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In each line of your application, we saw your intelligence, grit, and compassion. We saw your great promise.


our promise TO YOU

You will be challenged,

and you will be supported. At Carolina, you’ll learn from professors who see your success as their success. These scientists, inventors, scholars, and artists are part of a campus where you can thrive, whether that means dropping in on your professor during office hours or visiting the Writing Center for help polishing your papers.

Find your perfect first-year seminar Last year, new Carolina students chose from more than 75 classes that were specifically designed for them and had fewer than 25 students. Here are three topics they studied.

If you know a Tweet from BeyoncĂŠ is not just a Tweet, but one way that a powerful artist builds her brand:

E X P L O R E Making and Marketing Music in the Digital Age Professor Mark Katz teaches students the business behind the beat, welcoming DJs, promoters, and entrepreneurs as guest speakers.

If you’ve always been curious about the world’s tiniest building blocks:

If you love to debate, but don’t think of the perfect retort until hours after your conversation ends:

AT T E N D Handcrafting in the Nanoworld

D I S C O V E R Think, Speak, Argue

Professor Michael Falvo leads students as they build models of nanoscale objects to better understand everything from virus formation to DNA encoding.

Professor Christian Lundberg helps students become more effective in class and their future vocations by studying rhetoric and debating today’s pressing issues.

You will find a problem you can’t wait to solve,

and you will persist until you solve it.

For sophomore SWETA KARLEKAR that means developing a computer program to analyze patients’ speech and detect lost vocabulary words, an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease. As a part of Professor Mohit Bansal’s research team, Sweta hopes her program will one day help identify and treat Alzheimer’s disease earlier.

Detecting lost vocabulary words is central to your research. What’s the one word you’d never want to forget? My parents have been calling me “sona” since I was a child so it holds a special place in my heart. Sona is the Hindi word for gold, but it’s also used as an endearing term toward the people closest to you. To me, it holds the meaning of family, which I hope to always remember.

We know that 60% of Carolina undergraduates conduct research. How did you find your opportunity? I got in touch with Dr. Bansal to ask a few questions about his research and our conversation turned into my job interview. Being mentored by Dr. Bansal has been challenging and rewarding. My first semester was full of trial and error on how to balance everything. Dr. Bansal reminds me of the impact of my research – how every project I work on opens doors to graduate school and future job opportunities.

Your fellow Tar Heels will lift you higher

and push you farther.

Your classmates will challenge your assumptions, inspire you to action, and even help you find the superhero in yourself and in others. That’s the case for junior JACK DAVIS who was studying at UNC Children’s Hospital when a young patient came up, doodled in his notebook, and wished him good luck on his test. “It was this precious act that really motivated me,” said Jack. “I wanted to teach kids that there’s strength in creativity.” Jack recruited his classmates and created the Superhero Project. The organization pairs patients with Carolina students and local artists who create a superhero in a patient’s own likeness, helping them find strength when they need it most.


You will discover that knowledge

finds its power in purpose. How does DNA feel?

Inspired by a class assignment, senior RACHAEL HAMM and a group of classmates began producing 3D models to help visually impaired students better study STEM subjects. Rachael hopes the models, which currently include a heart, a virus, and DNA, will enable more students to pursue degrees and careers in the sciences.

You’ll love Chapel Hill -

and the rest of the world.

Meet SCOTT DIEKEMA, a junior from Iowa City, majoring in philosophy and Asian studies. Scott is among the 34% of Carolina undergraduates who study abroad. HIS PROGRAM: Study Abroad in India HIS CLASSES: “Contested Souls,” ”Hindi Conversation and Script,” and “Journalism and Society in India” “Thanks to amazing UNC professors, I learned a ton about the nuances of India’s rich history and culture. There really is no unified Indian identity because this country has hundreds of unique languages and cultures. While that has created conflict, it has also made India the beautiful melting pot that it is today.”

You won’t want to leave, but we’ll make sure that

you’re incredibly prepared to. “Carolina students are amazing. They’re hard-working, collaborative, and inquisitive. The jobs of the future haven’t yet been created, and our students are graduating with a broad base of knowledge as well as a better sense of what they’re passionate about. They’re also willing to explore their interests and that helps them succeed after Carolina.” - DR. JEANNIE LOEB, teaching professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Photo: Grant Halverson ’93 Carolina Alumni Review

DONOVAN LIVINGSTON Carolina class of 2009 Prepared to change the world as an educator, poet, and activist


Visits campus. “I saw myself being able to grow at Carolina. I believed this space would be supportive of my developing voice.”


Decides to study history. “History anchors us. It informs science, the humanities. History is transcendent.”

2009 2016


Graduates from Carolina, and goes on to earn advanced degrees from Columbia and Harvard universities.

Delivers Harvard convocation address. “We were born to be comets, Darting across space and time – Leaving our mark as we crash into everything.”

Earning his Ph.D. in education. “Carolina instilled within me the values of mentorship and service. For me, working to increase access and equity in higher education is more than a career; it is a mission in social justice.”

You will never run out of stories or memories.

You will be glad you came to Carolina.




Our Carolina Promise  

UNC-Chapel Hill - Admitted First-Year Student Brochure (2018)

Our Carolina Promise  

UNC-Chapel Hill - Admitted First-Year Student Brochure (2018)