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contents: RAGE || memory, voice + visibility || healing on the theme: talking back the theme of siren’s fall 2014 zine is “talking back.” we are talking back to power and reclaiming our narratives from structural erasure, historical amnesia, and forces that seek to silence marginalized communities. the zine is split into three “siren songs”: RAGE, memory, voice + visibility, and healing. join us at: || @UNCsiren || about the cover: This collaborative mural, featuring activist Ella Baker, was created by six UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduate women as part of the 2014 Moxie Project (Elisabeth Jones, Meg Foster, Sarah Pederson, Brittany Desgages, Erin West, and Cara Schumann). The Moxie Project ( is an engaged leadership development program for women interested in transformative social change. The Moxie Scholars first learned about Ella Baker in Dr. Michele Berger’s spring course, The Struggle Continues: Women of Color in Contemporary U.S. Social Movements. Baker grew up in North Carolina and attended Shaw University in Raleigh, where she would later organize student activists involved in the Greensboro sit-ins to form the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). Despite her legacy of prolific organizing and community empowerment during the civil rights movement (and the extensive work she did in our own state), we did not know about Ella Baker until Dr. Berger’s course. The mural is an expression of reclamation of our history as women activists and will be on display in the Carolina Women’s Center. Special Thanks to: Student Congress, UNC Women’s Center, UNC’s LGBTQ Center, and Dr. Barbara Friedman’s WMST 442: Gender, Class, Race, and Mass Media Class.

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siren manifesto album title: siren songs track #1: RAGE sirens are not your figureheads. sirens cause shipwrecks. we disrupt the course of your taken-for-granted unexamined capitalist white supremacist heterosexist logic. sailors follow the northern star unquestionably. sirens don’t have to look above for direction, we guide ourselves exclusively. we are our own north stars in the sea of patriarchal bullshit.

Trigger Warnings: gender-based violence- pg 10, 23 body image/body shaming- pg 12, 15, 19, 33, 34 racism/sexism- pg 19 anti-choice messaging- pg 42, 43 | Fall 2014


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How do you talk back? Add your own page! | Fall 2014


Talking Back Doesn’t Have to be LOUD, ANGRY, or CONFRONTATIONAL... Talk back against Interpersonal Violence by Supporting Survivors

Project Dinah meets Mondays 7-8 in Dey 206

All Genders Welcome

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siren manifesto album title: siren songs track #2: memory, voice + visibility siren songs keep our stories alive. we remember when you want us to forget. we sing when you want us to smile. we scream when you want us to stay silent. loose lips might sink ships, but remember that we are more than what we kiss you with. we reclaim our histories. we define ourselves.


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Fragmented: For the past eight years I have been fighting this body. I have poked and prodded, measured, weighed, and pinched more times than I can count. The shame began when I was eleven when my classmate remarked, “Hairy legs are so gross.” Later that day, I cut myself shaving. Fast-forward to age nineteen and here I am trying to pick up the pieces left in the aftermath of my eating disorder. I don’t exactly know how I got from the day of the first shave to where I am now. I suppose that after being told your body is shameful so many times, you can’t help but internalize it. The problem is no one gives you instructions on how to make it external again. Instead I am left with anger, frustration, fear, and guilt that leave me fighting myself day after day. There is nothing simple about recovery. It is chaotic thoughts, tears, panic attacks, and questions that have no answers. My one clarity is knowing that I do not want to live this way anymore. Too much time has already been lost. Now I am trying to piece back together this fragmented body eating foods my lips haven’t touched in years, writing out my feelings instead of flushing them down the toilet, and most importantly, giving myself space to heal. One day my body and I will make peace with each other. One day I will feel whole again. One day I will be FREE.

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siren manifesto album title: siren songs track #3: healing why talk back? because “your silence will not protect you.” -audre lorde

because because because because but our because because

we dare to demand space to heal. our voices can’t stay trapped inside us. your best efforts could not stop us. you will try to explain our lives to us, stories speak louder than your ignorance. our songs will gather communities. we will heal from our collective trauma.

black&blue ain’t always a bruise (2014) by nicole misha campbell listen online: about this mix: how many things in the universe are about heartbreak haha. and how many ways can we make heartbreak an issue of feminism? and it is. it truly is. and at it’s very core it’s also about rejection. it’s about time and space and essence. and it’s about a terrible someone. someone who doesn’t see your heart of honey. of amber inside of you. but maybe you didn’t find their’s either. and it’s about finding yourself in the break. (thanks fred moten). there are so many things we see in the break. so many ways that the magma leaks out of us and we feel the heat. we feel what has been suppressed by “love.” and we see what can ooze out because of Real Love. this mix is about breaking and healing and getting to know our love lava. it’s about finding love in water, in the ocean, in the air. it’s about not letting your love evaporate for good. wet_woke_washed getting to weep and ponder and swim and choke and dance ourselves into the loving reality we so deeply wish for. share this with someone who needs Real Love. Which is Everyone.

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Siren - Fall 2014  
Siren - Fall 2014