Unbroken Journal

Page 27

question of size, how much can be accommodated. If you can‘t talk about it you‘re not allowed to do it, she thought, but that doesn‘t mean I want to rake over the rake marks. Spontaneity is attractive. I want to be able to do what I want, but what do I want? That‘s the problem right there. How will he know when it gets too much? How will she signal this? Will you just try it, to see if it fits? He touched his finger to his lips. No, I don‘t think it‘s any smaller. Perhaps you have put on a bit of weight? She flinched. Perhaps. I‘ve missed Zumba every week since we met, because we can only meet on a Wednesday night. That‘s the problem right there. That‘s ok. Just try your best. She pulls herself in as much as possible, elbow snagging on the rough edge. This is definitely a different box from the one yesterday though, isn‘t it? No. Duck your head. Yes, good. See you very soon. So glad you‘re here. And now here is the box for today. Is he apologetic? She is not sure. Maybe he is just amused, as he holds up the shape. Will you try for me? Will you try? Spontaneity is attractive. Spontaneity is attractive. That‘s the problem right there.

Fixers We need to locate the point of contact. Are you watching? The wind sock flutters—chukkkerchukkker— then drops. This could mean the airfield‘s signal is lost. A dog chases its tail outside of the bank. The thin woman with seabeads around her neck, wound so tight she looks as though she is wearing a collar, seems afraid of the animal. She lifts her hands, waist high, to skitter past. This one who has had fingers nipped, we think, and if we zoom in we might see an uneven stubbing where younger flesh was clipped. Or maybe she was lucky, and just lost a nail. Of course, we can always go the other way, and suggest the beadcollar does more than decorate a (bittenuglyscarred) throat.