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Hunching Over Books Sucks Reading textbooks isn’t the idea of a “fun time” for most people. To make matters worse textbooks are heavy, clunky items that are hard to hold. The limited excitement for studying is often quickly drained by the poor posture resulting from laying a textbook flat on a desk. How many times have you walked into a library and seen students studying by hunching forward supporting their head with one arm … the next minute everything collapses and the student takes a quick nap on their textbook pillow? An adjustable textbook holder that raises books to eye-level can improve your posture while studying. Sitting up straight (just like mom said!) with a better posture can boost your focus, energy, and studying longevity. Furthermore, a textbook holder that adjusts in angle can minimize glare and facilitate notating the book. Combining these two attributes into one product, like WorkEZ, forms the ultimate textbook holder for improved studying comfort. Students rarely confine their studying to a desk – often reading on couches, chairs, and in bed. A book holder for reading in bed can accomplish the same benefits as a desk-based textbook holder. A book holder for reading in bed should be adjustable and support the book without putting pressure on the student’s legs. Adjusting in height so that books are held to eye-level and rotating the angle of the textbook for easy, comfortable viewing are key attributes to effective and useful textbook holders for bed. Improving the students posture and comfort while reading in bed can help prevent fatigue, increase retention, and generally make reading and studying more enjoyable.

Hunching Over Books Sucks  
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