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University of Northern British Columbia

UNBC2013 Nass Valley

Vincent Scott of New Aiyansh





Crystal Azak

Teresa Azak

Certificate First Nations Language Nisga'a Language

Debora Bailey

Kurt Gasser

Veralynn Munson

BA First Nations Studies

BEd Elementary Education

BSc Environmental Science

MEd Multi-Disciplinary Leadership

Charles Morven

Laura Gerrits

Kerry O'Riordan

BA First Nations Studies

Courtney Bogart BSc Psychology

BEd Elementary Education

BScN Nursing

Nicole Morven

Emily Braam

Lorna Azak BA First Nations Studies

Maxine Azak Certificate First Nations Language Nisga'a Language

Stephanie Azak

Certificate in General First Nations

Irene Seguin Certificate in General First Nations & Certificate in Nisga'a Studies

Certificate in Nisga'a Studies

Shylo Gerritsen

Diana Oliveira

BSc NRM Wildlife and Fisheries

BEd Elementary Education

BScN Nursing

Walter Ivens

Katherine Pim

Jamie Braid

MBA Business Administration

BScN Nursing

Trenna Johnson

Lucinda Praught

BScN Nursing

Maxine Champion MEd Multi-Disciplinary Leadership

New Aiyansh

MEd Multi-Disciplinary Leadership

Kyle Krupop BSc NRM Forest Ecology & Management

Paige Derry

Award Recipient

BASc Environmental Engineering

Vincent Scott

Paul Mercer

Certificate First Nations Language Nisga'a Language

Graduate Entrance Research Award

Mar Y Sol Dessureault BScN Nursing

Aislynn Lansdowne BHSc Biomedical Studies

Janis Donald BScN Nursing

Robert Laval



Heather Dunham


Samantha Louie

Freda Edgars

Ashtin Lourenco

Melissa Breuker

Lauren Legere

BScN Nursing

BSc Psychology

BScN Nursing

BScN Nursing

Kylee Brown

Chrysta Mackeigan Burkitt

Marlee Emery

Jessica Malenfant

BA Women's Studies

Aliceyn Fokuhl

BEd Elementary Education

BScN Nursing

BEd Elementary Education

Anne Moyls

Diana Falardeau

Tiffany Mantua

BSW Social Work

Brad Hildebrandt

Christopher Reilly

Renee Funk

BComm Accounting & Finance

Nathan Knol BSc Psychology

BEd Elementary Education

Paul Stinson BComm Accounting & Finance

Craig Sears MBA Business Administration

William Simpson BComm Finance & Marketing

Jeffrey Straw BScN Nursing

Jorden Tran BHSc Biomedical Studies

Scott van Dyk BScN Nursing

Peter McKay

BComm Accounting

Krista Voogd BA Anthropology

BEd Elementary Education

BEd Elementary Education

Denis Gagne

Carolyn Morrison

BSW Social Work

BEd Elementary Education

BSc Geography

MEd Multi-Disciplinary Leadership BSc Integrated Science

MA Multi-Disciplinary Leadership

Gunther Rauschenberger

Adam Simons

BEd Elementary Education

BSW Child Welfare Specialization

MBA Business Administration

Rachel Webb BScN Nursing

BSW Social Work

Gill Gurpreet Singh BScN Nursing

Award Recipients

Award Recipients Jordan Almeida

Linda Horianopoulos

UNBC In-Course Award

UNBC Scholars - renewed

Kylee Brown

Harjit Pannu

Jessie Craig Bursary

UNBC In-Course Award

Aaron Germuth

Brianna Vandenadel

UNBC In-Course Scholarship

Raven Scholarship

Blake Hawkins

Sara Weeres

Dr. Mary John Bursary

UNBC Scholars Award

Corinna Bergeron

Saskia Hart-Lutz

Ryan Mackman

Krista Voogd

R.T. Wilson Rural and Remote Nursing Clinical Practicum Bursary

Raven Scholarship

Raven Bursary & Computer Science Entrance Award

UNBC Scholars - renewed

Mar Y Sol Dessureault UNBC In-Course Bursary & Auxiliary to University Hospital of Northern BC Bursary & Knight Family Bursary

Deana Gardner

Jennifer Johnson UNBC Scholars - renewed

Shannon King

UNBC In-Course Scholarship

Gertrude Bryant and Family Endowed Award

Ryan Paulitschke

Aislynn Lansdowne UNBC Scholars - renewed


UNBC Transfer Student Award

Tanya Losier


Dane Gunter

Jessica Stewart

UNBC In-Course Award

Linette Lubke

BA Education - Elementary Education

Brandon Merritt

Beta Sigma Phi Bursary

UNBC Scholars - renewed

Raven Bursary & Computer Science Entrance Award

Kaleigh Pelletier UNBC Scholars - renewed

Laura Smith UNBC Transfer Student Award

Daniel Wahl UNBC Scholars - renewed

Rachel Webb UNBC In-Course Bursary

Matthew Webber Rotary Club of Terrace Bursary & UNBC Transfer Student Award

Nass Valley | 2013 Teresa Azak


e (R) Azak of Git xine (L) & Stephani


Crystal Azak of Gitwinksihlkw

of Irene Seguin


Bobby Clark of Lax

of Gitwinks




Lorna Azak


of Gitwinks


a Stew

art of


CONGRATULATIONS GRADS! 775 students graduated from UNBC this year, bringing the total number of UNBC alumni to 10,363. Convocation ceremonies took place in Prince George, Quesnel, Terrace, Gitwinksihlkw, and Fort St. John.


UNBC Scholars Awards


er of Stewar

Thomas Palm


First-year students Thomas Palmer of Stewart and Sara Weeres of Kitimat have the chance to earn a UNBC degree tuition-free after receiving UNBC Scholars awards this past year. UNBC Scholars can have their tuition waived for an entire bachelor’s degree program, provided they maintain a B average.

Darbi Brand BSc Psychology

Award Recipient Thomas Palmer UNBC Scholars Award

Laxgalts’ap Graduates Michael Davis

Bobby Clark

BSW Social Work

Certificate First Nations Language Nisga’a Language

Sara Weeres of Kitimat

WWN-UNBC Fall 2013 Course Schedule Gitwinksihlkw FNST 100-3 The Aboriginal Peoples of Canada FNST 139-3 Nisga’a Language: Level 1 FNST 169-3 Nisga’a Culture: Level 1 FNST 217-3 Contemporary Challenges Facing Aboriginal Communities FNST 239-3 Nisga’a Language: Level 3 FNST 269-3 Nisga’a Culture: Level 3 FNST 300-3 Research Methods in First Nations Studies FNST 303-3 First Nations Religion and Philosophy FNST 305-3 Seminar in First Nations Studies FNST 310-3 Lisims Anadromous Summer and Fall Fisheries in Nisga’a Culture and History

Keep in Touch At UNBC we like to know what our alumni are doing and celebrate their successes! Please remember to update your address and employment information as often as you can.

UNBC names recipient of Northern Exposure Award Lukas Bosch, a Grade 12 graduate from Regina, Saskatchewan, will be UNBC’s Campus Correspondent for the 2013/2014 academic year. The Northern Exposure Award recipient will use a number of social media tools, including a blog, facebook and video, to document the student experience at UNBC from his unique perspective as a first-year student. Follow Lukas at:

FNST 321-3 First Nations Advanced Composition and Conversation, Level 1 ANTH 206-3 Ethnography in Northern BC ARTS 101-3 Learning Strategies CPSC 110-3 Introduction to Computers and Programming

Join the Conversation

ENGL 320-3 First Nations Literature ENGL 205-3 Fiction HIST 210-3 Canada Before Confederation HIST 494(306) Topics in Aboriginal History POLS 100-3 Contemporary Political Issues

Kincolith FNST 139-3 Nisga’a Language: Level 1 | | | | |

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Master of Arts Program: First Nations Studies FNST 795-15 Thesis


UNBC in the Nass Valley 3000 Ts’oohl Ts’ap Ave, PO Box 70 Gitwinksihlkw BC, V0J 3T0

Phone: 250-633-2292 Toll-Free: 1-800-980-8838 Email:

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2013 Nass Valley Regional Report  

After Convocation each year a series of regional reports are produced which are customized to regions across northern BC. These reports cele...

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