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February/March 2014 â—Ś #IssueNo9

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February/March 2014 â—Ś #IssueNo9

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You might have seen from the cover through in the magazine there is some sense of maturity in the publication. For the past 2 months YNot Culture is celebrating being more than a year old. Through the year of the publication’s existence we celebrate over 10 000 readers we were managed to reach from these platform and format of being an online publication as opposed to being a print magazine that people are used and comfortable with. On that note we met up with amazing artists, dancers, designers and music groups for this issue, the most iconic and common thing about all our features is they singled out their families as their inspiration behind their contribution in art. Art is not only leisure or a way of life but also a collaborator of people, this we see it with the MuzArt folks. We share the experience the journey of Zano Sithetho a renowned fashion designer from Eastern Cape making it in Johannesburg. We also had a check chat with Zano’s homeboy Vusi Nova whose vocal abilities wows audiences every time he performs. Arguably the most trilling factor about this issue is the power of social network, which helped us to get our first ever International feature. All the way from Boston USA Fame or Juliet, a hip hop music group shared their story with us and introduced themselves to South Africa. There is more to the Y-Not Culture than fashion, music and dance, we also bring to you the best in food, religion, cars, relationships and questions answered. So no matter what element of our Y-Not Culture we have covered inside and Happy 1st Birthday to you the Y-Not Culture reader

Unarine Ramaru Founder and Chief Editor


God said I was ready to be found but no one was looking for me. Most people are busy following strange gods, some are worshippers of men. Pursuing friends that are heading to hell, and the way to hell is the most popular road people are journeying on right now. If you can be true to yourself how many times has your friend pointed you to church? Learn be a pursuer of God not men. We live in a world where people are no longer on the path of sanity. In fact we live in a world where it’s abnormal to be normal. It’s normal for men to pray but the world has made it to be too abnormal. In our Kingdom it’s Prayer is a way of life; it is a basic need normal not to engage in for each and every Christian. any sexual activities but If there is a man to pray then there’s a we live in a world where God to answer Without prayer there cannot be an answer sexual immorality is a Without an answer there cannot be results way of life, in a system And without results there cannot be where not being sexually change active is a sin. But how With no change you will remain in the long will God keep same chains showing us mercy? If you were God wouldn’t this be the right time to judge the World? But how many of us can truly say we are prepared for the second coming of the Lord?

hus saith the Lord: I was ready to respond, but no one asked for help. I was ready to be found but no one was looking for me. I said here I am to a nation that did not call on my name” God is calling out to every person, he said I was ready to respond but no one asked for help. God is ready to answer your prayer but you are not praying. For God to be ready to answer it means you have a surety of an answered prayer but how can you be answered if you not asking God for anything?      

With the Metro FM Awards coming up soon, Y-Not took time out to chat to one of the groups nominated. MuzArt as you might know or heard of it from your music channels and radio is one band to put everything in bet for them to walkout of the Metro FM Awards with a trophy or two.

When was Muzart conceived? Was it one person’s idea? Late 2010, Vic met Tazzy and had a concept to start a music production collective and Tazzy agreed with no doubt since it was along the lines of his vision musically. Which today grew to a movement that also performs as a band. The name “MuzArt" how did that came about? Part of the mission statement of the collective was to make timeless music that is youthful, new and relevant. Mozart as a young composer resembled these qualities. His name along with "music" and "art" Tazzy came up with the fusion, Muzart. Let's talk about recording the latest album “Muzart” and the song choices? That album in all its variety, musicality and originality defines our identity and how broadminded we are hence the title "Muzart". The songs on the album is all the material we've ever recorded because they're all that important to us. We've expressed ourselves in entirety. What was your reaction when your first single was played on radio? I think with every artist it is the same. You get everyone you know to sit next to the radio stations to hear it and when it does come on you just go wild. It truly feels like an achievement.

Prior to the album release and even after the release of the album, "Muzart" received great reviews, as musicians what does one take from such reviews for a debut album? Shock. I mean we're here to learn, to be criticised, to be mentored and groomed and people already look up to you. It's good shock, excitement and disbelief in that we didn’t know that what we had was so great. Your album is a mix of musical genres such as dance, jazz, hip-hop and soulful vocals. How do you define your direction and music taking all these genres in account? It’s the hardest thing any person who’s heard our music ever had to do. We fall under all categories you've mentioned but we say it’s a little something called "NuSoul Groove". A new genre altogether, that's our definition. If it's either Soul, Fusion or Funk to you that’s ok with us.

In your opinions, what was the moment you were convinced MuzArt is here to stay in the music industry? Wow, we've had a couple of those. Firstly it was album reviews when it was first released. Then the response around our first single "Jukebox” and video dropping. After that our performances and 2nd single Party After just put a stamp on it as we topped charts and music channels. Most recently, we got 4 Metro FM awards nominations and that just closed the case.

With Rorisang's background as a Yo-TV presenter and Nkanyiso from a musical family, how did all you backgrounds influence the decision to go the music route? We all have different careers, mostly being in the industry but the common factor was our passion for soulful music but in different perspectives. That explains diversity in the types of soulful music we do. It's not easy getting one decision from 5 backgrounds but the vision keeps us going.

Who is the bully, the joker, Mr/Ms Serious and the lazy-bone in the group? Bully -Rori, Joker - Nkanyiso, Mr Serious -Tazzy, Lazy Bone - Vic Do you have any upcoming concerts and plans for the festive season and 2014? We have numerous shows every week and other activities to interact with the South African society. Follow us @muzart_music on twitter and like Muzart_music on Facebook for more details.

While Aerosmirth are considering dropping the microphone and hanging the guitars another Boston, USA music group who is grabbing the limelight is Fame Or Juliet, a highly talented trio who’s music speaks to the soul and hit Close to home. Social-Networking with Una Ramses they shed the light to who they are to a new market which is South Africa.

Una: Fame or Juliet who are the members? Fame Or Juliet: Jeremias Jimenez (songwriter and artist), Caleb Michel (songwriter and artist) and Jason "J Forte" Nambouh (producer) Tell us about where you are from and how you got together as a group and the decision behind the name. We are from Boston, Ma. We are all from the same city and by the grace of God came together to create this group. The decision behind the name "Fame or Juliet" is that life is all about choices especially difficult choices. Our battle is picking Fame (fortune, dreams, money etc.) or Juliet (love ones, girlfriends, family, friends etc.)

Your song "Dreams of Reality" have being doing rounds and it is also the background song on Eric Thomas's motivational videos, was there any contact with the Hip Hop Preacher to use your song? Yes. He contacted our manager Shaun after he heard the song. He instantly fell in love and wanted to use our song for his T.G.I.M series. The Sad story of a young girl who jumped in front of a train because of the pressure of being bullied at school inspired the song "Felicia", are all your songs inspired by events around you?? Most definitely. Every song is about our life or experiences in life. We learn that our music connects with our fans because it is coming from an honest standpoint. What are the things you wished you had known about the industry before you entered or released your first song?

How important it is to connect with your fans and have them stay connected with you. It is an on-going process for us and we learn something new every day. What is the one thing you can single out as the highlight of the group thus far? Too many to name one. We are blessed to have so many so far and we aren't even in the position we want to be. Which artists, producers and groups have you worked with so far and who do you want to work with in the near future? On the lighter side, away from the studio or the stage how do you relax? Nothing too crazy. We are always working on music. Our goal is to make it and put the city on the map.

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself? Never take a day off. Keep working.

Thanks to the social media we were able to reach out to you guys for this interview, how do you utilize social media to sell your music and promote it? Social media is everything nowadays. We are getting interview by a magazine from South Africa which is mind blowing and we haven't even tour out of our state. This interview shows you the power of social media. We are dropping a new album in March or April so follow us to make sure to know when it drops.

“Never take a day off. Keep working. Where can people visit you? Follow us on Instagram: @fameorjuliet On Twitter: @fameorjuliet On Facebook: @Fameorjuliet YouTube: @FameorJuliet Any last thing you want to say to your fans here in South Africa? We will be performing there soon! Promise.

According to Reddit feminism is the pursuit of equality in regards to women's rights. It has manifested across centuries and continents through various movements, currents and ideologies.

Hi, I'm Vuyi and I'm a recovering feminist. I used dislike men and thought of their existence as a mere source of keeping the female specie alive. Feminism from what I experienced, is a competition between men and feminists on who can be better at being a man. The motto; "what men can do we can do better; even better, we can remove them from the face of the earth *evil laugh*.

did that mean I was letting my fellow women down? I wanted to advocate women's rights however,

Competition of the sexes is not what I believe in

I found myself not celebrating what I can do as a woman and what I can do empower myself as a woman. Instead of exploring my femininity I found myself rather focusing on what 'society' thought I cannot do and what men did and tried to outdo all of that. As time went by I felt a little conflicted. If I embraced femininity and accept that men and women were created differently but not inferior one to another,

did not want to be aggressive in the notion that we should be the same. I did not want to be a man. I do not want to be a man. I believe in strong, courageous, independent women who know their worth. However, competition of the sexes is not what I believe in.

I am not saying that women should lie low and not try to go for things "un womanlike" in societal terms but, not to become men because we are not. I do not hate feminists or believe that their existence is unnecessary because that would only make me a bigot. I have just progressed into a woman who loves women and loves being a woman.

The Undoubtable

DJ and producer Chymamusique has been dominating the Pretoria club scene and airwaves for close to five years now with his original jazzy feel house music. In an exclusive interview with Y-Not Culture Collen Mmotla shares his journey from when he first learnt how to play a piano at church, to winning two music competitions up until where he is right now as the sound to every Sunday afternoon lekker braai


Your Stage name obviously come across as unique, can you explain the story behind it? My name came about when I was still in high school (Grade 10), there was a plant tissue called COLLENCHYMA so my classmates called me CHYMA because my name was Collen then in 2010 I just added "musique" as a suffix to complete it. What made you switch from identifying chemical components which you studied for at TUT for identifying the perfect beat in a music studio?

I loved music from an early age and my dad bought me a piano so after studying Chemistry I felt like doing something I love as I started perusing production and my music was appreciated so now I'm stuck with music but also doing some chemistry job. You have a jazz background; can you please take us through that? When I was 11 I learnt how to play piano at church then as I grew I had a jazz and gospel band at home and when I branched to house I applied more jazz musicality to my sounds. Since your first release in 2010, how is the response from the fans, is it where you want it or not yet there? The response was good but at the moment I think I still have a long way to go because it takes a long while for a brand to be at its peak especially in the soulful and deep house category.


As house music producer and Dj what is the common goal that every Dj and producer want to achieve during their career span? To achieve relevance, stability and growth.

I work with the labels when it comes to remixes and releasing hard copy CDs so with my label I work with digital releases for myself and other guys that I recruited under my labels.

What is the funniest thing that happened at an event? When the other DJs start playing your own music when they see u enter the venues

What is the true SA house music sound? Drums are more descriptive in our local sound.

In 2011 you won a couple of music competition, what was the secret? Knowing my sound and having musical background and creativity.

Let's get to the business side of Collen, how do you separate not only being a producer/Dj with being the owner and running Chymamusique? It takes time to learn things in this industry, firstly you have to work with major labels and see how things are done so fortunately I managed to work with big record companies and learnt many things in the process and saw a gap that I could close with my own label. You do work with SoulCandi and House Afrika, how does that work since you have your own record label?

What would you like your legacy to be? I'd like to groom other upcoming producers and see them getting recognition nationally and internationally.

You have shared the stage with legendary Djs like Vinny Da Vincy and Glen Lewis plus many other djs, what messages do they rub off to you to help mould your career? It just helps with building profile and networking.

Lastly what do you prefer Deejaying, producing or remixing? Remixing is more fun, producing is challenging and Deejaying for me feels like partying and test driving my upcoming tunes so I think they all go hand in hand.

People tend to lose themselves; they tend to try too much to be noticed. In that process one then forgets the real reason why they wake up in the morning daily.


ave you ever taken some time to look to at yourself in the mirror? What is it that you see? Are you happy with what you see? Are you content? Who are you? Are you defined by the way you walk, talk, the way you address people? Or maybe your wardrobe choice? You have different personalities for different occasions. Why is that so? Is it because you want to fit in? You struggle to make peace with yourself because you want to be ‘cool’. Deep down it kills you knowing that you’re living a lie, all to impress people that care less about what you had for breakfast or lunch. During your High School years you were part of the popular gangs.

Who are you? Material things do not define you. Your hairdo, lip colour, the car you drive, the phone you use …..These just compliment you. Your personality and your character do a better job at defining you than your facial appearance. You thought it was amazing right? It boosted your selfesteem, gave you such hype and that was the reason you walked tall. Time flies, people grow up and eventually have to move on to the next level of life. You’re now at tertiary, nobody knows you, and nobody cares where you from, how many distinctions you achieved, what your second name is or where your parents work. This is a big step and it comes with different temptations.

We live in a society that drives us into portraying a certain image that costs us. Life, change of scenery, society and the social media usually changes people’s perspectives to life and in the process, it tries to define us but truth be told, there’s one person who knows who you are, and that person is you. Be true to yourself, know who you are and remember that no one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you. @PearlMoyo

We talk to the amazing C Trix our November song of the month winner and this issue’s upcoming artist feature


Who is C Trix, take us through the journey of your career from day one? C Trix aka “Mr All Black Every Everything” is a Cameroon born Hip-Hop recording artist based in Johannesburg. It’s been an unending journey though. It started in 2004 when I recorded my first song and the streets liked it. I think I just went with that momentum, formed a group of three. We recorded a couple of songs for fun. Later on we split up because we didn’t have the same goals I guess. Till date, I’ve been featured on dozens of mixtapes. Personally, I have 2 mixtapes (All Black Everything LP released in 2012 & All Black Everything 1.9 released in 2013). What was the inspiration behind venturing into music and every song? Oh well, writing comes naturally to me. And I’ve always loved rap music, so I sort of took music as a stepping stone to enhance what I write. I’m heavily inspired by the people around me, my experiences and other peoples’ stories. You just never know what I might come up with. Every song I make is spontaneous, inspired by spontaneous events. (Laughs) Your thoughts of being our song of the month? Minus the fact that it’s as a result of hard work being recognised, I’m glad that Y-Not Culture is putting me in the spotlight. It makes me wanna work more and grind harder.

Being a Hip Hop artist in SA comes with the stigma of being labelled to be imitating US music to get the masses to listen to you, with your music how do you deal with the stigma and still get the masses to listen to your music as a unique sound from the rest? It’s very sad but it’s true that a lot of artists get that criticism on a daily basis here in Africa as a whole. Personally, I don’t rap in vernacular. But I tell tales that are solely African. My experiences alone are as unique as they come so I really don’t have to try to not sound American.

“I tell tales that are solely African

Throughout your career who have you worked with and what are the highlights of your career? Whoa! I’ve worked with quite a lot of names producers and artists alike. Worked with Cash, $upaNova, F-Eezy to name a few artists and I've worked with Tempo Beatz, Tru Hitz to mention a few producers... aye man the list is long. The highlights of my career. Uh, definitely the birth of my first mixtape ABE, and Dec 2011 when I opened Speedy’s performance at an end of year show at the Vaal Grounds in Vereeniging Stadium. Lastly any upcoming projects and anything you wanna say to you fans? I’ll like to thank you for the questions. It’s been a pleasure answering them. I’m doing a couple of collaborations right now, at the same time working on my debut album “Scriptures” due in 2014. Look out for it. Don’t say I didn’t tell you. (Laughs)


History repeats itself Fashion trends over the years has allured the hearts of many but for young fashion designers, Bongani Tambo and Esnarth Nkosi that didn’t seem to satisfy them. But instead they fell in love with the vintage English look and fashion style. These led them to forming a designing collective called Retro Vintage Kolektion. After realizing people’s response to their unusual and unique clothing in the 21st century, they locked horns and founded, RVK Fashion Week 2014 a bi-annual fashion show.

"RVKFW is aimed at unearthing fresh and talented fashion designers also to provide a platform for them in the fashion industry," says Bongani Tambo The show will feature 20 young designers from close to 7 countries will showcase various fashion genres, from traditional African prints, English vintage and street wear. The winter RVKFW, which will take place late February is seen as the answer to why South Africa’s capital city has no fully functional fashion week organised and dedicated to the city and its surrounding areas.

Organisers said even though they have no sponsor that is not an excuse to host the best fashion week ever seen. Still without any major financial backing, Bongani remains optimistic with this first attempt at a fashion show of this stature at the end of the fashion week they would have attracted future sponsors for the show in years to come. The fashion extravaganza is set for three days to afford the models and designers taking part in the show networking and marketing opportunities", Bongani says.

He says RVKFW will open doors for many upcoming designers and also give them a chance to showcase alongside renowned fashion icons like Amira who just handled the Mozambique Fashion Week, Loux The Guru from Namibia, MacGale and Zano Sithetho both big names in South African fashion industry. Apart from showcasing offbeat designs on the ramp, RVKFW will have pop-up stalls that will give fashion brands the chance to sell their garments and fashion enthusiast to purchase them.

"We are hoping to attract at least 100+ people per day, which we are prepared to even more than the bar we set for ourselves," says Bongani. The event takes place from 28th February – 2 March 2014 at Old Parliament Chamber of South Africa (Church Square) in Pretoria. Tickets at R100 Standard, VIP R200 Premium “tickets” (valid for all 3 days).

Tons of males get it wrong badly when it comes to putting an outfit together. Having to look good all the time is a hustle but if you have the right people to help you pull off a look without giving away too much, is just what you need these holidays. White outfits are trending this season and blending with matching sneakers and belt completes your look. Kanye West is the man to look out for if you ought to stand out. There are only 3 couples that know how to put together dazzling matching outfits. Now these people really know how to make the world the ramp. If you and your other want to be twins this season the people who should be your utmost inspiration are Kim and Kanye, Vic and David and yes, our very own miss Mbau and (kwela Tebza bf) Tebogo. You don't have to be in designer outfits all the time or diamond timepieces, a clean-dazzling look that does not look cheap is all you need to stand out.

3 Tips to remaining timelessly fly this Season *always look clean and neat. Less is more! Less perfume on you leaves a little to a girl's thoughts. *if you'll be wearing a formal outfit, never wear a black belt with brown shoes or the other way round. (This makes you look unorganised and your outfit won't correspond) *if you are going to wear bright coloured shoes, do not ever wear bright coloured socks and make sure your outfit is not too loud coloured for you will be mistaken for a clown.

Q & A with Thuso Mampane Favourite clothing item Denim shirt because you can never go wrong with it. Item of clothing that a man should have in his closet this season White shirt Chino Blazer Favourite local designer Gert johan coetzee Who is your style icon (local n international?) DJ Sbu and David Beckham Favourite scent this season For females I recommend Isabelle marrant and Pinque aura by Justine. For males you should have a fragrant for every mood and weather, I vouch for One million as it is not too heavy scented. If u could spend a day with a female stylist who would it be? Khanyi Mbau Is it better to blend in or stand out? Definitely stand out One thing you'd never wear in public Cartoon inspired pants and unisex fragrance Best gift to get for a lady Expensive perfume or necklace What's the best gift to get for a guy? Time piece

Zano Sithetho


-Not Culture’s first encounter of Zano Sithetho was after he won the SA Fashion Week Renualt New Talent competition and the Nokia Youth in Design award in 2012. His designs did not impress only the judges and panel of the two competition but in fact won the hearts of YNC, from that moment it was a goal to lure him in our pages of YNC, who wouldn’t? Such an exceptional needle needs all the publicity available. Dear readers meet fashion icon and tailor Zano, a young lad from Eastern Cape looking to make not only Johannesburg but also the world a reflection of his sketch pad. With a belief that everyman should have a fashionable suit, this belief earned him a spot in GQ Magazine’s list of 50 most stylish South African men. He says: “I think every gentleman loves being looked at as quite classy and stylish and when one gets recognition from GQ as one of the best dressed in SA its quite a humbling accomplishment. It means that your sense of style is quite on point and you're keeping up well with international trends. Obviously this adds a huge and valuable weight to your brand as your clients now knows that their tailor is highly recommended by GQ.” Zano’s eye and passion for fashion don’t end on GQ Magazine’s list of 50 most stylish SA men. He is also the founder and Creative Director of Skorzch apparel. Skorzch is a sophisticated brand focusing on slim and well-tailored suits.

From his outfit to his political opinions Zano Sithetho life is simply a stylish cloth hanged in a wardrobe. This is what he said about the upcoming nation elections: very eventful. Everyone is fitting for a vote. I think it will be quite versatile. I'm interested to see who will come second.

The idea was to create a brand that was for the young and stylish men. “Our main focus is suits, we use the finest suiting available in South Africa and we put the best workmanship in our suits. Skorzch like every other men’s wear brand was started from an experimental sell of embroiled T-shirts. With no financial assistance whatsoever, Zano had to do odd jobs to raise enough money to buy his first sewing machine and get Skorzch up and running.

Pursue excellence, success will follow you.

“Well I never really planned it. I wouldn't say it's something I really wanted to get into. I started off branding golf shirts and selling them. It was after it had sold my first batch that I realized I might have a talent in design. “When I started off I had a future idea of where I wanted to take the brand obviously I had little knowledge about suits or tailoring. However the more I learnt the more my vision slightly changed as much as I still wanted to make suits but the final product and the direction of the brand had changed for the better. When I started I wanted to make suits for everybody, I wanted every single guy out there to wear a Skorzch suit not because I assumed I would make money but I just loved the idea if seeing everyone in a suit I have now developed new interests, interests of dressing a few but only the best.” Zano’s sewing skills suits The Soil, AKA, Thapelo Mokoena and Theo Kgosinkwe. “I'm looking into dressing a couple of other prominent people within the industry.” With 2014 baby steps to the end of the year getting bigger Zano is making this ought with us, “Well you can expect good suits, welltailored. We obviously working hard in growing the brand. So expect to see collaborations, fashion shows at fashion week and Skorzch private events.” @ZanoSkorzch


By Vuyisile Kubeka

It was roughly 10 o’clock on a Friday morning and I was on my way back home from a test when a fellow brother man climbed on a taxi that I was on. He came in with an aroma of last week’s perspiration and this week’s determination. It got me thinking, firstly, ‘makhwapaha ek’seni kangaka? And secondly, why oh why do some of our fellow brothers and sisters insist on going to work or social spaces without a little visit to the bathtub, shower or at least vaskomo nyana? This was not the first nor the last time I had this kind experience. It was not about the actual hygiene issue but the issue of social- respect (if such terminology exists) that got me thinking.

This is about the impressions you give, the way you present yourself in a public space. Personally, fashion and dressing up has never really been a priority and I would never expect something from another if I don’t do it myself. However, when leaving the house I respect myself and the next person enough to clean myself up. Has society made it acceptable to disregard one another in the name of minding your own business? Apart from totally disregarding others socially, do people actually think of the impression they leave on their employers or potential employers in the case of someone who is job hunting? That man looked like he was going to look for a job and I asked myself, who in right mind is going to hire this man? It is time that we took ourselves seriously enough for others to take us seriously. You might be asking how on earth I got to such conclusions; all form a guy who climbed on a taxi. Well that’s life; everything in your life interconnects including the things that you might think are insignificant. Don’t let habit or sluggish behaviour interfere with other parts of your life. Maybe if you clean up, that girl that has been ignoring you will finally give ear to what you have to say.

ALL HAIL HIP HOP’s QUEEN If she is not winning Awards, performing with A-list artists or releasing a free-style video, she is stuck on her books studying – In an Interview with Y-Not Culture, Genesis Manney allow us in her alter ego’s space “Gigi Lamayne”

In Eminem’s words “Believe it or not, I thank my mom for how she raised me in a neighbourhood daily to jump and chase me. It only made me what I am today.” Music is a reflection of an artist’s surrounds, they draw an inspiration from their families and immediate environment. “My family are my refuge, I tell you. An army of fighters. They support me fully hence I have no reason to fail. My mother is the strongest person I know. Her past, present and future inspire me. She is my yardstick source for inspiration,” says Genesis “Gigi Lamayne” Manney.

The 20 year old grew up under a harsh background, with an abusive alcoholic father, and a recovering drug addict brother, Genesis turned to poetry and music as her place of comfort. At the age of 15, Genesis was selected to be part of the Branson Scholar exchange programme and went to attend school at Stowe School in Buckingham, England. It was here were her alter ego Gigi Lamayne was born and lead to her being considered the queen

“ It’s time we shared our stories

of South African Hip Hop, my age to be exposed with a name that weighs so much. I have not even started yet!!! “Well I’m one of the youngest in the game. I think that would be overwhelming for anybody at my age to be exposed with a name that weighs so much. I have not even started yet!!! I actually want to be the King and queen of SA Hip Hop. You can hold me to that statement in the next few years. I promise you that.” Having such a title puts Gigi in the public’s eye of how will she address how female rappers are more focused on appealing to men who have being the torch bearer of hip hop ever since it’s existence more then being appealing to women, “Nobody cares about women no more!!! Irritating if you ask me. It’s time we shared our stories with each other and the rest of the world. We need to strike out the objectification of women with immediate effect.” Gigi grew up listening to Tracy Chapman, Lauryn Hill, Indie Arie, The Fugees, and Dj Nadia, and never in her wildest dream ever dreamt of ever working with Nadia and being compared to her. “Nadia has to be one of the leading ladies I have looked up to. She is one of my queens, my hip hop queens. I do know that she is very supportive and I love her for it. She is my big sister.”

“ Nobody cares about women no more!!! Late in November 2013 Gigi went on to win Female artist (Or Femcee) of the year at the South African Hip Hop Awards, “I remember looking down from where I was standing, bursting into tears, seeing renowned artists like A.K.A, Cassper Nyovest and Da Les, acknowledging the part I have played and understanding my struggle, clapping for me! It was almost as if at my tender, hip hops finest had accepted me. No feeling can ever capture that moment, ever.”

“It means, being able to go about your business just like the guys. It means being dignified enough to earn your stripes honestly, writing your own rhymes, believing in yourself enough to make others believe in you. This means telling the story of every female to ever listen to me. From our ambitions to our experiences” explains what it means being a femcee “I’m hoping Y-Not mag could host my upcoming mixtape, “Colour of Reign” featuring Neo Beats, Dj Naida, Mix Masters and many more. This is my first “real work”. Prior to this was the announcement of my arrival. This is Gigi Lamayne at the starting line. “I believe in the God within me, and because of that, I can do anything. You should try it too. Share my experience with me.” @Gigi_LaMayne_

“Whatever recognition I receive I’m grateful for. I practise humility, always aiming to stay humble, because fame sometimes goes to your head. Recent events have groomed me. The passing of Madiba - I've learned so much about him, he was a selfless leader. It was never about self-empowerment, he did it for me and you, for us. My favourite singer Whitney Houston- she always expressed complete gratitude. I was raised to be thankful for whatever I receive. I believe that I have done a great job, and I still have a lot to do. I've grown up. I've been to every club there is not only in Pretoria but in South Africa, every function there is. I've never paid entry into any club or event. The party is never going to stop until it stops inside of you. Now I only go out to work related functions. If I wanna have fun I will go to some country lodge and enjoy the view and good food, or watch a movie, or travel or play ‘Thirty Seconds’. I'm quite at peace now”.


Witnessed- with Miss SA, Zizo Beda, Paul Rothman and Gerrit Pienaarv as the judges, and the EFINING likes of DA Les performing. It MOMENTS ON BECOMING was a beautiful event, but so A&R ’ many things had gone wrong. I had made a few mistakes. The bad “I’ve never had a particular review that followed made me moment about becoming a feel that it was over-as if Whitney Publicist/A&R Exec, but there is had lost her voice and could only a day I’ll never forget has to be judge Idols and act-that’s how May 25th, the day before my 22nd tragic it felt. But I thank God that birthday. Laying on my bed, I it didn’t turn out to be like that. was reflecting on the Mr and Miss Now with meaning I can sing Tuks pageant that was held a few along to “I didn’t know my nights before, and it was the strength”. Laying on my bed that biggest event Tuks had ever night, I realized that I had just witnessed- with Miss SA, Zizo made mistakes, and I had to man Beda, Paul Rothman and Gerrit up to them. Pienaarv as the judges, and the

Top: Jade with one of his models Below: Jade doing an interview

Side: Jade as MC at one of Tuks Events Below: Jade on a typical day getting ready for the day

made mistakes, and I had to man up to them. And funny enough, none of the hate I got mattered. Even the sponsors asked me when the next event was. The contestants and winners are now close friends of mine. God has blessed me with a creative talent, and I thank him by doing what I’m supposed to be doing; empowering people to help and empower others-through organizing pageants and fashion events. I’m currently busy with my biggest event to date- the Young Fashion Designers Competition taking place this year. Googling and You-tubing Whitney Houston gave me so much knowledge and insight into the music business. I did the same thing in South Africa, just on a smaller platform. The opportunities for us are endless - if you don't see opportunities or platforms create them. You got to be able to be free and be happy with whatever u have. There's more to all the popularity and the money. You have to search for what makes you happy.



Jade describes Whitney Houston as the greatest singer that has ever lived and that the world will ever know.

the greatest singer that has ever lived and that the world will ever know. “She holds every record there is the music business. She's the best selling female artist, the most awarded female artist. Aside from her music success she was a philanthropist, a humanitarian. Right at the beginning of her career, in the 80's when she was busy with her third world tour - in 1988, on Madiba's 70th Birthday - they had a Freedom Concert for him in London, and she cancelled some of her shows and went to go perform for him. In 1994, in the new South Africa she became the first international pop star to perform here in SA, with three sold out shows in Nov / Dec 1994, and what's interesting is that she donated all proceeds to charities in SA: some to The Nelson Mandela Foundation, and to other charities that he supported - there's a video on YouTube where they speak about all of that. Madiba loved Whitney and Whitney loved him. There's so many great things I can tell you about her, but personally - I remember I was 7 in 1999 when her then new album 'My Love Is Your Love' came out. I loved the first cut 'It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay', I even went crazier when I saw the video. When I had just come out to my mom about being gay she said she knew I was gay since - back in 1999 when I was dancing and singing

out to my mom about being gay she said she knew I was gay since - back in 1999 when I was dancing and singing along to Whitney's music. She's timeless - her music is still relevant today, 'The Greatest Love Of All', she was the ultimate diva. And when her personal struggles became evident, when she made all the headlines for the wrong reasons - she eventually came through it. Her last studio album "I Look To You", after a seven year break she managed to come back, sell records - the album debut at number one showing she will remain Whitney Houston. Someone once said to me: “when you're walking with Jesus Christ, he’s there even in your time of trial and your mess will become a message, your test will become a testimony”, that's what happened with Whitney. She sings "...after all that I been through, who on earth can I turn to, I Look To you", God helped her get through it all. What's special about her death is that people had been praying for Whitney to have peace - and God answered our prayers by giving her eternal peace. She's home now, leading the choir. She was an angel, she came to do what she was called for and left. Every singer today, from Beyonce to Lady Gaga to Robin Thicke

to Robin Thicke credits Whitney Houston as a major influence. So many sing because of Whitney, Beyonce says she wanted to be famous like Whitney, while Brandy and Jennifer Hudson sing coz’ of Whitney. Britney and Christina Aguilera both auditioned with Whitney songs and they got signed, every contestant at X-Factor or Idols sings a Whitney song. She's the benchmark for vocalists.

“Homosexuality. Coz’ of Madiba we have freedom and gay rights. She didn't need the crazy costumes, she didn't need to be half naked on stage, she didn't need 55 000 dancers, stage and lighting effects, it was just her looking pretty in a gown and her voice, and bam you've got a show. I learnt a lot from her. She says "If you've done me wrong, I've already forgiven you - if you apologize it’s for your own peace". I just really love her. I heard about her death, but we all hope for the best and not the worst. I only watched her funeral in 2013. I just couldn't. Even people's testimonies at her funeral touched me.

So I always feared her death. When she was alive - I'd tweet about her 10 times a day now it’s a 100 times a day*laughs out loud*. I'm just sad that I’ll never be able to see her Live, but she's left me and the “Nippy Nation", her fan base with enough love”. ‘YOU’RE VIEWS ON THE STIGMA AROUND HOMOSEXUALITY IN SOUTH AFRICA’ “Homosexuality. Coz’ of Madiba we have freedom and gay rights. Sometimes gay people abuse that freedom. I read about a recent incident where gays got attacked at a taxi rank in Joburg. This particular group of gays were wearing bum shorts and all sorts’ of inappropriate dramatic clothing. So for me u got to understand we today, as the youth are more free; when I'm traveling and we’re in another city or wherever I sleep, I share a bed with my straight friends - that's how close I am to them. But our elders didn't grow up like that, their beliefs haven’t really changed, and we as gay people need to know where we draw the line. We too, need to respect ourselves. I've never been a victim of hate in high school, I was clever so I was respected, in Varsity because of my work and popularity - I was respected, and when I hang out, I'm respected coz’ I carry that image.

in Varsity because of my work and popularity - I was respected, and when I hang out, I'm respected coz’ I carry that image. Yes there's still heavy homophobic people - but God is not homophobic. Those people need to be educated, gays are human too. I used to be an activist - I stood as the Chair of the Tuks Gay and Lesbian Society - I served as a national leader for LGBTI Umbrella Organization - Kaleidoscope - it brings all LGBTI Organizations together, and I still am - just as an individual”. ‘FROM ME TO THE NEXT PERSON’ “Study and get a full-time job. Do Events promotion part-time; it gets difficult when you have no income coming in, sometimes sponsors will disappoint you.

Study Events Management and PR - just not full time. And with Events – it’s got to sustain the test of time. Don't aim to make quick bucks. Aim to have longevity”. ‘FINAL UTTERANCES’ “My faith in God’s word keeps me going. There are so many people that need to receive Jesus, we have all been blessed with great talents that we need to use and bless people. There are people who are still hungry out there. My job is not done. I’m not perfect but I’m a work in progress. I value my mistakes, but I do not wish to repeat them. I don’t live with regrets. All in all, I’m happy and blessed”.




Ingredients 3/4 cup drained and rinsed low-sodium cannellini beans from a 15-ounce can 2 cloves roasted garlic (such as Christopher Ranch brand) 1 tablespoon olive oil 1/4 teaspoon salt


1/4 teaspoon pepper 12 slices thin whole-wheat bread, toasted $ 8 leaves butter lettuce $ 1 beefsteak tomato, sliced 1 avocado, pitted and sliced $ 8 slices turkey bacon, cooked according to directions and drained


How To Prepare a Sandwich Avocado

Oliver Oil



Preparation 1.

1. Mash beans, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper with a fork and reserve.


2. Arrange 4 slices bread on a work surface. Spread 3 tablespoons white-bean mixture on each slice of bread.


3. Top with 2 slices lettuce and 2 tomato slices.


4. Layer another slice of bread on each sandwich and top with each with 4 slices avocado and 2 slices turkey bacon. Top with last piece of bread.


5. Slice sandwiches in half diagonally, and secure with toothpicks.

Whole Wheat Bread

Cannellini Beans

I know some of these questions might sound a little crazy but sometimes we have to ask such, and not drown in wonder. We must at least have an idea of what we are consuming. Firstly, why peanuts are called that because they are not nuts exactly; they have to be cooked at some point, and they most certainly aren’t peas! So should they not be regarded as beans? Bear with me, my mind is running off with me here.

APPLES: We have different kinds, so why do we only have one type of apple pie? Couldn't they be classified by their colours and why did they have to drag the poor granny Smith into this? PINEAPPLES: Most of us love this fruit, not only for its delicious juices but for its unique shape and its decorative elements. Pine nuts (which are not nuts) and pine cones are just wood plants, so do they really have to grow on trees? I mean the actual fruit doesn't grow on a tree. As for the name, why specifically apples and not another fruit or better yet, just pine?

WATERMELON: The only fruit that contains a large percentage of water as opposed to other fruits or even vegetables. We understand that it is huge but does it really have to have so many seeds? GUAVA and TOMATOES: Why aren’t we told more often that these fruits are basically one thing? BILTONG & DRY FRUITS: They are all dry, profoundly healthy snacks. I personally don't understand why these foods have so much preservatives, colorants, and artificial. I find it amazing how such can be healthy despite containing so many things in it.

MILK: This is my ultimate favourite. Who discovered that a cow's milk is suitable for human consumption? Why just cows and goats and not other animals? After all, they are not the only mammals here on earth right?

Yes I admit, it sounds pretty weird to even think of such, but I guess something’s just aren’t meant to make sense. Let's all take care of our bodies, live healthier and enjoy life. We’ll figure the rest out along the way!

A CHILDHOOD DREAM BEING REALIZED Vusi Nova’s happiness lays in his childhood dream, which is “Music”

In the relatively short time that you have been in e public eye as Vusi Nova, what would you say has been your biggest lesson? No matter how successful you become, remember the people that have been there when you had very little. If you were given a chance to collaborate with one South African and one International Artist, who would they be? South African, it’s definitely ubuti Ringo and internationally it would have to be R. Kelly and John legend. Some might remember you from Kwela Tebza's Chin Chin Pow. How was your experience working with them and would you say it prepared you for the platform you have now? The kwela Tebza boys are very close friends of mine, we have shared the stage numerous times and we have learned a lot from each other through our previous travels. They are pioneers in their own genre, they strive to push boundaries, something I value with any musician. Your first single I'd rather be blind originally sang by the Icon Etta James and covered by many well-known artists has been well received. Why take the risk and choose a song that is so well known as your first single? It’s a song my late mother loved, it was the perfect tribute I could pay to her. Everything I do, I always have her in mind. Your new single Without you featuring Moneoa has been getting a lot of buzz. How was it working with Moneoa and what is your response to the public response? Moneoa is an amazing talent, she understands and loves soul music as much as I do. When I was recording the song, she was the only person that came to mind that would complement what we had already recorded. Why change your name to Vusi Nova?

It was a name that best suited my situation, a rebirth of some sort. Nova, being a star that burns brighter Where would you say your love for music started? It has to be my mother. From a very young age she introduced me to the finest soul music. So it’s definitely something or the greatest gift she gave me. Have you always wanted to be a musician? I knew from childhood that music is the only thing that makes me happy. So, with me, I had no plan b…it had to be music. Vocal Sensation is just one of the phrases used to describe you and your music. Would you say you expected such reviews and how does that make you feel? I didn’t expect it, but I made sure that I worked on my craft. I always strive to become the best vocalist and overall performer I could possibly be. When you do your best, people will appreciate. What is the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing you think about when you go to sleep? When I wake up and right before I sleep I take time to reflect and be thankful for all that I have who would you say has been the greatest inspiration in your life? My mother You have worked with many artists before and while working on your solo album. Who would you say has left some kind of imprint on you?

Definitely, when I work with other artists I make sure that I learn as much from their experiences as possible. I take every opportunity provided to me as a step towards accomplishing the vision and goals I have for my own career. How was Vusi, the little boy growing up in Port Elizabeth? I was a very inquisitive young boy, always interested in how things work…this of course got me to tons of trouble. What has been the biggest highlight in your career? Receiving four Metro FM award nominations. What would you say drew to working with Ghetto Ruff? It’s one of the very few stables that has longevity within the industry. They understood where I wanted to take my career, I didn’t wanna play small anymore. What drives you to wake up every morning and keep working on your dream? The yearning I have for success. I know there’s so much I still have to achieve. What or who would you say you can't live without? I can’t leave without “Love”. It’s the one thing that we all need.

Theo Mashifana love for dance started when he signed up for a school dance programme, 5 years later he is dancing on international dance stages and is placed in the Top 4 of the 16/over Male Hip hop Battles for the UDO World Championships 2013

Brief on Theo Mashifana   

  

Lives in Pretoria Currently in Pretoria Technical High School Placed Top 4 in the 16/over Male Hip hop Battles at UDO World Championships 2013 Choreographer Part of Creed SA Winner of numerous local dance competitions 18 years old Twitter handle: @TheoKronicArt Facebook username: Theo Mashifana (Theo Kronic) Office job or Dance studio? -Dance studio Dc or Vans or Chuck Taylors or Nike Airs? -Chuck Taylors & Air Jordan’s ANC or DA? -DA Local or International music? -Both Kaizer Chiefs or Orlando Pirates? -None of the above. Real Madrid yes

What does your background experience in dance consist of? My 5years of dancing began with our very own local house dance (Pretoria Township Pantsula). Went on and did basic training for Jazz and Contemporary dance. At a later stage I moved to Hip Hop and did (still do) many styles within the genre, and now I pursue Hip hop dance on a professional level. When did Hip Hop and Street Dancing become of interest to you? This was my first year in high school - I was introduced to a school dance crew, and I was lucky enough to be part of it, and to work with the many young talented dancers that have inspired the way I dance today. Since then I saw DANCE as a door-opener for great opportunities that lie ahead in my life. How did you come across the opportunity to perform across the world? The only way was to work hard and compete in Worlds Trials / competitions such as Dance to Las Vegas, Battle of the Giants, UDO championships, etc. Eventually I qualified (several times) - as solo and with crew - to compete abroad. I've also done local shows for international talent scouts that have selected me to perform abroad. Were you nervous or excited before every performance abroad? Nervous? Hardly. Excited? Yes! Good preparation gives me more confidence whenever I'm on stage - whether it’s local or international. Q- You recently represented SA in the UDO World Championships, from your point of view how is the level

You recently represented SA in the UDO World Championships, from your point of view how is the level of other dancers from the different countries that competed as compared to South African dancers? Competition was crazy! Every country had a point to prove! But honestly the level of dance in S.A is better than what I saw, the only problem is many dancers are not financially assisted with such big projects - S.A could have won many titles if we had our strongest team there. You have made so many accomplishments in your life so far, Theo. Tell us, how what is the standout achievement? This was at the UDO World Championships 2013: Being placed Top 4 in the 16/over Male Hip hop Battles is surely thee standout achievement of my career thus far! Without any doubt, the "Hip hop battles" had the most dancers in any solo battle category, competing against some of the people I used to look up to (on YouTube) was terrifying at first, and I had to go through so many rounds to get to that place! That is why it stands out for me. Could you explain other dance forms you specialise in to our readers? I specialize in Locking, Popping, House dance, and "New School" with Lyrical.

As a Hip hop dancer - I feel that you just have to know and understand its background, and realize that its primary styles are Locking and Popping (and "bboy" which I don't do), but I mostly enjoy that "funk" and "groove" in Locking & Popping. I love House Dance because of its challenging movement and the rhythm, it's kind of like our local house dance but "better". Mike 'MGL' (Founder/Leader of CREED) said to me, "You are born in the new generation of Hip hop, you'll style is different", so I figured that is why I grew fond of the style "New School" - it because there's simply No rules! It’s just about how I interpret certain songs with my own movement - it helps work on any Hip hop/RnB song. But just know that, that is not the authentic definition of New School. What are the most important elements that somebody can get out of dance? Fitness! Good health! Good brains and just enjoying yourself! You are so inspirational and your passion for dance just radiates from you, so please tell us, what does dancing mean to you? Well DANCE is my life! (Cliché but true) and most importantly it’s my way of saying thank you to God such an amazing talent. What is your major source of inspiration?

My mother, she was a ballroom dancer back in "her days", so she understands my passion, and supports everything I do with my dancing. What are your future goals with dance? To tour all over the world and be recognized as a choreographer, inspire many other dancers and touch lives of the youth wasting their times on all the negative aspects of life. Before we end this how did the nickname Kronic came about? Kronic was given to me by the person who introduced me to Hip hop dance (my cousin), (Laughs) till today I still don't know how he got that name, but I only use it as my stage name. @TheoKronicArt

Theo Mashifana: Shots from the UDO Championship 2013 of Theo and his dance group CreedSA

Poetry @VaughanHugo

I Bleed By: Vaughan “Von� Hugo I bleed your wounded lies; Condemned, I seek the ties...

Sweetened blood runs through my skin; Have I become your hate thing? ... Release your love; over indulge me with hate. I am the bloody dove reaping on your fate, softly whispering hatred in your ears... . I bleed as I gaze in eyes of topaz, holding your hand in loves glance, flying in your soothing voice... . I bleed as I recollect memories of when I fibbed, Said I loved when I didn't, said I didn't when I did... . I bleed as I remember the many times I've watched my heart get crushed, When all I was really doing is waiting on you... I bleed for my choosing to walk as far east as is from west . And as heaven opens its doors to yet another love lost, I bleed once more... . And as I think; and I ponder; And I wonder around in a daze, In every single day... I bleed and I bleed.... . And I bleed again...

The Perfect Picture

Poetry @VaughanHugo

By: Vaughan “Von” Hugo I'll paint thee moon in shades of blue Paint my soul to be with you. I'll draw your arms around my waist And all doubt that may be, I'll erase... I'll trace a hand to wipe your tears; This look to calm your fears. I'll paint the sun to warm your heart, And by this I'll swear that we'll never part. I'll paint the truth; show you how I feel... I'll try to portray you completely real And use a brush so fine, to draw your heart close to mine. I'll use a brush so fine, to draw you close and make you mine... … But if the paint wears off And the drawings seem to fade, I'll take back my heart And steal back the memory of “The Perfect Picture” that once was...

Epigraph: "an inscription on a building or stone etc. or a short quotation or saying at the beginning of a book or chapter, intended to suggest its theme”.

I was really impressed with the whole idea behind the book, multiple writers collaborating in authorship of one book, which I did not know can be done, (I thought it will be more of a realistic and formal thing to have one person or just two people to author a book) and being confronted by ghosts, regret, loss, victory, rape, leadership, love, heartbreak, humour, pain, tears, identity, teenage hood, adulthood, adultery, lust, vision, dreams, greatness, architecture, space, relationships, death, hope, faith, spirituality, and beauty in the conflicting chapters of the book made me enjoy reading the book to the last page. Before I share my two cents on the overall purpose behind the book is, let me give you the idea behind nine writers sharing authorship. Masingita Mzilikazi Masiya saw the need to create a platform for aspiring writers that will give them reference and introductions should they consider taking writing as a career. Through this he attracted or approached 8 more other writers with his rather insane idea and fortunately for him they bought into it. Now that the background is off the way, “It’s not the truth that sets people free, it’s the knowing of the truth that sets free.”

Reads the book in one of the chapters written by Lulamile Sifuba. Epigraph – My Heart Is My Alibi is a self-reflection book that enables you to face reality and day to day life occurrences head on. The book explains to you the worthiness of decision making in life. In one of the chapters one of the authors explains a story of how he was quite in an island of falling in love with the woman of his dreams while at the same time he is in a long distance with his childhood sweetheart he made a life-long commitment, this brings light to how circumstances around you can lead you to lose focus. The main theme of the book is to get the reader to understand that along the way of achieving the basic human existence essentials namely happiness, wealth, spiritual liberation and love there will be potholes which will determine if you will reach the end of the road to what you seek. All the authors are from different backgrounds and career paths and they incorporate all their foundations to answer all the questions and bring closure to all the mistakes that one can make in decision making. I encourage all the authors to continue into careers in writing and not just leave it here.

NO TO MARRIAGE PACKAGE It has been going on for a while now and it

NO to marriage package it has been going on for a while now and it seems as if it is becoming a norm. Ladies are dishing out marriage packages while they are still dating. You do laundry for him, cook for him and even sleep over at his place. Is there really any necessity for him to marry you? And you still complain why he is taking time. It is because you are already at work with what he is supposed to get when he ‘’put a ring on it’’. Refuse to do it if you are still a girlfriend, even if he calls you ‘’my wife to be’’, the fact remains that he is still undeserving as yet. Make him be expectant, have something to look forward to when he thinks of marrying you because honestly speaking; he will take forever to make you a wife. The bible says it very well in 1 Peter 3:1, ‘’in the same way you wives must submit to your husbands… (GNT)’’, It did not mention anything of the boyfriend but specifically a HUSBAND. Submission such as cooking for him, sleeping over at his house and doing laundry for him are meant for your husband and only your husband. He may promise you marriage, you might see marriage as well but if you are not in it yet, DON`T DO IT.

Stand on it, keep the faith! She received it from God. This one lady received a Word from God about her future husband. Of course she got excited about it, knowing that it is from God, who wouldn`t be?! He even gave her all the necessary confirmation needed for her to stand on the Word. A time came where she had to face the trial. Things did not add up in the natural. The situation was just not in her favour at all. It got to a point where she started doubting the Word she received and at some point got angry at God for giving her the Word. God kept on speaking but because of the situations that were not adding up, she did not take it. Then by grace, she began to realise that God is a faithful God and whatever He says, goes. She went back to the Word that God gave her and chose to stand on it, no matter the situation, because God does not work according to situations but He gives you the Word and expect you to believe it and until He says move, you ought to remain on it. . Today she is a happy person, knowing that it is not over when God is in it. He says in His Word that ‘’my thoughts are not like yours and my ways are different from yours (GNT) ’’.

To your thoughts it might seem impossible but not in God’s thoughts, to your ways it might look like there is no way through but definitely not in God’s ways. At times you need to go through trials to see that it can only be God who brings you out of it and to strengthen your faith because when you come out of it, you are never the same, instead, you are stronger and wiser (1 Peter 1:6-7). He is a faithful God and He alone knows the plans He has for you. All you need to do is just to KEEP THE FAITH! @D33_LANIE

Reports have emerged that the 2014 Volkswagen Golf R will not only gain an appreciable amount of firepower compared to its predecessor, but will also be considerably lighter. The new model will be closely related to the latest Audi S3 and, as such, is likely to be powered by a 2,0 TSI turbo petrol. This engine develops 213 kW and around 380 N.m of torque and will be fitted with an exhaust system that has been extensively tuned to produce a more aggressive engine note. This engine will be coupled with a sixspeed dual-clutch transmission sending drive to all corners via a new Haldex 5 AWD system featuring a wet multi-plate clutch capable of distributing torque between the front and rear axles. This system is independent of the diff speed between the two axles and is capable of full locking torque, as needed, at any given time or speed. The new car will, furthermore, feature a brace of electronic differentials. Thus equipped, the Golf R will reportedly hit 100 km/h from standstill in around 5,0 seconds on the way to an electronically limited 250 km/h top speed. Much like the standard Mk 7 model upon which it is based, the new Golf R will make extensive use of lightweight materials and construction methods to considerably pare down the overall weight. Initial reports suggest that the new car could tip the scales at just 1 200 kg. If this is true, it could undercut the present model by as much as 300 kg. Expect the new Golf R to make its official debut at Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Courtesy of

Sport, a word everyone is well familiar with. A known term used as a synonym for fun, competition, health, wellness, unity, teams, participation, spirit, hard work, dedication, determination and perseverance. We all know what sport is. All of us have either watched a game or participated in it, in most cases both. Have you ever been to a soccer, cricket, rugby or tennis match? If so, you would have seen as well as experienced that it unites people from different cultures and traditions. It is something that is understood between the most different of people. It unites difference as well. We all may support different teams but in the end it is the same sport that we are all supporting and came for. Sport is positive, it helps us get fit, maintain our natural body and gives us a healthy mind as well as spirit. It is done as a means of uniting people and spending quality time with friends and family. Even though we all know that sport is essential putting the fitness factor into consideration, however, we somehow avoid doing physical activities when given the option. The laziness our mindsets trick us into thinking is later the result of an unhealthy body, which can lead to depression which of course is an unhealthy mind as well. Every day we get up, go to work or school, sit by our desks, walk around, go to the shops to get groceries and then when we get back home we are tired and immediately want to rest. But are we really tired? Or is it just our minds that are telling us that it’s been a long day even though we didn’t put in a lot of physical work. My belief is that boredom is

The mind is one of the most powerful tools in the body. We have the power to control our own minds and our own way of thinking. It is okay to be lazy every once in a while but it is important to keep in mind that exercising is ESSENTIAL. Our bodies NEED to be trained in order to live a healthy and easier life. We make it hard for ourselves if we don’t exercise because we find excuses not to do it rather than reasons why to do it. If people could buy exercise in a pill, they would and it is very sad. The way that society always tries to sell us the “easy-way-out” is gibberish. People have become so lazy that they actually convince themselves that it is possible to sit on a machine a few hours a day and then magically they will have rock hard abs. It takes hard work to keep your body in the right condition and not only that but also the right substances that we eat. Some people were born with awesome genes but they might not be as healthy and fit as the average weight person sitting next to them. Health isn’t in every case determined by weight. We must realize that exercise IS medicine and through that our bodies will be stronger, perform better and achieve more of what we want our bodies to be able to do. This is where sport becomes a factor, it helps as a way to make exercise fun for us, so take advantage of that! Let us respect our bodies by feeding and giving it what it needs rather than having guilty, 5 minute pleasures. Let us try to put our body before our own selfish needs. Sport is good, sport is fun, sport is healthy and sport is medicine!

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