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Interview with Jorinde Croese


talks to us about grunge, style evolution + Syria

She is edgy and has a deep passion for dark, moody fashion. UNCULTURED digs Jorinde Croese’s style because it has attitude and originality - definitely B/\D girl approved. Not only that but her photographs radiate the same strong energy; slightly gothic, full of raw expression and an example of one of the raddest subcultures alive. Jorinde Croese is on the verge of 18, and is planning to move to London this fall after finishing her Alevels. Currently, she works at a luxurious restaurant, “[where the money I earn] always vanishes into my clothes.” She is also an editor at a popular national website for highschoolers. Jorinde is pretty down to earth; listing playing the guitar, writing, a love for animals, traveling, and cooking (and then eating!) as what takes up her free time. Naturally photography and fashion at the forefront. The Netherlands native, who is easily defined as confident and striking, spoke with UNCULTURED about everything from her grunge inspired style to her opinion on the troubling situation in Syria.

is really edgy and dark love it! What interested you in this style? What got you hooked?

UNCULTURED: Your style

JORINDE: “Fashion has always been somewhere in my subconscious, and it started to emerge when I was about twelve and fell in love with Balenciaga (Spanish designer who’s fashion house is best known for oddly shaped bubble skirts & ultra-modern feminine shapes.) I would have died for having one of those bags, which I obviously never got. After that, I became [interested in] the clothing of mainly Alexander McQueen, because it was so amazing and extravagant, and [also of] Alexander Wang, because of the simplicity. As my interest in fashion started to evolve last year, it became something which I deal with on a daily basis. My interest in darkness has always been there, black is also one of my favourite 'colours'. Helena Bonham Carter has inspired me in many ways, as Violetta E (fellow lookbooker) and Josefin Arestav (fashion editor + stylist) [have]. I would love to dress myself up in a combination of grunge and haute couture; Gareth Pugh pieces with garments I [have] bought in a charity shop, as an example. The designers who inspire me most are Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh, Damir Doma, Ann Demeulemeester and Raf Rimons nowadays - but that's basically [my top favorites], because I admire many sorts of designers. I was mind blown by the latest fashion weeks, a lot of collections had a dark touch. Look at Givenchy for instance. So yeah, it's just that I love the edginess of darkness. It attracts me, in certain ways.”

U: How has your style evolved over the years? J: “My style started out very hipster-ish about four years ago. I wore Grace Jones t-shirts, bleached jeans, Vans, denim and lumberjack jackets. Then I started to order some clothing from Topshop, such as leather jackets and black heels. When I moved to Rotterdam (Netherlands), I also started to know all the thrift stores [in the area], and I fell in love with the prices and originality. The only crappy thing about these thrift stores (where a top costs like 3 euro), is that they never have my size, [which is a size 2]. But I guess that brings the magic back to creating an outfit. The combinations between skinny jeans and baggy shirts. Since I became more active with Lookbook and blogging, I started to recognize clothing from the designers which I now love, and the people who now inspire me. My interests grow way darker, but also more aesthetic.”

U: What do you look for when choosing pieces? J: “There's a monster in my soul who loves to consume textures. Weird textures that you normally won't see are the ones I must have. Whenever there's something odd about a garment, my eyes are focused [to it]. I'm pretty fast when it comes to shopping - like a bat out of hell! I know what I want when I see it. I now own a Zara shirt which is made of foam, my heart beats faster when it's on my body. And shady clothing is always cool with me.”

U: What are

2 of your favourite looks from your own

Lookbook? J: “‘21.2.2012’ and ‘The Mist’.” U: What is the culture like in your hometown (or where you currently live)? Does it inspire your style? J: “The culture where I currently live, doesn't inspire me

at all. I feel like a foreigner in my own country, some weird edgy dark dressing girl. Which, in my own opinion, I am not. If I'd go to London for instance, I'm just a normal girl. But it's not that weird when Uggs and Nickelson coats are the only things you see crossing the freaking street. But that's basically the younger group of civilians. The main crowd are dressing up in simple (boring) clothing such as basic outfits from H&M or 'Miss Etam'. You see why this doesn't inspire me?”


the mist

Interview with Jorinde Croese


talks to us about grunge, style evolution + Syria

U: What are

you hoping to relay to your fans/the world

with your apparel? J: “What I would like to show to my school and town is that it's not weird to dress up the way you like. You're not goth if you like black, and you're not a punker if you'd wanna wear docs every single day. I laugh when some boys yells[things like,] "Harry Potter!" or "Hogwarts!!!" because I wear a long blue velvet skirt and ankle docs. I feel flattered when somebody tells me that they think I'm cool, because I'm just a simple girl doing what I love.” U: Do you have any cherished items? J: “My vintage jackets & coats, docs and triple sole creepers.”

U: What are

some interesting movies you think others

need to see? J: “Control, Fight Club, 1984, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the first 3 movies of Hellraiser - because they are getting worse from then on.” U: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? J: “I see myself living in a big city, working my ass off every single day. Living on coffee. Inhaling a lot of cigarettes. [My] closet filled with amazing clothes and [having the] chance to meet some of the coolest people in the industry due to my fashion journalism studies. [I also want to have] a Dalmatian dog. But I've also got this small dream of living in a house at the beach in San Diego, with my flower garden filled with rabbits, freelancing and travelling a lot.”

U: Where do you like to shop for unique pieces? J: “Secondhand, different cities and online.”

U: What do you like better: handed-down LP records or handed-down family photographs? J: “Handed down LP records for sure. The quality of such an old player is so much better than listening music from your laptop. On top of that, I love old music.”

U: What sources do you draw inspiration from? For fashion + photography? J: “Watching my fellow Lookbookers gives me a lot of

inspiration. I also read blogs on a daily basis and check out websites such as Stylezeitgeist and” U: Where do like finding music? What are your preferred genres? J: “Friends and clicking on youtube recommended

videos, works out quite [well] some times.” U: What world issue is on your mind at the moment? J: “To be honest, it's the situation in Syria for the past week. Because, not everyone shares the same opinion. I feel like the West is really hypocritical. Whenever small accidents happen in Holland, we mourn for three months (Compared to [how we don't mourn] situations in the Middle East). We tend to look away from the worst things that are happening nowadays, because it's been going on for so long and [the people appear] poor and unimportant. I hate to say it, but I'd rather mourn over the people who are living in fear every single day (like in Syria), [who fear of  being] killed every single minute, than mourn over six adults who died in a car crash [here]. Hate me for it, but it's what I believe.” U: Last question, how do you think young people can

improve the world? Locally + globally? J: “[That’s] hard question, we can't do anything [other] than donate money to charity funds. BUT, if you really care that much you can volunteer and build a freaking school in Africa. Or just be good to your fellow creature. Stop hating each other over the fact that someone looks better, appreciate their existence.”

U: Any last words? J: “DON’T HAVE TUNNEL VISION!”



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When I Discovered Laura Marling An Unlikely Music Review For A Longtime Nirvana Fan Flittering guitar picking pulls me into the quaint, elegant, little mind that is Laura Marling. As “Ghosts” begins I feel myself growing giddier as my bus rolls down the bumpy road. It is early in the morning and I’m on my way to school. At this point I have only listened to two Laura Marling songs, “Ghosts” and “Blackberry Stone”. I was so enthralled by her sultry, wise voice and melodies that I downloaded Alas, I Cannot Swim. It is only now, on the bus, that I am listening to it for the first time in its completeness. English folk singer Laura Marling’s debut album is quite impressive. It contains so much variation and uniqueness that I find myself replaying this album again and again - no matter what mood I’m in. Every time I hit play, it is like I am hearing each song for the first time. My body relaxes when the acoustics in “Tap at My Window” trickle into my ears. Conversely, “Cross Your Fingers” results in me singing and bouncing about - whether I am driving, painting or bike riding. (On a side note, this album is perfect for bike riding). Born in Hamphire, England, it’s to no surprise that Marling was introduced to music at an early age. Through her parent’s mentoring, Laura was playing guitar at 6 years old. Her parents were knowledgeable, with her mother being a music teacher and her father owning a recording studio. It was her parents that influenced her musical taste and introduced her to folk music. Folk is a perfect genre for Marling’s voice with her simple sweetness and slight yodel that most folk singers possess, among artists like Devendra Banhart. It was when she moved to London at 16 that Marling’s popularity grew. Her songs on MySpace became increasingly popular and gained the attention of Virgin Records. Soon thereafter, Marling was signed and gained touring experience. Jamie T had asked her to tour with him after recognizing her great talent. She left school and hurriedly completed her GCSEs. Unfortunately she failed to complete her A-levels, as she found it difficult to balance school and music. In London, Marling met Marcus Mumford, a current multi-talented member of the band Mumford & Sons. Together they performed, with Mumford drumming for Laura alongside the other members of Mumford & Sons. Together they would later tour Australia in 2008, the same year Alas, I Cannot Swim was debuted. This was one of many collaborations that Marling has been a part of. Unknown to many, she was actually part of the original line-up of indie folk band Noah and the Whale. She was featured as their background vocalist on their debut album Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down. However, she left the group before their album’s release in 2008. Marling’s true talent radiates through every song on her solo album. It’s not surprising to me that 3 years after the February 4th release in 2008 that she won Best Female Solo Artist at the Brit Awards. What’s more impressive is that the album’s entirety was written when she was only 17. Her deep, sultry voice creates an enchanting effect as her wisdom is reflected through her songwriting. I cannot help but make this my go-to album when I’m in need of some musical cleansing. This is all very surprising for a big time Nirvana fan. I replay Alas, I Cannot Swim more times than I’ve played my favorite Nirvana albums, like Nevermind and In Utero. I can say with confidence Laura Marling is one of my favorite artists for many reasons. Among them being her unique style. I love that she is honest, brutally at times. She is not afraid to explore and share the dark thoughts that linger in the recess of the mind (unlike most of us). Upon songwriting, she shares: “When a song wants to be written, it will be written. When it does come, I will very rarely go back and edit lyrics. I’m quite a rational human being, and the only part of my life that I can’t rationalize, or can’t make sense of, is how a song gets written or why.” (Fiona Sturges, “Baby Blues…”, October 2011) She is different because she rarely chooses to hide behind her words. This is shown for me especially in the bonus track featured on “Alas, I Cannot Swim” (titled alike with the album). At the end of the first verse, her honesty is clear by confessing, “I’ll live my life regretting that I never jumped in”. Conversely, this track is a great example of Marling’s storytelling abilities. The story is straightforward, but also sad. This last song leaves me wanting more, and this is why I now hold dearly her two albums that follow: I Speak Because I Can (2010) and A Creature I Don’t Know (2011). As my bus ride ends I am only halfway through the album. I feel like I’ve been taken to another place; a peaceful place and I am humbled and happy. In the end it is clear: Laura Marling is a gift to the music industry. She brings grace, intelligence and a fresh sound to the ears of folk fans and new fans alike. I will always recommend this album to anyone who’s itching for some new music and I am always proud to say so.


WE are pleased to introduce you to the new staff joining UNCULTURED. These three souls have been inspirations over the past months - in fashion, music, editorials, interviews, dreams, + film. Now, they are regular contributors to the tentacles of projects stemming from UNCULTURED’s online vintage store. As a quasy family, they have always been connected through various creative projects; namely with their combined efforts landing our SoCal cinematographer, Brandee, into a full-tuition scholarship + entrance into a up-and-coming film school. Their efforts vowed the film school as “two countries collided.” She was chosen from hundreds to receive this scholarship - and since then has been awarded for her short films made at said film school. She recently has also attended a conference in Texas for high school filmmakers. The West Coasters - Jenna and Tom - have been the paint and canvas for us to work with. Jenna started out as a timid model, unsure if she could show her true nature through the camera lens. But with experience comes expertise and Jenna has transformed into becoming one of our sleek and sexy Resident Models - alongside a bevy of gorgeous young ladies I have the pleasure of shooting (with film that is) regularly. I asked Jenna recently if she would be interested in expanding her horizons further here as UNCULTURED’s personal Music Reviewer. She is gifted in finding new and old bands alike that are utterly raw with talent and can convey musical story telling in any genre of language. Giddily, she accepted and has written us a beautiful piece which is featured in this March issue of UNCULTURED. Tom on the other hand, is in the wild beginnings of his future. He will be attending an Art & Design school in the East that is heavily linked with the likes of Disney and Dreamworks. (With Disney favoring the school’s graduates to join their team)Tom has the world in his hands as it were, and may one day day be in the top studios alongside Brandee. Brandee is also going to be attending a Californian uni for film making and business. Tom’s first film project for UNCULTURED will be released soon for you to feast your eyes upon. Without revealing its splendor, I must say that it reflects the very nature on which UNCULTURED hopes to share with you. A West Coast slant on original vintage based style that is mixed with a, “YOUNG, WILD, and FREE” mindset of the full spectrum of art: from video to fashion to music. These are qualities + rare gifts that all three of our young, new, little muselings also do possess.


Jenna Bentzen

What drives your passion?: “A really fast car, with a

Resident Model, Music Reviewer

Favorite Bands: Nirvana, The Doors, The Pixies, Pink Floyd

She’s as young, as she is feisty. Her facial expressions are unmistakably quirky and she is a part-time comedian. The truth of the matter is that she is a breath of fresh air - if you don’t mind the gun-firing belches and the genre of character voices at her disposal, - which will drown you in sarcasm no doubt. Jenna is meant to be part of our family since her own style is classic B/\D girl inspiration. Labelled “The Punkhouse-90’s Grunge-Kurty Girl” by yours truly, she has always been and always will be a rebel. A contributor since the beginning, Jenna has been one of the staple models of UNCULTURED and has now agreed to step up her presence here as UNCULTURED’s very own Music Reviewer. She will now be doing band + singer reviews, be picking ‘Band of the Week’ and be recommending local + indie bands for you to lend your ears to. In the future, she hopes to be the West Coast Street Style Rep. for UNCULTURED.

Age: 18 Nicknames: Lil J, Randal the Vandal, Jennifer (Use with Caution), and Jelly Bean

What do you hope to learn here at UNCULTURED?:

“I want to reach full model status. I also want to develop a real level of confidence and get a good sense of fashion.” Favorite Quote: “Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously” - Hunter S. Thompson

Hobbies: Adventuring, longboarding, thrifting, drawing, cooking, crying

Tell us u little about yourself: “I don’t take much seriously and I strive to give those around me the best experiences - so I come off as crazy.”

Where do you reside?: West Coast, BC

What do you want to be?:

“Masterbaker maybe, but I would like to do some humanitarian work at some point as well - all the while, doing art on the side.”

slightly erratic impaired driver.”

Favorite TV: Boy Meets World, Misfits, Breaking Bad, Adventuretime, Wilfred (US Version)

Favorite color: Florescent Beige What Are 5 things on your bucket list?: Go to Angel Falls - via plane + on land Live A Self-sufficient life - at least for a little bit Live in a 100% eco-friendly home Have an “Eat, Pray, Love” experience Contribute in some way to a really good comedy movie

Any last words?: “This is my sadness, lol, haha, u mad? JUST KIDDING you love this, I just want ice cream, ‘Give me a taco’”

Tom Thorp lead cinematographer First off - he’s British. So already you like him, as do we. He is a personality - eccentric, hilarious and upbeat. A good friend of mine and part of our little family, Tom is a film-maker in the making. When I thought about starting short film projects (“promos”) to showcase the clothing being sold at UNCULTURED, I knew he was the one to turn to because only the team of Brandee (refer to next page) and Tom could make my dreams and vision a reality. Tom was ecstatic to start work on promo films for UNCULTURED’s main brain child - a West Coast original, online vintage store. Clearly, he was the best choice to head the venture in short films here on the West Coast. He is half of the double-trouble team - he will be collaborating with Brandee (our SoCal rep) to create the vast creative film projects to come. Tom and Kat will be heading the East Coast this next school year for university, becoming the East Coast Street Reps.

Tell us a bit about yourself: “I’m definitely a person who

enjoys a story - stories take our mind’s off things. I also make music, perhaps one day I’ll share it with you.”

Where do you reside?: “I was born in West Yorkshire, England - but am currently living on the West Coast of BC”

What to do you want to be?: Scriptwriter for AMC’s Breaking Bad,I’d also accept [being a scriptwriter for] Glee, yes Glee. What drives your passion?: “Music and good stories.” Favorite Bands?: Oasis, Lady Gaga (Rock, Pop, and Glam = Awesome)

Favorite TV?: Breaking Bad, Dexter, Sopranos, The Simpsons, Jersey ‘Freaking’ Shore,

Favorite Colors?: “Sky Blue, Faded Moss Green - on a bed of Chestnut Brown (A strewn lighter Beige). Check that!”

What Are 5 things on your bucket list?: Go Back in time Sled down a hill for longer than 2 minutes Jump off a cruise ship [and survive] Be apart of Warner Bros. film company Make a major piece of art that shakes up a city

Any last words?: “Everything burns.”- The Joker (2008)

“Can you just put a smiley by everything?” :)

Age: 18 Nicknames: “My name isn’t Nick?” What do you hope to learn here at UNCULTURED?: “I want to develop a finer sense of art.”

Favorite Quote: “Life is a bottle of Vodka - a heart with an arrow through it.”

Hobbies: filming, comedy, script writing, learning about skeletons

Brandee Bovaird

and so much drive that [it] ultimately unleashes this monster called Creation and literally blows our minds. ”

SoCal cinematographer

Favorite Bands?: Mumford and Sons, The White Stripes,

A beautiful inspiration. Brandee is a curious sort of person, full of genuine kindness and hilarity. She is gifted in the many aspects of film, photography + laughter. To see more of her work visit:

Queen, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, The Runaways, The Avett

Age: nearly 18 Nicknames: Chum, Bran What do you hope to learn here at UNCULTURED?: “I hope to learn how to create an entirely new genre. UNCULTURED has a flavor that requires a new perspective on things because it's a unique concept. I mean, it pretty much involves everything creative. ”

Favorite Quote: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” Dumbledore

Hobbies: knitting, scrapbooking, making films, washing my hair Tell us a bit about yourself: “I enjoy making short films and goofy music videos on a daily basis. For as long as I can remember, I've loved creating things from nothing. Crafting just seems to run in the blood! (Her father is an artist, her grandmother an artist, ice carver and Olympic chef !) At this current moment, I have over five projects in the making. I have absolutely no idea how or when I'm going to finish all of them. But. I mean. I'll get them done. Dats my style. They will prevail!”

Brothers, ABBA, Belle & Sebastian, The Vaccines, Sea Wolf, Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, Editors, The Dead Weather, The Killers, Grizzly Bear, Thom Yorke, Chanes, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, The Temper Trap, Coldplay, The Kills, Eminem, Paolo Nutini, Lana Del Ray, Yelawolf, Bon Iver, M.I.A., Ray LaMontagne, The Tallest Man On Earth, Ben Howard, Matthew Perryman Jones, Josh Garrels, Mads Langer, Laura Marling, Sufjan Stevens, Jonsi, Iggy Azalea, Birdy, James Vincent McMorrow, Ron Pope

Favorite TV?: Game of Thrones, Face Off, The Voice, Say Yes

Where do you reside?: “SoCal, United States of America”

To the Dress, The Vampire Diaries, Merlin, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Pretty Little Liars, Family Guy, South Park, Friends, American Horror Story

What do you want to be?: “My dream is to become one of

Favorite Colors?: Green, Maroon, Navy Blue

the few successful female directors in film and create movies for children to grow up with. I want the cinema to go back to the way they used to be. I want more feel-goods in the world and a few more fantasies of Peter Pan-like adventures for the young. I miss the magic of those movies. I just want to bring them back one day!”

What drives your passion?: “I've seen the hard work and

sweat of filmmakers. They work incredible hours and don't give in for something as overrated as sleep. I love sleep, ask anyone, but I would give it all up for an opportunity [to] participate in [making] a film. The amount of knowledge one must have to create something of that scale is outrageous. They have so much passion

What Are 5 things on your bucket list?: Take my friends to Vancouver and Vancouver Island Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Go to the Harry Potter set at Leavesden Studios Learn how to surf (I live in California, It only makes sense.) Go white water rafting

Any last words?: “Harry Potter.”

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Kat Wawrykow

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Thanks to all the contributors for their creativity put into this issue. -- WE ARE YOUNG AND WILD AND FREE March 2012 - 002


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