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Uncommon Schools starts and manages outstanding urban charter public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to graduate from college.

At Uncommon Schools, our classrooms are named after colleges because that’s where our students are headed. We are a non-profit network of public charter schools in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Our 28 college prep schools consistently rank among the highest-performing in their home states for three reasons: • We know all students have what it takes to go to college. We are fiercely committed to cultivating the intellectual curiosity and grit that will spur their success in the classroom and in their communities. • We create and constantly fine-tune our systems to help teachers teach and students learn. • We know that without great teachers and leaders, nothing else matters. We also know there’s no limit to learning. That’s why people development is at our core.

“Our bottom line is our college graduation rates and the graduates themselves. Who do they become? What role will they play in sustaining themselves, their families, and their communities? What will their mark be on our city and on our world?” Dana Lehman Managing Director Uncommon Boston

“For the first time in my teaching career, I feel like anything is possible. I am part of an inspiring professional team with one common goal: student success.” Suzanne Wasik Dean of Students ~ Excellence Boys The Opportunity Gap College is crucial. We believe a Bachelor’s degree should be within reach for every young person in this nation. Still today, too many students in low-income school districts struggle to get to and through college because they don’t have the same opportunities as students in wealthier neighborhoods. Every morning, the doors of our schools open to defy this injustice and to celebrate the achievement we know is possible. Horace Mann, one of the founders of American public education, believed that building “common schools” for the nation’s young people was the single most powerful way to bring about a society of equals.

We recognize that today, it takes uncommon schools to truly achieve equality. Since our first school opened in 1997, Uncommon Schools has shown that the most revolutionary teaching practices are not happening in the suburbs or elite private schools. They’re happening in urban districts like ours. Every day we challenge our own ingenuity and mettle, and that of our scholars. Along the way, we celebrate the tenacious effort that leads to true achievement – and ultimately, to a college diploma. If you are…  Passionate about closing the opportunity gap  Excited to learn best practices and use proven educational methods to change lives  Open to feedback and always working to improve yourself and your craft We want you! Please visit our website and apply online!

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An overview Uncommon Schools

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