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Yeast Infections In Men The name 'yeast infection' makes this condition self-explanatory. It is indeed an infection brought on by yeast. We have yeast in our bodies, that lives and grows as a natural fungus, dwelling in places that are warm and moist. But there are times when a yeast infection can really wreak havoc on a body, and become a very serious condition. Yeast infections are mostly found happening to women, mainly because the vagina is an excellent location for growth and multiplication. But this doesn't mean that men can also be affected by it as well. With men, the penis can be affected by yeast infection. And they usually get infected by having sex with an infected partner, or it can be passed to them orally, which is called oral yeast infection. Thrush is the name used for oral yeast infection, and it affects mucous membrane and the throat. The main yeast type holding the responsibilities in regard to yeast infections is Candida albicans. Lots of people have this very natural yeast, which actually plays a positive role in the regular functioning of our bodies. It's a good bacteria, which holds yeast in check. But there are times when overgrowths are inevitable, mostly whenever immunity gets compromised. Men suffer the most from the oral yeast infection. This most often is due to weak immune systems that just can't maintain good bacteria. It can also be due to malnutrition, or illnesses, use of drugs or certain medications, or anti-biotics, stress, steroids, or diabetes. You can also acquire it by putting dentures on. Dentures have the ability to affect the mucous membrane and encouraging Candida albicans overgrowth. This means that if you're wearing dentures often enough, there's a higher chance of you acquiring a yeast infection. You mucous membrane may be affected and you don't even realize it. Thrush symptoms will be the same for men and women alike. It's characterized by seeing yellowish-white, creamy looking raised spots on the tongue and mucous membrane. Thrush throat infections will be painful when you swallow. And all of the symptoms mentioned here will be enjoined by bad breath, or 'halitosis'. Since the symptoms are basically the same, the treatment will be as well. Most yeast infections that occur in the mouth will be of the mild type, the use of anti-fungal pastilles has been proven to work quite effectively. But in the case of Candida albicans, this has proved to be one of man's most resistant and resilient disease-causing organisms. It rarely responds to any OTC treatments. Many go after it with natural treatments, so they can treat if for its root cause. Yeast infection has a cure which is very affordable and readily available. If you are interested to know how to cure yeast infection naturally and quickly, please visit Yeast Infection Cure

Yeast Infections In Men  

Since the symptoms are basically the same, the treatment will be as well. Most yeast infections that occur in the mouth will be of the mild...

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