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Love Song of the World’s Tallest Man by Cathy Ulrich This is how you love me: Like a mountain. Like a flock of geese overhead, like I only exist in the sky above you. You lay me down on the ground and trace a line round my body. You trace a line over my body. You color me pink and you color me blue. You say does it hurt when I touch you here? You say will you be my secret man, the lie I tell the world? You say does it hurt? You bend my elbows; you bend my knees. You kiss my shins with your fluttering lips. You say: When you die, however will we bury you?

Cathy Ulrich always thought she'd be tall when she grew up, but she ended up right at average. Her work has recently been published in Apocrypha and Abstractions, Microfiction Monday and Potluck Magazine. Accompanying photo by Keoni Cabral

Unbroken Journal Issue 5