Unbroken Journal

Page 13

A Collection by Santino Prinzi

Submerged Your memory wanes as I descend towards the seabed. Lingering is your touch on my fingertips. I‘m long forgotten on yours. Deeper I dive, searching. You‘ve left me in my breathlessness. My lungs bubble. I want to swim towards the sunlight, but how can I resurface without hopeful warmth? The ocean soul envelopes me in ways you refused; now you‘ll never know the crash of my waves. Muted desires billow from my throat, dragging my voice to the depths, my cascade censored. My silence will stroke the shores. Put your ear to a conch shell; you‘ll hear my suffering, but will you listen?

Tempestuous I can‘t see your star; it fails to burst through the granite distortions swirling overhead. With hope I step further into the wasteland. I dare to find you. Your sweet whispers seem so hollow, turbulent, lost amongst my howling idolatry. I‘ve changed my mind; I don‘t wish to find you now, you‘re not you, you‘re different. Fists clench. Truth lies again. You‘re here, somewhere, or some version of you. Either way I dream to understand you, us, myself—I‘m empty. I stand in the eye of the storm, but I‘m out of your vision. Never has the silence between us screamed so loud.