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Fort St. James

Graduates Murray Bartsch BA (General)

Barbara Everett BSW Social Work

Tracy Froese BA English

Tamara Froese

MEd Education – Counselling

Burns Lake

Graduates Nicholas Plett

BSc Natural Resources Management – Forestry (Honours)

Carol Romanko

Jo Anne Leon

Caroline Bird

Carla Martin

BSW Social Work

Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier

Jaclyn Silver

Edna Cameron

BSc Biology

Amberlee Simon


Susan Barfoot

Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier

Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier

Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier

Vera Mattess

Jeremy Belyea

Jacquiline Thompson

Alex Eriksen

Jocelyn Unger

BSc Chemistry & Geography

Paul Hudson

Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier

Award Recipients Lisa Close

Kimberly Chequis

Crystal Musfelt

Petra Gentleman

Jordan Stowe BScN Nursing

Gregory Crookes

Deborah Page

BA English

Hollie Moore

Nicole Testawich

Mabel Daley

Francois Prince

Ruby Dominic

Sara Sam

Canfor Legacy Bursary

Amber Hampe

Shana Schwentner

Fraser Lake

BSc Biology

BComm Finance & International Business

Erin Randle BScN Nursing

UNBC Transfer Student Award

Paul Burkholder

UNBC Men’s Basketball Alumni Bursary

Jay Colson

Raven Scholarship

Daniel Dittaro

UNBC In-Course Scholarship

Katelyn Dittaro

Dr. Alvin and Mrs. Janey Mooney Scholarship, McGeachy Charitable Foundation – Vanderhoof, Raven Scholarship

Haley Kaffanke

Raven Scholarship

BA English

Diana Kutzner

Dale Joseph

Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier

UNBC Masters Tuition Scholarship

Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier

Erin Short

Lauren Makin

Pauline Joseph

Myrna Thomas

UNBC In-Course Scholarship

Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier

BEd Elementary Education Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier

Jenna McManus

UNBC In-Course Scholarship

Nicholas Plett

Kaleigh Milinazzo

Claudia Posselt

Jocelyn Unger

Darren Lindenberger

MD Medicine – Northern Medical Program

Elsie Peters

BSc Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Erin Randle

Robin Lund

Kailey Sayles

Matthew Summerskill

Barbara Everett

Katherine Rasmussen

Integris Credit Union Bursary

Jaclyn Silver

UNBC In-Course Bursary

Jasmine Thomas

Vancouver Foundation First Nations Bursary

UNBC Scholars Program

Jacquilinen of Thompso ke Burns La

Elsie Peters

UNBC Scholars Program

Rena Romain

Fort Fraser

Melanie MacNi

col of Fraser La

Crystal Musfelt of Fort St. Jam es


CONGRATULATIONS GRADS! 830 students graduated from UNBC this year, making history as the University’s largest graduating class ever. Convocation ceremonies took place in Prince George, Quesnel, Fort St. James,Terrace, New Aiyansh, and Prince Rupert.

BEd Elementary

Rebecca Walsh

UNBC Scholars Awards

UNBC Scholars Program

Preserving a Language A group of 15 students from Fort St. James are the first to complete a UNBC certificate in Carrier language. The students have the opportunity to continue on with the program to complete a Bachelor of Arts and a teaching certificate.


Shana er of Schwentnames Fort St. J

Raven Bursary, UNBC Scholars Program

Petro-Canada Undergraduate Award in Environmental

UNBC In-Course Scholarship

Fort St. James Scholarship, UNBC Scholars Program

St. J

Alex Eri of Burn ksen s Lake

Melanie MacNicol

Sara Sam

Auxiliary to the PGRH Scholarship

of F ort

UNBC Scholars Program

Award Recipients

Chantell Lukeniuk

Raven Scholarship



UNBC Scholars Program


Alicia MacDougall

UNBC Scholars Program

Carol Romanko of

la M

Angela Sackney

Christopher Unger

Emma Burgess

UNBC Merit Award


BSc Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

UNBC Leadership Award, UNBC Scholars Program

Award Recipients Raven Bursary

Hollie of Van Moore derhoo f

Chan Sisters Foundation UNBC Scholars Program Award for Undergraduates, Marjorie W. Poff Scholarship, Lacey-Rae Strader UNBC In-Course Bursary Novak Bros. Contracting Ltd. Bursary

Canfor Annual Undergraduate Scholarship, David Hoy Annual Scholarship, Northern Interior Cruising Committee Scholarship

Sylvia Elo

Celena John Bursary, Sheila Bitschy BSW Memorial Bursary, Spectra Energy Corp Bursary, Spectra Energy Transmission 50th Anniversary Bursary, West Fraser Bursary

Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier

Award Recipients Richard Berger

BSc Natural Resources Management – Forestry

BA English

Francois Prince and Ruby Domenic of Fort St. James

BEd Secondary Education

BComm Accounting & Finance

BScN Nursing

of B


MEd Education – Counselling BSc Environmental Science

BA Economics

Ezra Gentleman

m Jere

lyea y Be

Lak urns

Carrier language graduates

First-year students Kaleigh Milinazzo of Burns Lake, Darren Lindenberger of Fort Fraser, Robin Lund of Fort St. James, and Megan Harris of Vanderhoof all have the chance to earn a UNBC degree tuition-free after receiving UNBC Scholars awards this past year. As long as they maintain a B average at UNBC, UNBC Scholars can have their tuition waived for an entire bachelor’s degree program.

From left: Kaleigh Milinazzo, Darren Lindenberger, Robin Lund, and Megan Harris


UNBC in the Nechako Valley & Lakes District John Prince Research Forest

The John Prince Research Forest near Fort St. James is currently supporting 18 research projects. For example, faculty and students are examining 15 medicinal and food plants, community involvement in resource management, tourism development, traditional environmental knowledge in the local school curriculum, seedling growth, and wildlife and habitat ecology. The research forest is 32 times the size of Vancouver’s Stanley Park and is located between Pinchie and Tezzeron Lakes. UNBC’s limited edition, 16-month wall calendar is now on sale.

Supporting Aboriginal Youth

Residents of Vanderhoof, Burns Lake, Fort St. James will be participating in a research program that is aiming to reduce cases of youth suicide. The project is being led by UNBC Health Sciences professor Henry Harder in partnership with Carrier Sekani Family Services and is receiving $1.4 million in federal funding over the next five years. Aboriginal youth between the ages of 15 and 30 are up to eight times more likely to commit suicide than non-native youth. In an effort to address the problem, Dr. Harder’s research will involve tracking incidence of suicide, identifying high risk groups, developing interventions and training, fostering transfer of knowledge from elders to youth, and implementing recommendations provided by local youth.

The Future of Forestry

Mill closures and the impact of the pine beetle are just two of many issues affecting the forest-dependent communities of the region. In an attempt to plan for the future, UNBC professor Greg Halseth, the University’s Community Development Institute, and the Omineca Beetle Action Coalition are working together to equip communities with the latest information on future forest and fibre use. The project is receiving funding from the Federal Government and will culminate with a forum this fall that will connect community leaders with experts in forest products, marketing, and regional development.

UNBC Facts

Support Students, Celebrate the North

2009 is UNBC’s 15th anniversary and the University has produced a wall calendar to celebrate and raise money for scholarships. The calendar features stunning photos of the northern BC landscape, illustrating the close relationship between UNBC and northern British Columbia. The calendars can be purchased for $20 by calling (250) 960-5750.

Medical Successes

The graduation of the first Northern Medical Program students was a milestone for northern BC, and Melanie MacNicol of Fraser Lake was among the 23 students who made history. Melanie will now be pursuing a residency in Family Practice based in Prince George. While Melanie has graduated from the NMP, the region is still wellrepresented. Justin Frey and Byron Silver are two students from Vanderhoof who joined the NMP this past year and are planning to graduate in 2011. They’re hoping to get financial support from the Northern Medical Programs Trust, which is a $6 million endowment created by the businesses, citizens, and communities of northern BC to support medical students. More than 20 northern communities have signed on. Fort St. James, Fraser Lake, and Burns Lake have all fulfilled their pledges to the Trust, totalling more than $160,000.

Takla Archives

The Northern BC Archives at UNBC is now holding a valuable collection of oral history materials from the Takla Lake First Nation and making it publicly accessible to researchers. The collection includes more than 150 audio and video recordings of interviews and forums gathered over a 30-year period.

4,276 students in academic programs.

$100 million in research funding to date.

2,547 students in Continuing Studies courses.

238 courses offered outside of Prince George.

830 students graduated in 2008, bringing the total number of UNBC alumni to 7,303.

Interested in studying at UNBC?

More than half of UNBC alumni live and work in northern BC.

UNBC offers a number of courses online, in person, and via video/ audio conference. Browse UNBC’s current course listing:

859 scholarships and bursaries worth $2 million.

University of Northern British Columbia •

3333 University Way

Prince George, BC, Canada V2N 4Z9

(250) 960-5555

Mabel Daley of Fort St. James earned a Certificate in First Nations Language – Carrier.

2008 Nechako Valley Regional Report  
2008 Nechako Valley Regional Report  

After Convocation each year a series of regional reports are produced which are customized to regions across northern BC. These reports cele...