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So what do fashion retailers do?! Buy and sell clothing and accessories, buy clothing lines from manufactures and wholesalers and sell them to retail store. Track trends, and style of the clientele. They go to fashion shows to choose merchandised. Negotiate prices, volume, and delivery date of the items with suppliers.


Make sure that they order the right amount so that they don’t overstock an item. Retailers then receive the items and make sure that it is represented well in the store. Including display windows, store displays, shelving displays. They also have the responsibility of hiring, and training employees. Marketing products, addressing customers, advertising, budgeting and retailing.

Work conditions . They do a lot of traveling from trade shows to different countries. May work in offices and clean spaces. Can be tiring. Work hours- Can work up to 60 hours in a week. Very tiring and stressful


Skills needed –Must be able to keep up with trends. Also keep an eye out for competition. Economic awareness, Creative, organized comfortable assertive, excellent problem solving and decision making, interpersonal skills, knowledge of a foreign language would be helpful


High school preparation-at least High school diploma needed. Only basic classes are required. Taking business and marketing classes will be helpful


Colleges and Programs


Fashion institute of Technology New York, NY

Fashion Merchandising Management at FIT is the largest and oldest degree program of its kind in the country. An Advisory Board of industry executives ensures that the program reflects current standards and practices in the field. The program’s close ties to industry and alumni offer extensive networking opportunities.

Arts Management Brenau University Gainesville GA Students in almost all of the art and design programs receive a strong foundation in elements and principles of design, and rendering in both dimensions. They are endowed with a critical awareness of the history of their specific concentration. As they progress through their courses of study, they further hone their skills in field-related aesthetics and overall critical thinking.

Savannah college of art and design Fashion marketing and management Atlanta, Savannah 6

The fashion marketing and management program prepares students for cross-functional careers in a global marketplace comprised of fashion, business and marketing sectors. With a focus on the business trends of hard and soft line goods, students are prepared to address the demands of an innovative, competitive and changing industry

Fashion institute of design and merchandising California If you're interested in running or launching a fashion apparel company, there is no better place to learn the nuts and bolts than FIDM, where students get hands-on experience in the heart of the Fashion District.

Otis College of Art and Fashion designFashion design students, working with professional faculty and guest design mentors, are trained in all aspects of the design process. Working in teams, they create clothing for several mentors simultaneously, emulating the fashion design studio

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Personal Reflection Insight from the editor My personal view point on this career is that I would only consider it if your not into the creative side of fashion like designing. This profession deals mostly with the business side. I would choose this because I can go to different fashion shows and travel. I also can choose the merchandise for my store. The only down side is that it doesn’t generate a lot of money unless you own the business. I would only consider this job if I could incorporate my own designs in with the brand names. This something that I have already started working on . I you really want to be a fashion retailer plan on working for yourself or a big brand name store.


Fashion retailing project  

Project for fashion marketing class on fashion retailing