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In 2008, some people at The Mirror had an idea: let members of the campus and community choose the best that there is to offer around campus. No panels, no free meals for staff to select the very best around town, just votes from anyone who cares to cast them.

The Mirror

This year over 400 ballots were cast and hundreds of businesses and individuals received nods of approval from various voters. In the end, 35 businesses, buildings and people were selected for the 38 categories in the 2013 Best of UNC. They represent the diversity of offerings that exist around campus. Only four of the business winners could

be considered large franchises, and the majority of the rest are Greeley-only businesses, including two that opened this year. The entire staff of The Mirror would like to congratulate this year’s winners and thank all who participated in this year’s voting. We are proud to present you the 2013 Best of UNC.

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Morones-Ramirez chosen as best UNC RA Hartgers named best of PVA Seth Morones-Ramirez is a veteran Resident Assistant at UNC. After serv-

year as an RA and in Decker Hall last year as the Honors Community RA, MoronesRamirez is currently serving as a senior RA in Turner Hall. Morones-Ramirez was voted Best RA in this year’s Best of UNC poll. He began entertaining the idea of becoming an RA shortly after arriving at UNC and taking a job as a desk assistant at North Hall. “To be able to have meaningful conversation about anything from choosing a major to being homesick was something I admired in some of my RAs.” MoronesRamirez wrote in an email to the Mirror. “Often time you hear people apply to be an

Ramirez won the award for Student Staff Member of the Year. His accomplishments ish at the Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium,

Seth Morones-Ramirez

room and board. To be honest, I didn’t even know that I was accepted as an RA. I just love connecting with people and I love being a resource.” Morones-Ramirez has been recognized for his efforts as an RA. Last year, Morones-

to Candelaria with Central Coalition, a $1,000 scholarship through the McNair Scholars Program and distinction as the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Most Accomplished and Promising Student. “Be unique and out of the ordinary. Be spontaneous and engaging. The experience is what you make it,” Morones-Ramirez wrote in as an RA at UNC. “I don’t always have the answers to questions, but I have loved the ride, and I haven’t looked back since.”

Professor Sieger Hartgers joined the faculty in the College for Performing and Visual Arts at UNC in 2001 after completing his M.A. in painting and drawing from the university. Before joining the faculty as a lecturer, Hartgers taught foundations I and II as a graduate student. Prior to coming to the University of Northern Colorado, Hartgers received his B.F.A. in painting from the University of Colorado-Denver and a Fine Arts Degree in Drawing and Printmaking from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem Netherlands. Before attending CUDenver, Hartgers served

Sieger Hartgers

in the United States Army for many years and was even the Chief Army Artist for Combat Art and head of the Army Graphics School. Hartgers enjoys serving as mentor for students and “being part of a bigger whole” at

the university. “He really knows what he’s talking. He really, really does,” said Benjamin Brown, an art education major. “Sieger shows us what we can do on our own. He is very critical. Not in a mean way, but a very honest way. He is very fair in what he says.” Professor Hartgers is grateful for his fellow faculty members, especially Professor Thomas Stephens, a professor of sculpture and drawing at the PVA college. “Professor Stephens is the one person who I go to if I am not sure what to do or how to go about situations, thanks Tom,” Professor Hartgers wrote in an email to the Mirror.


The Mirror

Peck chosen as best in humanities Lee Anne Peck is an associate professor of journalism and mass communications in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at UNC. Peck began her tenure at the University of Northern Colorado in August 2003 after a career in print journalism and media that spanned the nearly three decades. Peck has worked for publications in Illinois, Delaware, Florida, Indiana and Colorado. In 2007, Peck was the recipient of a Fulbright grant, which allowed her to teach and research at the

University of Dubrovnik in Croatia. While in Croatia, Peck conducted research on the status of the news media in the former Yugoslavia. Peck also taught abroad at Franklin College in Switzerland while completing her Ph.D. at Ohio University in 2001. Peck teaches courses in public relations, media ethics and magazine writing at UNC. “I love teaching the subjects I am most passionate about - especially media ethics,” Peck wrote in an email to The Mirror.

Hall. Peck is passionate about her role as an educator but of personal development and life outside the classroom. “I want my students to take their classes and work seriously, but I feel in class we don’t always have to be serious,” Peck wrote. “I am of the school of thought Lee Anne Peck

Peck also serves as a faculty-in-residence at UNC, having lived in North Hall and Turner Hall and currently in Snyder

then the studies…I think it is important to remember students all have their own lives and have their own issues they are dealing with.”

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The Mirror

Karlin called best in education and behavioral sciences Nancy Karlin came to UNC in 1990 as a term faculty member in the psychological studies department after receiving her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Colorado State University in 1989. During her time at UNC, Karlin has taught social psychology, principles of learning, group processes and roles, motivation, psychology of prejudice, maturing and aging and community psychology. Karlin is no stranger to recognition. Her past nominations include the UNC Inspiring Women’s Award in 2013 and the award for Teaching Excellence in Undergraduate Education in

2012. In 2008, the Rocky Mountain Psychology Association recognized Karlin with the Distinguished Service Award. Between 2009 and 2011, Karlin won a First Year Scholars Outstanding Faculty Selection, an Academic Excellence Award for Excellence in Faculty and the Outstanding Service Provider Award in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences. Karlin is also a repeat winner in this year’s Best of UNC poll after also taking the prize for Best Professor in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences in 2012. “The students of UNC are smart, creative, informed and

“Being a professor at UNC means being able to speak into the lives of indi-

Nancy Karlin

engaged, which allows me to love my job,” Karlin wrote in an email to the Mirror. As an educator, Karlin has the opportunity to make a broad impact by educating and enabling future generations of scholars and leaders.

the lives of those around them, their places of employment, their cities,” Karlin wrote. Despite her long list of individual honors and awards, Karlin maintains a humble attitude and praises her students and colleagues. “This type of recognition is just one example of students who are already making a difference in the lives of those around them. I am extremely grateful. UNC is a great community with dedicated faculty, administrators, and above all tremendous students,” Karlin wrote.


The Mirror

Gaede honored in college of natural/health sciences Diane Gaede came to UNC in fall 1998 as she was finishing her Ph.D. in Recreation Resources at Colorado State University. Prior to attending CSU, Gaede earned her M.S. in College Student Personnel Administration from Indiana UniversityBloomington in 1977 and her B.A. in French and Anthropology from IUBloomington in 1973. Today, Gaede is an associate professor of recreation, tourism and hospitality in the College of Natural and Health

Sciences. Gaede is also a faculty-in-residence at Bond Hall. Gaede’s research interests include community and commercial recreation and tourism with an emphasis on community place-building and sustainable tourism. “I tell my fellow Bond Hall residents that Thomas Jefferson made me do it - he believed in the academic village, where university students learn outside of class as well as inside of class, and I completely agree with him,” Gaede wrote in an email

Diane Gaede

to The Mirror. “It is my fourth year of living on campus with undergraduate students, and I have truly enjoyed every min-

ute of it.” Gaede loves the creativity that her job allows and is grateful for her students and fellow faculty members. “I love the creativity I have - the latitude in creating lectures and in-class activities that challenge my students to think and problem solve,” Gaede wrote. “I also enjoy my fellow faculty - the colleagues that I have met here at UNC are inspirational and a real pleasure to work with. They love UNC students as much as I do!”

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The Mirror

Krahnke has been with UNC since 1999 Keiko Krahnke joined the faculty at the Monfort College of Business in 1999 and has since taught a variety of courses including management of organizations and business ethics. Prior to coming to UNC, Krahnke studied English at Doshisha Women’s College in Japan and at Colorado State University. Dr. Krahnke completed her Ph.D. in Human Resources Development at CSU in 1999.

Krahnke also boasts many awards and honors in her career as a professor, winning recognition for service and excellence at MCB and twice honored by the Gold Key Club at UNC as a favorite professor. Beyond the classroom, Krahnke dedicates herself to spreading the principles of compassion and wisdom. “Every day I dream about a better world in which we live in harmo-

ny and with compassion. Inspiring my students to care about the world we co-create is my way of contributing to the future I would like to see,” Krahnke wrote in an email to the Mirror. “I truly enjoy seeing my students open their hearts and minds to new knowledge, inquire about themselves and the world, and explore possibilities.” Krahnke compares her role as a teacher to that of a “sensei” in Japan,

explaining that the literal meaning of “sensei” is, “the one that has lived before or walked the path before.” “As someone who has walked before my students, I wish to facilitate their learning, provide support as they struggle with life’s challenges, and perhaps shed some light on what seems dark and scary,” Krahnke wrote. When she is not teaching or leading workshops

in workplace communication, organizational development or spirituality, Krahnke enjoys spending time with her dogs and advocating for animal rights. “Keiko Krahnke is a wonderful professor. She is passionate about teaching but more importantly, passionate about her student’s learning; she really invests in us. She teaches with integrity, honesty, and enthusiasms,” said Kaitlyn

Keiko Krahnke

Talbott, a junior business management major.

The Mirror


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The Mirror

14 22

9th St


1 Best Breakfast: The Kitchen


8th Ave

9th Ave

10th Ave

Best Lunch: Cafe Mexicali 2 Best Dinner: Roma 3 Best Sandwich: Cheba Hut 4 Best Burger: George's 5 Best Burrito: Chipotle

12th St

2 Best Pizza: Roma

13th St

Best Wings: Wing Shack

11th Ave


6 Best After Hours: DP Dough 14th St

7 Best Coffee: Blue Mug 8 Best Dessert Spot: Aspen Leaf

15th St

9 Best Margarita: Patrick's 2 Best Drink Specials: Roma


7 1 6


16th St



Best Bar: AF Rays


Best Sports Bar: Buffalo Wild Wings 10 Best Smoke Shop: Highlander.

University of Northern Colorado

8 5 3 17th St

11 Best Italian Restaurant: Santeramos

23 21

19th St 17


21th St

5th Ave

6th Ave

7th Ave


8th Ave


9th Ave


10th Ave

20th St

12 Best Auto Service: Autotailor 13 Best Nail/Hair: James Campus 14 Best Hangout: The Nerd Store 15 Best Tattoo/Piercing Studio:


16 Best Fraternity: Pi Kappa Phi 17 Best Sorority: Alpha Phi

Best Multicultural Fraternity: Nu Alpha Kappa 18 Best Student Club/Organization:


19 Best Varsity Sport: Baseball 20 Best Club Sport: Hockey 21 Best Building on Campus: Kepner


22 Best Mexican Restaurant: The Rio 23 Best Asian Restaurant: Daruma


Best Resident Hall: Harrison Hall

Best of UNC 2013  
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