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University of Northern British Columbia

UNBC2013 Mackenzie

Barinder Chahal of Mackenzie

CONGRATULATIONS GRADS! 775 students graduated from UNBC this year, bringing the total number of UNBC alumni to 10,363. Convocation ceremonies took place in Prince George, Quesnel, Terrace, Gitwinksihlkw, and Fort St. John.

Mackenzie Graduates Kimberly Allen

Barinder Chahal

Allison Crosby

Rene Francis

Kate Robillard

Russell Stalker

BWS Social Work

BSc Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

MEd Counselling

BA First Nations Studies

BComm Finance & Marketing

MBA Business Administration

Trina Yacyshyn BScN Nursing Allison Crosby

of Mackenzie

Award Recipients Kimberly Allen

Barinder Chahal

Allison Crosby

Hunter Dixon

Kayla Kilba

UNBC In-Course Bursary

UNBC In-Course Scholarship

UNBC Graduate Scholarship

UNBC In-Course Bursary

UNBC In-Course Award & Rotary Clubs of BC Scholarship renewed

McLeod Lake Award Recipient Jessica Traude UNBC Scholars - renewed

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UNBC: 10,000 Grads Strong

UNBC recently celebrated its 20th convocation and passed the 10,000 all-time graduates mark. Following the Prince George ceremony, UNBC's convocation platform party, including UNBC President George Iwama, Chancellor John MacDonald, and members of the University's senior administration traveled more than 2,000 kilometers to attend convocations at UNBC's regional campuses in Terrace, Gitwinksihlkw, Quesnel, and Fort St. John, and to personally grant their degrees and congratulate them. UNBC has 1.9 percent of the university students in BC. From this small number, UNBC annually produces more graduates for Northern BC than all other BC universities combined. Their ranks include nearly 3,000 Bachelor of Science degrees, 2,000 Bachelor of Arts degrees, and represent the education of 1,200 nurses in Northern BC, and 1,200 regionally-educated graduates. These engineers, scientists, teachers, health care workers, entrepreneurs, administrators, parents, and leaders are helping to sustain northern communities and improve the world.

2013 Mackenzie Regional Report  

After Convocation each year a series of regional reports are produced which are customized to regions across northern BC. These reports cele...

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