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UNBC Courses in Terrace

UNBC 2012 Highlights

Fall 2012 BIOL 307-3 Ichthyology & Herpetology (Lecture) Video BIOL 307-3 Ichthyology & Herpetology (Lab) NWCC COMM 332-3 Business and Professional Ethics Video EDUC 406-3 Curriculum & Instruction: Fine Arts EDUC 421-3 Classroom Assessment Practices EDUC 431-3 Educational Technology EDUC 435-2 Learning & Diversity: Inclusive Classrooms EDUC 446-2 Aboriginal Education: Epistemology EDUC 456-2 Language & Literacy: Across the Curriculum EDUC 490-4 Classroom Practice & Seminar II ENSC 308-3 Northern Contaminated Environments (Cross-listed with NORS 312-3) Video GEOG 300-3 Geographic Info Systems (Lecture) Video GEOG 300-3 Geographic Info Systems (Lab) NWCC GEOG 312-3 Geomorphology of Cold Regions Video INTS 306-3 Human Rights Video NORS 312-3 Lands and Environments of the Circumpolar North 2 (Cross-listed with ENSC 308-3) Video

NURS 306-3 Introduction to Epidemiology NURS 308-3 Ethics and Law in Nursing NURS 323-5.5 Nursing Theory & Practice: Older Adult (Section I) Practicum NURS 323-5.5 Nursing Theory & Practice: Older Adult (Section II) Practicum NURS 326-5.5 Nursing Theory & Practice: Mental Health (Section I) Practicum NURS 326-5.5 Nursing Theory & Practice: Mental Health (Section II) Practicum NURS 403-3 Introduction to Nursing Research WWW NURS 418-7 Introduction to Community Health and Nursing (Section I) Practicum NURS 418-7 Introduction to Community Health and Nursing (Section II) Practicum

Provincial Champs Headed to the Big Leagues UNBC has said “good bye” to its participation in the Canadian college athletics league by winning the provincial championship in both men’s and women’s basketball. Next season, the UNBC Timberwolves will begin their first season as a member of the Canada West conference in Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS)—playing against the top athletes in the country.

UNBC 2012 Terrace, Kitimat, & Nass Valley

Physical Therapy in the North A joint effort by UNBC and UBC has established a new clinical cohort allowing for 20 physical therapy students to complete the majority of their clinical placements in northern BC. The purpose is to expose more students to the region and address the shortage of local physiotherapists. The partnership will also enable all of UBC’s physical therapy students—80 in each class—to pursue more of their five-week clinical rotations in the north.

Bioenergy Birthday This spring marked the first anniversary of UNBC’s $15.8 million Bioenergy Plant, funded by the Governments of BC and Canada and featuring gasification technology from BCbased Nexterra Systems. The system has already reduced UNBC’s use of fossil fuels for heating by 89% and proven that emissions from bioenergy can be lower than natural gas. The plant serves as the primary heat source for UNBC, and also acts as a platform for education and research.

NURS 418-7 Introduction to Community Health and Nursing (Theory) SOCW 300-3 Social Work Communication Style

SOCW 301-3 Critical Social Work Practice SOCW 310-3 First Nations Social Work Issues

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SOCW 402-15 Social Work Field Education II

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Terrace, Kitimat, & Nass Valley | 2012 Kitimat

graduates and Nass Valley Terrace, Kitimat gram Pro al dic Me ern from the North

Terrace Award Recipients


Renee Beauchamp

Jordan Almeida

Shane Anderson

Jennifer Mackie

Ashley Bilash

Samantha Piper

BScN Nursing

Raven Scholarship

BComm Accounting

MSc Community Health Science

Raven Scholarship

Allison Fowler

Aaron Germuth

Kassandra Beaupre

R.T. Wilson Rural and Remote Nursing Clinical Practicum Bursary

BASc Environmental Engineering

Michael Strel Memorial Bursary

BScN Nursing

Harold McDames

Lisa Garcia

Blake Hawkins

Ashley Bilash

Certificate in Aboriginal Child and Youth Mental Health

BComm Accounting

Celena John Bursary, Dr. Mary John Bursary

Michael Horianopoulos BSc Biology

Jotvir Mann BSc Biology

Alanis Marleau BComm General Business

Amanda Martins BScN Nursing

Linda Horianopoulos

Matthias Muller BHSc Biomedical Studies

Canfor Annual Undergraduate Bursary

Megan Euverman

Randie Stevenson

UNBC Scholars Award

Nathan Park

Gorton Family Bursary

Dane Gunter Raven Scholarship

Tony Tran

Alanis Marleau

Emily Burnip

Samantha Piper

Andrea Heslenfeld

HB (Herb) Osen Endowed Bursary

BScN Nursing

BScN Nursing

Michael Prevost

Scott Van Dyk

Raven Bursary

Alexander FraessPhillips

Prince George Filipino Canadian Society Scholarship, UNBC In-Course Award

BHSc Honours Biomedical Studies

Samantha Louie

Harjit Pannu

Krista Voogd

UNBC Merit Award

Brendon Grant BComm Finance & International Business

Graduates Cecilia Azak

Christina Percival

BEd Elementary Education

BComm Accounting & Finance

Certificate in General First Nations, Certificate in First Nations LanguageNisga’a Language

Kathleen Clayton

Carey Stewart

Caitlin Scales BScN Nursing

BHSc Community & Population Health-Environmental

Dwayne Sheppard

Linette Lubke

BEd Elementary Education

UNBC Scholars Award

Emily Hobson

Randie Stevenson

Brandon Merritt

BA English

Nass Valley

BScN Nursing

Van Adrichem Undergraduate Summer Research Bursary

Andrea Heslenfeld

Catherine Kennedy

BEd Elementary Education

UNBC Transfer Student Award

Kenneth Wong Memorial Scholarship

Shane Wiebe

UNBC In-Course Scholarship

Helen and Raymond Hatch Bursary, R.T. Wilson Rural and Remote Nursing Clinical Practicum Bursary

Karen Ber

Andrea Hes

Tony Tran

MEd Multi-Disciplinary Leadership

BComm Human Resources Management

Carrie Koopmans

Tyler West

BA English & History

BA First Nations Studies

Elaina Kustas

Shane Wiebe

BScN Nursing

Blake Hawkins of Kitimat

Alanis Marleau of Kiti

lenfeld of

ace Catherine Kennedy of Terr


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Elaina Ku

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CONGRATULATIONS GRADS! 722 students graduated from UNBC this year, bringing the total number of UNBC alumni to 9,901. Convocation ceremonies took place in Prince George, Quesnel, Terrace, and Gitwinksihlkw.

BScN Nursing

Emily Wright BSc Honours Psychology

MEd Multi-Disciplinary Leadership

Award Recipients Domingos Verde Graduate Research Award, UNBC Doctoral Tuition Scholarship

UNBC Scholars Awards First-year students Linda Horianopolous of Kitimat and Linette Lubke and Megan Euverman of Terrace have the chance to earn a UNBC degree tuition-free after receiving UNBC Scholars awards this past year. As long as they maintain a B average, UNBC Scholars can have their tuition waived for an entire bachelor’s degree program.


Nancy Anne Tarrant Memorial Bursary

MSc NRES-Environmental Science

Brayden Marleau

al, Kathleen Clayton, Cecilia Azak, & Carey

Caitlin Scales

BA History

CN Regional Scholarship

Nass Valley Graduates (L-R) Christina Perciv

UNBC In-Course Award

Emily Braam

April Burnip

BA Anthropology

Certificate Nisga’a Studies

BA English


Darrin Rigo

TELUS Innovation Scholarship, UNBC Scholars Award

Mark Tomlinson

Desmond Barton

Deborah Bulleid

Barton of

Award Recipients


BScN Nursing


Emily Wright of Terrace Linda Horianopolous of


Megan Euverm Linette Lubke of Terrace

an of Terrace

Amanda Martins (L)

p (R) of Kitimat

and Renee Beaucham


Jotvir Mann of Kit

Caitlin S

cales of


2012 Northwest Regional Report  

After Convocation each year a series of regional reports are produced which are customized to regions across northern BC. These reports cele...