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UNC SCHOOL OF ART & DESIGN Explore, Create, Experience

At UNC, you’ll gain an education that is hands-on, creative and challenging by design. The UNC School of Art and Design is, and has long been, a leader in the preparation of distinguished artists and art educators in Colorado and beyond. Our challenging and comprehensive curriculum integrates in-depth studio and classroom exploration with education in research, criticism and art history. You’ll work and create in studios and classrooms in a nationally accredited program with small class sizes and individual attention. And, with a curriculum that is designed to give you the opportunity to explore different media, you’ll expand your knowledge with the guidance of faculty artists. ARTS.UNCO.EDU/ART

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bachelor of arts Programs

UNC offers a Bachelor of Arts in four emphases: • Art • Graphic Design • Art Education • Art History Our classes combine a strong foundation in the theories and principles of art with a hands-on approach to studio learning that will inspire you and prepare you for a career in the arts. Whether your goal is to succeed as an artist, a graphic designer, an art historian or an art teacher, you’ll make your vision a reality at UNC.

First Year Foundations During your first year in the School of Art and Design, you’ll participate in the Foundations Program to build a solid framework and knowledge base. Our rigorous curriculum provides you with opportunities in both studio art and art history courses and teaches essential technical and conceptual skills that prepare you for success in upper level courses. In this program you’ll work on a collaborative art project, which is presented at our school-wide annual Design Day each spring.

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UNC’s B.A. in Art focuses on the studio art disciplines with a solid foundation in creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking and digital and traditional skillsets. You can concentrate in one or more areas, and with plenty of elective credits in the degree you can take classes in multiple areas or pursue a double major. When you graduate you’ll do so with a significant body of work and a portfolio that can launch your career as an artist or help you gain acceptance to graduate-level degree programs.

Jourdan Albrechtson

Mastering Creativity

Concentration areas: •


Digital Media






We also offer coursework in: •


Jewelry (Metals)

Game Design

Digital Fabrication

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With a degree in fine arts, you could be a painter, muralist, illustrator, printmaker, photographer, sculptor, jewelry designer, ceramist, or art critic. Aaron Richardson


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10 | University of Northern Colorado Amber Amber Shireman Shireman

Marisol Valenzuela

ALUM-INARY: Painter Catalina Sanchez "My experience at UNC was a pleasant one; it’s helped prepare me for the art community that involves lots of effort, trial, and error. I’ve left equipped with the tools necessary to apply myself towards new projects and be professional doing it. Currently I’m doing freelance work and building up my portfolio so I can continue forward to get my MFA.

Catalina Sanchez

The thing that stands out in my mind the most about my experience attending UNC is the welcoming and supportiveness of the staff and professors in the art department that helped me along the way."

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graphic design

Communication Innovation

The Graphic Design program prepares you to work as a visual thinker and communicator using a variety of traditional print and emerging digital media. The program: •

Integrates practice, theory, and inquiry while refining and encouraging innovation, visual literacy, and conceptual problem solving;

Provides an undergraduate education stressing creative and critical thinking with an awareness of individual, community and cultural issues;

Provides state-of-the-art digital studios and classroom facilities with coursework in contemporary media;

Places graduates in leading regional and national design studios and graduate programs.

You’ll plan, analyze, create and evaluate visual solutions to communication problems in a full range of areas such as editorial design, corporate and brand identity design, advertising, publications, environmental graphic design, packaging design, typography, web, motion and interactive design. UNC’s Liberal Arts curriculum also gives you a broad-based foundation for experiences in other areas of art, science, journalism, advertising, marketing and media, to help you become a more well-rounded and marketable designer. ARTS.UNCO.EDU/ART/GRAPHIC-DESIGN


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With a degree in Graphic Design, you can be a graphic designer, web designer, environmental designer, packaging designer, or photographer.

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14 | University of Northern Colorado Michael Jefferson

Mark Fetkewicz

Stacy Manweiler

ALUM-INARY: Graphic Designer Seth Haller "I came to UNC to major in Graphic Design and minor in Business. I’m glad I did both. I believe that in trying to balance the extremes of these worlds, I learned how to prepare for the unexpected. [I was] a part of starting the Island Design Club. It was incredibly fun to create an identity for something from scratch. Even though it happened in my final semester, all the meetings, workshops, and design slam party we hosted were worth it. It was a great thing to be a part of building something, and then being able to own it as something we accomplished."

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art education

Education by Design

If you’re interested in a rich and fulfilling teaching career exploring meaning making and expression through the arts, UNC offers you the opportunity to graduate from a university that is a leader in K-12 arts education. UNC’s art education program will prepare you to teach visual arts in elementary, middle, and secondary schools. Your coursework will blend philosophical and theoretical studies, studio practices, art history and pedagogy courses to help you use arts-based research skills to implement strong arts education programs in schools. The program emphasizes processes of personal inquiry, critical thinking, contemporary art, cultural awareness and studio art to apply the arts to human learning in the community and society. ARTS.UNCO.EDU/ART/ART-EDUCATION


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UNC art education graduates are qualified to be K-12 art teachers in schools, community arts organizations, and other educational and cultural institutions.

ALUM-INARY: Art & Technology teacher Jorge Anaya (not pictured) “In order to build experience for a career in the real world, students need to be placed in the real world, and that is what UNC did with me. I was able to obtain genuine experience as a teacher by being placed in real classrooms across the city, and I was provided with the opportunity and guidance to create and implement my own art curriculum at a local school. To me, this hands-on experience was worth a thousand times more than a lecture.�

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Center for Integrated Arts Education The School of Art and Design’s Center for Integrated Arts Education provides research and professional development in arts learning centered in multi-disciplinary explorations. Each year, the Center brings nationally recognized artists, speakers, and educators to Colorado to engage with local teachers, artists and the community to develop new and viable ideas in the arts and classroom practice. We offer resources for trans-disciplinary learning, facilitated planning through arts institute and workshop opportunities for Colorado teachers, administrators, artists and arts education advocates. CIAE is supported by School of Art and Design at UNC. The Center for Integrated Arts Education was listed by the Dana Foundation in the publication Transforming Arts Teaching, The Role of Higher Education, as one of 24 select universities improving K-12 arts education. ARTS.UNCO.EDU/CIAE

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Perspective Past and Present

Art History at UNC is devoted to the study of the visual arts. You’ll have the opportunity to consider a broad diversity of media, artistic techniques, styles, historical contexts, methodologies and critical approaches.

Detail, Mary Cassatt, In the Omnibus, 1891. Drypoint and aquatint. Courtesy of the Pettys Collection of Women’s Art

art history

Survey courses span ancient to contemporary art, and upper division courses allow you to focus intensively on topics ranging from Mesoamerican to 20th century art and women artists. Coursework emphasizes critical thinking and analysis, research and strong written and verbal communication. You’ll engage with critical perspectives and examine works in depth to develop visual literacy and the ability to understand and communicate their meanings. •

Take summer semester art history courses that include field trips to national and international sites, like Italy and Mesa Verde.

Gain hands-on experience at UNC galleries and through internships in Greeley and beyond.

Research works by Mary Cassatt, Käthe Kollwitz, Hannah Höch, Rosa Bonheur, Elizabeth Catlett, Joan Mitchell, and others with access to the Petteys Collection of Women’s Art and archive.


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With a degree* in art history, you could be a professor, a curator, an art critic, an art/antique dealer, an art conservation specialist, or an art historian. *Some professions may require graduate study.

Clare Leighton, Cotton Pickers, 1941. Wood engraving. Courtesy of the Pettys Collection of Women’s Art


ALUM-INARY: Curator Kathleen Bickford Berzock “Art History professor Chip Coronel had the greatest impact on me as a student at UNC. Through his teaching he showed me how exciting and fun art history could be and he challenged me to reach deeper and farther with my own scholarly work.” Kathleen Bickford Berzock (BA-1987) is Associate Director of Curatorial Affairs at Northwestern University’s Block Museum of Art; previously curator of African Art at the Art Institute of Chicago and research assistant for African Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; co-editor of the book Representing Africa in American Art Museums: A Century of Collecting and Display (2010, University of Washington Press).

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Faculty Faculty in the School of Art & Design are active and engaged in their fields. They are noted for exhibitions in regional, national, and international galleries, arts centers, and museums; publication in textbooks and journals; curatorial work and educational programming in gallery and museum settings; and teaching and lecturing at state, national, and international conferences. Our small class sizes allow you to work closely with faculty and take full advantage of their expert guidance. You’ll benefit from the depth of their knowledge and experience as you prepare for a successful and rewarding career in the arts. With faculty mentoring, well-equipped facilities, and opportunities for exploration, you’ll be prepared for the future you’ve envisioned.

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facilities The School of Art & Design facilities are up-to-date, well equipped and a point of pride in our school. Faculty, assisted by a full-time lab technician, ensure our students have extensive access to the equipment, materials, space, and time needed to work and grow as a serious artist. No art classes are scheduled on Fridays so students can work independently in the studios throughout the day. Students also have access to studio spaces during nights and weekends to ensure that they have plenty of out of class time to dedicate to their artwork. Our facilities include studios dedicated to 2D and 3D Foundations, Ceramics, Digital Fabrication, Digital Media, Drawing, Fibers, Graphic Design, Jewelry, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture.

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Facilities Create, innovate, and explore with access to: Large format scanning and archival ink-jet printing

A resource room for photographing and matting/framing artwork

Digital and traditional photography labs

A woodshop

A professional photography studio

MIG and TIG welding

A printmaking studio set up for relief, intaglio, collagraphs, and monotypes and equipped to support linoleum-cut, wood cut, wood engraving, engraving, etching, dry point, aquatint, hard ground, soft ground and monotypes processes

Bronze casting

Painting and drawing studios with easels and both artificial and abundant natural northern light

A ceramics lab with wheel throwing and hand building studio, clay and glaze mixing rooms A kiln yard with gas, electric and wood kilns

2D and 3D foundations studios

A jewelry and metals lab with silversmithing equipment for forging, drawing, chasing, shaping, and soldering metals; metal shears, rollers and electric kilns

CNC routing

Laser etching and engraving

3D printing

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Galleries The Galleries are a teaching program of the School of Art and Design that signal UNC’s core mission to promote student-centered, effective learning. Our core mission is to cultivate learning, celebrate artistic excellence, and inspire a lifelong involvement in art and design for our students. Our exhibition program embraces curatorial risk-taking, highlighting thoughtprovoking content, and socially relevant topics that feature regional, national and international artists throughout our three galleries: The Mariani Gallery, the largest of our exhibition spaces, hosts six originally curated, contemporary exhibitions per year. Each exhibition explores concepts and themes through interdisciplinary, exposing our students to a variety of processes, methods, and art making choices. The Oak Room Gallery features the work of UNC students, faculty, and alumni. Students are given the opportunity to curate and install their own artwork, reinforcing the curriculum and skill-sets they receive in the classroom and preparing them for a life-long career in the arts. The Annex Gallery serves as an experimental “test-site� for students and visiting artists to pilot new ideas and installations. Named for its connection to surrounding classrooms, the Annex is an extension of the studio in that it features recently completed work or installations in process, inspired directly from the School of Art and Design curriculum. ARTS.UNCO.EDU/ART/ART-GALLERIES

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enrichment opportunities The School of Art and Design offers many opportunities for students to explore art, experience the world around them, and make connections with students, faculty and the community. Opportunities include: •

Study abroad for a semester or a summer

Work alongside a visiting artist

Participate in a community art project

Join clubs and connect with other art students

Learn how to be a working artist with the Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate

Focus on a New Horizon Travel opportunities for students in the School of Art and Design include: •

Study Abroad Italy: Early Italian Renaissance Art History course focused on Tuscan and Umbrian Renaissance painting, sculpture and architecture.

Summer courses in Mesa Verde National Park.

Regional, national and international conferences in your area of study. Recent trips have included conferences with the Colorado Art Education Association, the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, AACM/SIGGRAPH (Computer GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques), the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Colorado Chapter, and the Art Directors Club of Denver.

UNCO.EDU/CIE 32 | University of Northern Colorado

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Visiting Artist/Scholar Program The Visiting Artist Program welcomes experts from around the country to Greeley for one-day campus visits or week-long “micro-residencies.” The program offers unique opportunities for firsthand discussion with artists, curators, and scholars to provide a closer look at how creative professionals live and work. Visitors present their practice in a public lectures and are integrated into the curriculum through targeted, intentional classroom visits, individual student critiques, and collaborative workshops. Recent visiting artists to campus include: Don Barrozzo  Film Editor on The Simpsons, Los, Angeles CA

Jorge Lucero  Assistant Professor, University of Illinois

Melanie Yazzi  Artist and Professor, University of Colorado

Lynn Hull  Environmental Sculptor, Fort Collins, CO

Christine Ballengee-Morris Professor, Ohio State University

Bread and Puppet Theater  Glover, VT

Daniel Sprick  Painter, Denver, CO

Cortney Stell  Curator & Co-founder, Black Cube, Denver, CO

Anja Marais  Installation Artist, Miami, FL Rose B. Simpson  Installation Artist, Santa Clara, NM Stacy Steers  Multi-media Artist, Boulder, CO Quinn Jacobsen  Wet Plate Collodion expert, Denver, CO Sebastian Moh  Ceramic Artist, Louisville, KY

34 | University of Northern Colorado

Anna Kaye  Drawing, Denver, CO

Alberto Aguilar and family  Performance and Installation Artists, Harold Washington College David Jones  Sculptor, Laramie, WY Adam Lerner  Director and Chief Animator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, CO

Professional Practice Arts Entrepreneurship—Deepen your preparation for a career as a commercial or working fine artist with the addition of UNC’s Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate. Lectures, readings and assignments from faculty and experts in the field help you set professional goals, plan your career, develop an identity, create a website, develop a professional portfolio, build marketing and advertising skills, understand legal structures, copyright and intellectual property laws, and network through professional and group associations. ARTS.UNCO.EDU/ENTREPRENEURSHIP

Art History Symposium—The annual Symposium provides students with the opportunity to submit a proposal for a 20-minute talk on an art history topic. A jury selects the final participants, who then work closely with a faculty mentor and the Artist Help Desk to prepare their presentations. Students who present at the Symposium may then be selected to represent UNC at the annual Front Range Art History Symposium. The Southard Award­—This annual competition gives students the opportunity to hone their professional skills through a presentation of scholarly research or creative work. The winner receives a scholarship award and presents their work at UNC's annual Showcase of the Arts. Artist Help Desk­—The UNC Galleries brings artists and experts together at the Artist Help Desk. This free weekly pop-up professional practice workshop is open to students, faculty, and the community. Each session provides the opportunity for oneon-one consultations with art professionals including curators, gallerists, writers, marketing whizzes and more! ARTS.UNCO.EDU/ART/ARTIST-HELP-DESK

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Connect With Fellow Students The School of Art and Design has many opportunities for students to interact, network and engage in the study of art. Annual events include an allschool picnic, a visiting artist and scholars program, a juried student exhibition, a field trip to the Denver Art Museum, and the FirstYear Foundations Design Day. The School of Art and Design’s Printmaking, Ceramics, Graphic Design, Photography and Painting clubs offer members exhibition opportunities as well as fundraising events to fund visiting artist presentations, field trips to museums and galleries in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins, and travel to conferences. These student-led organizations present workshops and lectures, coordinate exhibitions and host art sales throughout the year.

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Take Art to the Community Our students are actively involved in art projects and exhibitions of their work in our community. Recent collaborations include a site-specific artwork-to-exhibit in conjunction with performances by the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra, a class that worked with New York City-based artist Alice Mizrachi to complete a 16’ by 90’ mural on the side of the Greeley Train Museum building in downtown Greeley, and a class project that worked with the City of Greeley and the Department of Transportation to take over and “Yarn Bomb” a city bus shelter.

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unc by the numbers UNDERGRAD


Colorado Resident: $6,906*‡

(WUE)(A) Resident: $13,464**‡


Non-Resident/Non-WUE: $18,492**‡



Books and Supplies: $1,350‡

Student Fees: $1,9822‡

Room and board: $10,7703‡



57% of incoming freshmen awarded grants or scholarships $132.4 MILLION total financial aid awarded



20+ Research centers and institutes

9,394 Undergraduate students

2,542 Graduate students

More than 250 internships and practica

500+ Study abroad programs

33% of undergraduates are the first in their family to attend college

100+ Undergrad programs

16–1 faculty-to-student ratio

Students are from 49 states and 28 countries outside the US

More housing options than any other Colorado campus

Student body is 63% female and 37% male

UNC’s residence halls were ranked #1 in the state by Niche College Rankings



More than 18 residential learning communities

Pet-friendly dorms available

100,000+ books, scores, CDs, and DVDs to check out

250+ Annual plays, festivals, concerts, operas and musicals

150 clubs and organizations

Free cruiser and mountain bike rentals

23 Fraternities and sororities

4 Cultural centers

3 Multi-purpose gymnasiums

19 Division 1 sports teams

1: Based on 15 credit hours per semester (30 per year) allows students to graduate in 4 year 2: Fees based on an average of 15 credit hours per semester. Fees vary per credit hour and program. 3: Based on UNC 19 meal per week plan and on Tier 2 housing plan. Multiple meal plans and housing options are available, visit UNCO.EDU/HOUSINGOPTIONS for more information. *Tuition rate listed includes the College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend credit. Colorado residents must

38 | University of Northern Colorado



apply for COF to receive stipend. Apply at COLLEGEINCOLORADO.ORG **Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Program provides reduced tuition to students who are residents of one of the states participating in the WUE program (AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, MT, NV, NM, ND, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY). ‡These are 2016-17 figures. For the most recent figures, please visit UNCO.EDU/COSTS

How to apply General UNC Application The School of Art and Design does not require any additional application materials beyond the UNC application. When you apply for admission to UNC, simply indicate that you would like to declare a major in Art & Design. Apply early — application opens August 1. GOBEARS.UNCO.EDU

Scholarships In addition to university scholarships and financial aid, the School of Art and Design awards more than $100,000 in scholarships each year. More information about the scholarship application process and deadlines can be found at: ARTS.UNCO.EDU/ART/SCHOLARSHIPS

Learn More and Visit Ready to get started? To ask questions, learn more about the School of Art & Design, or schedule an individualized tour of the UNC art facilities, visit: ARTS.UNCO.EDU/ART/VISIT

or contact Melanie Poston


The University of Northern Colorado is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, creed, religion, sexual preference or veteran status. For more information or issues of equity or fairness or claims of discrimination contact the UNC AA/ EEO/ Title IX Officer at UNC Human Resource Services, Carter Hall 2002, Greeley, CO 80639 or call 970-351-2718.

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College of Performing and Visual Arts Campus Box 30 501 20th Street Greeley, CO 80639-0019 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

#UNCBEARS facebook.com/uncpva @Arts_at_UNC uncbears.tumblr.com unc_arts

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