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001 Ashleigh F

March 7, 2012


Ashleigh F - Fashion Blogger

talks to us about style, books and twee pop By Kat Wawrykow is the world’s largest community dedicated to showcasing memberuploaded “street style” photography. Reputable LB members rack up “hypes” from the LB community for every “look” they post of their outfits. One of those successful lookbookers is Ashleigh F, a 19 year old fashion blogger from Swindon, England. “I think Ricky Gervais (Comedian/Actor) made fun of my town once, and that’s about its biggest claim to fame.” says Ashleigh. She is a Art History and Graphic Design & Art student at a 6th form college who hopes to study English Literature


at university. She spends time listening to music and surfing the internet for new baking recipes. We were able to catch up with her to ask a couple of questions regarding her style, underrated books and her love: twee pop. UNCULTURED: What is

public transport - it’s quite cute really!” U: When putting together an

outfit, what is the foundation (or first thing you pick) to build around?

A: “The weather! Does that count? I tend to build my outfits for ability to combat the weather the response to your style of fashion more than anything. It’s the in your school, community and/or on biggest priority in my mind the street? usually because what’s the point in dressing nicely if your freezing/ ASHLEIGH: “Generally too warm/being rained on?” quite positive! I seem to get the best responses from little girls in U: When hunting for new particular. I can’t count the pieces, what do you look for? amount of time I’ve caught 5 year A: “A sense of romance. old girls staring at my dresses in Sometimes [even a] sense of

001INTERVIEW March 7, 2012

Ashleigh F - Fashion Blogger

talks to us about style, books and twee pop spring afternoons, [one] spent in a field, writing in a notebook - with a John William Waterhouse painting on the cover.” U: What turned you onto fashion? What interests

you in alternative/original fashion now? A: “I never used to be interested in fashion when I was younger until I discovered Japanese street fashion (especially Lolita & Decora) when I was about 13. For the first time I saw average people using fashion as a canvas to create amazing new appearances rather than just looking ‘alright’. My tastes have toned down since then, [the] masses of plastic hair clips & pink hair dye are [gone], but I still look to Japanese fashion for inspiration -[ just] in a less obvious way. [I look to] twee pop (indie pop known for simple, sweet melodies & lyrics, often combined with jangling guitars, such as Camera Obscura or Belle and Sebastian) and the evocation of childlike cuteness it brings as well as Mori (Japanese street fashion that looks woodsy + natural - loose skirts, earth colors, layers) and Dolly Kei (Japanese street fashion that looks dolly + antique Scandinavian/European embroidery, layering of ‘ethnic’ vintage). Although I don’t draw directly from these fashions, I take inspiration from the spirit and ideology of them. U: How do you respond to street fashions or trends? A: “It depends on the trend. The peter pan collar trend at the moment I adore because I can tie on Left: Dolly Kei street fashion on Right: Mori street fashion

images: xmossgardenx (blogspot)


“For the first time I saw average people using fashion as a canvas to create amazing new appearances rather just looking ‘alright’.” Ashleigh F

it into my own personal style - so I’m taking full advantage of high street shops being full of these items. [But] some trends i’ll never understand. Particularly the trend for large square eyebrows drawn in thick black liner that has arisen at my college. It’s probably the least flattering thing I have ever seen.” U: What is the oddest thing someone has asked you

on the street? A: “[At one time] I had bright red hair, and [a] little boy asked, “Are you Ariel?” He was holding a doll of Ariel from the Little Mermaid. It was odd, and adorable at the same time. U: What independent or underrated books, movies

or magazines do you wish more people appreciated? A: “Oh, I was hoping this would include music as well and I could twitter on about how twee pop is currently underrated. [I would] encourage people to listen to Talulah Gosh and Tiger Trap (I still will; go and do it!) But as for [books] people should

001INTERVIEW March 7, 2012

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Ashleigh F Fashion Blogger

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talks to us about style, books and twee pop

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Ashleigh F

[read] anything written by Joey Corneau! I’m sure quite a few people know him from from A Softer World, but he’s also written a couple of novels. U: What is better: film cameras or

black & white films? A: “Black & white films! The earlier the better. I adore the ghostly quality and haunting appearance they have. It’s a quality so specific and impossible to ever truly capture again.” U: What world issue is on your mind?

What are your views and “two-cents”? A: “The ridiculously high youth unemployment rates around Europe are troubling me at the moment. Apparently, it was hovering at 19.1% here in England and was at 40% [at its worst] in Spain. It worries me because it directly affects me, [because] I’m in that statistic age group. It may be one of the more petty issues to focus on, perhaps, but it is permanently on my mind.” U: Who takes your lookbook photos? A: “I do! Self-timer has become my best friend.” U: What is your favorite look from your

own lookbook?

Imagine Hearts Ashleigh’s favorite look from her own lookbook


A: “Probably either Peach Melba (see photo above) or Imagine Hearts (see photo bottom left) U: Last question, what would you like to see change among young people? A: “A Change in mentality, that everything must be [about] me-me-me. It’s only a small thing, but I’d love people to be a bit more considerate of others. Just simple things like holding doors open or picking up things for people who have dropped them.” U: Any last words? A: “A general tip for life: cocktail sausages and caramel go wonderfully together, as much as it [may] sound like they shouldn’t.” Ashleigh is a wonderful personality that was a delight to have an interview with. Her style is admired globally by other lookbookers and has a carefree B▲D girl approved style. Her twee pop adoration, caring heart + japanese style inspirations clearly set her apart. If you would like to see more of Ashleigh, visit her blog: or search “Ashleigh F” on! ▲


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