND this year, but for the fifth consecutive year, the UND Foundation saw an increase in the number of donors choosing the University as a benefactor of their charitable giving. With an active alumni base of nearly 80,000, 12 percent are expressing gratitude for the impact UND has had by making a gift. Did you know giving rates make up five percent of an institution’s score in the U.S. News & World Report annual survey on college rankings, which can lead to corporate and foundation grants? Among donors this year, 15 percent made their first gift!

Donor Demographics

Gift Revenue (in millions) (According to NCPG Standards)

Cash gifts received through annual giving campaign, Fighting Sioux Club memberships and realized estate gifts:


Multi-year pledged gifts:


Future commitments made through bequest or trust arrangements:




Gifts Received: 4 Year Comparison (in millions) (According to NCPG Standards) 50 40

Graduates: 9,416



Non-graduates: 845 Friends: 1,828 Faculty/Staff: 259 Parents: 566 Businesses & Organizations: 590




10 0

$47.4 FY06




NCPG vs. GAAP Gift Reporting Beginning in fiscal year 2006 the UND Foundation began tracking gifts according to industry recognized standards from the National Committee on Planned Giving (NCPG). The Guidelines for Reporting and Counting Charitable Gifts provide a methodology for showing how all types of gifts contribute to an organization’s fundraising goals. The numbers reported throughout much of this report reflect these NCPG standards.

Total Donors FY06 |


FY08 |


FY07 |


FY09 |


The UND Foundation is also required to prepare financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and follows the pronouncements set forth by FASB for the reporting of certain items. According to GAAP standards, the UND Foundation raised $10.6 million in FY09. NCPG and GAAP view gifts in a slightly different light and therefore have different methodologies for calculations. The greatest difference is the accounting of revocable gifts. Each number serves a different purpose for the UND Foundation. | 15

Financial Highlights O

f the UND Foundation’s total assets, more than 95 percent represent marketable securities. The balance is made up of pledges to give land, mineral rights and other property. As a result of a downturn in the economy during the fiscal year, our net asset holding declined by about 20 percent from 2008. The UND Foundation’s greatest asset is its endowment portfolio, which is managed by Commonfund. Gifts invested into an endowment make an impact now and in the future, ensuring longevity of donor intent. The UND Foundation board of directors’ investment committee oversees these funds and provides guidance into investment strategies to maximize benefit to UND and maintain the strength of endowed funds. Of the $11.5 million directed to the University in the fiscal year, 28 percent came from the four percent payout on endowments, a percentage determined by our investment committee.

$161.9 $205.5

  Gifts and Bequests, Including Gifts Under    Deferred Gift Arrangements





  Interest and Dividends






  Fees, Charges and Miscellaneous



  Realized and Unrealized Investment Gain/    Loss



Total Revenue, Gains and Other Support

















Change in Net Assets



Beginning Net Assets



Expenses   Program Support to UND

Total Expenses

$217.6 $178.9


Ending Net Assets

50 0

June 30, 2008

Revenue, Gains and Other Support

  Change in Value of Split Interest Agreements



June 30, 2009

  Sub Total

UND Foundation Asset Values: 4 Year Comparison (in millions) 200

Statement of Activities




16 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report






Statement of Financial Position June 30, 2009

June 30, 2008





Receivables   Notes Receivable   Other Receivables   Contribution Receivables,      Net Total Receivables

155,750 10,892,744

Promises to Give, Net





13,755,281 8,820





Investments   Investments



  Antiques and Fine Arts



Total Furniture and Equipment



  Furniture and Equipment,    Less Accumulated    Depreciation

Total Assets

Inventory Prepaid Expenses

June 30, 2008

Furniture, Equipment and   Furnishings

Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents

June 30, 2009

Accounts Payable Annuities Payable



  Other Stocks and Bonds



  Life Insurance Cash Value



  Funds Held in Trust by       Others, Net



  Trust Accounts - UNDF    Trustee



  Annuity Investments    TIAA-CREF



Total Net Assets







Total Liabilities and   Net Assets

Total Investments







Accrued Expenses - Salary


  Mineral Rights





  Investments - Held for Others


Charitable Remainder Trust   Payable Deferred Revenue Bonds and Notes Payable Due to Others Total Liabilities












2,455,867 $


3,284,400 $

144,561,321 $


37,868,490 179,753,153



Statement of Activities and Statement of Financial Position are excerpted from the Alumni Association of the University of North Dakota and the University of North Dakota Foundation’s 2009 financial statements, which have been audited by Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP, Minneapolis, Minn. For a full report visit or call 800.543.8764. | 17


New Endowments

In the 2008-09 fiscal year, the following endowments were established, growing the total number held within the UND Foundation to 962. Donors who establish endowments are committed to supporting activities not just for one year, or even one generation, but for perpetuity. By their very nature, endowments require the balancing of current and future needs. Endowments provide the stability necessary for UND to remain the premier liberal arts university in the Northern Plains. An endowment can be established and named with a minimum gift of $25,000 and funded over time or with a deferred gift arrangement. Donors may also choose to designate gifts to existing endowments held within the UND Foundation to grow their base of support. For full endowment listing visit *Indicates a deferred gift arrangement will establish the endowment.

18 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report

Dale Bjerke Endowment * Donor: Marilyn A. Bjerke | To provide scholarships to high achieving students majoring in banking and finance within the College of Business & Public Administration.

Marilyn Albert Bjerke Scholarship Endowment * Donor: Marilyn A. Bjerke | To provide scholarships to high achieving students in the art and design department within the College of Arts & Sciences.

Louie Bogan Athletic Endowment

Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Endowment Donors: Paul & Mona Bolton Estate | To support both students and faculty in the College of Business & Public Administration entrepreneurship area, recognizing and rewarding students and faculty in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Dorothie Alm Dekko Endowment Donor: Dorothie O. Dekko | To provide scholarship assistance to students with financial need who are from Minot, N.D. and have declared a major in entrepreneurship.

Donors: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Coates, and Charles & Kathy Cavanagh | To provide scholarships for men’s basketball or men’s golf.

Delta Gamma Lectureship in Values and Ethics Endowment

Burgum Endowed Chair

Donors: Delta Gamma alumnae | To provide funding for an annual lectureship on leadership in values and ethics hosted by the Delta Gamma sorority for the benefit of the Grand Forks community.

Donors: Rick & Jody Burgum | To be used for an endowed chair in a non-science discipline in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Thomas J. and Gayle A. Clifford Entrepreneur Endowment Donors: Gayle & the late Tom Clifford | To provide funding for the Clifford Entrepreneur Fellows, who are emerging entrepreneurial leaders expanding an idea, program or initiative at the UND Center for Innovation.

Donald J. Ehreth Scholarship Endowment * Donor: Donald J. Ehreth | To provide scholarship assistance to junior or senior chemical engineering students who are in good academic standing.

John R. Fischer, M.D. Professorship in Integrative Medicine Endowment Donor: John R. Fischer, M.D. | To provide annual support for the John R. Fischer, M.D. Professor in Integrative Medicine within the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

Gendreau Family Award for Faculty Excellence in Teaching, Service and Research Endowment Donors: Jeffrey & Cathy Gendreau | To fund faculty excellence in teaching, service and research for qualified faculty members in the department of accountancy within the UND College of Business & Public Administration.

Randy and Joyce Gershman Hockey Scholarship Endowment Donors: Randy & Joyce Gershman | To provide scholarship assistance to studentathletes on the men’s hockey team.

Dr. John R. Gray and Karen M. SchmidtGray Endowment * Donors: Dr. John Gray & Karen Schmidt-Gray | To fund priority projects at UND.

Dr. John R. Gray and Karen M. SchmidtGray School of Medicine and Health Sciences Endowment * Donors: Dr. John Gray & Karen Schmidt-Gray | To fund priority projects within the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

Dr. Edward J. and Kathleen Hagan Endowment Donor: American State Bank & Trust Company | To provide academic scholarships for qualified students pursuing a medical or nursing degree and participating in any University of  North Dakota athletic program.

John Havlis Memorial Law School Endowment

Russell and Vivienne Johnstone Law School Endowment

Donors: Leslie Johnson Aldrich & Ken Aldrich, Jacqueline M. Pierce, and Mr. & Mrs. Lowell P. Bottrell | To provide scholarships to third-year law students who plan on practicing in a public service field of law.

Donor: Vivienne S. Johnstone | To support priority needs of the UND School of Law.

Kenneth S. Helenbolt, M.D., F.A.C.S. Professorship in Surgery Endowment Donor: Kenneth S. Helenbolt, M.D., F.A.C.S. | To support a distinguished professorship within the department of surgery at the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

Hippocratic Dignity Award Endowment Donor: Dr. Manuchair Ebadi | To provide an annual award to a senior member of the faculty or administration whose lives of service are a testament to the best ideals of  Hippocrates, considered by many as the father of medicine.

Delmar Hugger Endowment Donor: Delmar M. Hugger | To provide scholarships for students who have demonstrated financial need, satisfactory academic standing and the desire to lead a successful and meaningful career.

Donald T. Johnson Presidential Scholarship Quasi-Endowment

Jon Kerian Memorial Law School Endowment Donors: Ann & Francis Fish | To provide scholarships for qualified second or third-year students in the UND School of Law who are residents of the state of North Dakota.

Faith Krueger Medical School Scholarship Endowment * Donor: Faith D. Krueger | To provide scholarships to medical students demonstrating financial need.

Dr. James P. Lantz Memorial Scholarship Endowment Donors: Valois Lantz, and Dr. Steven & Teri Lantz | To provide scholarships to third or fourth-year medical students specializing in anesthesiology within the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

D. R. "Bing" Larson Men’s Basketball Scholarship Endowment Donors: Rae Ann Larson, Jeff Larson, and Dorene Kainz | To provide scholarships for men’s basketball.

Donor: Estate of Donald T. Johnson | To provide scholarship assistance to Presidential Scholars with preference given to engineering students. | 19

John Little Memorial Endowment Donors: UND alumni & friends | To provide support for the UND Writers Conference.

Mary and Art Loyland Scholarship Endowment Donor: Anonymous | To provide scholarships to students majoring in accounting.

Stuart A. Lundberg Memorial Scholarship Endowment Donor: Marilyn Lundberg | To provide scholarships to students in the accounting program.

Curtis and Dorothy Orr Engineering Endowment

UND Alumni Leadership Fellow Endowment

Donors: Curtis & Dorothy Orr | To support priority needs of the School of Engineering & Mines.

Donors: Philip & Patricia Gisi | The annual allocations will fund programs that enhance students’ knowledge of  leadership and support faculty in the management department involved in leadership.

Richard J. Peters Endowment Donors: Richard & Eunice Peters | To support scholarships and priority needs for the master of accountancy program.

Science Engineering Associates, Inc. Scholarship Endowment

James L. Walker Memorial Endowment Donor: Dr. Lilly J. Walker | To provide a scholarship to a graduate student in the psychology department.

Donor: Science Engineering Associates, Inc. | To provide scholarships for students studying meteorological research, cloud physics or instrumentation in the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences.

Eugene “Gene” Murphy Football Endowment Donor: Many football alumni | To support scholarships or priority needs for the UND football program.

Endowment Portfolio Strategy Allocation

Endowment Dollars by Designation (in millions)* 15%

John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences


All Cap Equity


College of Arts & Sciences


Small Cap Equity


International Equity


Emerging Markets Equity


Hedge Equity


Large Cap Equity

Athletics College of Business & Public Administration College of Education & Human Development General Academic School of Law School of Medicine & Health Sciences

Multi-Strategy Bond Fund




Distressed Debt


Private Capital


Other Units

Private Real Estate


Natural Resources


School of Engineering & Mines

Fixed Strategies 25%

College of Nursing

Equity Strategies 75% * as of June 30, 2009

20 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report

$2.43 $11.48 $1.19 $11.42 $2.58 $12.72 $1.42 $11.57 $5.85

Priority Needs




25 25years

of loyal support

Concrete, Inc

Douglas P. Freiermuth

Keith & Mary Magnusson

Border States Electric Supply

Charles O. Froehlich

Randy & Sharon Mann

MDU Resources Foundation

Greg W. Fruhwirth

Dave & Patti Miedema

Sandra M. Adelman

Duane & Shirley† Gemar

Milton & Phyllis Mittelstedt

Gary & Christine Anderson

Gilbert N. Gessner

Dr. James Jr. & Sallie Munn

Richard H. Annis

Carolyn M. Gillis (Pixley)

Lee J. & Pamela Ness

Brian E. & Jannet Bakke

Gary & Char Griffeth

Katherine M. Bangsund

Lt. Col. Leonard F. Griffin (RET)

Bill and Joyce (Sorensen) Northrop

Dr. Mark A. Beckham

Dolores E. Otteson (Dippe)

When you give — and give again every year — you assure UND is able to award more scholarships to students who enrich the campus with their diverse and dynamic interests; provide supplemental funds to its faculty to enrich classroom experiences; enhance academic and extracurricular programs; and make necessary campus improvements.

Richard & Fran Bergantine

Dr. John M. Grunseth

Frank L. Racek

William & Virginia Blain

Dr. Frances F. Gulick (Frost)

Mark D. Rehwaldt

Richard & Carolyn Blaine

Raymond & Donna Highness

Jeffrey L. Rienstra

Lyle F. Buchwitz

Dr. Jo A. Hittner (Gundry)

Dr. Stuart & Marilyn Ringham

Lynda J. Burton

Judge Alfred O. Holte

Willard R. Schafer

James A. Campbell

Drs. LaVonne Russell Hootman & Joe Hootman

Donald & Mary Schoenwald

Tom† & Gayle Clifford

Elizabeth M. Hunt

Bonnie J. Sobolik

A. M. Cooley, M.D. & Beverly M. Cooley

Gerald & Peggy Jukkala

Sanna Lee Solem (Rimestad)

Dr. Stanley E. Kolt

Gladys I. Stannard

Drs. Ralph & Barbara Cushing

Dr. Leanne K. Lamke

Steven R. Strande

Norman and Margie Degenhardt

Arthur Larsen & Marcia Cheney

David A. Torgenrud

Paul E. Dryburgh

John & Cathryn Larson

Stuart & Johanna Tracy

Dick & Pat Earp

Edson† & Margaret Larson

Leroy E. Turcotte

James & Janet Eaton

Paula H. Lee in Memory of Randy H. Lee

John W. Weisser

Ceanne L. Evans

Rick & Lori Lee

Larry L. Wheeler

John† & Elizabeth Hulteng

Patrick & Deborah Fisher

Marilyn & Stuart† Lundberg

Betty A. Willis (Buchmeier)

John P. & Julia Ann McKay

Daryl J. Forti

Lee C. Lykken

Arthur & Susan Winter

Lt. Gen. Donn† & Elaine Robertson

Clement Chun-Ming, M.D.

Jill & David Engelstad

Glen M. Skar

Patricia A. Torness-Smith

Bud & Lorraine Wessman

We recognize and sincerely thank the individuals who, in the 2009 fiscal year, reached a significant milestone of 25 or 50 years of giving to support the University of  North Dakota.

50 years

of loyal support

Clifford & Evelyn Thomforde † indicates deceased | 21

When you join, you impact them

today, t o m o r r o w, f o r e v e r

E ternal Flame S



he eternal flame at UND burns inside Old Main Memorial Sphere, which commemorates the University’s beginnings and represents the eternal quest for knowledge. This Society celebrates UND’s history and commitment to the future by recognizing donors for lifetime gifts and commitments made through the UND Foundation to benefit all areas of  UND. Membership is gained by reaching cumulative levels through cash gifts, Fighting Sioux Club memberships, realized planned gifts, and irrevocable gift commitments. Together, these individuals have provided annual and endowment gifts of more than $276,819,400 to benefit the University of North Dakota.

 indicates new members in 2008-09 fiscal year † indicates deceased

22 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report



Adelphi Circle $10 million + 1930s Roy† & Elnora H.† Danley, ’37

1950s Ralph†, ’54 & Betty Engelstad

Friends Anonymous Engelstad Family Foundation  Anonymous




1889 Circle $5 million + 1900s Kenneth Hyslop, ’06, Estate

1930s Eva L. Gilbertson, M.D., ’38, ’39, Estate

1960s Frederick, ’68, & Jody Burgum, ’74

Friends Anonymous James C. Ray on behalf of the Ray Foundation

William Budge Circle $1 million + 1910s Ray Duggan†, ..’11 Grace Ellis Bowen†, ’17 Estates of Mildred Thelin, ..’18, & Gustaf Thelin

1920s Inez L. McDonald† in Memory of William F. McDonald, ’22 Anonymous William†, ’27, & June Nuessle

1930s Oliver L. Benediktson†, ’30 Roger S. Thompson, M.D., ’30, ’31, Estate Beulah-Rom Gullekson, ’36 Louise S. Ferguson†, ..’37 Winnifred H. Jones†, ’37 Dr. Karl†, ’38 & Carolyn Kaess C. Francis Swanke, ’39, ’40

1940s Bryce, ..’42, & June Streibel Estate M. Duane Sommerness, M.D., ’43, & Marge Sommerness Lowell†, ..’43, HON ’91, & Marge† Swenson Thomas W.† & Joan Ryan, ..’46

1950s Burton A. Aarestad, ’51, Estate Chester Fritz, ’51, Estate A. Kirk Lanterman, ..’51 R. Douglas, ’53, & Sally Larsen, ’53 Carol†, ’54, & Robert Middleton, ’52, ’60 Anonymous Allan, ’54, ’55, & Marvel Williamson, ’52 Norman C. Skalicky, ’55 Bill, ’58, HON ’08, & Jane Marcil Norm, ’59, & Ann Hoffman Lyle, ’59, & Kathleen Kasprick

1960s Rod, ’60, ’61, & Barbara Burwell Benedict F., ’62, & Dorothy J. Gorecki Larry E. Jodsaas, ’62 Wesley, ’64, & Vivian Rydell

 John R. Fischer, M.D., ’65


Richard J. Maginn, M.D.†, ’36, ’38 Eugene E.†, ’36, ’38, & Florence H.† Myers Harold†, ’36, & Helen† Smith Henrietta Stone Fox†, ’38 Solveig P. Matlock†, ’38, ’41

Virgil L. Gerig, ..’70, Estate Greg, ’73, & Cindy Page, ’75


Peter, ’65, & Eunice Kuhn, ’65 Robert, ’69, & Kristine Solberg, ’69

John “Jack”, ’40, ’61, & Ellen Gray

Friends Blue Cross / Blue Shield of North Dakota Otto Bremer Foundation & Bremer, Grand Forks  Anonymous City of Grand Forks  Bart, HON ’06, & Lynn Holaday Edmond Hughes Estate Betty Wold Johnson / The Wold Family in Honor & Memory of Karl Christian Wold, M.D. Larry & Jean Johnson Anonymous MeritCare Health System Fritz Mikkelson Family Neuropsychiatric Research Institute in Memory & Honor of  Dr. Lee Christoferson Sr. John Rouzie Estate Ray C. Rude†, HON ’01

 Ethel M. Stone, ..’42, Estate

Dr. Anthony J.†, ’46, ’48, & Junieve† Lund ..’48 Chuck R. Johnson†, ’48, HON ’05 Dr. Keith†, ’49 & Elaine Wold / Bay Branch Foundation  Burness G. Wenberg, ’49, Estate

1950s Dr. Donald, ’50, ’52, & Marjorie Meredith, ’51 Jim, ’50, HON ’86, & Nancy Seifert, ’51 Harry M. Schwenke, ’53

1960s Dr. Stephen W. Robinson, ’61 Douglas B. McLeod, ’63 Kathleen M. Branley, ’64, Estate Hal, ’66, & Kathy Gershman, ..’81 Darold, ’67, & Lyla Rath, ..’61

1970s  Mark, ’74, & Cindy Fliginger, ..’74

Thomas Clifford Circle $500,000 + 1910s George† & Ruth† Perrott, ’14, ’15 Harold W. Coop†, ’18

1920s Alan, ’21, & Clara Gray, ’21, ’23, Estate Ruth Brennan Johnston†, ’22 Dorothy Donnelly James†, ’27 Floyd B. Sperry†, ’27

1930s Bernadine Greenwood†, ..’30 Larry†, ..’31, & Vaughn† Brown, ..’37 Myrtle Peterson Schmidt†, ’31 Ed† & Olive† Bushby, ’32 Glenn† & Elaine† Lee, ’33

Angela Loff | Music Education & Vocal Performance Major | 23

Friends Cargill, Inc. Center For Excellence Thomas & Ardys Dahl Department of Commerce, Economic Development Association Vera Fritz Estate Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Myers Foundation Myra Foundation Rosa Ruger Estate William G. Saumur Ardell Stone† Alyce Travers† Adolph Ulland† Edna Ullyot Estate UND Aerospace Foundation Xcel Energy

Jesse Rosoff†, ’26 in memory of Sylvia (Wolpert) Rosoff Catherine Sandt, ’26, Estate Dr. Lyle†, ’26, & Edith† Webster Elizabeth Alsop†, ’27 Joe†, ’27, ’28, & Wilma† Baker Eula Fratarelli, ’27, Estate Earl Larson, ’27, Estate Chester†, ’28, & Madge† Bridgeman, ’27 Ray†, ’28, & Edyth† Sullivan A. Leonard Asmundson, M.D.†, ’28, ’29 Dewey†, ’28, & Borgie† Balch, ’28 Jan N. Tangdelius†, ’28 Harrison†, ’28, & Dorothy† Wilder, ..’33 Winnifred T. Falkanger, ’29, Estate Carl†, ’29, & Zoila† Haugen Torval, ’29, & Hilda Kittelson, Estate Evelyn M. Veitch†, ..’29


George Starcher Circle $100,000 + 1900s Ray Richards†, ’06

1910s Ira Frendberg, ’10, Estate Dr. C. J.†, ’13, & Viola B.† Glaspel, ’33 Warren†, ’17, HON ’70 & Fran Hanna Vera Bollinger, ’19, ’30, Estate Julia I. Keegan†, ’19

1920s Ernie†, ’20, ’22, & Jennie† Coon, ’32 Aldene A. Barrington†, ’20 Lucille Reilly, ’21, Estate Louis Whelan†, ’21 Jerome Sr.†, ’22, & Katharine† Dunlevy, ’21 McDonald Watson Scott, ’22, Estate Raymond E. Tyvand, M.D., ’23, ’26, Estate Ethel T. Bendixen†, ’24 Elizabeth Gaulke Cary†, ’24 Leanna Gibbens, ’24, Estate Irene Bostrom, ’25, ’27, Estate Margaret Carter, ’25, Estate Reuben†, ’26, & Alice† Aasland Mary Elizabeth Hetherington†, ’26

24 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report

Dr. Maurine Clow†, ..’30 Hazel M. Gransberg†, ’30 Fern C. Haugen†, ’30, ’31, in Honor & Memory of Clifford O. Haugen, M.D., ’26, ’27 Eunice C. Kalloch, ’30, Estate Gunder† & Ruth† Legvold, ’30 Mac†, ’30, & Janet† McSparron Alberta Robertson (Hart)†, ..’30 Velma Hurmence Scott†, ’30 Esther†, ..’30 & Frank† Wenstrom, HON ’90 Gertrude Galbraith Wiegman, ’30, Estate Robert W. Neville†, ..’31 Leo†, ’31, & Margaret† Toussaint William†, ’32, ’33, & Jane Denk Stan, ..’32, HON ’93, & Doris † Moe Col. Herbert†, ’32, & Muzette N.† Lux, ’30 Anonymous Col. Joe L.†, ’32, & Averille† Bourne Laura Christianson†, ’32 Robert†, ’32, & LaVerne† Florance Dorothy Krug Oliphant†, ’32 Donald†, ’32, & Ruth† Reinoehl Egbert P. Rotnem†, ’32 M. Genevieve Taylor†, ’32 George†, ’33, & Lois† Benner, ’35 Dr. Louis†, ’33, ’35, & Thelma† Silverman Ervin†, ’34, & Drusilla† Dahlund Richard E.† & Mary Margaret Frank, ’34 Nita Weinrebe, ’34, Estate Richard†, ’34, & Margaret† Westley, ’32 Joyce E. Braithwait, ..’35, Estate Dr. Verrill†, ’35, & Ruth Ann† Fischer Earl†, ’35 & Elinor Kitchen Dr. Charles†, ’35, ’36, & Florence† Magner Jessie K. Mayer, ’35, Estate

Ellen R., ..’35, & George D.† McKinnon Sr., ’35 Larry A. Smith, M.D.†, ’35, ’36 & Claudine Smith Richard†, ’35, & Belle† Stern Dr. Philip W.†, ’35, ’36, HON ’58, & Foymae† West J.M.A.†, ’35, & Irene† Westermoe, ..’61 George†, ’36, & Glenna “Pat”† Allen Russ†, ’36, & Vivienne Johnstone, ’39 William, ’36, ’38, & Marcella Kunkel, ’38, Estate Alpha J. Ottis, ’36, Estate Harold B. Wright†, ’36 Robert†, ’37, & Frances Buckingham Carol Dean Brenna, ..’37 Dr. Robert†, ’37, ’38, & Margaret Fawcett Arthur†, ’37, & Mary† Saastad Sam S.†, ’37, ’39, & Evelyn† Silverman Helen Baird Fait, ’38 James G. Golseth, M.D.†, ’38, ’39 Jane Lontz Jardine Stern†, ..’38, & Ed Stern†, ..’32 Dr. Laurence†, ’39, & Adeline† Gaebe Charles†, ’39, & Dorothy† Gainor Ruth Sorlie Edick, ’39, Estate Arnold† & Marjorie† Haugen, ..’39 Bruce†, ’39, HON ’90, & Charlotte McArthur The Molbert Family in Honor and Memory of Ralph N. Molbert, ’39, ’41

1940s Russell T. Asleson, ’40, Estate Dr. Jim†, ’40, ’41, & Yvonne Mahoney, ..’84 Col. George F. Vaughan†, ’40 Emil, ’41, & Margaret Baxstrom Evans J. Karpenko†, ’41, in Memory of Fran Karpenko Philip & Adelaide MacMillan, ..’41 Phyllis Omlid in Memory of Ole T. Omlid, ’41, ’48 Gordon Salness, M.D.†, ’41, ’43 Dean S. Shingler, ’41, Estate Harold E. Stratemeyer, ’41  Tom†, ’42, ’48, HON ’00, & Gayle Clifford, ’65 Jim†, ..’42, & Louise Fingarson Jeanne Morrow Dye†, ’42, Ordean Ness, ’42, Estate Anonymous Phyllis Webb in Memory of Everette L. Webb, ’42, HON ’93 Ralph, ’43, & Eleanor Krogfoss Howard†, ’43, ’45, ’69, & Johnnie Moum Dr. George W. Ulseth, ’43, ’48, ’54 Dr. John†, ’44, & Mary Ellen Vaughan, ’45 Ben, ’45, ’47, & Beverly Clayburgh Roger†, ’45, ’47, & Elsie Pitsenbarger

Walter H.† & Norma Z.† Lorshbough, ..’46 Dr. Mack†, ’46, ’47, & Rita Traynor, ’51 Larry, ’47, & Martha Ann Aasen Dr. William, ’47, & Norma Cape  Jack, ..’47, & Yvonne Cronquist Dr. C. J. Karzmark†, ’47 Dr. Vernon†, ’47, & Marjorie Vix Ray†, ’48, & Shirley Bostrom, ..’51 Carol, ’48, & Rodney Clark, M.D., ’46, Glenn†, ’48, & Mary† Geiger Dr. Paul, ’48, & Marian Gislason, ’47 Dr. Robert, ’48, HON ’02, & Charlene Kyle Don†, ’48, & Jean Loepp, ’49 Fred†, ’49, & Albena† Blumhardt Robert G. Edkins, M.D.†, ’49, ’50 Don†, ’49, ’69, & Myra† Flint Abraham, ’49, & Elsie Haykel Franklin J. Lunding†, ’49 Robert†, ’49, & Betty† Rust

1950s Dwain E. Duis†, ’50 Dr. Cal, ’50, HON ’02, & Dodie Fercho Paul, ’50, & Annie† Larson John R. Muus, ..’50 William V. Nicklawsky†, ’50 James E.†, ’50, HON ’86, & Jean Olson / AT&T Foundation Ralph, ’50, & Carol Rudrud, ..’50 Albert, ’50, ’54, & Carol Samuelson Mary Ellen Sandlie†, ’50, ’70 Dr. Kent, ’51, ’63, & Diane Alm, ’90 Donald, ’51, & Georgine Casement Weston Christopherson†, ’49, ’51, HON ’89, & Myrna Christopherson-Kline, ’51 Mark B. Foss†, ’51, ’55 Edson†, ’51, & Margaret Larson Harold E. “Jack”†, ’51, ’52, HON ’92, & Jackie Resinger John† & Marilyn Whitney, ’51 Frank, ’52, & Joanne Bavendick Harris, ’52, & Ardyth Kenner Duane G. Philis, ’52 Dr. Glenn, ’53, & Harriet Brown Bill, ’53, & Marlys Geiger, ..’53 Mary Ann Snow Kabaker, ’53, ’05 Dr. Donald P., ’53, ’59, & Shirley Naismith, ’53, ’62 Robert F., ’54, & Marian† Foley Coleen Shaner Bacon Grosz†, ’54 Ken†, ’54, ’56, & Frances† Swenson Merle, ’55, & Anita† Bunde Jim, ’55, & JoAnn McKay, ..’53 Dr. William, ’55, & Florette Schwartz Sidney R. Wold, M.D., ’55

John W. Behl, ’56 Edward, ’56, & Eileen Bernhoft Tim, ’56, ’61, & Maxine Davies, ..’53 Merlin, ’56, ’58, HON ’88, & Barb Dewing, ’57 Dr. Dale C., ’56, ’57, & LoAnn Kana, ’55 Eugene F. Kralicek, M.D.†, ’56, David G. Rognlie, ’56, in Memory of Marjorie A. Rognlie Richard, ’57, & Margaret Hill, ..’54 Cash, ’57, & Snookie Register, ..’54 Rod†, ’57, ’59, & Betty Webb Marilyn A., ’58, & Duane A. Arness, ’57 Matthew, ’58, & JoAnn Butler Allison, ’58, & Bud Gentle Dr. Robert, ’58, ’59, ’61, & Marilyn Gilsdorf, ’57 Earl, ’58, & Jan Strinden Donald O. Bergquist, ’59, ’70 Curtis E. Hogfoss, ’59, ’61 Dr. Ronald L., ’59, ’62, & Rebecca Lien John, ’59, ’62, & Sharon Marshall Dr. Rene’, ’59, ’62, ’64, & Barbara Pelletier, ’61

1960s Aron D., ’60, & Mary L. Anderson, ’62 Anonymous Roger†, ’60, & Darleen Breezley Anonymous Bob, ’60, & Louise Harris, ..’58 Bob, ’60, ’62, & Wanda Henry James, ’60, & Elizabeth Kertz Dale W. Rowe, ’60 Dr. John, ’61, ’63, & Marcia Jarrett, ..’64 Chester†, ’61, & Betty Van Raden David J. Butler, ’62 Robert, ’62, & Lois Helland  John, ’62, & Kaye Hoffert, ..’61 Kurt H. Mueller, ’62, HON ’04 Denis J., ’63, & Josie Daly Anonymous Jim, ’63, & Joanne Kack, ’63 Jack G. Marcil, ’63, ’68 Thomas C. Olson, M.D., ’63, ’65, & Sandra Whaley Olson, Ph.D., ’67 Richard, ’64, & Joanne Becker, ’64 Duane†, ’63, & Judy Lee, ’64 Bertin Gamble†, ’65 Mike, ’65, ’67, & Lori Hendrickson Anonymous Harvey, ’65, ’71, & Melanie Noteboom, ..’65 William, ’65, & Karmen Purcell Michael H. Schlax, ’65, Estate Dr. Frank, ’65, ’71, ’72, & Cynthia Schulte, ’68, ’69 Lawrence L. Suda, ’65

James F., ’66, ’67, & Connie L. Haakenson Edward D. Krogstad, ’66 Dr. Thomas, ’67, ’70, HON ’93, & Carolyn Hamilton Gary, ’67, & Sherrie Sanders Anonymous Dean, ’67, & Mae Wieland, ..’65 Dale, ’68, ’70, & Sue Hadland Henry, ’68, ’71, & Judee Herr Dr. Akey C. F. Hung, ’68, ’73, in Memory of Amy Hui-Mei Chen Hung, ..’72 Duane R., ’68, & Audrey F. Krohn, ..’66 Wayne A. Drugan, ’69, Estate Gaylen, ’69, & Penny Ghylin Dr. Stephen, ’69, ’74, & Sandra Kelly, ’70  Richard J. Peters, ’69, ’76

1970s Bard, ’70, & Nicki Baukol, ..’71 Gary, ’70, & Linda Evans Anonymous Dr. Michael, ’70, ’74, ’76, & Peggy Vandall David J., ’70, & Gay C. Shemorry Williamson, ’69 Howard, ’71, & Ann Dahl Dale, ’71, HON ’99, & Barb Morrison, ’70, ’71 Dr. Bernard†, HON ’00, & Marcia O’Kelly, ’71 Robert M. Olafson, ’71, ’72 John R. Klai II, ..’73 Terry, ’73, & Wendy Kremeier, ’73 Dan, ’73, & Mary Martinsen, ’72 Anonymous Keith, ’73, & Stephanie Reimer Mark, ’75, & Marlys Brown Jill, ’77, & Steve Cholewa  Brian, ’78, & Terrie Dahl

Andrew Kugler | Commercial Aviation Major | 25

Craig A. Johnson, M.D., ’78, ’80, ’82, & Constance N. Hofland, ’80, ’00 John D., ’78, & Jodi Stewart, ..’87 Dale, ’79, & Paulette Lian Lauris Molbert, ’79, ’83, & Jane Grove

1980s  Greg & Susan Opp, ’80

Alton†, ..’81, & Joanne Baglien, ’54, ’87  Philip, ’82, & Patricia Gisi, ’82

Dr. Frank N. Low†, ’83 Erwin, ’83, ’85, & Colleen Martens, ’84, ’85  Tony, ’83, & Jan Sdao Dr. Nels J. Erickson, ’84, ’85 Carol J. Berg, ’86, in Memory of John C. Berg, ’75, ’77 Doug, ’86, & Katie Mark, ’86 Jeff, ’86, & Kim Vigen, ’88

1990s  Jeff, ’90, & Cathy Gendreau, ’89

Ronald O. Zink, ’90  Dennis & Carol Buck, ’92

Friends Advanced Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc.  Associated General Contractors of North Dakota Alerus Financial D. Guy Allen Estate Altru Health System Carol E. Anderson Jeff Anderson† Arizona Medical Group of Mesa Anonymous Michael A. Bartlett in Memory of Max Bartlett Mona Barrie Bolton Estate Anonymous BP Amoco Foundation, Inc. Brady Martz & Associates, P.C. Gary D. & Mary W. Brown BNSF Foundation The Bush Foundation Mrs. Pat Byrne† Campbell Family Foundation Rachel Carlson† Cessna Foundation Community Bank of The Red River Valley Dakota Medical Foundation Dakota Sales Budweiser Company, Inc. / Roger, ’59, & Joan Kieffer and Randy, ’82, & Kim Kieffer, ’81 Thomas L. & Nan K. Degnan Jerome & Anne† Dunlevy

26 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report

Eide Bailly LLP ELM Family Foundation by Linda, ’76, & Mark Pancratz, ’77 Ernest F. Fox Sr.† Gate City Bank Wilbur Gehrke Family Survivors Trust Florence Golde Estate Grand Forks Herald Dorothy C. Grovom† The Gertrude E. Skelly Charitable Foundation Fleurette Halpern Estate Ada McLellan Haraldson in Memory of Adrian McLellan Kenneth S. Helenbolt, M.D. Home of Economy in Memory of Bob Kiesau Hugo’s IBM Corp. JLG Architects Katun Corporation Maybelle Keller† Axel & Agnes Kongslie Estate The Kresge Foundation Anonymous Fred & Joyce Laborde† Irene G. Larson Estate Lunseth Plumbing & Heating Company / William O’Connell Lutheran Brotherhood Karen Lynner Estate Mildred McDermott† / T. Lloyd Kelly Foundation Dorthea Melroe Roger W. Melvold Midwest Coca Cola of Grand Forks J. Roger Morrison Dr. Robert & Joyce Oatfield Lewis H. Oehlert Estate Thomas J. Plante† Stephanie Prepiora† Ruth Ralph Tamar C. Read Robert E. Roberts Estate Bertha & Anna Sather Estate Gale & Virginia† Satrom Adeline Scheuneman† Beverly Schlechter Diane Shnider Sioux Booster Club, Inc. A.M.† & Elizabeth Souby Helen O. Szepelak Estate Ralph† & Phyllis Tarnasky Adolph Thorson Estate TROY Group, Inc. Constance Tuntland† in Memory of Mervin Tuntland, ’59

U.S. Bancorp UND Center for Innovation Foundation Lloyd C. Underdahl Estate Vaaler Insurance / Dave, ’57, & Nan Vaaler, ..’52, Ed† & Carol Vavra

President’s Circle $25,000 + 1900s Mary Gibson, ..’09, Estate

1910s Ethel Kermott†, ..’13 Tom, ’16, HON ’59, & Mibbs Whelan, Estate

1920s Russell Danforth, ’20, Estate Edith Steinbach, ’20, Estate Dr. Stewart†, ..’21, & Ellinor† Clifford Clifford T.†, ’21, & Marjorie† Danielson Dr. Otis†, ’21, & Ethel Simenstad Mildred Weisinger†, ’21, ’22 Richard & Helen McLean Hall, ’23, Estate Clara Nygaard Johnson†, ’23 Belle L. Thomas†, ’23, in Memory of Paul Thomas Frederick “Pinky” Thomson†, ’23 Elmer†, ’24, ’25, HON ’46, & Ruth† Ellis W. Dyce†, ’25, & Esther† Millard Maurice F. Sweeney†, ’25 Clifford†, ’26, & Alphild† Anderson Maud M. Dickinson†, ’26 Grace Hollett†, ’26 Dr. John†, ’26, ’43, & Margaret† Hutcheson Kingdon B. Magnusson†, ’27 Karleen M. Rosaaen†, ’27 Henry†, ’27, & Elizabeth† Walter Bernt† & Clara† Anderson, ’28 Ireton & Marie Connelly, ’28, Estate Angela S. O’Brien†, ’28 Catherine† & Richard† Sturtevant, ’28, ’30, ’69 Iner V.†, ’29, & June E.† Johnson Era Bell Thompson†, ’29, HON ’69 Webster Pullen, ’29, Estate

1930s Mrs. Cameron Biewend (Lillian)†, ’30 Evelyn S. Himes†, ’30

Hazel Jacobsen-Theel, ’30 Archie†, ’30, & Neva† MacMaster, ’29 John S. McKechnie†, ’30 Archie†, ’30, & Alpha Scott Dr. Neal†, ’30, ’32, HON ’58, & Jean† Weber, ’34 Thomas†, ’31, HON ’65, & Kitty† Barger Dr. Clayton†, ’31, & Dorothy† Ferry Ruth Eastman Hastings†, ’31 Wilford†, ’31, & Biona† Nelson Ina C. Montgomery†, ’31 John†, ’31, & Charlotte† West, ..’36 Gordon “Duke” Martin†, ’32 Frank, ’32, HON ’73, & Margaret Stinchfield, Estate William†, ’33, ’34, HON ’71, & Virginia Franta Alice Geneva Loe Groll†, ’33 Leon Jorgenson†, ’33 Elmer W., ’33, & Evelyn A. Klipstein, Estate Herman Kovnick†, ’33 M. Jordan Thorstad, M.D.†, ’33, ’35 Andy†, ’34, ’35, & Fern Alpha, ..’36 Vincent† & Audrey M.† Buck, ’34 David E. Davis, ..’34, Estate Margaret Fee† in Memory of Dr. Charles Fee, ’34, ’35 Don†, ’34, & Lynn Miller Donald†, ’34, ’36, & Edith† Lenarz, ’34 Alice M. Swanson†, ’34 Ruth B. Titus, ’34, Estate Harriet M. Brandow (Anderson)†, ’35 Frank, ’35, & Lamona Cervenka† John, ’35, & Marilyn Davis†, ..’47 The Honorable Edward Devitt†, ’35, ’38, HON ’65, in Honor & Memory of Dean Olaf H. Thormodsgard Michael G. Maitino†, ’35 Fredrik & Helen Reis Fredlund†, ’36 Hazel H. Rohde†, ..’36 Robert, ’36, & Joan Ruud, Estate  Cordelia M. (Stayner) Sayler, ’36 Anne Sprague†, ’36 Helen M. Swanson†, ’36 George T.†, ’36, & Pearle B.† Swiggum Hope Squires Beam†, ’37 Milton†, ’37, & Marvine† Larson Robert†, ’37, HON ’90, & Ruth† Mautz, ’35 Harriet E. Morck†, ’37 Lucille M., ’37, & Willis† Nilson Grace Osborne Rhonemus†, ’37, ’47 Mel†, ’37, ’42, & Ruth† Ruder Marvin Sanders, ’37, Estate Dr. Karl†, ’37, & Josie Weber Willard†, ’37, & Helen Webster M. Elizabeth Wilson, ..’37 in Memory of Lewis Mortensen

Dr. Thomas†, ’38, & Annie† Mar Charlene, ’38, & Gilmore† Schjeldahl, HON ’93 John E. Smith, ’38 Dorothy Nelson Sommerfield†, ’38 Dr. Marian E. Swendseid, ’38, ’39 Donna J. Weinrebe†, ..’38 Dr. Benjamin, ’39, & Ardelle† Bakkegard James D. Barger, M.D.†, ’39 Helen L. Besse, ’39 Erling M. Bolstad†, ’39 Mary Alice Buchanan†, ..’39 G. John Gislason, M.D.†, ’39, ’40 Donald†, ’39, HON ’91, & Irene Grangaard Leonard†, ’39, & Geraldine Hardland Howard†, ’39, & Geraldine† Lee Frederick D. “Fritz” Pollard, ’39, Estate Ruth A. Rand, ’39, Estate Naomi C. Schindele, ’39 Adrian J., ’39, & Treva Vaksvik William C. Van Horne, ’39 Robert†, ’39, & Elsa† Vogel

1940s J. Paul Herzig, ’40 Sherman E. Hoganson, ’40 Dean†, ’40, & Marian Locken Phyllis M. McCusker†, ’40 Sigurd†, ’40, & Evelyn Swenson Maurice M. Wicklund, M.D., ’41, ’42 Bob†, ’41, ’48, & Jean† Dahl, ’47 Philip E. Doak, ..’41, in Memory of Henry & Mary Doak Spencer C. McCrae, M.D.†, ’41 Lois E. Kent Smith, ’41 Elaine E. Vig Caldis, ’41 Beverly H.†, ’42, & Arley R.† Bjella, ’41, HON ’89 Bill, ..’42, & Miff Blair, ..’43 LeNore† & Gordon Caldis, ’42, ’48 Warren, ’42, & JoAnne Hedlin, ’51 Dr. Robert, ’42, ’44, & Jane Heen Emil Jr.†, ’42, & Audrey Stoltz Dr. John S. Wright, ’42 Adolph†, ’43, & Betty Cervenka Charles, ’43, & Betty Corwin H. Leonard, ..’43, & LaVerne† Gryte, ..’73 Ed†, ’43, & Barb Lander, ’70 Bob, ..’43, & Pat Lander A. E. “Dutch”†, ’43, & Virginia† Omdahl, ..’46  Gil Olson, ’43 Della Mae†, ’43, & Marvin† Ramstad William G. Rice†, ’43, ’47 Telmar†, ’43, & Helen Rolfstad

Alvin R. Shasky†, ..’43 Robert S. Smith†, ’43 Marian E. Cupp Wallis, ’43 Norman G. Hepper, M.D., ’44 John L.†, ’44, & Elizabeth Hulteng Theodore Togstad, M.D.†, ’44 Anonymous Richard Faletti in Memory of Barbara Shaft Faletti, ’45, ’47 Dr. J. Raymond, ..’45, & Jean Harrie Dr. Richard, ’45, & Marion† Leigh Robert†, ’45, & Kathleen Page, ’89 John†, ’46, & Jean O’Keefe William†, ’47, & Jacqueline Block Marvin, ..’47, & Shirley Dahl, ’49 James, ’47, & Gwen Johnson Clifford, ’47, & Lenora Seglem, ’45 Patrick†, ’47, & Muriel O’Connell Madge, ..’47, & Robert† Smith, ..’47 J.D. Butterwick†, ’48, in Memory of Gloria Bokovoy Butterwick, ’48 Dr. Gwen J. Bymers†, ’48 Eugene Dahl†, ’48, HON ’99, in Memory of Evelyn Dahl Ronald R. Fett, ’48 Fran, ’48, & Mary Lou Fox Walter H., ’48, & Rosemary Brundin Gomer, ’45 Dr. Robert, ’48, & Florita† Hankins James, ’48, & Dorothy† McLaughlin Thomas H., ’48, & Betty† Smith, ..’48 Louise Aandahl Stockman, ’48  George, ’49, & Carol Gackle, ’49 Edward, ’49, & Barbara Harloff, ..’48 Gary†, ’49, ’69, & Patricia Lerberg, ..’47 Dr. Chien-Wei, ’49, & Kam-Wei Liao M. James Robertson, ’49 Harold L., ’49 & Io A. Severson

Jennifer Risan | Second-Year Medical Student | 27

Leo, ’49, & Jean St. Michel Jacque G. Stockman, ’49, ’50 Joann A., ’49, & John W.† Strehlow Jack, ’49, ’51, & Jane Traynor, ’51

1950s Jack A., ’50, & Elrose Hope Banik, ..’49  Dorothie O. Dekko, ’50

Ken, ’50, ’57, & Jan Erie, ’51 John†, ’50, & Carol Gutenkunst, ’50 Stanley O., ’50, & Dorothy Hoistad Harold G., ’50, ’55, & Nita Myhre Jim†, ’50, HON ’86, & Jean Olson Wallace C. Olson, ’50 Dr. Dean, ’50, & Catheleen Strinden, ..’44 Joe “Buzz”, ’51, ’56, & Bev Elliott, ..’44 Robert†, ’51, ’53, & Orpha Forsythe Dr. Al , ’51, ’53, & Nancy† Heising, ..’53 Dr. Cliff A., ’51, ’57, & Christine Herman Ray, ’51, ’56, & Joan Russell, ’51, John, ’51, ’52, HON ’96, & Agnes† Vennes Joan & Robert† Bender, ’52 Dorothy Cooley James†, ’52 John N. Klemer†, ’52  Franklin G., ’52, ’63, & Jo Andrea Larson, ..’58 Dr. Walter H. Moran Jr., ’52, ’53 Donald B. Achttien, ’53 Dr. Robert E. Boggs†, ’53 Judge Jim, ’53, HON ’97, & Bev Carrigan Gary, ’53, ’54, & Char Griffeth Dan, ’53, & Elaine Kratochvil Ernest, ’53, & Jeanne Lindstrom Dr. John, ’53, ’55, & Donna Linfoot, ..’51 Dr. James†, ’53, & Barbara Murphy John, ’53, & Beverley† Nepper Curtis, ’53, & Dorothy Orr Larry A.†, ..’53, & Irene Rutherford Pete, ’53, & Marilyn Simonson Jim†, ’53, & Bev Swingen, ..’55 Walt, ’53, & Norma Swingen, ’53 C. James Thompson Jr., ’53 Richard D. Brunning, M.D., ’54 Dick, ’54, & Pat Earp, ’54 Lt. Col. Ben Gustafson, ’54, ’67 Robert G. Owens, ’54, ’55 Dr. Maurice Russell†, ’50, ’55, ’64, ’70, & LaVonne Russell Hootman, ’54, ’75 Morris, ’54, ’58, ’60, & Irene Tschider, ’59, ’60 Jack, ’55, & Betty (Geisen) Cox, ’54 Armond, ’55, ’58, & Nancy Erickson, ..’57 Ann Holmes, ’55 Raymond, ’55, & Elizabeth Kobe Ronald J. Kubesh†, ..’55 John W. Oty, ’55

28 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report

Dr. John C., ’55, & Marilyn B. Redmond, ’54 Donald J. Augustin, ’56 Marlyn, ’56, & DaLonna† Bjorge, ..’81 Robert, ’56, & Annella Campbell, ..’55 John A. DeKrey, M.D., ’56 K. David Hulteng, ’56 Dr. John, ’56, & Doris Lambie Dr. Donald, ’56, ’58, & Joyce Larson Vincent† & Phoebe† Leo, ’56 Dr. Richard A., ’56, ’57, HON ’01, & Ann† Olafson Robert S., ’57, & Nancy K. Cooper, ’58 Robert, ’57, & Bernadine McConn, ..’75 Jerry†, ’57, & Sanny Ryan Gary L. ,’57, & Betsy Swenson Gene D. Tang, M.D., ’57 Dr. Jon, ’57, ’58, & Marcia Tingelstad F. Duane Walen†, ’57 James M. Braus, ’58 Jack, ’58, & Karen Fontaine, ..’58 Dean†, ’58, ’59, & Mary Lenaburg, ..’57 Dr. John, ’58, ’59, & Julie Saiki, ..’66 Lyle C. Steinmeier†, ’58 Dr. Robert, ’59, & Virginia Eelkema, ’58 Jerome P., ’59, & Barbara Fox Gilbert W. Gimbel, ’59, ’67 Anonymous Lawrence D. Hazzard, ..’59 David C., ’59, ’61, & Karen Erdman Johnson, ’62  Donald T. Johnson, ’59, Estate Albert, ’59, & Elizabeth Miller  William†, ’59, ’60, ’88, & Blanca, ’85, ’91, Richmond Jr. Rod, ’59, & Carmen Thorpe, ’60 T. R., ’59, & Grace Winterer Gary, ’59, & Pat Woodford

1960s Dr. Daniel, ’60, ’62, & Shirley Goodwin Donn R., ’60, & Marilyn A. Hartford† George Munyer, ’60, in Memory of Beverly Torgrimson Munyer Susan Rosscup Muralt, ’60 Anonymous Richard, ’60, & Charlene Sampson Alice C. Bidon, ..’61 Paul, ’61, ’66, & Rita† Brewer, ’61 Bob, ’61, & Vivian Dunbar, ..’61 Vincent T. Gabby, ’61 Joanne C. Hubbard, ’61, in Memory of Don V. Hubbard, ’60 Dr. Reed, ’60, ’61, Keller & Mary Ann Keller- Wakefield†, ’61, ’77

John, ’61, HON ’99, & Eunice MacFarlane, ’63, ’91 Dr. David, ’61, & Lola Monson, ’60 Varner, ’61, & Diane Paddack, ..’60 Don, ’61, & Sylvia Schmid Paul G., ’61, ’62, & Claudia J. Zimmer, ..’62 Richard D. Anderson, M.D., ’62, ’64 Wally, ’62, & Lynette Griffin Thomas E. Jacobsen, M.D., ’62, ’63 Charles E. Kankel, ’62 Bill, ..’62, & Joan Leifur, ..’60 Peter D. Lewis, ’62 Elwood P. Richmond†, ..’62  Philip J. Teigen, ’62, ’64 Jerry, ’62, & Carolyn Van Eeckhout Omar, ..’62, & Ruth† Vein, ..’42 E. Thomas, ’62, & Rita Welch, ’62 Jim, ’62, & Barbara Williams, ’62 Wesley P. Johnson, ’63 David & Cecilia Lambeth, ’63, ’78 Ronald G. Lehrer, ’63 Gary, ’63, & Jane Marsden, ’64 Eldon H. Reinke†, ’63 Sue, ’66, & Bill Sausker, ’63, ’72 Agnes G. Shurr, ..’63 Everett L. Ault, ’64 David A. Brown, ’64 Charles & Carlen Fee Goehring, ’64 Georgia, ..’64, & Dieter Heitmann L. Michael Howell, M.D., ’64 LeRoy, ’64, & Donna Kuta Marjorie Krum Leigh, ..’64, & Dr. James Leigh, ’49, ’50 Ed, ’64, & Judy Matonich Betty C. Monkman, ’64 The Honorable Ruthanne Polidori, ’64  Dr. Dean, ’64, ’65, & Karen Schroeder Ronald, ’64, & Carol Vantine Dr. Lloyd, ’65, ’67, & Jacquelyn Everson, ’66 Dr. Thomas L. Hanson, ’65, ’68, ’77, & Karen Juhala Hanson, ’67, ’69 Marvin L. Kaiser, ’65, ’66, ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Robert L., ’65, Kuk Michael, ’65, & Sitney Lodoen Terry, ’65, & Diane Severson Lloyd, ’66, & Carrol Hanson Margaret S. Matthews†, ..’66 Dr. Linda J. McCrea, ’66 James E. Reller, ’66 John F. Williams Jr., ’66 Dr. Stan, ’66, ’68, & Toni Wright, ’67 Dr. Eugene, ’67, ’69, & Meredith Byron Virginia W. Cheng, M.D.†, ’67 A. M. Cooley M.D., ’67, ’69, & Beverly M. Cooley

Dr. Patrick M. ’67, ’69, & Mary Ann Devig, ’06 David, ’67, ’68, & Julie Dietzler, ..’62 James, ’67, & Julie Frisk Dr. Jonathon L. Hagmaier, ’67, ’71 Richard Landry & Carla Hess, ’67 Dean, ’67, & JoAnn Hornbacher, ..’67  Loren R. Kopseng, ..’67 Milton, ’67, & Phyllis Mittelstedt, ..’62  Dr. John, ..’67, & Angeline Nord Susan, ’67, & George Register, ..’67, in Honor and Memory of Edward & Ellen Hallenberg Dale W., ’67, & Cheryl Stauss Alfred†, ’68, & Candace Vigen, ’67 Dr. Robert, ’67, & Julianne Weir Leonard, ’68, & Carmel Cherlet Corey, ’68, & Joyce Colehour Dennis, ’68, ’72, & Dora Lea Elbert, ’71, ’04 Perry, ’68, & Diane Fast Tim, ’68, & Joey Haas, ..’65 Dr. William L. Harwood, ’68 Joseph, ’68, & Marlys Heintz, ..’65 Delmar M. Hugger, ’68 Jayne E. Kennelly, ’68, ’90 Stephen P. Kramer, ’68, ’73 Kenneth, ’68, & Nancy Kuk Dwight A. Lang, ’68 Keith, ’68, & Mary Magnusson, ’96 Donald P. Mersch, M.D., ’68 Robert H. Meyers†, ’68, ’70, Dr. Richard, ’68, ’72, & Sheri Moser  David, ’68, & Brenda Odegaard Boyd Wright, ’68, ’70, ’76, & Lillian Elsinga, ..’77 J. Randal Cochrane, ’69 Jack, ’69, ’70, & Eileen Crystal Michael, ’69, & Donna Gillen, ’70 Dr. Eugene Hotaling†, ..’69 Leo L. Kessel, ’69 Robert, ’69, & Jayne Lindgren Dale C., ’69, ’71, & Carol Moquist, ..’72 Robert†, ’69, ’75, & Phyllis Johnson, ’71, ’72 Don, ’69, & Janene Oppegard Governor Edward T. Schafer, ’69, HON ’08 Dr. David, ’69, ’71, & Jane Uthus, ’72  Dr. James L. Walker, ’69, ’72, Estate Ken & Peggy Zuckerman, ’69 / Zuckerman Foundation

1970s Col. Carlton L. Bjerkaas (Ret.), ’70 David, ’70, & Debby Iverson, ..’70 Mike Jacobs, ’70, & Suezette Bieri, ’69, ’70, ’89 Dick Kampa, ’70 James D. Kennelly, ..’70 George, ’70, & Shirley Lerom, ..’70 James, ’70, ’74, & Jean Magnusson, ’73

Dr. Roberta J. Mohagen, ’70, ’81 Harry† & Elynor† Moore, ’70 Charles, ’70, & Ardis Schultz, ..’70 Dr. Bruce A., ’70, & Ann Smith Dr. Bruce, ’70, & Donna Wandler  Owen, ’71, ’74, & Kathie Anderson, ’72, ’81 Clyde, ’71, ’92, & Sheryl Eisenbeis, ’71 Bob, ’71, ’74, & Claire Erickson Donald L. ’71, & Iris E. Hynek, ..’71 Tim, ’71, & Becky O’Keefe Michael, ’71, & Terri Pedersen DeWayne, ’71, & Mona Streyle, ’71 Dale L., ’71, & Maureen (Eret) Waltz, ’75 Dwight D. Wendschlag, ’71, ’75 Clarke, ’72, & Andrea Fairbrother Charles M., ’72, ’78, & Julie Horter, ’75 Anonymous Rodger G. Mohagen, ’72, ’95, in Memory of Joan Aasand Mohagen Dr. Bruce A. Porter, ’72 Alvin L. Royse, ’72, ’73, ’76 Bev, ’72, & Casey Ryan, ..’69 Scott, ..’72, & Susan Sayer Wayne, ’73, & Pamela Dewald Darcy, ’73, & Mary Ehmann, ’72, in Memory of Laura Marie Ehmann Robert, ’73, & Ann Furst Jr., ’73 Thomas L., ’73, ’74, & Mary K. Ihlan, ’72 Drs. Jon D. & Nancy C. Turner, ’73 Robert Arusell, M.D., ’74, ’76, & Janelle Sanda, M.D., ’79, ’81 David, ’74, & Diane Bender Dr. Robert, ’74, ’79, & Dawn Boyd, ’91 Larry & Bridget Drummer, ’74, ’94 Dr. Jonathan D. Geiger, ’74, ’82 Bruce Q. Gjovig, ’74 Thoraine A. Loyd, ’74 Jane S. Nelson, ’74 Karen M. Bohn, ’75, ’76, & Gary M. Surdel, ’75 Charles Bridgeford, D.D.S., ’75, & Janine Bridgeford, ’79 Paul V. Bruce, ’75, ’79  Jerry, ’75, & Nancy Bugliosi, ..’76 Dr. Ernest N. Godfread, ’75, ’77  Jamie S. Gronowski, ’75 Mark, ’75, & Betsy Jackson Dr. James O’Connell, ’75, & Barbara Kramer, ’78, ’97  Thomas M., ’75, ’81, ’83, & Mary J. (Langlie) Seaworth, ’74 John V., ’76, & Dawn K. Botsford, ’76, ’86,  Jo L. Bullis, ’76, ’83 Alan, ’76, & Jill Burchill, ’76

 Debbie Evenson, ’76, ’83, ’99

Jane Fercho Ludlow, ’76 Thomas A. Stroup, ’76 Bradley, ’77, & Julie Burgum Kurt, ’77, & Diane Hillman, ’77 Rodney J. Rohrich, M.D., ’77, HON ’06 Michael, ’77, ’82, & Susan Stromberg, ..’82 Richard & Kristine (Hefta) Brindle, ’78 Jim, ’78, & Dolly Bunke  Kent B. Cronquist, ’78  Kim J. Cronquist, ’78 Dr. Gordon, ..’78, & Trudy Iseminger, ’72 Rick, ’78, & Lori Lee, ’76 Arlen, ’78, & Wendy Nordhagen  W. Brian, ’78, & Susan Poykko, ’78  Lowell J. Schweigert, ’78 Thomas, ..’79, & Jacquelyn Edwards John Kuklenski, ’79 Keith & Jo Streyle, ..’79

1980s Paul, ’80, ’84, & S. Gail Busch, ’82 Tim, ’80, & Terri Horpedahl, ’84, / United Valley Bank Philip, ’80, ’82, ’84, & Adeline Johnson Stephen L. Morgan, ’80  Jeffrey N. Nelson, ’80, ’84 Forrest, ’81, & Susan Bjerkaas Anonymous Karen, ’81, & Duane Luessenheide Janet Schneider Tillman, ’81 Gerald Voegele, ’81, & Laura Eider, ’81 Dean, ’82, & Wendy† Blais Jay, ’82, & Pamela Hilbert Marten, ’82, & Valerie (Wessman) Hoekstra, ’82 Martin, ’82, & Doris Spargo Leslie Johnson Aldrich, ’83, & Ken Aldrich

Emily Bina | Nursing Major | 29

John, ’83, & Sherri McGurran Dan, ’83, & Heidi Swingen, ..’79 Wade, ..’84 & Sue Dokken, ’89  Randy, ’84, & Joyce Gershman Kurt D. Rasmussen, ’84 Douglas C. & Laura Munski, ’85, ’93, ’08 John L., ’85, & Faye J. Weir, ’80 Mary E. Whalen, ’85 Rodger D. Johnson, ’86 Daniel P. Michelsen, ’86, ’88, Estate Jay D., ’86, & Jennifer L. Neppel, ’86 Ed Belfour, ..’87 Dr. John Gray, ’87, & Karen Schmidt-Gray, ’82 Drs. Steven, ’87, ’92, & Teri Johnson, ’87, ’91 Gary, ’87, ’93, & Nancy Petersen, ’88 Ritchie A. Loerch, ’88 Dr. Thomas, ’88, & Michelle Strinden, ’91 Jeffrey, ’89, & Deborah Jonson, ’89 Sherri, ’89, & John McDaniel Craig, ’89, & Tina O’Halloran Catherine T. Puetz, M.D., ’89, ’93

1990s  Steve, ’90, ’92, & Barbara Burian, ’90, ’95

Robert E. Ramsay, ’90  Kristine A. Grefsheim, ’93

Mike, ’93, & Tanya Kuntz, ’94  Michael J. Marcil, ’93

Maureen Wacker, ’93 Lt. Col. Louis DiDonato, ’94  Dr. Steve, ’94, ’98, & Teri Lantz, ’95 Dr. Jody, ’96, & Robert Treuer, ..’84 Kendall & Toby Baker, ’98 David B. Jelliff, ’99  LaVonne Blikre & Cindy (Blikre) Roche, ’91, in Memory of Dr. Clair T. Blikre, ’49, ’60

2000s Sara D. Jelliff, ’00 Matt Greene, ..’05

Friends A Touch of Magic - Dennis Narlock Acme Electric / Tool Crib ACP North Dakota Chapter  Dr. Edward J. & Kathleen Hagen Endowment established by American State Bank & Trust Co. of  Williston Advanced Business Methods, Inc. American Lung Association of N.D. American Medical Association American Tire Service  Amundson Family Funeral Home J. A. Anderson Jr., D.D.S., P.C. Mark & Mary Andrews Sr.

30 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report

Atlas International Foods & Equipment Company Lucille Bail† Leonard Beal† Bellerud Transport / Great Clips / Johnson & Johnson Insurance / Dale Lian, ’79 Art Berge† in Memory of Clenora E. Berge Border States Electric Supply Brekke Tours & Travel Brown Corporations Burger King Corporation Ruth Burrage† Camrud Maddock Olson & Larson, Ltd.  Canad Inns Destination Center Center of Family Medicine - Bismarck Chevron Corporation Choice Financial Group Clear Channel Communications / Jeff Hoberg, ’77, Pat McLean, ’77 M.V. Collette, Inc. / Dale Collette Columbia Mall / GK Development Community Contractors, Inc. Computer Associates Anonymous Concrete, Inc.  Construction Engineers, LTD The Corbett Family in Memory of Dr. Victor Corbett, ..’28 Cronquist Farm Marketing Co. Margaret Heyse Cory†, HON ’92 Curt D. Johnson Auction Company / Doug & Tracy Merfeld Dagwood’s Pub & Bottle Shop Dakota Commercial & Development Co. Dakota Wildlife Devils Lake Athletic Club Don Bessette Automotive Group Dow Chemical Company E. F. Johnson Foundation Eagles Club #350 EAPC Architects Engineers Dr. Manuchair Ebadi Parker Eberwein / David Gordon / Glynn Marsh / Casey Ryan Eide Motors Suzuki Emerson Process Management Fargo Jet Center, Inc.  Colin & Joanne Fennell Fine Print of Grand Forks, Inc. First International Bank & Trust First State Bank Buxton, Grand Forks, Thompson Flanders Oil Edward Fogarty, M.D. & Carolyn Fogarty Jim & Beverly Foster

Gerrells Sports Center Mike Gibbens Lynda Gimbel Dr. James & LuAnne Gjerset  Martha M. Hoghaug Glasoe Estate Anonymous Greenberg Enterprises Greenberg Realty James H. Guinn Estate Kitty M. Gumble Dorothy C. Halcrow Hanna, Brophy, MacLean, McAleer & Jensen Hansen Ford Lincoln Mercury Steve Harris† Henry & Lilah Havig† Todd J. Hillier Hilton Garden Inn Grand Forks / UND Holiday Inn Grand Forks F. D. & Margine Holland Jr. ICON Architectural Group Independence Investment Associates, Inc. Innova Industries Inc. / Dick & Lorna Young / Jeff & Cyndi Young Interhealth Division of the UND Rural Health Dept. Italian Moon / Wendy’s South Washington / Ken, ’69, & Gloria Towers JC Chumley’s, Inc. Joan & Dennis Johnson Johnson Airspray Robert Wood Johnson 1962 Charitable Trust Kauffman Center J.R. Kirkland KLITE 104FM / KCNN Radio / Dave & Patty Norman Janet, James and Peter Klosterman in Memory of Annette Klosterman, ’07 Knight Foundation KPMG Peat Marwick Dr. Charles & Adele Kupchella Jerry & Shirley Kvidt Bert & Monica Larivee Lillian† & Paul† Larson Michael J. Larson Sheena & Jon Larson Leighton Broadcasting Dr. Inger Lise Nissen† & Dr. Albert Liebman Lumber Mart, Inc. L. N. (Les) Lundstrom Lystad’s Janitorial Anonymous  Manvel Sioux Boosters - Devine’s, MacMillan’s, & Stadstad’s Marshall Field’s Corporation Marvin Windows

Maximilian / Marion Hoffman Foundation Richard D. McConn McGee, Hankla, Backes & Dobrovolny MDU Resources Foundation Ben† & Clara Meier Walter J. Mellem† in Memory of Esther Mellem Bill† & Bernice Meredith Dr. Lois J. Merrill Metropolitan Federal Bank Microsoft Great Plains Business Software M.W. Kiesau Foundation Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc. in Honor & Recognition of Andrew Freeman Sandra A. Modisett† Molstad Excavating, Inc. Grace Moran Mary Moran Morgan Printing of Grafton Oliver Myhre† Nash Finch Corporation N. D. Academy of Family Physicians Erma Neel† in Memory of Joe K. Neel Sr. Joe K. Neel Jr. George N. & Marion Newton Northwest Airlines Catherine A. Novak† in Memory of Lois J Schweiger., ’16 Nygard International / Peter J. Nygard, ’64 Ralph S. O’Connor  Dr. David & Valerie Rathbone Opp Construction / Greg Opp Orthopaedic Associates of Fargo Otter Tail Power Company Hugh† & Ruth† Palmer Perkins Family Restaurant / Tim Brandt  Peplawn, Inc. / Detroit Lakes, MN Pharmacia & Upjohn Foundation PDT Varsity Bachelors Educational Foundation Stella Pollock† Anonymous James† & Sheila Pratt PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation Dr. Ronald E. & Scharlene† Pynn R. J. Zavoral & Sons, Inc. Ramada Inn Raytheon Aircraft Company RDO Foods Company Red Pepper, Inc. Beulah C. Reiten Residual Materials, Inc. Anonymous  Rockwell Collins Richard† & Judith† Rouzie Wanda L. Royse Glenna Rundell†

Ryan Potato Company Sanders 1907 / Kim & Beth Holmes Harold†, HON ’91, & Sheila Schafer Bill Schoen & Jim Kobetsky / Schoen Associates, Inc. Schumacher Goodyear  Science Engineering Associates Scott Farm  Francis & Edith Sears Estate The Sedona Foundation Donald & Mary Ann Sens Serkland Law Firm  Lynus & Debbie Sevigny Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Dr. Mark Siegel SimmonsFlint, Inc. Sioux Crew Norman Skabo Skinner Roofing & Insulation Marion Smith & Family in Memory of  Neal F. Smith, ’59 St. Alexius Medical Center State Bank of Lakota Anonymous Strata Corporation Structures, Inc. Subway / Little Caesars Team Electronics The Nash Family Foundation Todd† & Debra Thomas Marilyn H. Tiensuu Georgia Tobiason† The Tom and Frances Leach Foundation Toop Insurance Trinity Medical Center Faye Troyer Estate UAP Northern Plains UND Physicians United Community Bank of ND United Valley Bank U.S. Bank Grand Forks U.S. Bank of North Dakota Valley Golf Association Lorraine† & Joe† Van Dyke VFW Club Post 7564 - West Fargo Vogel Law Firm Barbara J. Volkman Anonymous George† & Edna† Ward WDAZ-TV Lawrence Welk† Wells Fargo Anonymous William Holland Foundation Jeanette C. Wilson

Dr. H. David Wilson The Wold Charitable Trust Clara F. Wright† Drs. Susan Farkas & Joshua Wynne  Dr. Sandra L. Zahradka in Memory of Buck Zahradka, M.D. Zimney, Foster, Johnson, Dittus & Flaten

Dacotah Society The Dacotah Society honors those who annually make gifts without restriction to benefit the University, a college or unit. They are providing invaluable resources that help the University respond to immediate needs. Please visit for the 2008-09 Dacotah Society Honor Roll of Donors.

George Philbin | Undeclared | 31

Board of  Directors

Members of the board of directors for the UND Alumni Association and UND Foundation are a diverse group of high-achieving individuals who share a deep pride and interest in UND.

Front Row:

Rick Burgum, ’68

2008-09 UND Foundation Vice President | President and Chief Executive Officer, Arthur Companies, Inc. | Arthur, N.D.

Linda (Olson) Pancratz, ’76

2008-09 UND Foundation President | Chairman and CEO, Mountain Capital, LLC | President, ELM Family Foundation Limited | Edwards, Colo.

Tim O’Keefe, ’71

Ex-Officio | Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, UND Alumni Association and UND Foundation | Grand Forks, N.D.

James Williams, ’62

Jill (LaGrave) Burchill, ’76

William Guy III, ’68, ’76

Diane (Rosedale) Odegard, ’86

Bart Holaday, HON ’06

Robert Erickson, ’71, ’74

Alice Brekke

Erwin Martens, ’83, ’85

Not Pictured:

Financial Executive Consultant, Salo, LLC | Hudson, Wis. Former Educator, Grand Forks Public Schools | Board Member, Red River Valley Research Corridor | Grand Forks, N.D. Principal Deputy Chief, U.S. Justice Department Criminal Appellate Section | Alexandria, Va. Chief Risk Officer, TIAA-CREF | Sudbury, Mass. Back Row:

2008-09 UND Alumni Association Vice President | President and General Manager, Arthur Mercantile Company | Arthur, N.D.

Timothy Haas, ’68

Carolyn (Howland) Becraft, ’66

Al Royse, ’72, ’73, ’76

Senior Consultant, CI International | Burke, Va. Middle Row:

Keith Reimer, ’73

President and Chief Executive Officer, Pepsi Bottling Ventures, LLC | Cary, N.C.

Kris (McConn) Compton, ‘77

(Newly elected in FY09) | Chief Operating Officer, Alerus Financial | Grand Forks, N.D.

Patrick Dirk, ’71, ’72

Chief Executive Officer, Troy Group, Inc. | Newport Beach, Calif.

Lisa Wheeler, ’75, ’82

President, The Title Company | Fargo, N.D.

32 | 2008-2009 UND Foundation Report

Retired Senior Vice President, Coca-Cola Company | Private Investor | Houston, Texas National/Global Tax Managing Partner, Deloitte & Touche | Hillsborough, Calif.

Kristine (Hefta) Brindle, ’78

Senior Engineering Advisor, Noble Energy | Castle Rock, Colo.

Lauris Molbert, ’79, ’83

2008-09 UND Alumni Association President | Attorney, Vogel Law Firm | Fargo, N.D. Founder and Manager, The Dakota Foundation, UND | Chairman, Center for Innovation Foundation, UND | Placitas, N.M. Ex-Officio | Vice President for Finance and Operations, UND | Grand Forks, N.D.

Ken Mellem, ’66, ’68

Retired Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Tritheim Technologies | Largo, Fla.

Greg Page, ’73

Chairman & Chief  Executive Officer, Cargill, Inc. | Eden Prairie, Minn.

Charles Kluenker

Consultant, Parsons Corporation | Roseville, Calif.

Jennifer Neppel, ’74

Director, Cash & Investments, Catholic Health Initiatives | Littleton, Colo.

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Otter Tail Corporation | Fargo, N.D.

Robert Kelley

Mark Fliginger, ’74

Paul LeBel

President & Partner, Cody Oil & Gas Corporation | Bismarck, N.D.

Robert Solberg, ’69

Chairman of the Board, JDR Cable Systems, Ltd. | Chairman, Scorpion Offshore Drilling Company | Houston, Texas

Ex-Officio | President, UND | Grand Forks, N.D. Ex-Officio | Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, UND | Grand Forks, N.D.

Front Row: Katie Itterman, ’03 | Director of Planned Giving Diane R. Walters | Director of Development, Colleges of Arts & Sciences and Nursing Kim Woods, ’82 | Director of Development, College of Business & Public Administration DeAnna Carlson Zink, ’86 | Associate Executive Vice President & Chief  Development Officer Tim O’Keefe, ’71 | Executive Vice President & CEO Deb Wilson | Development Officer, High End Annual Fund Back Row: Dan Muus, ’94 | Director of Development, School of Engineering and Mines Mark Brickson | Director of Development, School of Law Dave Miedema, ’76 | Director of Development, School of Medicine & Health Sciences Steve Brekke, ’84 | Director of Development, Athletics Josh Morton, ’96 | Fighting Sioux Club Director

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2008-2009 UND Foundation Report  
2008-2009 UND Foundation Report  

Thank you to all our donors who showed their UND spirit again this year by giving or pledging a total of $47 million to support the Universi...