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Emily Bolin BScN Nursing

Trina Bruneau BScN Nursing

Brad Carson BEd Education

Sarah Crawley BEd Education

Kiva Doane BScN Nursing

Evan Dusdal

BComm Marketing

Briana Emery BScN Nursing

Farrah Glanfield

BHSc Biomedical Studies

Marla Hamblin BScN Nursing

Mary Henry

Shannon King

BSc Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Natasha Kopec BScN Nursing

Kendra Lansdowne BScN Nursing

Jennifer Mackay BScN Nursing

Alexandra MacLean BScN Nursing

Lisa Maddalena BScN Nursing

Elizabeth Manji

MEd Multi-Disciplinary Leadership

Christine McDonald BEd Education

Hanna McRae BScN Nursing

BEd Education

Meagan Moi

Jordan Schibli

Katlynn DeGoeij

Jordan Monteiro

Gurveena More

Aeron Sterner

Sara Fontes

Anastasios Rinquinha

Shelley Muir

Brenna Sterner

Ioanna Ivanakis

Carly Santos

BHSc Biomedical Studies BEd Education BEd Education

BHSc Biomedical Studies BEd Education BEd Education

Megan Newton

Lindsey Stinson

Katie O’Neill

Virginia Russel

Diandra-Mary Oliver

Jolene Wesley

Sarah Palahicky

Leanne Whyte

Briana Pellegrino

Eddie Wolfe

Andrea Roidgare

Sarah Wright

BScN Nursing BScN Nursing

MA Gender Studies BScN Nursing

BSc Psychology BScN Nursing

BA Political Science

BScN Nursing

BSc Biochemistry and Molecular Biology BScN Nursing

Natasha Kennedy BSc Biology

BA General

BSc Psychology BScN Nursing BScN Nursing

UNBC Scholars Award

Virginia Russell

Graduate Research Award

Alexander Fraess-Phillips Sarah Palahicky UNBC In-Course Bursary

Sharon Revel Bursary

Adam Simons

Shannon King

Briana Pellegrino

Krista Voogd

UNBC In-Course Bursary

Inder Madhok Bursary


Award Recipient



Alvin Azak

Rhonda Stephens

Teresa Azak

New Aiyansh


Certificate Nisga’a Language

Kimi Hisanaga BEd Education

BSc Natural Resources Management – Wildlife and Fisheries

Allison Nyce

MA Interdisciplinary Studies

Amy Nyce

Justine Feldhoff

Erica McLellan

Sara Fontes

Daniel Mercer

Raven Bursary

UNBC In-Course Bursary

Aaron Germuth

Emily Wright

UNBC Scholars Award

Raven Scholarship

UNBC In-Course Scholarship UNBC Faculty and Staff Scholarship

Anne Moyls

UNBC Part-time undergraduate Scholarship

Anastasios Rinquinha

Father Thomas General Assembly 1321 Bursary, UNBC In-Course Scholarship

Rix Family Foundation Health Sciences Bursary

Sarah Wright

UNBC In-Course Bursary

Lindsey Stin

son of Terrac


the The Education cohort from Terrace campus

Amy Nyce of Gitwinksihlkw

Allison Nyce

of Gitwinksih

818 students graduated from UNBC this year, bringing the total number of UNBC alumni to 9,179. Convocation ceremonies took place in Prince George, Quesnel, Terrace, and Gitwinksihlkw.

UNBC Leadership Award

Stewart Award Recipients Darbi Brand

Daniel Wahl

UNBC Scholars Award

Award Recipient Gitwinksihlkw

Jill Squires

Amy Nyce

UNBC In-Course Bursary



Janna Olynick

UNBC Scholars Award

BScN Nursing BEd Education

BSc Chemistry

BSW Social Work

Niva Percival


Richelle Sussbauer

UNBC Scholars Award


esley of Jolene W

BA Joint Major in English and Women’s Studies

UNBC Transfer Student Award

Nass Valley

of Kitimat

BSc Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Alexandra Keech

UNBC Scholars Award

Michael Horianopoulos

Provincial Chapter of BC IODE UNBC Scholars Award Entrance Bursary for Mature Students, UNBC Transfer Student Brandon Merritt Award Raven Bursary

Sara Fontes

BComm Accounting

Sarah Allan

Blake Hawkins

Award Recipients Kaleigh Pelletier


Award Recipients

Raven Bursary

Tracy Sam

BEd Education

Aislynn Lansdowne

f New A

MSc Community Health Science

UNBC Faculty and Staff Bursary

Christopher Ballinger

rcival o Niva Pe

UNBC Scholars  First-year students (top to bottom) Daniel Wahl of Stewart, Sarah Allan of Kitimat, and Kaleigh Pelletier of Terrace, can earn a UNBC degree tuition-free after receiving UNBC Scholars awards this past year.

eanne n King, L , Shanno a of Terrace o n ri g e ll Briana Pend Lisa Maddalen Whyte, a

Alvin Aza

k of Gitw


Teresa Azak of Gitwinksihlkw

Richelle Suss bauer of Kitimat

UNBC Courses in Terrace September to December 2011

January to April 2012

Biology 307-3

Anthropology 419-3

Nursing 306-3

Biology 411-3

Nursing 308-3

Education 341-2

Nursing 317-3

Education 342-2

Nursing 318-3

Education 351-2

Nursing 321-2.5

Ichthyology & Herpetology Biology 402-3

Aquatic Plants Education 313-1

Interpersonal Communication Education 333-2

Natural Resources & Environmental Studies 421-1

Professional Writing Nursing 308-3

Ethics and Law in Nursing Nursing 315-2.5

Practicum - Mental Health

Political and Legal Anthropology Conservation Biology Principles of Instruction

Learning, Development & Motivation

Nursing 316-2.5

Education 340-2

Nursing 453-3

Curriculum Development Models

Nursing Practice with Older Persons

Curriculum & Instruction: Second Lang.

Education 346-2

Nursing 456-3

Introduction to Aboriginal Education

Mental Health & Addictions

Education 357-3

Education 356-2

Nursing 403-3

Practicum - Elderly Adult

Language & Literacy Development

Introduction to Nursing Research

Education 376-2

Nursing 415-3

Numeracy: Math Concepts (EY) Education 380-3

Foundations of Education Education 390-3

Classroom Practice & Seminar II Education 395-1

Professional Issues: Legal & Ethical (EY) Education 396-3

Classroom Practice & Seminar II English 486-3

Literature of the Fantastic Environmental Science 308-3

Northern Contaminated Environments First Nations Studies 137-3

Tsimshian Language (Sm’algyax) Level I

Introduction to Community Health & Nursing Nursing 416-4

Clinical Practicum: Community Nursing Political Science 403-3/603-3

Social and Health Policy and Administration Social Work 302-6

Social Work Field Education

Curriculum & Instruction: Social Studies (EY) Education 377-2

Numeracy: Instructional Strategies (EY) Education 387-2

Curriculum & Instruction: Science (EY) Education 391-3

Classroom Practice & Seminar II English 460-3

Child Welfare Practice Social Work 426-3

ENPL 305-3

Current Issues in Child Welfare

Environmental Impact Assessment

Social Work 455-3

First Nations Studies 138-3

First Nations Governance & Social Policy

Ethics & Law Nursing Maternity Nursing Theory Pediatric Nursing Theory Clinical Practicum: Maternity Nursing 322-2.5

Clinical Practicum: Pediatrics Nursing 408-3

Nursing Leadership Nursing 422-3

First Nations Health and Nursing Nursing 451-3

Health Assessment to RN First Call Nursing 441-5

Practicum: First Nations Health and Nursing Nursing 442-5

Practicum: Rural Nursing Social Work 336-3

Social Work Philosophy and Ethics Social Work 401-3

Northern/Remote Social Work Practice Social Work 420-3

Family/Child Welfare Policy

Tsimshian Language (Sm’algyax) Level II

Social Work 421-3

Geography 300-3

Social Work 456-3

Geographic Information Systems

Human Growth & Development Family Caring Systems

Environmental Science 404-3

Waste Management

Geography 312-3

Contact UNBC in Terrace 4837 Keith Avenue Terrace, BC V8G 1K7 Phone: 250-615-5578 Toll-Free: 1-800-697-7388 Email:

Printed on 100% recycled paper

Education 366-2

Special Topics in Children’s Literature (Animals in Children’s Lit)

Soil Formation and Classification

Course availability is subject to change.

Language & Literacy: Reading & Writing (EY)

Social Work 422-3

Forestry 425-3

Geomorphology of Cold Regions

Social Dynamics of Classrooms

Introduction to Epidemiology

Natural Resources & Environmental Studies 422-3

Undergraduate Report

Course availability is subject to change.

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Christine McDonald from Terrace won the silver Governor General Award for academic achievement

2011 Northwest Regional Report  

After Convocation each year a series of regional reports are produced which are customized to regions across northern BC. These reports cele...

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