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THE CAMPUS RESIDENT april 18, 2017

UNA Appoints Six New Members to Civic Engagement Committee Appointments will be for two years starting April 1; CEC is officially supported by UNA Board

At their monthly meeting in April, directors of the University Neighbourhoods Association appointed six new members—all residents— to the volunteer Civic Engagement Committee (CEC), a sub-committee of the UNA Standing Committee on Operations and Sustainability. The new members of the CEC are: Nils Bradley, Hampton Place; Michael Chen, Wesbrook Place; Floyd Mann, Hawthorn Place; Shohreh Ravanshad, Hawthorn Place; Rose Wang, Hawthorn Place; and Cherie Zhang, Wesbrook Place. As stated in Terms of Reference (approved in 2013), the CEC serves the UNA Board in matters relating to the participation and involvement of UNA residents in the community. The main goal of committee members is to help build the UNA neighborhoods into a vibrant, inclusive, participatory,

multicultural and sustainable community. The committee consists both of residents and one or more elected resident directors. UNA staff members also sit on the committee. The UNA Board allocates resources needed by the committee in carrying out its functions. The CEC is one of five volunteer committees officially supported by the UNA Board. The five are: • The Multicultural Committee (MCC), established around 2008 (Sharon Wu, first chair). • The Community Gardens Committee, established in 2008 (Heather Friesen, first chair). • The Plant Stewardship (Children’s Garden) Committee, established around 2009 (Patrick Moore, first chair). • The Civic Engagement Committee, established in 2013 (Ying Zhou, first chair).

Cherie Zhang

Floyd Mann

Rose Wang

Shoh Reh

• The Campus Resident Editorial Board, established by the Board in 2013 (Charles Menzies, first chair) – in hiatus. Jan Fialkowski, UNA Executive Director, said a call went out for UBC residents to become members of the UNA volunteer committees in the March edition of The Campus Resident. Ms. Fialkowski also updated directors on pending appointments to other volunteer committees as follows: • For the May 2017 Board meeting, the current co-chair of the Multicultural Committee will provide the names of the current members for reappointment. • For the May 2017 Board meeting, the current chair of the Community Garden Committee will provide the names of the current members for reappointment. • As to Plant Stewardship Committee, staff are assisting current members to recruit new members.

Michael Chen

Terms of Reference of the committees also came up for discussion, and Ms. Fialkowski reported on them. She said that while the Multicultural Committee and the Plant Stewardship Committee have no Terms of Reference, staff can assist the current committees in drafting Terms of Reference. “This would give residents an understanding of the purpose and objectives of each volunteer committee supported by the UNA and ensure clarity and continuity for the future.” The directors then passed a motion that the UNA Board of Directors supports the important work of volunteer committees, and to ensure clarity around purpose and objectives, each volunteer committee will have an approved Terms of Reference.

Nils Bradley

Members of the UNA Civic Engagement Committee.