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visit NC NC Now Enjoy stories about the people who make our state unique at 9:00 TV NOVA The Nuclear Option Nuclear technology grows while crisis continues at the Fukushima nuclear plant. EX Eat! Drink! Italy! With Vic Rallo You Get Out What You Put In NC A Chef’s Life Onions & Avetts 9:30 EX Bringing It Home with Laura McIntosh Fresh Fig Recipes NC Flavor, NC Vollmer Farms Blackberries 10:00 TV Uranium—Twisting the Dragon’s Tail Discover the cultural and scientific history of Earth's most wondrous and terrifying rock. EX Great British Baking Show Pastry NC The Woodwright’s Shop with Roy Underhill Rocky Bentwood Cradle Show, Part 2 DV 10:30 NC The Woodwright’s Shop with Roy Underhill Candle Stand 11:00 EX Billy Connolly’s Tracks Across America Billy travels from Chicago to Seattle on the mighty Empire Builder. NC Carolina Outdoor Journal Light for White Perch 11:30 NC Fishing Behind the Lines Brian Eisch—Retired Army Ranger

12 THURSDAY 6 PM TV PBS NewsHour EX Mike Colameco’s Real Food NY Southern NC Charlie Rose

6:30 EX New Scandinavian Cooking West Coast of Norway: All Is Well—If There Is Herring 7:00 TV Nightly Business Report EX Rick Steves’ Europe Edinburgh NC PBS NewsHour 7:30 TV Our State New River Adventure/The Carolina Chocolate Drops EX Smart Travels: Pacific Rim with Rudy Maxa Hong Kong 8:00 TV NC Now EX Rick Steves’ Europe Siena & Tuscany’s Wine Country NC High Point University Presents: Entrepreneurship & Innovation in North Carolina Learn what it takes to drive entrepreneurship and innovation from NC’s chief executive and a panel of top business experts. 8:30 TV Exploring North Carolina Stuck in Clay EX Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope France—Following the Rhone DV 9:00 TV North Carolina Weekend EX Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions Cruising the Rhine, Part 1 NC Envision: UNC School of the Arts See diverse works from talented student filmmakers. 9:30 TV Flavor, NC Lettuce EX Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions Cruising the Rhine, Part 2 NC Arts in Context Classical Undead Genredefying composers reanimate Mozart’s unfinished Requiem Mass in D minor. 10:00 TV Reel South Deep Run A teenager finds new love and the courage to emerge as a strongwilled transgender man. EX Fringe Benefits Pittsburgh NC Variety Studio: Actors on Actors John Travolta/Rob Lowe/Sarah Paulson/ Bobby Cannavale

Bundle up for Nature Snowbound: Animals of Winter, Wednesday, January 11, at 8 PM, on UNC-TV.

0:30 EX Curious Traveler 1 Curious About—London 11:00 TV Keeping Up Appearances Daisy’s Toyboy EX Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope La Joie de Vivre in Quebec City, Canada DV NC Almanac Gardener Sticky Traps for Bugs 11:30 TV BBC World News EX In the Americas with David Yetman Mexico City’s Markets: A Millennium of Trade NC Volunteer Gardener

13 FRIDAY 6 PM TV PBS NewsHour EX Inspector Morse Deceived By Flight, Part 1 NC Charlie Rose 7:00 TV Nightly Business Report EX Inspector Morse Deceived By Flight, Part 2 NC PBS NewsHour 7:30 TV NC Now 8:00 TV Washington Week EX Doc Martin Preserve the Romance NC North Carolina Bookwatch Steven Sherrill— The Minotaur Takes His Own Sweet Time 8:30 TV North Carolina Weekend NC Well Read Amor Towles— A Gentlemen in Moscow 9:00 TV Great Performances: Bel Canto from Chicago Lyric Opera Soprano Danielle de Niese stars in an adaptation of this best-selling novel. EX Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Deadweight NC Black & Blue Examine relationships between police departments and African-American communities in Raleigh, Durham and Fayetteville. 9:30 NC Religion & Ethics Newsweekly 10:00 EX Father Brown The Kemblefored Boggart NC Carolina Business Review 10:30 NC Market to Market 11:00 EX Doctor Blake Mysteries The Silence NC Consuelo Mack WealthTrack 11:30 NC To the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe January | 11

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