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by Katie Aliferis My feet slide around these ruined bodies in this consolation dance. Each placement of toe(s), ball(s), arch(es), heel(s) unearthing ripe sorrow. And these winter roots—so deep beneath the nutrient-rich mantle—beyond the fallen water and flashing sea, hidden in eternal respite. Are drenched, instead, with dripping flame, this heat that burns. Igniting old steps—old waltzes long forgotten—and who will dance with me now?

Katie Aliferis is a Greek-American poet and writer from San Francisco, California. Her poetry has been featured in Φωνές, Silver Birch Press, sPARKLE & bLINK, and other literary anthologies, journals, and websites. Her favorite poems are Jane Hirshfield’s “The Lost Love Poems of Sappho” and C.P. Cavafy’s “Όταν Διεγείρονται” (“When Roused”). When not writing, Katie can be found reading, traveling, sipping mint tea, and enjoying time with friends and family. Find Katie online via Twitter (@KatieA_SF) and at Accompanying photo by Luke Andrew Scowen

Unbroken Journal  
Unbroken Journal  

Winter Issue/2015