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2009, #4

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by Prad Prathivi Dare


by Moggs Oceanlane

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Aurora Ansar

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lcome to Uncover Magazine I guess when someone starts a project, may it be a second life magazine, a study, a series of photos, a song, a film, a project in general, we give it a name, a title, a label. Mostly because we need to associate it with an idea, with a direction, with the road we are on and where we want to head to. I joined Uncover on its second issue, out of luck, fate, or maybe because Maryna and I seemed to share a common passion for beautiful beaches and people surfing, not on the grid, but on second life waves. Her magazine (I still tend to call it “her” magazine, because she deserves the credit for jumping off the cliff into the unknown, riding the wave of adventure and editing peril...) was called Uncover. Although I am now totally involved in it, i still keep an outside eye on it, and observe. Observe her, and the people that come to interact with us, those that want to advertise, those that read, those that contribute by their work, written or picturesque. Simply because it is what helps me detect the direction of the wind (not Maryna…) and, sometimes, when the wind (still not Maryna) is good, get inspiration. The name says it: we “Uncover”. Does this make explorers of us? I truly believe so. For us Second Life is a journey. We all get equal chances in this new world, we are all born equal avatars, looking identical, with the same difficulties in our first days, looking and feeling awkward. What we do with our journey is a mixture of destiny, determination and talent. Uncover is first and mostly a general magazine, because for us, focusing on one aspect of Second Life is NOT enough. Those of you who know us more personally know that we spend a crazy amount of time brainstorming. But if order is born out of chaos, hence was born the idea of themes for each magazine. A theme, to us, a guiding thread. It is our Ariadne’s thread leading us out of the Labyrinth, it channels our thoughts.


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Uncover team would like to thank Autumn Ashdene Yvonne Thor and Chandra for contribution to this issue.

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lcome to Uncover Magazine We are proud to present to you issue DARE. A four-letter word that sums up almost everything Second Life is about. Our list of thoughts and wishes for this issue was so long that we had to cut into it, or we would still be working on more projects at this time. For DARE can be seen under so many angles: some SLifers dare start a new business, dare test themselves, dare pursue a dream, or dare open, some dare new experiences they wouldn’t try in their Real Life. But dare is mostly “in the eye of the beholder”, for some simple actions to some are real challenges to others. In this issue, we dared some people, and we dared ourselves to many things: we tried, we almost cried out in anger when things were becoming complicated and we were worn out. DARE is also about what we think and want for this magazine. It is our personal dare, as we have agreed since the beginning, not to sail in sunny easy waters, and follow the route other magazines have opened. We decided to do it our way. We are not writing to “please” and get attention, we write because we want to tell you things. We explore so as to learn, and we hope to share with you what we find out. We have worked so hard, and yet, never before have we felt like we are left with still so much to do and talk about on a subject. In Hollywood style, a little part of us wishes to do an Issue DARE 2, and even an issue DARE 3. But this would mean postponing the plans we have already in mind for our coming issues. The Uncover ship is ready to sail off, join us on this new journey, turn the pages to DARE, and...... Bon Voyage! Chou Skinstad



Dare by Prad Prathivi

The virtual world removes many of the obstacles that impede our boundaries in the real world. This starts from the downright obvious - such as gravity - and moves into the more complex, such as social and moral matters. To dare is to do something which implies a personal risk to yourself in the event that it backfires. In the real world, we run the risk of monetary or personal loss when we dare to push a boundary of what is deemed socially acceptable.


Second Life represents a society which has developed its social and moral standings from the First. Everyone in Second Life has a First life, so it hence follows that we share such roots of society in both. But why do we stick to them? Having sexual relations with a furry or walking around wearing a megaprim in a busy store are likely to have people gossiping about you, but in our psyche we’ve made them socially unacceptable despite that they’re not really issues we contend with in the real world. (Okay - maybe bestiality is, but the point is there.) There is a personal risk we undertake in Second Life when we choose to dare -

it’s one to our social standing with the metaverse. Our reputations, if you will. Nobody is SL is born with a reputation - it’s something we work towards and earning the respect of our peers will take many months or years of work. Once you’ve got a reputation for doing something, and doing it well, it’s easy to disgrace yourself by choosing to dare. For two years in Second Life, I’ve worked to establish myself as an SL architect and builder, and about 6 months ago, I chose to gamble all that by making a dare. A dare to start a blog in which I wouldn’t be

afraid to say what I really think, with justification for it. It was a risk that I undertook, and it paid off by opening new avenues to me. Anshe Chung dared to escort in Second Life and used the proceeds in world to move into the SL real estate business, making her one of the most powerful figures in the metaverse. But for others, dares can ruin their reputations. A popular SL skinmaker outed another popular skinmaker as copying their work, and published photographs “proving” these accusations. However, the SL blogosphere was divided in the alleged theft and as a result, the dare failed, and the accuser saw their reputation take a hit. An SL publication was recently called on to prove


their readership statistics, but in fulfilling that dare, they simply showed themselves to be misleading their sponsors, and were mocked as a result. Social responsibility is evident in the Second Life as much as the First, in particular for people who make money from the metaverse, as well as those who have a reputation built within it. Those who succeed are the ones who will take the biggest dares and will apply their skills and knowhow to make it work. Much of it is knowing your limits, and knowing how to “play the game” - because making it in the world is knowing exactly which buttons to push, when to push them

and how. Your Second Life is your own, and you choose which dares to take, and which to back away from. Those who don’t dare, don’t prosper - those who do, open the chance of success.


Text and photography by Frank Baily My Second Life as Frank began on the last day of 2008, I am only 3 months old. Not a newbie anymore, but still a growing up avatar with a lot to learn. Being interested in computers and virtual reality, I was immediately intrigued when I stumbled upon Second Life. Being a gamer geek I was also overwhelmed by the endless possibilities to have fun in SL and decided for myself to do things that I am not allowed to, do not have the possibility to, or have no guts to do in RL. In RL, I do not travel a lot for holidays, and unfortunately I cannot cope with the rays of the sun too well either, damn you genetics! I’ve always envied people who could spend their days freely on the beach, swimming in the ocean as they please. So I started to look for nice beaches where I could unwind after my work. My favourites turned out to be the ones where I could simply enjoy the calming effect of the sound of the waves constantly breaking on the rocks or on the sandy shores with cool girls and guys in swimsuits, some of them riding the waves on their boards with such grace and deli-



cate movements that, to me, it seemed like some sort of dance. I knew I wanted to be one of them, to be surrounded by waves in this ever dynamic environment. I went to a shop and bought my first board and it turned out to be a really fun challenge, relatively easy at first considering I was a beginner, but it demanded a lot of practice, dedication and coordination skills if I ever wanted to get better. I somehow needed to find out how it was done by asking people. Personally I always considered socializing to be the biggest hurdle. In my teen years I had a rather strong case of anxiety and this had a very heavy impact on my social interactions. Now, a few years later, through surfing, more possibilities have opened up for me. I soon realized that most surfers are really laid back people and are easy to talk to. Being overly shy in RL I would never approach others myself, so I was always thankful for a

friendly “Hi :)�. My confidence grew day by day, feeding on the positive responses I received from all the nice people I met. This made it possible for me to set distinctive goals; I wanted to put myself in situations, social interactions that I would rather avoid in real life, or ones that at least resemble them. I wondered how much people would like me if they could only see my thoughts and ideas, but not how I really look like? How would I behave among different groups of people? What would my first words 20|uncover


be towards a fairy in a forest or someone looking like a crossover between a man and a machine? I realized there are many interesting characters behind those avatars, each with their own stories, wishes and fears. Up to this day I find it fascinating to just open up someone’s profile and read what they consider important in their lives, be it SL or RL. After a while it turned out that one hobby within SL was not enough for me. As heights are one of my biggest RL fears, I decided to pick up base jumping and tackle that fear. Having the possibility to jump from really anywhere makes it a very spontaneous and thrilling experience. I try to forget the countless times I ended up as a nice red puddle on the ground (obviously chatting and trying to operate a parachute do not mix so well!) Maybe this will allow me to try such crazy sports in real life too? I really hope so, as it would be a big red day in my calendar. As much as I liked surfing and base jumping, I realized that all those activities being fun were games I could play on my Playstation from my couch and don’t bother about being laggy or crashing. But something amazing has happened‌ I remember walking into a shop one day, looking for some decent clothes when I saw a strange lamp above myself. It was like I had been struck by lightning. I mean literally, since the lamp was covered in a cloud of electromagnetic storm. It reminded me of the endless hours 22|uncover



I spent as a child reading Jules Verne books. That day a new side of SL opened itself up to me, the amazing world of building, and that of Steampunk. I just stood in that shop for minutes, admiring the creative work of the creator. I did not know such things existed here and I had never peered beyond the beaches and clothes shops before. Picking up activities and starting to socialize was the first significant step forward in my second life. The day at that Steampunk shop was not just a step for me but rather a quantum leap, since I realized that SL offers a wonderful gateway where I can explore, not only locations, but unknown cultures, ideas, and dip into worlds and subcultures that I would have never dared to visit before. I love my journey in SL so far, I have been to wondrous places and have encountered many amazing people from all over the world. Where am I now and where do I go from here? I want to uncover more and more layers, go and dig deeper into the unknown worlds and meet as many people as possible. I hope that through SL, I will also find out more about my own motivations, fears and maybe develop some new ideas and fields of interest that will help me move forward in my real life. TO BE CONTINUED...


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“Blue” Nina Becker

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“Duel in the cave“ Joy Fellini

In this section only pictures which were submitted to Uncover Magazine Flickr Pool are shown. For credits and sources used please visit the picture’s page on Flickr.

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“Golgothica” Lillou Merlin

In this section only pictures which were submitted to Uncover Magazine Flickr Pool are shown. For credits and sources used please visit the picture’s page on Flickr.

Code Name: НОКТЮРН


Chou Skinstad reports: NAME: Voshie Paine DATA: Second Born on 19 05 2007 LATEST LOCATION: Office in SHEER MY MISSION: UNCOVER the secrets of Voshie Paine’s new project CODE NAME: NOCTURNE MODELLING AGENCY


Late autumn 2008, I came across a piece of information that was classified: Voshie Paine, the surprising vampire manager of Crimson Shadow, was engaging in unusual activities. Quick research on the web led me to believe we had to open a new investigation. On November 7th, she posted a strange and probably encoded message on Myrl, (Альтернативное агенство) “Alternative modelling agency, focusing on the diverse cultures in SL, through art, live fashion shows and print”, code name of the project, NMA, as in Nocturne Modelling Agency. It was obvious that something was brewing. I contacted Miss Paine, introducing myself as a fashion reporter, interested in her views on fashion in cyber world. The Office made sure of my cover. On a bleak Friday morning, I finally met with the lady of the night in the Nocturne Modelling Agency office in Sheer, where I casually asked her about her experiences in the SL fashion industry. She responded, “After modelling for several shows... I was getting more and more interested in the production side of things. My first chance was to produce a show for Rezzable, “Faces of the uncover|33


Darklands” search. It was chaotic, stressful, and wonderful all at the same time. I loved every minute of it. It gave me a chance to meet some amazing people who are today dear friends, and it also gave me a chance to learn through trial and error what it would take to put on a fashion show.” ( blog post) She continued, “Although I do love high fashion, I am more into the Alternative scenes” It was obvious that Voshie wanted to spread her influence over the fashion sphere, but a shadow woman like her had to have more planned than only a classic runway. She intimated this in explaining that she had plans ranging from Loli to Goth, Fetish, Victorian, and more. Here she was referring to what is considered to be sub-cultures in real life, which are not at all sub in Second Life, but not represented in the fashion world of Second Life. She continued, “I want to explore this as there are fantastic designers out there in each of these design approaches.” I detected that behind the polite welcome, she was up to something and I had to find more evidence to confirm my suspicions. The opportunity came as she left the office to take a private phone call. I let my hands and eyes rapidly wander across her desk. A file caught my attention on her laptop: she was profiling new recruits: vampires, and Nekos, burlesque, curvy pinups, latex divas, gunslingers, people with clearly a “distinctive look”. Clearly more comfortable with me now, she smilingly walked back into the office, sat down, and we carried on our interuncover|35

view... Unveiling her plans for an Alternative Model Agency I needed to encourage her to open up on the agency’s activities, mostly her future plans and intentions. I was aware she had already developed, on her website, an alternative fashion feed project, which unveiled her bilingual agency plan, “Nocturne has created a feed of websites that can help promote genres. This includes and is not limited to review blogs, new releases, clubs, special events, and all that focus on these ’sub-cultures’ in Second Life. Of course this feed will represent not only the english speaking world of SL, but also the many other languages that are spoken”. With an English-speaking branch and a Japanese branch, Miss Paine was obviously determined to extend her influence to larger markets. She continued to open up, “Second Life is a multi-cultural place, and I would like some shows to aim at a Japanese audience, as I feel they are often under represented”. She had already organized her first bilingual runway where the text was in Japanese and the voice was in English. The photos on the walls of the office caught my eye. They showed some of her cooperative projects alongside with Rezzable. A company which had come to her with the concept of having different designers come and be inspired by the themes developed on their built Sims. Thus were born concepts such as, “Inspired by Crimson Shadow”, “Black Swan”, and more recently the “King Rezzable” idea. Our office already knew of her collaborative work with an extensive number of designers, Candy Cer36|uncover



veau, Shai Delacroix, Ivey Deschanel and Nicky Ree. All were allready on our secret lists (complete list of names at voshie-paine/digital-alchemy-visits-us-timezones) Further Secrets revealed: As I was preparing to leave the office and report to my controler, Voshie Paine looked at me strangely and laughingly said, ”It is our premise, to be different from the Norm”. She said this in a very assured voice, continuing. “This includes coming up with concepts that defy the usual runway shows, as well as working with artists. One day soon I hope to do an art exhibit with live models. Another thing that I believe makes us stand out is that we aren’t afraid of nudity and sexual display. I’m willing to go where most other agencies steer clear. This is fine and understandable as this is where their focus is placed, but for Nocturne, I want to push people’s limits and perceptions of art and beauty”. It was clear now that NMA was not just an innocent fashion project, but that her director and associates were organizing a coup, attempting a revolution of Fashion World. Do they have the real potential to be dangerous for the long established system of classic fashion display? Time will soon tell us….. To contact NMA:


On Cover

model: Aurora Ansar Photography by Aurora Ansar and Yvonne thor


“Goodbye my lover...” Model: Kell Canucci Photography: Yvonne Thor

“A broken string” Model: Aurora Ansar Photography: Aurora Ansar




“Le Show, C’est Moi!”


Photography and text by Chandra

Challenges... Exploration and travel... Courage... Dreams... Projects... - so many things to look at when thinking about the word ‘dare’ - and none of them would be able to describe it to full extend. It is important. It is what motivates us, or what stops us from doing something. And we are all different in our views, opinions, experiences, dreams - each of us only explores what we dare to do, maybe sometimes need somebody to help us before we try ourselves sometimes it even happens that we didn’t dare one time, but find a different way to try it again and finally succeed. It can be seen as ‘foolish’ or as ‘courageous’ - all depending on the viewpoint of the viewer. And


“The Garden of Good and Evil”

based on what we ourselves ‘dare’ to do. - So it is important, in every aspect of our lives. To me, ‘dare’ has its own meaning... it is sometimes a challenge I give myself, or it’s presented to me in daily tasks that need solution-finding. Sometimes it is connected to goals - a result you have 50|uncover

in mind and you try different approaches. Sometimes it comes from my inspirations, sometimes it develops through art. And sometimes it’s not so much about succeeding, but the mere thought of having tried. In my time in SL I met the most different people - each of them having own motiva”You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”



tions to be here. Their personalities and stories turn into inspirations, which then again show in my pictures. Sometimes I hear about ‘first hand experiences’ through SL which I have known best as rumor to exist in RL. Vice versa, maybe I tell or show through my pictures something to others 52|uncover

they might never even think of - who knows. To me, it’s a matter of opening up, and daring to try. What matters is what we learn out of these encounters, and what we dare to try ourself afterwards. I’m not here to judge - I am only here to watch, to learn, to reflect, to grow and to inspire.

“Suspension Time”


Text by Frank Baily Photography by Frank Baily and Kith DeCuir

Why are we fascinated by motorbikes? They turn heads, attracting admiring glances, people gather around them in parking lots. Bikes are cool, their engine, their shape, some like them roaring, some others like them red, or green, or they like the shiny metal or customising the leather parts. Then there is what comes with the idea of riding: speed and freedom, and sometimes the mistery of the silhouette hiding under the leathers and the helmet. Furthermore exciting is fantastic agility of the engines, and the sound than only exhaust pipes of bikes are able to produce. Who hasn’t seen Easy Rider or doesn’t remember Tom Cruise on his bike in Top Gun? Like most guys I have always been interested in them, so when I saw Chou’s red Ducati pics on Flickr I raised an eyebrow. When she told she knew the maker, I raised both of


SPEED uncover|55


them. This is how I met F3derico Dagostino, an Italian motorbike maker in SL. I first asked him if he also had a passion for bikes in RL, and it turned out that he is a biker himself and the proud owner of a 1000 cc naked bike. He has been making bikes in SL for over 18 months now, taking his inspiration from all the motorbikes he sees on the streets, magazines or bike shows, but of course he adds also his own ideas and imagination to his creations. Bringing such a sculpted bike to life is difficult work, the biggest challenges are, according to F3derico, the sculpted parts, since he thrives for perfection and redoes them over and over again. Really complex bikes can take several days to finish and require a lot of patience and free time of course. His creations offer more than just the enjoyment of riding and speeding through all six gears. With a special HUD that comes with most of



them, the owner can change the color of the bodypaint, do burnouts, sound the horn, rev the engine to make cool sound, and also make the bike fly. We also wanted to know if out of his collection he had favourites, bikes that were somehow special in their making. He is proud of all of them, but his favourites are the F3 1098 turbo, the F3 revolution SS and F3 chopper snake because they were the most difficult to create. After our interview, I was left with only a thing in my mind, test a bike just by myself, play with it, enjoy the great background provided by Refuge and Expansion. But am I the only guy on the planet to think that girls can never leave us in peace with those things? By the time I knew, it, Chou had rezzed her evil red machine, and was daring me on my first race..... I’m not sure you want to know who won in the end *sigh*.


Dare by Moggs Oceanlane What is daring in second life? In the physical world, daring is often associated with personal risk of the physical variety. In second life there is no physical risk (other than those risks associated with being on a computer for hours!) so we can rule out virtual sky diving and extreme sports as being daring pursuits in the virtual realm… they are lots of silly fun… but daring, no. While some think being pictured in sexy lingerie or nude may be an act of daring – I think… not so much. Then again, I have a friend in the physical world who does fetish photography and other friends who laughingly participate in 60|uncover

nude runs along their streets when at parties … so perhaps I’ve just been desensitized. The kind of daring that applies to the second life community is the daring when someone does something that may potentially be a risk to their reputation or credibility. Such acts of daring may include standing up something not supported by the majority; doing something that might cause others to gossip - or simply being happy to be different ( despite the pressure from others to conform). This is the true daring that exists within Second Life. There are many ways this form of daring may occur in world – and despite the fact I personally don’t see nudity as daring – some, in more conservative communities, may perceive such acts as daring. Each community in second life has a different set of norms,

so what may be viewed as daring in one community may be considered normal by another. Some acts of daring may be universal – going against the global norms of the second life community as a whole. We can all create avatars of a ‘perfect’ shape and with skin and fashion accessories that help us fit in within the community we’ve chose – but it’s rare to see a plus sized avatar in any community (or a senior avatar that isn’t just being used for some temporary purpose). Plus-sized avatars, senior avatars, avatars with a physical disability and avatars that don’t conform to the community norms are often asked to justify their choice – sometimes in tones that suggest it is an affront to the com-

munity. I think that choosing an avatar that doesn’t conform to your communities norms can certainly be a daring act – one that often comes with unsolicited advice and suggestions. In addition to expectations about appearances, each community has expectations about behaviour. This is true whether the community is considered to be ‘of the establishment’ or ‘anti-establishment’. There are rules to be obeyed and social norms to be followed - if you don’t comply then there’s a good chance you’ll be looking about for a new community in the near future. To stand up and speak about, do or support something that is not popular opinion or that might be considered inappropriate behaviour within your community can be a very real act of daring - particularly when it’s not in the best interests of alpha members


of the given community. By being true to yourself and going against community expectations comes with the risk being ostracized by other members of the community – if your act of daring isn’t received well or supported by the majority of the community you may find yourself removed from friends lists, social networks and the subject of public mockery/humiliation. Sometimes this form of daring may be knowing you’ve got all you can from Second Life and leaving despite the pressure to stay. So what is true daring in second life? True daring in second life is the same as true daring in the physical environment. True daring is pursuing personal growth and being true to yourself and your ideals despite opposition. True daring is speaking out about the things you believe in; say62|uncover

ing no to that you don’t and having the courage not to let others insecurities or the fear of others hold you back from being and doing what is right for you. True daring is to continue to follow your dream and improve your skills despite the occasional criticism. Daring is knowing what’s right for you and doing it regardless of the expectations of others. True daring is respecting yourself and others even when it’s a struggle to do so. At least... that’s what I think. What do you think?


AUDACITY Text by Aurora Ansar and Autumn Ashdene Photogrpahy by Frank Bailey and Kith DeCuir AUDACITY: - noun - Boldness or daring behaviour or choice with disregard for conventional thoughts. Aurora and Autumn met through Flickr, realising they had an unusual common point: a female avatar but an enthusiastic male real life. AURORA Do you remember the day you joined Second Life? Do you remember choosing your name, your surname, your avatar? I am a guy in real life, yet I chose to be a female on Second Life, am I the only one? No. Why did we do that do you ask? Well sit down, relax, we’re going to tell you the story of some of the coolest girls in Second Life. I am often asked why not just be you. What is the point of being somebody different? Personally, I don’t see it as hiding my true self; I see it as being something who I’m not, something who I can’t be. The emotions, mind and likes are all my own, but I am expressing them through a different perspective. I say, isn’t that what Second Life is all about? If you are the exact same person SL and RL, then don’t they merge into one? I chose to be a female mostly due to the fact there is so much more for women, real life and second life, so many more possibilities to be creative, so much more freedom. I wanted to explore fashion depths which I could not do in second life. I am positive that my avatar looks a lot better in Stiletto Moody’s than I would in real life. The love for fashion and endless creativity comes from my studies of fashion, and Second Life is almost like a gateway to explore and test out new trends and combinations, for a much lower cost.



As for a male avatar, I do own a male account. Honestly, I am not on it much, but I certainly own one. I tried sprucing it up, and making it a fashionistas, but there are so many more limitations and as for being open about my gender, I don’t see it as pretending to be someone else, only being myself in a different body. I have nothing to hide and I’m not afraid of people’s reactions. Yes, a lot of people don’t like it and it has been the cause of a lot of drama, but in all honesty, I don’t mind what people say, because let’s see them dare to come out of their comfort zone and be something they’re not. I remember the day I met Autumn, it was at LeLutka, but it was Minnu then. I assumed, like everyone else, she was just a crazy girl, but little did I know the commonality we shared. AUTUMN When I joined Second Life, I chose a female avatar because from friends I had heard the mass opportunities of fashion for females, and the lack of it for males. And plus, it makes a change from wearing the same thing that you would normally wear everyday anyway; it gives you a large field to play with. I have tried a male avatar but it just gets too similar to real life, and I play a game to make a changesomewhere where you aren’t who you are in the real world, like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars, for example. I also felt that the second life fashion market has little to offer Males, and that also turned me away from playing a Male avatar. I adore fashion! Fashion is an amazing way to express yourself, and to show everybody who you are. And just because you may like Goth, Neko or High Fashion, doesn’t make you less of a fashionista than the next person. I also love to create a great outfit that I feel good in, and able to share it with everybody through my “Flickrblog” as I call it. I tell people that I am a Male because I think that everybody deserve the right to know who somebody truly is. I also think that being one of the largest secrets kept in SL, if you tell somebody it shows how much you care for them, whether they become angry or not.


photography by Chou Skinstad Frank Baily Kith DeCuir Makenzie Irling Maryna Wind

Open the door DARE is a word that has many meanings, depending on who we are, extraverts or more discreet people. As you may have noticed, this DARE issue is trying to cover many different aspects of what this word means to us. So why have an article about homes I hear you ask. Simply because “homes� (as opposed specifically to houses) in second life are often the expression of personal dreams, an extension of what we want for ourselves in Second Life (and sometimes wish we could have in RL). We decided to ask some people to open their doors to us..... as a dare. Because showing our private home can be more personal than our avatar in many respects. This is not a competition about who has the prettiest or most stylish home, but this is about how it is personal to each owner, how we put some of our RL taste, influence, passion, in what we create or decorate. A very very special thank you to all of you who accepted to open their door, make us some coffee, and talk about their influences and choices.


I found the attention to detail in the textures with baked in light and shadow were what made this stand out from many of the homes for sale in SL. I sometimes build things i want from scratch and bring in textures of my own. I’ve also brought in a few pictures that I have on my walls in RL as well. Connie Arida: “I mainly have two Influences. They are SE Asian Architecture and culture, and Art Deco. I was born in SE Asia and lived there for most of my childhood and early teens, so that is a major influence, My previous home was a Balinese multi pavillion style , so after moving to an “Opensim”, I wanted to indulge more my love for the Deco style. So I’ve tried to marry these two influences into a “Tropical Deco” look, but with an eye on keeping it Modern. The Building is a Anshe Chung Prefab. It has a very Deco influence, though Modern in its aesthetics as well. I also loved the rooftop pool. I’ve wanted a rooftop area in a house, but didnt want an overtly “morrocan” look which is what is usually available in a home with that feature.


While I do have my tastes, in my explorations I sometimes find things that I think may fit, though they may not be strictly speaking either SE Asian or Deco in style. This is SL, so if I can have a Nautilus and giant fish swimming in a globe ar the bottom of the stairs, well, I will. I’ve tried to keep an eye on detail, for example I have a dressing table with makeup and a dress on a hanger hanging off

Tropical Deco the side of my wardrobe. I find it’s the little things that add to the realism. I count my home as the entire sim, and it’s a movable feast... you will find me moving stuff and terraforming compulsively to get just the right “line of sight” or to fit in that idea i woke up with.” uncover|71



eh Island

Sean Black: “I’ve recently returned to SL from a long break and was looking for a nice little avatar to waddle around in. This led me to Loco Poco Island and their great little avatars. While there I also purchased their turtle roofed bungalow. I got it home, thought it was totally adorable and decided I needed a fitting place to put it. So, that day I started building Monkeh Island to showcase the cute little home. The majority of the build was finished in only a few days, but the finer details like birds and such took around 2 weeks total.My favorite part? That’s hard to say, I love it all. If I had to choose I’d say the small details, like the butterfly on the flowers or the bird sitting on the roof. They seem to give it character. I’d love to make the beach a bit better and to get it to work with my animated crab. Those two don’t get on very well. As a tip for terraforming, I would say stick with your theme. Don’t just toss something on there because it’s a cool object. It should fit. If you’re making a snowy New England village, there’s no reason to have sculpted palm trees because they’re ZOMGWTFBBQAWESOMESAUCE. Do a bit of research on the area you’re trying to recreate, pick trees, plants and critters that fit. Google is your friend.”


Gahum Riptide: “The house is built in a style called Monterey Colonial. It’s a house that blends elements of New England Colonial and Spanish colonial architecture together. The name of the style comes from the city of Monterey in California where I live. I’d picked it because the estate I live, Costa Rica has a similar style of architecture. It also combines a bit of Japanese in the choice of roof tiles, as well as Italian in the look of the courtyard, with stone pillars rather than wooden posts as would be typical for a Monterey Colonial house. Inside the house, my favorite item is a painting by Alison Stilwell of a local landmark called Point Lobos that was done in a Chinese ink painting style. It used to hang in the soldier’s club named after her father on the old Army base here, but now hangs in the lobby of the University Center at the University here in real life. My other favorite item is the panting of the “Zombie Kids” that my friend Aldero Akami did and is one of the first things he gave me. As he is no longer in world (at least for


the forseeable future), it is even more precious to me. I’ve also got touches of Asian art inside the house because Japanese, Korean, and Chinese art is something I love in RL and wanted to incorporate it inside. It may not seem like it would work, but the simplicity of the walls inside doesn’t clash with those elements so, I think it works out. Overall, what I like most about the house is its eclecticness that avoids being over the top or too incongruent. The most personal places on my property are actually the two garden areas. Their intent was to be very private and secluded. From both the courtyard and the main garden, one cannot tell there are neighbors nearby. The courtyard is my favorite space and is where my home point is set, and where I spend a majority of time when at my house. I change the art on the inner walls surrounding it every so often. Last time it was a Roman fresco, this time it’s Indian art. I don’t have much furniture in the courtyard but as I like to add little details one might not notice at first. The main garden was intended to be a sort of “hidden valley” and park-like setting. It reflects

Hacienda my taste in naturalistic gardens that I follow in real life. One can follow the garden down to the stone boat landing where I rezz boats if I want to travel by water around the estate, or one can head up the wooden stairs to two decks on the small hill. At the top of this hill is one item that is personal to me, a small

monument toward a friend who left Second Life. I won’t go into details since it’s personal, but it’s something he found sweet. From this area one can view Palo Verde National Park and see the flocks of birds and the plantings that made me chose this parcel in the first place.”


Secret Garden Dinalya Dawes: “For starters, I have to say that I was extremely thankful to find a friend to get a piece of land with. Kerra and I have split the land, divided by a pond, and have each created gardens to call home. I’ve always enjoyed the places in Second Life that you 76|uncover

could go and explore, find small secluded spots to linger, escape the world(s) and spend time with those here that you are close to. When I first thought of a home here I wanted to try and gather each of those aspects, all on a small plot of land. I wanted it to

be filled with fantasy, a garden that my friends would want to visit and wander in and a place I could do some of my own photog-

some view, that has a fabulous picnic table and fallen log where I can sit and watch the waters, or sit and chat with friends. This is the type of setting that always prompts me to start taking snapshots to play with later and leads my friends and I to insane fits of laughter as we just hang out. I’ve also modified the flowers, trees and lanterns to have a bit of glow to add even more fantasy to the area. Just something that makes people go ‘Ooo’ when they first visit me. I think these are the fancy free bits of me that come through, everyone has a bit of ‘Ooo’ in them, this is my way of sharing it with my friends and just enjoying it all at home.”

raphy as well. The building itself was chosen because it fit so well with the gardens, the living space opening right into it all. I somehow managed to squeeze it all in, including the little out of the way linger areas. There is an area beside the house, under a tree with an aweuncover|77

Sapphire Coakes: “My home is my little piece of paradise. I am a sucker for luxury and my dream home would most definitely be so luscious you’d want to eat it. In my real life, my favourite place to be is in the Maldives. Having been there twice, to different resorts, I had a good idea of what my ideal home in SL would look like. I’ve taken my influences from the Maldives and Bali resorts I so love and had this home specially made for me. It’s airy and fresh but so calm and relaxing at the same time. Working in the creative and design industry, my style is inconventional. I chose the bright, eye-catching colours to contrast with the natural colours of the house. The colours I chose were actually influenced by my favourite rug that I bought at JC Designs. The cushions and seats are actually made by JC Designs, I bought about ten of the cuddle rugs from JC Designs and my builder and I tore them apart and re-arranged them all, creating all of the comfy areas you see. These complete the house and adds to the feel of luxury and comfort. It’s cosy and a place I can call my own. I needed my home to be peaceful and serene as I work a fair bit in SL. It is where I do a lot of my work. Decorated and styled to my own desires, I can always feel completely satisfied with the look and feel of it all. Home is where your heart is, so why not put your heart into making your perfect home, I say.” 78|uncover

Peaceful Paradise


Ganymedes Costagravas: “The inspiration from this house came from a trip to Istanbul in 2004. The banks of the Bosphorus are pretty much filled with these type of wooden houses, which they call “yali”. Translated, a yali means as much as “waterfront house”, and the ones in Istanbul come in all sizes and ages. These houses often have a balcony in front of each window, and sometimes a small terrace or dock floating on the water. You could call this the equivalent of the palazzos in Venice. My yali is rather compact compared to the mansions along the Bosphorus, but that’s a bit on purpose: I’ve done oversize houses and I’m sticking to a size I know I can decorate properly. As you enter, you get into the living room, which has co-


zyness written all over it and has all sorts of stuff to keep a boy occupied. The first thing that might catch your eye is a big piece of Poser art by Breannan Leroux, where he did me in my faun avatar. I just love that, and it’s a great way to show my affection with mythology and fantasy stories. In the central room is a small shelf unit, with a souvenir of my Musa Artis exhibit, an Ancient Greek kylix and a small Ganymede moon. Each of them is a ref-

erence to the Greek background of my name and / or my interest in that period. Besides that there’s a bit of ethnic items there, like a tepestry and a miniature obilisk, a mother-of-pearl inlay box and a really nice inlay mirror. The last room is a bit “artsy zen”,

Yali and holds only black, white and grey stuff. The concept was minimalism, so it doesn’t have much decoration. Yet, here too is another gay item: the “Peel Slowly” by Arahan Claveau. It also has a bathtub corner, which was something I simply wanted to do, and it works well with the black

/ white theme. The focal point remains the Barcelona chair, it’s pretty much my favourite RL design item, and I just love the city of Barcelona itself, so that again is an item showing part of my personality in multiple ways.”


Subversive Vavoom: “I decided to create the current “version” of Subversions at Christmastime of last year (08). I bought the sim last summer and played around with it just for fun up until that time. The reason for the change stems from my interaction with more sexual groups in flickr and SL, my desire to finally see a well done sexual sim, and the severe lack of tasteful sexuality

in this game. Since then i’ve both built and collected some really amazing elements. Right now the sim is designed for a wide variety of sexual experiences ranging from my take on the Playboy mansion, to a foreboding castle, modern loft, private burlesque boudoir (event venue), theater/


playhouse, and several natural areas like forests, lakes, streams, and waterfalls. Each build is a masterpiece, i can honestly say. In the future you’ll see more builds that are unique to the sim as i continue to develop my member’s fantasies. I cram every ounce of detail into them that i can, while keeping an eye on texture and script lag. They are highly functional and encourage discovery along with play. I charge a monthly membership fee in order to ‘get in’ and have the right to not only be here, but to rez things, and other very valuable perks. Unlike land sales, you get a full sim to ‘use’ with no upfront. You can use the homes, the toys, it’s all inclusive. I meet all the members personally before adding them. This is a community and culture, not just a box of sex beds. Subversions is a ‘resort’ similar to a real life private estate. It’s a getaway, a retreat. It’s a place of beauty on many levels, that you may not have access to in your daily life.”

Subversions: Private Club


text and photography by Makenzie Irling


In February 2009 we could witness a unique performance: SLag Fetish Burlesque Show, which was brought together by SLag Magazine and *69 Art Lounge. The performance offered a look at explicit sexual acts and the more tame, seductive side as well. Seven SLag girls performed a unique piece to a song of their choosing. Such acts included an erotic poetry reading by Newdoll Nikolaidis, fire eating by Olivia Connaught, school teacher bondage by Dahni Ella and a trapeze act by Glamouramama Boa. The show was directed by Glamouramama Boa, the founder of SLag Magazine. I snagged a moment of her time to ask her a few questions about the recent burlesque show at Subversions and the magazine in general. What sparked the idea to organize the show? I was approached back in early January by *69 Art Lounge to put on an edgy erotic performance piece because of my strong sexual outlook on life in and out of SL, and my background as a burlesque performer in SL. I asked the talented

Newdoll Nikolaidis to show some of her tasteful erotic photography in conjunction with the performance and I set off to find some saucy girls to perform with me. I had never thought about doing a live avatar performance piece but the seed was planted and my brain went into overload with ideas to wow the pants off of an audience. I wanted to put on a show that was unlike most burlesque shows in SL. I was inspired by Bettie Page (who sadly passed away this year) and the RL Suicide Girls to make my performance a lot more raw with tattooed and pierced ladies and some fun bondage kink thrown in there for good measure. How long had you planned on doing the Burlesque show? The Burlesque show idea was mentioned to me in January. I thought I had tons of time but February came before I knew it and I owe my life to Newdoll and my friends who helped with the show for putting up with me and my whirlwind of last minute ‘artistic changes� and whatnot. I can be a bit of a perfectionist when it uncover|85

comes to my artistic visions, but I try to be flexible too and allow the girls to be as creative as they like in their individual performances as long as the SLag gritty inked and pierced mentality is there. What was your reason for chosing Subversions as the event location? Subversive Vavoom, the owner of Subversions, has been a Flickr friend of mine for a while and has become a great friend of mine in world as of late. The minute she gave me a tour of her high class adult sex club, I knew I was home and found the location for my first SLag Burlesque show. The second I asked her if she’d mind if we used her Private Boudoir entertainment room for the performance, she was excited and everything after that was just waves of constant support and accomodation from her beautiful self. We have a very similar vision about the sex industry in SL, and I know we will be in business together for the magazine and future SLag Fetish Burlesque acts for a long time to come. 86|uncover

Did it end up being better, worse or the same as you expected? The first SLag Fetish Burlesque show exceeded all my expectations and many have commented that it did not seem like our first performance. I can actually say that my vision was perfect with the video screens behind the girls adding some fun media twist and the upscale routines that the girls worked so hard on just upped the expectation for the next show! It was a truly professional event, and after the last encore performance on Sunday I burst into tears in RL not only because the relief I felt from all my nerves letting up and pressure being over, but because I have never felt so proud about anything I’ve ever done in SL and others seemed to enjoy it too. I used to run a dance club in SL, which was so much fun and a lot of work, but I think traveling performances are more my thing. I like being able to spread the Sexy SLove around the grid with the SLag girls in tow and a kinky vision in my heart.

Any funny moments during the performances? Opening night was too much fun eventhough I was a ball of nerves and had no idea what to expect. Before the show even started (a half hour late) the curtain decided to become possessed and started opening and closing on its own revealing the SLag girls rezzing in noob stands and not in our starting positions just yet. All of us backstage were yelling at each other wondering who was doing it, but I think we confirmed it was a cheeky audience member. I had one of the SLag

girls over in RL and I could not stop laughing, and she said “I’m so glad you can enjoy yourself when things go wrong”. In a ‘game’ we are all supposed to be having fun in, it is silly to get upset over things you can’t control while keeping a professional attitude (such as props with a mind of their own or crashes during a performance - which we had our share of). Do you have any plans for another show? I joke that I will do another show in 2011 when my nerves calm down, but so many girls already have


some great ideas for a new show so we will be planning another one for the SLag Magazine release party in early April, you can find exact dates on the blog once the month gets closer. We’re also available for hire if anyone wants to ad a little spice to their club or throw a hot party with some raunchy ladies there to tickle more than your fancy. You can also keep up to date with our performances in our open enrollment In World group “SLag Fetish Burlesque Troupe” If so what kind of theme do you have in mind? The second show will include more multi-media variety and hopefully some interraction with the audience. I have a background in video editing in NYC, so i’d like to include more original video now that I will have more time. I’d love to have some volunteers hop on stage and get upclose and personal with a few of the intensely sexy SLag girls and truly become a part of the experience. The one thing I do know is that I will probably NOT be performing in the next show 88|uncover

unless it’s a small bit, and I will be focusing more on directing, haha. Performing and directing was a lot to take on for my first show, but then again the second performance should be easier...right? Could you please tell us a bit more about SLag Magazine? SLag Magazine is a mature magazine geared toward eroticism, fetishes and events involving sex within SL. I‘m hoping to bring to light new and old fetishes that readers may not have thought were a ‘turn on’ for them as well as defining a lot of the sexual taboos out in both worlds today. I think if done correctly, paying attention to detail and keeping an eye for the artistic flair, fetishes can be appreciated by anyone with an open mind and a strong sense of their own sexuality. I’m hoping both men and women will enjoy this magazine, not only for the kinks and sexual content, but for the articles and interviews and variety of steamy issues that wil be covered.







1. Jewelry set (unisex) (colorchange) Tekeli-li Graeae L300 2. Chair (sculpted) (animated) Usagui Green Velvet Chair Oberisk L350 3. Wings (scripted) Kala Bijoux Material Squirrel Wings Bellona in poison L299 uncover|91





4. Bracelet (unisex) Puarangi Designs Beer Can Bracelet L150 5. Pump (sculpted) (sound) SKGShoes Marie NH Pointed Pump DeepRed L250 6. Motorbike F3 Motorbikes (sculpted) (scripted) F3 1098 Turbo Ducati with HUD L1600








7. Mask (scripted) Sn@tch 8. Surboard (scripted) (animated) Analog Surf L555 per piece Surboard Rack for 2 board (group gift) 9. Bag (sculpted) (scripted) Elle et Lui Bags pack “minou” Neko kitty L270 uncover|95


Model and photography by Absinthe Primrose Outfits by Graves: Outfit (left): G69 H-Coat by Graves Hair: Jule by Mirai Style Skin: LeLutka Boots: G101 Alpha Boots - Black by Graves Outfit (right): G56 White Coat by Graves Hair: Omayrah by Sinsation Skin: LeLutka Eyes: KMADD Mouth Piercing: Sweet Sin by Primitive Design Boots: G102 Alpha Boots - White by Graves



Model and photography by Absinthe Primrose Outfits by Graves:

Outfit (left): G42 V-Suit by Graves Hair: Dana by Zero Style Skin: Redgrave Eyes: KMADD Forehead Jewel: Pegasi Duchess by Cyberbunker Arm Weapons: Biomeka Blasters by AVZ Belt: Saddlebags by AVZ Boots: Paradox CyberGurlz - Black by Graves Outfit (right): G50 Chaps Suit by Graves Hair: Gerry + Bijoux by Mau’s and Mej’s Skin: Redgrave Eyes: KMADD Nose Piercing & Earings: Pegasi Duchess by Cyberbunker Belt: Girl Belt by Oralune Boots: Paradox CyberGurlz - Black by Graves



Model and photography by Absinthe Primrose Outfits by Graves: Outfit (left): G55 Y-Dress by Graves Hair with Fans: Fantasia by Sinsation Hair Sticks with Streamers: Part of Ori’Ani Hair by The Stringer Mausoleum Skin: Redgrave Eyes: KMADD Thigh High Boots: Fallen Disgrace by Nightshade Design Neck Brace with Strap: Dark Talon Neck Brace by Devil Made Me Do It (DMMDI) Cigarette Holder: Elegant Cigarette Holder in Ebony by Mika Outfit (right): G59 H-Body by Graves Hair with Knives: Assasin Hair and Daggers in Rock Sparkle by The Stringer Mausoleum Skin: Geisha by Sweetaholic Eyes: KMADD Eyelashes: Combination of Thorn by Detour and Glitter by Deviant Kitties Red Back Drape: Part of Blood Monk outfit by Gadget Gear Earings: No. 118 Black Pearl by Kraftika Dual Light Saber: SD2 by Fairlight Industries Cyborg Chest and Neck: Part of HAV-3 Avatar by Sense Borg Plugs, Arms and Shoulders: Pieces of Borg Unplugged outfit by Le Petit Prince Thigh High Boots: Overknee in Black by Storm Schmooz uncover|101


Model and photography by Absinthe Primrose Outfits by Graves: Outfit (left): G76 Black and White - Female by Graves Hair: Dark Garden by AVZ Skin: Redgrave Eyes: KMADD Earings: Courtney by LeLutka Boots: Paradox CyberGurlz - White by Graves Outfit (right): G62 Strap Suit - Blue by Graves Hair: Parallel by AVZ Skin: Redgrave Eyes: KMADD Monocle: Geoffrey by Schadenfreude Cybergloves: KomBi by Neurolab Inc Nose Piercing & Earings: Sweet Sin by Primitive Design Boots: Paradox CyberGurlz - Boots Black Special by Graves


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Gabrielle Sinatra(left) Ganymedes Costagravas (right) <<< Frolic Mills Aradia Dielli Azufr3 Catteneo



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