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Strategic Priorities ATTRACT ✦ RETAIN


Attract and retain high-quality students, faculty and staff providing for an educational experience that is accessible and inclusive to all.




Enhance and advance research, learning and academic programs to best prepare students for the global world they will enter after graduation.



Nurture a sense of place by fostering collaboration between faculty, staff and students. Enhance academic advising, student support programs and invest in career placement and post-secondary education efforts so that the UNCW experience doesn’t end at graduation.



Organize for success and engagement with the community and world at large. Measure and leverage UNCW’s resources for broad economic enhancement.



Fund strategic initiatives through meaningful engagement with university stakeholders. Build on those relationships so that philanthropic support is in line with strategic priorities, programs are in compliance and enrollment is steadily growing.

In collaboration with the campus community, including faculty and staff, Chancellor Jose V. Sartarelli has laid out a strategic plan that will serve as a blueprint for the university’s future through 2021. The plan reaffirms our commitment to advance the university’s vision and mission collaboratively to the benefit of students, the community and the state of North Carolina. It envisions a university continually recognized for excellence and its global focus, as well as dedication to community engagement, diversity and innovation. Above all, it puts the success of students at the core of all research, teaching and service efforts.

“Our challenge, as the current keepers of UNCW’s legacy, is simple yet profound. We must champion our values, stand behind a unified vision for the university, and guide this institution to impressive new heights in the years to come,” said Sartarelli. “We must do this not for ourselves, but for the generations to follow, so that they will always have the opportunity to pursue their dreams at UNCW.” The entire 2016-21 Strategic Plan and related materials are available at – Caroline Cropp ’99, ’06M

UNCW Magazine Fall/Winter 2016  
UNCW Magazine Fall/Winter 2016