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new cooking

Fred Thompson’s Southern Sides

250 Dishes That Really Make the Plate Fred Thompson

A Featured Selection of The Good Cook book club and a Selection of Black Expressions book club

Mouthwatering side dishes that are a joy to cook and eat “At last—a cookbook devoted to the glorious side dishes of the American South. This distinctive book is as wise, warm, and witty as the incomparable Fred Thompson.” —Nathalie Dupree, TV host and author of New Southern Cooking and eleven other books 2012 352 pp., 43 color plates 978-0-8078-3570-8 $35.00 hardcover

“Thompson once again proves himself to be a true master of the Southern kitchen.” —James Villas, author of The Glory of Southern Cooking

Hoppin’ John’s Lowcountry Cooking

Recipes and Ruminations from Charleston and the Carolina Coastal Plain John Martin Taylor

20th Anniversary Edition

With a New Preface by the Author

A Selection of The Good Cook book club

The book that launched the Lowcountry culinary revival “Splendid recipes that should be on a National Registry of Great American Food. It’s a stunner!” —New York Times

“No man deserves more credit for Charleston’s culinary resurgence.” —Gourmet 1

2012 368 pp., 1 map 978-0-8078-3725-2 $25.00 paperback

new cooking Announcing Our New

savor the south™ cookbook Collection

Each little cookbook in our savor the south™ cookbook collection is a big celebration of a beloved food or tradition of the American South. Written by well-known cooks and food lovers, the books brim with personality, the informative and often surprising culinary and natural history of southern foodways, and a treasure of some fifty recipes each—from delicious southern classics to sparkling international renditions that open up worlds of taste for cooks everywhere.


a savor the south™ cookbook Debbie Moose A Selection of The Good Cook book club

“If you are not yet under the spell of buttermilk, be prepared to be bewitched. Born of hot summers and no refrigeration, it is still the real deal. The recipes in Buttermilk are delightful.” —Earl, Cheri, and Colleen Cruze, owners of Cruze Family Farm and winners of the 2008 Ruth Fertel Keeper of the Flame Award, Southern Foodways Alliance

2012 96 pp. 978-0-8078-3578-4 $18.00 hardcover


a savor the south™ cookbook Kathleen Purvis

A Featured Selection of The Good Cook, Crafter’s Choice, and Black Expressions book clubs

“One of the foremost voices in southern food writing celebrates the South’s iconic nut —and does it proud.” —Damon Lee Fowler, author of Classical Southern Cooking and The Savannah Cookbook 2012 104 pp. 978-0-8078-3579-1 $18.00 hardcover


new cooking

The World in a Skillet

A Food Lover’s Tour of the New American South

Paul Knipple and Angela Knipple Foreword by John T. Edge

A Selection of The Good Cook book club

Celebrates the flourishing global food traditions in the contemporary American South and features profiles of first-generation immigrants cooking their way through life as chefs, restaurateurs, and home cooks.

2012 296 pp., 33 illus. 978-0-8078-3517-3 $35.00 hardcover

“Part cookbook and part culinary road trip. . . . This is the South in all its diversity.” —Garden & Gun

Jean Anderson’s Preserving Guide

How to Pickle and Preserve, Can and Freeze, Dry and Store Vegetables and Fruits Jean Anderson

With a New Introduction by the Author An apples-to-zucchini guide to food preservation A 2012 Okra Pick: Great Southern Books Fresh Off the Vine, Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance

Enjoy the bounty of your own garden, farmer’s markets, and roadside stands —all year round.

“Ideal for beginners and experienced cooks alike.” —Andrea Weigl, food writer, Raleigh News and Observer 3

2012 240 pp., 7 line drawings 978-0-8078-3724-5 $24.00 hardcover

Southern Gateways Guides How to Read a Florida Gulf Coast Beach

A Guide to Shadow Dunes, Ghost Forests, and Other Telltale Clues from an Ever-Changing Coast

Tonya Clayton A lively tour of some of America’s most beautiful and diverse beaches. • Find sand ripples and other tiny markings left by wind, water, and animals • Get a bird’s-eye view of the islands to better understand the ocean forces that shape them • See how and why humans reshape today’s shores “Comprehensive [and] eminently readable. . . . Clayton’s knowledge and observations greatly enhance a visit to the shore.” —Albert Hine, University of South Florida 2012 228 pp., 111 halftones, 8 color illus. 978-0-8078-3546-3 $40.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-7218-5 $16.00 paperback

The Nature of North Carolina’s Southern Coast Barrier Islands, Coastal Waters, and Wetlands Dirk Frankenberg Second Edition

With a new foreword by Tom Earnhardt

“Finally, our southern coast gets the attention and respect it merits. . . . Must reading if you want to understand our complex coastal ecosystem and help keep our coast healthy and productive for future generations.” —Todd Miller, North Carolina Coastal Federation 2012 272 pp., 121 halftones, 7 maps, 3 graphs 978-0-8078-7235-2 $20.00 paperback

The Nature of the Outer Banks

Environmental Processes, Field Sites, and Development Issues, Corolla to Ocracoke Dirk Frankenberg Second Edition

With a new foreword by Betsy Bennett

“Takes you away from the man-made intrusions. . . . to those truly enchanted places . . . where the Outer Banks remain in their natural splendor.” —Fayetteville Observer-Times 2012 176 pp., 30 drawings, 20 halftones, 7 maps, 4 tables 978-0-8078-7234-5 $19.00 paperback


new nature The Armchair Birder Goes Coastal The Secret Lives of Birds of the Southeastern Shore

John Yow “This book can be very funny, but it’s way more. . . . [Yow’s] well-chosen quotes from the masters add a smart heft to his clear and often fascinating narrative. . . . This book has plucked me from my backyard perch. . . and dropped me into an oceanside beach chair to marvel.” —Clyde Edgerton, Garden & Gun

2012 256 pp., 15 line drawings 978-0-8078-3561-6 $26.00 hardcover

Longleaf, Far as the Eye Can See

“Witty, irreverent, and perennially entertaining. . . . A delightfully readable peek into the lives of the Southeast’s most familiar water birds.” —Scott Weidensaul, author of Of a Feather: A Brief History of American Birding

A New Vision of North America’s Richest Forest

Bill Finch, Beth Maynor Young, Rhett Johnson, and John C. Hall Foreword by E. O. Wilson

“A beautiful account of one of the continent’s classic ecosystems, this book will play a role in reviving the longleaf pine to at least a semblance of the glory it once commanded!” —Bill McKibben, author of Earth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet

2012 192 pp., 160 color plates., 7 halftones, 1 maps 978-0-8078-3575-3 $35.00 hardcover

“The finest natural history of this and the last century, setting a new standard for the genre.” —Patricia Adair Gowaty, University of California, Los Angeles 5

history & story Two Captains from Carolina

Moses Grandy, John Newland Maffitt, and the Coming of the Civil War Bland Simpson

A Nonfiction Novel

Though mariners Moses Grandy and John Newland Maffitt Jr. never met, their stories weave a grand tale of the striving human spirit and the great divide that nearly sundered the nation. “In his abiding love and intimate knowledge of our coastal waters, Simpson paints a true portrait of the heartbreak and triumph to be had when one man thirsts for freedom and the other tries to be true to his conscience.” —Margaret Maron, author of Three-Day Town 2012 208 pp., 26 illus. 978-0-8078-3585-2 $28.00 hardcover

Cherokee Stories of the Turtle Island Liars’ Club Christopher B. Teuton

with Hastings Shade, Sammy Still, Sequoyah Guess, and Woody Hansen illustrations by America Meredith

Cherokee storytelling, oral traditions, and teachings “Shows beyond any doubt how rich, complex, and beautiful Cherokee oral and literary expressions continue to be in this chaotic world. It is easily one of the most important books on Cherokee worldview and tradition ever written.” —Daniel Heath Justice, University of British Columbia 2012 264 pp., 14 drawings 978-0-8078-3584-5 $30.00 hardcover

The Chesapeake House

Architectural Investigation by Colonial Williamsburg

Edited by Cary Carson and Carl R. Lounsbury In this beautifully illustrated volume, a team of historians, curators, and conservators from the architectural research department at Colonial Williamsburg draw on their far-reaching knowledge of historic structures in Virginia and Maryland to illuminate one of the hallmark building traditions in America architecture. “A remarkable book.” —Carter L. Hudgins, Clemson University 2013 544 pp., 150 color plates., 200 illus. 978-0-8078-3577-7 $60.00 hardcover


The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture Charles Reagan Wilson, General Editor

Sponsored by the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi

This planned 24-volume series retains the broad cultural perspective of the original best-selling Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, supplemented by new scholarship on emerging topics.

Volume 1: Religion

Volume 8: Environment

2006 272 pp., 38 illus. 978-0-8078-3003-1 $47.50 hardcover 978-0-8078-5674-1 $23.00 paperback

2007 320 pp., 26 illus. 978-0-8078-3170-0 $47.50 hardcover 978-0-8078-5856-1 $23.00 paperback

Samuel S. Hill, Editor

Volume 2: Geography

Richard Pillsbury, Editor

2006 248 pp., 31 illus., 15 maps 978-0-8078-3013-0 $47.50 hardcover 978-0-8078-5681-9 $23.00 paperback

Volume 3: History

Charles Reagan Wilson, Editor

2006 408 pp., 43 illus. 978-0-8078-3028-4 $47.50 hardcover 978-0-8078-5691-8 $23.00 paperback

Volume 4: Myth, Manners, and Memory

Charles Reagan Wilson, Editor

2006 320 pp., 28 illus. 978-0-8078-3029-1 $47.50 hardcover 978-0-8078-5692-5 $23.00 paperback

Volume 5: Language

Volume 9: Literature

M. Thomas Inge, Editor

2008 536 pp., 25 illus. 978-0-8078-3190-8 $52.50 hardcover 978-0-8078-5875-2 $28.95 paperback

Volume 10: Law and Politics James W. Ely Jr. and Bradley G. Bond, Editors

2008 456 pp., 43 illus. 978-0-8078-3205-9 $49.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-5884-4 $24.95 paperback

Volume 11: Agriculture and Industry Melissa Walker and James C. Cobb, Editors

2008 376 pp., 33 illus. 978-0-8078-3240-0 $49.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-5909-4 $25.00 paperback

Michael Montgomery and Ellen Johnson, Editors

Volume 12: Music

Volume 6: Ethnicity

Volume 13: Gender

2007 248 pp., 18 illus., 8 maps 978-0-8078-3114-4 $47.50 hardcover 978-0-8078-5806-6 $23.00 paperback

Celeste Ray, Editor

2007 296 pp., 33 illus. 978-0-8078-3123-6 $47.50 hardcover 978-0-8078-5823-3 $23.00 paperback

Volume 7: Foodways John T. Edge, Editor

2007 336 pp., 50 illus. 978-0-8078-3146-5 $47.50 hardcover 978-0-8078-5840-0 $23.00 paperback


Martin Melosi, Editor

Bill C. Malone, Editor

2009 448 pp., 47 illus. 978-0-8078-3239-4 $43.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-5908-7 $24.95 paperback

Nancy Bercaw and Ted Ownby, Editors

2009 408 pp., 30 illus. 978-0-8078-3287-5 $43.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-5948-3 $21.95 paperback

Volume 14: Folklife

Glenn Hinson and William Ferris, Editors

2010 424 pp., 40 illus. 978-0-8078-3346-9 $47.50 hardcover 978-0-8078-5989-6 $23.95 paperback

Volume 15: Urbanization

Volume 18: Media

Wanda Rushing, Editor

2010 288 pp., 18 illus., 1 map 978-0-8078-3370-4 $47.50 hardcover 978-0-8078-7139-3 $23.95 paperback

Volume 16: Sports and Recreation Harvey H. Jackson III, Editor

2011 408 pp., 31 illus. 978-0-8078-3441-1 $45.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-7173-7 $22.95 paperback

Volume 17: Education

Allison Graham and Sharon Monteith, Editors

2011 464 pp., 30 illus. 978-0-8078-3401-5 $47.50 hardcover 978-0-8078-7143-0 $26.95 paperback

Volume 19: Violence

Amy Louise Wood, Editor

2011 Approx. 320 pp., 26 illus. 978-0-8078-3522-7 $45.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-7216-1 $24.95 paperback

Clarence L. Mohr, Editor

2011 400 pp., 19 illus., 2 tables 978-0-8078-3491-6 $45.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-7201-7 $24.95 paperback

“[A] multi-year, multi-dimensional, and unprecendented series.” —Library Journal

Volume 20: Social Class

Larry J. Griffin and Peggy G. Hargis, Editors “[A] splendid addition. . . . Not just for reference but for reading and reflection.”—John Shelton Reed 2012 528 pp., 18 halftones, 20 figs., 1 maps, 12 tables 978-0-8078-3559-3 $49.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-7232-1 $27.95 paperback

Volume 21: Art and Architecture

Judith H. Bonner and Estill Curtis Pennington, Editors Explore historic and current trends in the visual arts and architecture, major collections and institutions, and biographies of artists themselves. 2013 592 pp., 32 color plates., 27 halftones 978-0-8078-3717-7 $49.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-3718-4 $27.95 paperback

Volume 22: Science and Medicine

James G. Thomas Jr. and Charles Reagan Wilson, editors Understanding the central role of science and medicine in southern culture 2012 304 pp., 18 illus., 2 figs., 2 tables 978-0-8078-3719-1 $49.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-3720-7 $24.95 paperback


sports ACC Basketball

The Story of the Rivalries, Traditions, and Scandals of the First Two Decades of the Atlantic Coast Conference

J. Samuel Walker “A lively account of the ACC’s rise as a basketball powerhouse.” —The Wall Street Journal 2011 416 pp., 40 illus., notes, index 978-0-8078-3503-6 $30.00 hardcover


White Lightning, Red Clay, and Big Bill France

Daniel S. Pierce “If you’re a Southerner. . .you’ll lap up Daniel S. Pierce’s Real NASCAR . . . like grits and red-eye gravy, even if you’ve never been to a stock car race or watched one on television.” —Our State 2010 360 pp, 30 illus. 978-0-8078-3384-1 $32.00 hardcover

Carolina Basketball

A Century of Excellence Adam Lucas

Foreword by Dean Smith. Afterword by Roy Williams.

“A celebration of the six national championships and numerous Hall of Famers the team has produced. . . . This book is about as authoritative as it gets.” ­—Chapel Hill Magazine Published in association with the UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Athletics

2010 288 pp., 195 illus., 4 tables, sidebars and appendices 978-0-8078-3410-7 $32.00 hardcover

One Fantastic Ride

The Inside Story of Carolina Basketball’s 2009 Championship Season

Adam Lucas, Steve Kirschner, and Matt Bowers Foreword by Roy Williams

“A masterpiece. . . . Will remind fans everywhere why it’s great to be a Tar Heel!” —Phil Ford 2009 256 pp., 208 color photographs 978-0-8078-3385-8 $32.95 hardcover

NC State Basketball

100 Years of Innovation

Tim Peeler and Roger Winstead “Wolfpack fans will take . . . delight in this celebration of a century of basketball.” ­—Raleigh News & Observer Distributed for the North Carolina State University Department of Athletics 2010 256 pp., 230 illus. 978-0-8078-3447-3 $32.00 hardcover


photography Southern Appalachian Celebration In Praise of Ancient Mountains, Old-Growth Forests, and Wilderness James Valentine

With text by Chris Bolgiano Foreword by William Meadows, The Wilderness Society

“No book of my experience has ever caught the natural beauty and richness of southern Appalachia with greater exactitude.” —Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner 2011 152 pp., 10 x 14, 136 color illus., 1 map ISBN 978-0-8078-3514-2 $35.00 hardcover

Wild North Carolina Discovering the Wonders of Our State’s Natural Communities

David Blevins and Michael P. Schafale “Wonderful! . . . An educational and inspirational boon for a new generation of environmental stewards.” —Betsy Bennett, director, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences 2011 118 pp., 10 x 9, 100 color illus. ISBN 978-0-8078-3467-1, $30.00 hardcover

Hugh Morton, North Carolina Photographer Hugh Morton

Foreword by William Friday

Signature wildlife and nature photography from the state’s most beloved photographer. “Hugh Morton was truly a North Carolina treasure.” —Former N.C. Governor Mike Easley 2006 168 pp., 8 x 10, 142 color / 20 b&w photographs 978-0-8078-3073-4 $35.95 hardcover

Hugh Morton’s North Carolina Hugh Morton

Foreword by William Friday

North Carolina’s premier photographer shares more than 250 of his favorite pictures and the stories behind them. “Puts Mr. Morton’s love for [North Carolina] in sharp focus.” —Associated Press 2003 224 pp., 8 x 10, 126 color / 138 b&w photographs 978-0-8078-2832-8 $39.95 hardcover


Photographs from the First State University Edited by Erica Eisdorfer Foreword by Doris Betts

“A great memento of the Carolina I know and love.” —Dean Smith Published in association with UNC Student Stores, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2006 196 pp., 8 x 11, 184 color / 16 b&w photographs 978-0-8078-3035-2 $37.95 hardcover


birding The Armchair Birder

Discovering the Secret Lives of Familiar Birds

John Yow “Ably illustrates facets of bird behavior and instinct, acknowledging their unique adaptations to the natural and human worlds. Written in a humorous, conversational tone, this enjoyable read is a good choice for developing birders.” —Library Journal 2009 264 pp., 41 illus. 978-0-8078-7229-1 $20.00 paperback

Birds of the Carolinas

Eloise F. Potter, James F. Parnell, Robert P. Teulings, and Ricky Davis Second Edition

The most comprehensive reference for Carolina bird watchers, with entries for more than 450 species. “A must-have reference for bird-watchers of any level.” —Southern Living 2006 416 pp., 381 color photographs 978-0-8078-2999-8 $39.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-5671-0 $28.95 paperback

The North Carolina Birding Trail Guides The North Carolina Birding Trail is a driving trail with 310 birding sites and over 440 bird species. These richly illustrated guides include descriptions of local species and habitats, as well as directions, information on access and on-site visitor amenities.

Mountain Trail Guide Introduces 105 birding destinations from the Tennessee border to Interstate 77

2009 180 pp., 125 photographs, 125 maps, full color throughout 978-0-8078-5965-0 $20.95 paperback


Piedmont Trail Guide

Coastal Plain Trail Guide

Presents 103 birding destinations from Charlotte to Interstate 95

Features 102 birding destinations east of Interstate 95

2008 176 pp., 142 photographs, 118 maps, full color throughout 978-0-8078-5917-9 $20.95 paperback

2009 172 pp., 176 photographs, 121 maps, full color throughout 978-0-9794-4680-1 $20.95 paperback

nc history & life The Paradox of Tar Heel Politics

The Personalities, Elections, and Events That Shaped Modern North Carolina Rob Christensen

Second Edition, Revised and Updated Ragan Old North State Award, North Carolina Literary and Historical Association

“Hotter and slicker than a politician’s handshake at a pig pickin’ in July.” —Marcy Smith, Raleigh News & Observer 2010 376 pp., 24 illus. 978-0-8078-7151-5 $21.00 paperback

Encyclopedia of North Carolina Edited by William S. Powell

Jay Mazzocchi, Associate Editor

“With over 2000 A-Z entries written by 550 contributors, this is the ultimate ready-reference to the state.” —Library Journal 2006 1,328 pp., 373 illus., 22 maps 978-0-8078-3071-0 $75.00 hardcover

The North Carolina Gazetteer

A Dictionary of Tar Heel Places and Their History William S. Powell and Michael Hill Second Edition

“There is no state glossary for the Atlantic Seaboard (possibly anywhere) that can compare in quality with Powell and Hill’s glossary of North Carolina.” —Raven I. McDavid Jr., University of Chicago 2010 608 pp., 101 maps 978-0-8078-3399-5 $73.50 hardcover 978-0-8078-7138-6 $26.00 paperback

Decoration Day in the Mountains

Traditions of Cemetery Decoration in the Southern Appalachians Alan Jabbour and Karen Singer Jabbour Photographs by Karen Singer Jabbour

“Necessary reading for anyone interested in Decoration Day as well as death-related customs in general. . . . Those who want to experience how ethnography ought to be done, no matter the particular topic, should read this model work.”­ —Arkansas Review 2010 256 pp., 8 x 11, 33 color / 87 b&w illus., 1 map 978-0-8078-3397-1 $36.00 hardcover

Down Home

Jewish Life in North Carolina

Leonard Rogoff “The best and most comprehensive history of Jews in any one of the fifty states.” —Jonathan D. Sarna, author of American Judaism: A History Published in association with the Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina 2010 432 pp., 8 x 10, 30 color / 106 b&w illus. 978-0-8078-3375-9 $36.00 hardcover


nc architecture The Town and Gown Architecture of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1795–1975 M. Ruth Little

Foreword by Diane Lea

This lavishly illustrated volume provides a comprehensive view of a unique community that is called by some the “southern part of heaven.” Distributed for the Preservation Society of Chapel Hill 2006 336 pp., 8 x 10, 12 color / 320 b&w photographs, 13 maps 978-0-8078-3072-7 $28.95 hardcover

North Carolina Architecture Catherine W. Bishir Portable Edition

Photography by Tim Buchman

A smaller format of the award-winning coffee-table edition, including its full text and most of its striking photographs. Published for the Historic Preservation Foundation of North Carolina, Inc. 2005 680 pp., 492 photographs, 1 map 978-0-8078-2959-2 $52.50 hardcover 978-0-8078-5624-6 $25.95 paperback

Also available in the original, oversized hardcover edition: 1990 532 pp., 10 x 14, 490 duotones, 18 color plates, 65 line drawings 978-0-8078-1923-4 $100.95 hardcover

A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Eastern North Carolina

Catherine W. Bishir and Michael T. Southern Introduces more than 1,700 buildings in 41 counties, from the coast to Interstate 95. 1996 504 pp., 428 photographs, 34 maps 978-0-8078-2285-2 $50.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-4594-3 $27.95 paperback

A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Western North Carolina

Catherine W. Bishir, Michael T. Southern, and Jennifer F. Martin From log farmsteads to hydro-electric dams, 1,200 historic sites in the 25 counties of the foothills and mountains. 1999 496 pp., 383 photographs, 30 maps 978-0-8078-2465-8 $50.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-4767-1 $27.95 paperback

A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Piedmont North Carolina

Catherine W. Bishir and Michael T. Southern A fascinating look at the Piedmont’s historic architecture, covering more than 2,000 sites in 34 counties. 2003 624 pp., 536 photographs, 53 maps 978-0-8078-2772-7 $50.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-5444-0 $27.95 paperback


craft Thomas Day

Master Craftsman and Free Man of Color

Patricia Phillips Marshall and Jo Ramsay Leimenstoll Foreword by Jeffrey J. Crow. Photographs by Tim Buchman

An exhaustively researched and beautifully illustrated book about how Thomas Day (1801-61) became the most successful cabinet-maker—black or white—in North Carolina. “A book of major, lasting value.” —Catherine Bishir, author of North Carolina Architecture Richard Hampton Jenrette Series in Architecture and the Decorative Arts

Published in association with The North Carolina Museum of History 2010 320 pp., 8 x 11, 20 color / 243 b&w illus., 4 maps 978-0-8078-3341-4 $42.00 hardcover

The Potter’s Eye

Art and Tradition in North Carolina Pottery Mark Hewitt and Nancy Sweezy Photography by Jason Dowdle

Mary Ellen LoPresti Award, Art Libraries Society of North America, Southeast Chapter

“Exquisitely illustrated. . . . [with] incredibly detailed surface shots.” —Ceramics Monthly Published for the North Carolina Museum of Art 2005 296 pp., 9 x 11, 235 color photographs 978-0-8078-2992-9 $45.95 hardcover

North Carolina Pottery

The Collection of The Mint Museums

Barbara Stone Perry, Editor “The first comprehensive publication on the Mint’s extraordinary collection.” —New England Antiques Journal

Published for The Mint Museums 2004 224 pp., 9 x 12, 384 color / 13 b&w photographs 978-0-8078-2908-0 $45.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-5574-4 $28.95 paperback

Raised in Clay

The Southern Pottery Tradition

Nancy Sweezy “A book with enough heart and soul to be worthy of the people [Sweezy] writes about.” —Charles Counts, American Craft 1994 284 pp., 81/2 x 11, 8 color / 308 b&w photographs 978-0-8078-4481-6 $42.95 paperback

Turners and Burners

The Folk Potters of North Carolina Charles G. Zug III

Mayflower Cup for Nonfiction, Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of North Carolina President’s Award, North Carolina Society of Historians

“The best book I have ever read on folk pottery.” —Warren E. Roberts, Journal of Folklore Research

1990 473 pp., 81/2 x 10, 20 color / 266 b&w photographs 978-0-8078-4276-8 $56.95 paperback


cooking The New Southern-Latino Table Recipes That Bring Together the Bold and Beloved Flavors of Latin America and the American South

Sandra A. Gutierrez Features a glossary, a section on how to navigate a tienda, and a guide to ingredient sources. “A beautiful marriage of cultures.” —USA Today Hispanic Living 2011, 304 pp., 16 full-color photos ISBN 978-0-8078-3494-7, $30.00 hardcover

The Happy Table of Eugene Walter Southern Spirits in Food and Drink Eugene Walter

Edited by Donald Goodman and Thomas Head

A top “10 Must-Read Fall Books for Food Lovers.”—

“Sparkles with the author’s wit.” —Atlanta Journal-Constitution

2011 296 pp., 24 illus. ISBN 978-0-8078-3483-1 $30.00 hardcover

Dining with the Washingtons Historic Recipes, Entertaining, and Hospitality from Mount Vernon

Edited by Stephen A. McLeod “With plenty of historical detail about the life of the Washingtons and numerous recipes from the period, it will be equally at home in the kitchen or on the coffee table.” —Library Journal Distributed for the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association 2011 224 pp., 10 x 10, 230 color illus. 978-0-8078-3526-5 $35.00 hardcover

The New Southern Garden Cookbook Enjoying the Best from Homegrown Gardens, Farmers’ Markets, Roadside Stands, and CSA Farm Boxes Sheri Castle

SIBA Award for Best Cookbook 2012 A “New Southern Cookbook We Love” Editor’s Pick and Southern Living Test Kitchen Approved! —Southern Living

“If you see the garden as an extension of your kitchen, and if you happen to appreciate a Southern sensibility. . .you’ll be happy with the vegetable-focused recipes.” —The Washington Post 2011 456 pp., 8 x 91/4 , 24 color illus. 978-0-8078-3465-7 $35.00 hardcover

Holy Smoke

The Big Book of North Carolina Barbecue

John Shelton Reed and Dale Volberg Reed With William McKinney

Finalist, International Association of Culinary Professionals Cookbook Award Metro Magazine Standing Ovation Award

“A funny, fantastically southern memoir . . . Everything we ever wanted to know about the history of the ’cue, the sauce, and the people behind this Tar Heel tradition.” —Southern Living


2008 328 pp., 260 illus., 61 sidebars, 2-color throughout 978-0-8078-3243-1 $33.00 hardcover

cooking Cooking the Gullah Way, Morning, Noon, and Night Sallie Ann Robinson

Foreword by Jessica B. Harris

Sallie Ann shares recipes and memories—and some folk remedies, too—from growing up on Daufuskie Island. “Down-to-earth recipes.”—Publishers Weekly 2007 176 pp., 75 recipes, 25 folk remedies 978-0-8078-3150-2 $26.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-5843-1 $19.00 paperback

Gullah Home Cooking the Daufuskie Way

Smokin’ Joe Butter Beans, Ol’ ‘Fuskie Fried Crab Rice, Sticky-Bush Blackberry Dumpling, and other Sea Island Favorites Sallie Ann Robinson

With Gregory Wrenn Smith; Foreword by Pat Conroy

Sea Island native Sallie Ann Robinson serves up recipes and reminiscences that capture a taste of Gullah culture. “A fascinating cookbook. . . . Robinson knows what to do with classic soul food ingredients.” —The New York Times Book Review 2003 192 pp., 2-color throughout, 28 photographs 978-0-8078-2783-3 $28.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-5456-3 $20.95 paperback

Not Afraid of Flavor

Recipes from Magnolia Grill Ben and Karen Barker

Photographs by Ann Hawthorne

“As good a chef cookbook as has been published in the last several years.”—The Los Angeles Times

2003 (2000 hardcover) 272 pp., 51 color / 41 b&w photographs 978-0-8078-2585-3 $34.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-5498-3 $22.00 paperback A Selection of The Good Cook

Sweet Stuff

Karen Barker’s American Desserts Karen Barker

Photographs by Ann Hawthorne

“Unpretentious, deceptively simple-sounding, unfailingly delectable desserts.”—The New York Times 2007 (2004 hardcover) 384 pp., 56 color photographs 978-0-8078-2858-8 $34.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-5860-8 $22.00 paperback A Selection of The Good Cook

Matzoh Ball Gumbo

Culinary Tales of the Jewish South Marcie Cohen Ferris

A James Beard Foundation Book Award Finalist A New York Times Notable Cookbook A Chicago Tribune Favorite Cookbook

“A blend of research and real people. . . . Insightful, funny and occasionally heartbreaking.”—The New York Times 2010 (2005 hardcover) 344 pp., 79 illus. 978-0-8078-2978-3 $35.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-7123-2 $22.00 paperback


cooking Mama Dip’s Family Cookbook

Mildred Council More delicious home cooking and seasoned wisdom from southern chef and popular cook book author, Mama Dip. “[The] party foods, casseroles and baking are really extraordinary. . . . These recipes deserve to be cooked and enjoyed in all their glory.”—Appetite for Books 2005 296 pp., 17 illus., 2-color throughout, 300 recipes 978-0-8078-2989-9 $27.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-5655-0 $18.95 paperback

Mama Dip’s Kitchen Mildred Council

Featured on the Food Network’s Sarah’s Secrets and on QVC

Now nationally recognized, Chapel Hill’s Mama Dip shares her life in food and 263 treasured recipes in this best-selling cookbook from her legendary restaurant. “Great flavors from simple and good ingredients.” —Southern Living 1999 248 pp., 2-color throughout 978-0-8078-2508-2 $29.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-4790-9 $19.95 paperback

Bill Neal’s Southern Cooking Bill Neal

Revised and Enlarged Edition

The classic cookbook that launched a career and reinvigorated national interest in regional and southern cuisine. “Overflows with riches.”—Food & Wine

1989 219 pp. 978-0-8078-1859-6 $37.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-4255-3 $24.95 paperback A Selection of Book-of-the-Month Club’s Home Style Book Club A Selection of Better Homes and Gardens’ Cookbook Club

Biscuits, Spoonbread, and Sweet Potato Pie

Bill Neal “An authoritative journey through the baking and related confectionery cooking of the South.” —The New York Times Book Review 2003 400 pp., 11 illus. 978-0-8078-5474-7 $24.00 paperback

Hearthside Cooking

Early American Southern Cuisine Update for Today’s Hearth and Cookstove Nancy Carter Crump Second Edition

Foreword by Sandra Oliver

Offers a delicious slice of culinary history with instructions for both authentic hearthside cooking and preparation in the modern kitchen. “One of our great pioneers in American culinary history, and still one of its preeminent authorities.”—Damon Lee Fowler, author of Classical Southern Cooking and The Savannah Cookbook 2011 (2008 hardcover) 352 pp., 55 illus., 250 recipes 978-0-8078-3246-2 $36.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-5913-1 $22.00 paperback


gardening & planting guides Looking for Longleaf The Fall and Rise of an American Forest Lawrence S. Earley

Phillip D. Reed Memorial Award, Southern Environmental Law Center

“Lively quotes and quirky factoids . . . A must-read for anyone interested in conservation or Southern history.” —Charlotte Observer “A page-turner.”—Wildlife in North Carolina 2006 336 pp., 36 illus. 978-0-8078-5699-4 $23.00 paperback

Garden Perennials for the Coastal South

Barbara J. Sullivan “A fundamental volume for gardeners in that hot and humid stretch from the Gulf Coast of Texas to Tidewater Virginia. This attractive and authoritative guide covers everything from companion plantings to ‘fail-safe’ perennials.” —American Gardener 2003 288 pp., 223 color photographs, 13 charts, 3 maps 978-0-8078-5473-0 $25.95 paperback

Wild Flowers of North Carolina

William S. Justice, C. Ritchie Bell, and Anne H. Lindsey Second Edition

Details 502 species found in the Carolinas, Virginia, and parts of Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. “A botanical bonanza.”—Our State 2005 376 pp., 553 color photographs 978-0-8078-2933-2 $35.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-5597-3 $23.00 paperback

Gardening with Heirloom Seeds

Tried-and-True Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables for a New Generation

Lynn Coulter “Leads us cheerfully and invitingly through the seasons, sowing and growing heirloom plants. . . . Good reading for both new gardeners and those already smitten with seed sowing and heirlooms.” —American Gardener 2006 328 pp., 135 color / 10 b&w photographs 978-0-8078-3011-6 $39.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-5680-2 $25.95 paperback

Passalong Plants

Steve Bender and Felder Rushing Foreword by Allen Lacy

Quill & Trowel Award for Writing, Garden Writers Association of America

“Be sure to scribe your name in your copy as soon as you get it, because this book will ‘passalong’ among friends faster than weeds sprout.” —Fine Gardening 1993 236 pp., 82 color photographs 978-0-8078-2096-4 $45.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-4418-2 $28.00 paperback A Selection of the Garden Book Club A Selection of Rodale's Organic Gardening Book Club


mountain life & guides Cherokee Heritage Trails Guidebook Barbara R. Duncan and Brett H. Riggs

Preserve America Presidential Award for Heritage Tourism

Celebrating the rich heritage of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, this portable guide includes Cherokee stories, folk arts, and history, as well as visiting information for Cherokee historic sites. “An ideal gift.”—Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2003 384 pp., 131 color photographs, 11 maps 978-0-8078-5457-0 $20.95 paperback

New Revised Edition available April 2013

Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina A Guidebook

Fred C. Fussell

Revised Edition, includes a CD

A lively traveler’s guide to events and venues for old-time and bluegrass music and dance throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. 2013 256 pp., 123 color / 26 b&w photographs, 8 maps 978-1-4696-0821-1 $20.00 paperback

Mountain Nature

A Seasonal Natural History of the Southern Appalachians

Jennifer Frick-Ruppert “Mountain Nature takes a new perspective on this wonderful diversity, following the seasonal path from spring wildflowers to summer green to fall harvest and winter quiet.” —Peter S. White, North Carolina Botanical Garden “Anyone interested in nature will relish this evocative and informative book.” —Timothy P. Spira, Clemson University 2010 256 pp., 50 color / 41 b&w illus., 1 map, 16-page color insert 978-0-8078-3386-5 $47.50 hardcover 978-0-8078-7116-4 $21.00 paperback

Super-Scenic Motorway

A Blue Ridge Parkway History

Anne Mitchell Whisnant “Strips away decades of . . . myth-making . . . and details the social, economic and political battles that shaped a two-lane road that’s the most visited place managed by the park service.”—Associated Press 2010 (2006 hardcover) 464 pp., 51 illus., 7 maps 978-0-8078-3037-6 $39.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-7126-3 $23.00 paperback

Walking the Blue Ridge

A Guide to the Trails of the Blue Ridge Parkway Leonard M. Adkins Third Edition

This best-selling trail guide includes hikes for every skill and interest level, from five-minute “leg-stretchers” to overnight hikes. 2003 264 pp., 10 photos, 3 maps 978-0-8078-5490-7 $20.95 paperback


guides Farm Fresh North Carolina The Go-To Guide to Great Farmers’ Markets, Farm Stands, Farms, Apple Orchards, U-Picks, Kids’ Activities, Lodging, Dining, Choose-and-Cut Christmas Trees, Vineyards and Wineries, and More

Diane Daniel “I hope Diane isn’t finished traveling because we need a book like this for every state.”­ —Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farm 2011 296 pp., 25 illus., 6 maps, 34 side bars, glossary 978-0-8078-7182-9 $18.95 paperback

Backpacking North Carolina

The Definitive Guide to 43 Can’t-Miss Trips from Mountains to Sea

Joe Miller “Miller’s work doesn’t disappoint. He provides necessary information for beginner and experienced backpackers alike.” —Sierra Magazine Green Life blog 256 pp., 39 illus., 47 figs., 40 maps 978-0-8078-3455-8, $45.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-7183-6, $20.00 paperback

A Field Guide to Wildflowers of the Sandhills Region

North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia

Bruce A. Sorrie “Sorrie brings important conservation attention to this beautiful, under-valued region, encouraging readers to get to know, love, and preserve this area.” —Linda Chafin, State Botanical Garden of Georgia 2011 368 pp., 553 color illus., 2 drawings, 1 map 978-0-8078-3466-4, $45.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-7186-7, $25.00 paperback

Fishing North Carolina’s Outer Banks

The Complete Guide to Catching More Fish from Surf, Pier, Sound, and Ocean

Stan Ulanski “A page turner for both curious angler and Outer Banks lover who doesn’t necessarily go there to fish. . . . there’s something for anyone who loves the Outer Banks in this book.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch 2011 216 pp., 35 drawings, 14 illus., 6 figs., 5 maps, 1 table 978-0-8078-7207-9 $20.00 paperback

Wildflowers and Plant Communities of the Southern Appalachian Mountains and Piedmont A Naturalist’s Guide to the Carolinas, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia

Timothy P. Spira “Twenty-one major plant communities are described in detail, and the refreshing and easy-to-use format allows readers to explore each of the 340 featured plants in terms of their natural history, ecology, habitat, range, and uses.” —Virginia Wildlife

2011 540 pp., 361 color photos of plants and plant communities, 760 color thumbnails, 22 line drawings, 2 maps, bibl. 978-0-8078-3440-4 $50.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-7172-0 $26.00 paperback


guides Amphibians and Reptiles of the Carolinas and Virginia

Jeffrey C. Beane, Alvin L. Braswell, Joseph C. Mitchell, William M. Palmer, and Julian R. Harrison III Photographs by Jack Dermid. With contributions by Bernard S. Martof and Joseph R. Bailey. Second Edition, Revised and Updated

“A truly scientific history of the reptiles and amphibians of our region. . . . It should be in the library of all amateur naturalists, students and teachers.” —Raleigh News & Observer 2010 288 pp., 221 color photographs, 172 maps 978-0-8078-3374-2 $56.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-7112-6 $26.00 paperback

Mammals of the Carolinas, Virginia, and Maryland

Wm. David Webster, James F. Parnell, and Walter C. Biggs Jr. Photographs by James F. Parnell

A popular and attractive one-of-a-kind guide to 88 terrestrial and 33 marine species of mammals. “A useful and attractive reference source for the region’s residents and visitors.” —Library Journal 2004 272 pp., 117 color photographs, 78 maps 978-0-8078-5542-3 $21.95 paperback

Exploring the Geology of the Carolinas A Field Guide to Favorite Places from Chimney Rock to Charleston

Kevin G. Stewart and Mary-Russell Roberson “With an easy-to-read introduction and detailed glossary, even everyday rockhounds can learn to read nature’s writing.”—Charleston Magazine 2007 320 pp., 12 color / 86 b&w illus., 44 maps 978-0-8078-5786-1 $24.95 paperback

Hiking North Carolina’s Mountains-to-Sea Trail Allen de Hart The region’s top trail authority presents the first comprehensive guide to this popular thousand-mile trail as it winds through three national parks, three national forests, and seven state parks. 2000 384 pp., 28 illus., 79 maps 978-0-8078-4887-6 $23.00 paperback

The Trails of Virginia

Hiking the Old Dominion Allen de Hart Third Edition

Virginia’s best trail guide—with more than 1,400 trails. “The Virginia backpacker’s bible. Don’t leave home without it.”—Danville Register & Bee 2003 560 pp., 32 illus., 14 maps 978-0-8078-5471-6 $24.00 paperback


coastal life How to Read a North Carolina Beach

Bubble Holes, Barking Sands, and Rippled Runnels

Orrin H. Pilkey, Tracy Monegan Rice, and William J. Neal Three coastal experts reveal the secrets and the science of the North Carolina shoreline. “Ought to be in the suitcase of every person headed for a beach vacation.”—Charlotte Observer 2004 180 pp., 8 color / 79 b&w photographs 978-0-8078-5510-2 $16.95 paperback

North Carolina Beaches Glenn Morris Third Edition

The best guide to enjoying the state’s 320 miles of coastline will help you find just the right spot for a long vacation or a one-day getaway. “What visitors can expect at their favorite beach getaway— including parking, dune crossovers, restrooms, and handicap access at each site. . . . A good read and a great resource.” —Coastwatch 2005 352 pp., 31 illus., 29 charts, 42 maps 978-0-8078-5618-5 $24.00 paperback

An Outer Banks Reader

David Stick, Editor “A memorable, intimate portrait of life on a fragile chain of barrier islands.”—Bloomsbury Review 1998 336 pp. 978-0-8078-2420-7 $39.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-4726-8 $23.00 paperback

The Outer Banks of North Carolina, 1584–1958 David Stick The Outer Banks’s preeminent historian tells the fascinating history of the Banks and Bankers; of whalers, stockmen, lifesavers, wreckers, boatmen, and fishermen; and of the constantly changing inlets famous for channel bass fishing. 1990 367 pp. 978-0-8078-4277-5 $21.95 paperback

Graveyard of the Atlantic

Shipwrecks of the North Carolina Coast

David Stick “A thrilling record of storm and stress, of cruel seas and shifting sands, of broken ships, tragedy and gallantry. . . . Captures the spirit of this treacherous coast.” —The New York Times Book Review 1989 287 pp. 978-0-8078-4261-4 $20.95 paperback


coastal life The Battle for North Carolina’s Coast

Past History, Present Crisis, and Future Vision

Stanley R. Riggs, Dorothea V. Ames, Stephen J. Culver, and David J. Mallinson Four experts on coastal dynamics offer a hopeful vision for the coast’s future—if we are willing to adapt to the barriers’ ongoing and natural processes. “A must read for anyone interested in the future of coastal communities.” —Camilla M. Herlevich, executive director, North Carolina Coastal Land Trust 2011 160 pp., 38 color and 3 b&w illus., 31 figs. ISBN 978-0-8078-3486-2, $25.00 hardcover

The Coasts of Carolina Seaside to Sound Country

Bland Simpson and Scott Taylor “This is like the world I grew up in­—it’s the real thing. Welcome to it!” —Pat Conroy, author of The Prince of Tides and Beach Music 2010 152 pp., 10 x 9, 145 color illus. 978-0-8078-3439-8 $32.00 hardcover

The Inner Islands

A Carolinian’s Sound Country Chronicle Bland Simpson

Photography by Ann Cary Simpson

“Bland Simpson is the perfect companion for any journey, especially this one. Witty, informed, energetic!” —Annie Dillard 2010 (2006 hardcover) 232 pp., 54 illus., 4 maps 978-0-8078-3056-7 $39.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-7125-6 $21.00 paperback

Into the Sound Country

A Carolinian’s Coastal Plain Bland Simpson

Photography by Ann Cary Simpson

“I love reading this book. It captures the sights and sounds and smells of the North Carolina coast better than any book I’ve ever read.”—Pat Conroy 1997 288 pp., 61 illus., 3 maps 978-0-8078-4686-5 $28.95 paperback

North Carolina’s Hurricane History Jay Barnes

Third Edition

Everyone’s favorite hurricane book. “This book will never leave my office!”—Greg Fishel, Chief Meteorologist, Capitol Broadcasting Co., Inc. “Arguably the best book ever produced about hurricanes— what they are, what they do, and how to avoid the brunt of them.”—Southern Book Trade 2001 336 pp., 81/2 x 10, 253 illus., 45 maps 978-0-8078-4969-9 $23.00 paperback


coastal life Hatteras Blues

A Story from the Edge of America

Tom Carlson The true story of the first family of sportfishing in the billfish capital of the world. “If you love the Banks—the real Banks from Oregon Inlet to Ocracoke—you will love this book.” —Gray’s Sporting Journal 2010 (2005 hardcover) 256 pp., 40 illus., 2 maps 978-0-8078-2975-2 $36.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-7122-5 $18.00 paperback

The Gulf Stream

Tiny Plankton, Giant Bluefin, and the Amazing Story of the Powerful River in the Atlantic

Stan Ulanski “Ulanski is a scientist but doesn’t write like one. His book is jam-packed with facts, but they are so gracefully integrated into the text that it's only when you come up for air that you realize you've been learning all along.” —The Wall Street Journal 2010 (2008 hardcover) 232 pp., 24 illus., 4 maps 978-0-8078-3217-2 $34.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-7157-7 $19.00 paperback

Hoi Toide on the Outer Banks The Story of the Ocracoke Brogue

Walt Wolfram and Natalie Schilling-Estes Celebrating the language and culture of a unique North Carolina maritime community. “Eminently readable and unfailingly interesting.” —Choice 1997 184 pp., 20 illus., 5 maps 978-0-8078-4626-1 $21.95 paperback

Pirates, Privateers, and Rebel Raiders of the Carolina Coast

Lindley S. Butler “An eminently readable and accurate tale of the region’s rascals.”—Publishers Weekly 2000 296 pp., 32 illus., 6 maps 978-0-8078-4863-0 $21.95 paperback

Life along the Inner Coast

A Naturalist’s Guide to the Sounds, Inlets, Rivers, and Intracoastal Waterway from Norfolk to Key West Robert L. Lippson and Alice Jane Lippson Illustrations by Alice Jane Lippson

“Written in a beautiful style by seriously well-informed, modernage naturalists, Life along the Inner Coast is a fascinating translation of science into prose and art.” —Kenneth Leber, Mote Marine Laboratory 2012 (2009 hardcover) 472 pp., 72/3 x 83/4 , 395 drawings, 20 illus., 6 maps 978-0-8078-3303-2 $37.95 hardcover

978-0-8078-7227-7 $26.00 paperback


stories & voices Give My Poor Heart Ease

Voices of the Mississippi Blues William Ferris

A 2009 Okra Pick: Great Southern Books Fresh Off the Vine, Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance

“These voices express the blues in a deep and truthful way. They touched my heart.” —B. B. King 2009 320 pp., 8 x 9.5, 45 illus., 1 map

Includes a CD of original music and a DVD of original film 978-0-8078-3325-4 $37.95 hardcover

Long Story Short Flash Fiction by Sixty-five of North Carolina’s Finest Writers Marianne Gingher, Editor

An Oxford American Editors’ Pick

“They are addictive, these little stories. Finish one, and you want to dive into the next.” —Charlotte Observer 2009 224 pp. 978-0-8078-3328-5 $36.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-5977-3 $19.00 paperback

The Origin of the Milky Way and Other Living Stories of the Cherokee Edited by Barbara R. Duncan Illustrations by Shan Goshorn

A Storytelling World Honor Book

Presented by members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in their own words, these 26 traditional stories provide a wonderful introduction to Cherokee culture. For readers age 9 and up. 2008 144 pp., 14 illus., 1 map 978-0-8078-3219-6 $23.00 hardcover 978-0-8078-5930-8 $15.95 paperback

Literary Trails of the North Carolina Mountains A Guidebook

Georgann Eubanks A booklover’s guide to places that inspired the state’s best writers, with excerpts to read along the way. “A perfect book for the armchair traveler as well as the actual tourist.” —Lee Smith 2007 440 pp., 83 color / 20 b&w illus., 22 maps 978-0-8078-5833-2 $22.00 paperback

Published in association with the North Carolina Arts Council

Literary Trails of the North Carolina Piedmont A Guidebook

Georgann Eubanks “Bravo to the North Carolina Arts Council for these guidebooks, which encourage both natives and visitors to explore our state’s rich literary landscape.” —Ron Rash, North Carolina author of the New York Times best seller Serena


2010 472 pp., 83 color / 18 b&w illus., 22 maps 978-0-8078-3333-9 $39.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-5979-7 $22.00 paperback

Published in association with the North Carolina Arts Council

stories & voices Taffy of Torpedo Junction Nell Wise Wechter

Foreword by Bland Simpson

For more than 50 years, a favorite across generations of Tar Heels. “The best piece of children’s literature ever produced in this state.”—Dennis Rogers, Raleigh News & Observer 1996 151 pp., 4 illus., 1 map 978-0-8078-4619-3 $14.95 paperback

Teach’s Light

A Tale of Blackbeard the Pirate

Nell Wise Wechter A time-travel adventure for young readers. “Using the known facts of Blackbeard’s life, Wechter paints a vivid picture of piracy and adventure. . . . Young readers who thought they had no interest in history will find themselves entranced.”—Durham Morning Herald 1999 160 pp., 1 map 978-0-8078-4793-0 $14.95 paperback

Ghosts from the Coast

Nancy Roberts In this engaging collection of 33 ghost stories and legends, acclaimed storyteller Nancy Roberts leads a haunted tour of coastal North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. 2001 184 pp., 23 illus. 978-0-8078-2665-2 $30.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-4991-0 $16.95 paperback

Tar Heel Ghosts

John Harden A ghostly assortment of twenty-three stories and ten “short shorts” that capture the “spirits” of North Carolina’s past. “Very entertaining.” —Raleigh News and Observer 1980 192 pp. 978-0-8078-0660-9 $28.95 hardcover 978-0-8078-4069-6 $16.95 paperback

Ghost Ship of Diamond Shoals

The Mystery of the Carroll A. Deering

Bland Simpson A compelling nonfiction novel built around one of maritime history’s most famous mysteries. “Unfolds as surely and gracefully as a set of fore-and-aft sails in a fresh breeze.”—Charlotte Observer 2005 256 pp., 38 illus. 978-0-8078-5617-8 $21.95 paperback


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116 S. Boundary Street Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514-3808