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Terrace Graduates




Karen Andrews

B. Kolterman

Anthony Adam

Mathew Pirrotta

Kurt Biagioni

Karla Lindstrom

Catherine Hall

Kristen Scrivens

Steven Biagioni

Janet Nisyok

Angela Horianopoulos

Amanda Slanina


Georgette Carlick

Shauna Palahicky

Leah Kolodinski

Andrew Tomlinson BEd Education

Award Recipients

Dyani Clawson

Brittney Parks

Haley Kuppers

Sheila Vines

Darbi Brand

MEd Multi-Disciplinary Leadership BScN Nursing BScN Nursing BScN Nursing

BSW Social Work

BScN Nursing

BSW Social Work BSW Social Work BScN Nursing

BA International Studies

BComm Accounting – Finance BA Economics MBA

BSc Biomedical Studies BSc Psychology

Sandra Conlon

Dimphena Penner

Kristy Ledevehat

Priscilla de Medeiros

Bonita Pitzoff

Michelle Martins

Bao-Phung Diep

Francesca Pretto

Gareth Earl

Orie Shiga

Lisa Elliott

Sovindeep Sihota

Jaspreet Gill

Anita Taylor

MSW Social Work

Talisman Energy Scholarship for Aboriginal Students

Rodney Hayward

Thanasi Tsardidis

Blake Hawkins

BComm Finance

UNBC Faculty and Staff Bursary

Carman Hendry

Evan van Dyk

Michael Horianopoulos

Ashley Hershey

Claire Wiebe

Leah Kofoed

Robert Ziegler

BSW Social Work BScN Nursing

BComm Accounting

BASc Environmental Engineering BScN Nursing BScN Nursing MBA MBA

BScN Nursing BScN Nursing

BSW Social Work BSW Social Work BA Anthropology BScN Nursing

BComm Accounting

BComm Accounting BScN Nursing MBA

Award Recipients Robyn Carle

William Dow Ferry Scholarship

Shauna Palahicky

UNBC In-Course Bursary

Nancy Anne Tarrant Memorial Bursary, R.T. Wilson Rural and Remote Nursing Clinical Practicum Bursary, UNBC In-Course Scholarship

Alexander Fraess-Phillips

Nathan Park

Bao-Phung Diep

Credit Union Foundation of BC – George Viereck Memorial Bursary

Barbara Hammer

Graduate Research Award

Briana Pellegrino

Graduate Research Award

Rix Family Foundation Health Sciences Bursary

Amy Hayduk

Francesca Pretto

UNBC Masters Tuition Scholarship

Shannon King

UNBC In-Course Bursary

Leah Kofoed

Helen and Raymond Hatch Bursary, Jane Layhew Nursing Bursary

B. Kolterman

UNBC In-Course Scholarship, UNBC International Study Abroad Award

Sarah Smaha

Jane Layhew Nursing Bursary

Lynda Struthers

Pacific Century Graduate Scholarship, UNBC Doctoral Tuition Scholarship

R.T. Wilson Rural and Remote Nursing Clinical Practicum Bursary

Krista Voogd

Aislynn Lansdowne

Claire Wiebe

Kristy Ledevehat

Emily Wright

UNBC Scholars Program

R.T. Wilson Rural and Remote Nursing Clinical Practicum Bursary

UNBC Scholars Program Sharon Revel Bursary

BScN Nursing

Tomli Andrew

BSc Psychology

Sarah Campbell BSc Geography

nson of


Mary Mcken

zie of New Ai


us ce camp The Terra

ork coho Social W


Maryann Speirs BScN Nursing

BSW Social Work BScN Nursing

BScN Nursing

UNBC Scholars Program

Jesse Corbel

UNBC Scholars Program

Cara Webb BScN Nursing

BA English

Award Recipients Emily Feldhoff

Haley Kuppers

Michael Gentile

Erica McLellan

UNBC Scholars Program

Dr. Patrick Carson Bursary

Darbi Brand

UNBC Scholars Program

Jordan Monteiro

Rotary Clubs of BC Scholarship – renewed

Erica McLellan

UNBC Scholars Program

New Aiyansh


Amy Hayduk

Teresa Azak

Charity Peal

Nicole Morven

Christina Percival

Samantha Nyce

Certificate in Nisga’a Studies

Mary Mckenzie BSc Psychology

Nicole Morven of Gitwinksihlkw


y Park

es of T errace

832 students graduated from UNBC this year, bringing the total number of UNBC alumni to 8,350. Convocation ceremonies took place in Prince George, Quesnel, Grande Prairie, Terrace, Gitwinksihlkw, and Prince Rupert.

Certificate in General First Nations Studies, Certificate in Nisga’a Studies Certificate in Nisga’a Studies




MEd Multi-Disciplinary Leadership

rcival of New

Angie Horianopoulos at and Carman Hendry of Kitim

Nass Valley

MSc Mathematical, Computer, and Physical Sciences – Chemistry

Christina Pe

Krista Voogd

Certificate in General First Nations Studies

Aislynn Lansdowne

Julie Squires

BA First Nations Studies

Award Recipients New Aiyansh Desmond Barton

BMO Bank of Montreal Aboriginal Scholarship, Spectra Energy Transmission Bursaries for Aboriginal Students, Vancouver Foundation First Nations Bursary

Marsha Spencer

UNBC In-Course Scholarship

Max and Violet Enemark Bursary

UNBC Scholars First-year students Erica McLellan of Kitimat, Darbi Brand of Stewart, and Aislynn Lansdowne and Krista Voogd of Terrace, can earn a UNBC degree tuition-free after receiving a UNBC Scholars award this past year. The awards are presented annually to the top student from each northern BC high school.

Theresa A

zak of Git



Julie Squ Samantha Nyc e ires of G itwinksih and lkw

The Terrace campus Nursing cohort

Karen Andrew

s of Terrace

UNBC Courses in Terrace September to December 2010

January to April 2011

Anthropology 215-3

Nursing 308-3

Anthropology 415-3

Nursing 317-3

Education 406-3

Nursing 315-2.5

Education 413-1

Nursing 321-2.5

Nursing 316-2.5

Education 436-2

Nursing 318-3

Anthropology of Canada Curriculum & Instruction: Fine Arts (EY) Education 421-3

Classroom Assessment Practices Education 431-3

Educational Technology Education 435-2

Learning & Diversity: Inclusive Classrooms

Ethics and Law in Nursing Practicum - Mental Health Practicum - Elderly Adult Nursing 403-3

Introduction to Nursing Research Nursing 415-3

Introduction to Community Health & Nursing Nursing 416-4 Section 1

Aboriginal Education: Epistemology

Clinical Practicum: Community Nursing

Education 456-2

Nursing 416-4 Section 2

Education 446-2

Language & Literacy: Across the Curriculum (EY)

Economic Anthropology Counselling Skills (EY & MY) Learning & Diversity: Learning Disibilities Education 457-2

Language & Literacy: Oral & Written Genres (EY) Education 489-2

Curriculum & Instruction: Physical Education (EY) Education 491-10

Classroom Practice & Seminar IV

Maternity Nursing Theory Clinical Practicum: Maternity Pediatric Nursing Theory Nursing 322-2.5

Clinical Practicum: Pediatrics Nursing 408-3

Nursing Leadership Nursing 422-3

First Nations Health and Nursing Nursing 424-3

Rural Nursing Nursing 441-5

Clinical Practicum: Community Nursing

Education 495-1

Professional Issues: Portfolios

Practicum: First Nations Health and Nursing

Education 490-4

Nursing 432-3

Education 717-3

Nursing 442-5

Education 656-3

Nursing 453-3

English 280-3

Education 711-3

Political Science 403-3/603-3

English 300-3

Classroom Practice & Seminar II Instructional Leadership Counselling Theory English 200-3 / Women’s Studies 220-3

Gender and Literary Theory English 212-3

Survey of English Literature II

Mental Health Nursing Nursing Practice with Older Persons Social and Health Policy and Administration Social Work 300-3/630-3

Social Work Communication Skills

Ethics in Counselling Shakespeare Theory

Environmental Planning 305-3

Environmental Impact Assessment Environmental Studies 325-3

Social Work 301-3/631-3

Critical Social Work Practice

Global Environmental Change: Science and Policy

Social Work 310-3

Geography 300-3

Northern Contaminated Environments

Social Work 452-3

Geography 311-3

Environmental Studies 425-3

Social Work 609-3

Nursing 304-3

History 130-3

Womens Studies 302-3

Nursing 306-3

English 486-3

Literature of the Fantastic Environmental Science 308-3

Climate Change & Global Warming History Through Film Course availability is subject to change.

First Nations Social Work Issue Social Work/Crisis Intervention Advanced Quantitative Research Women and the Contemporary World

UNBC Highlights 2009/2010 • The UNBC men’s basketball team scored UNBC’s first national championship this year after going 17-1 during the season and capturing the provincial title.

Printed on 100% recycled paper

• John MacDonald, co-founder of MacDonald Dettwiler, is UNBC’s fifth chancellor. The Prince Rupert native and CEO of BC-based solar company Day4 Energy is a champion of BC’s renewable energy.

Geographic Information Systems Concepts in Geomorphology Introduction to Nursing Knowledge Introduction to Epidemiology Course availability is subject to change.

Practicum: Rural Nursing Social Work 320-3/633-3

Critical Social Policy

Social Work 330-3/634-3

Social Work Research/Policy/ Practice Social Work 440-3

Social Work in Mental Health Social Work 441-3

Social Work and Substance Abuce Social Work 704-3

MSW Integrative Seminar Womens Studies 209-3

Gender & Cultural Studies: An Introduction

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Some of the graduates from the Terrace campus

2010 Northwest Regional Report  

After Convocation each year a series of regional reports are produced which are customized to regions across northern BC. These reports cele...

2010 Northwest Regional Report  

After Convocation each year a series of regional reports are produced which are customized to regions across northern BC. These reports cele...